Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Pokemon Platinum Glitch EVER!

Though Legend of Zelda are my favorite games ever, I also like so many other things. Pokemon is one of them. I have Pokemon Pearl for DS, but my sister has Pokemon Platinum. My sis is sooo lucky... she competed in these Pokemon championships. Sure, she lost, but at least she was there.

Anyway, this is hilarious. When my sister first started the game, she caught a level 3 Starly, as most do, and named it Starz. But unlike most people, she left it in the PC and never used it. For no apparent reason, she decided to check on it yesterday.

She looked, and gasped. This Starly wasn't a worthless level 3 anymore... it was level 30!

She checked to see if there was any error with the typing or something. When she looked at it, it said "Met at Level 3". And, better yet, it knew Aerial Ace! She hadn't taught it that!

And the glitch continued. Today she just looked, and it is still level 30. Awesome! I'm calling this.... The Mysterious Leveling Glitch.