Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Remember my "longest post ever"? The Fallen Sage screenshot post? Uh-huh?

...This post will be nothing like it. XD

First of all, this is on my DSi, and this blog has had baaaaaad experiences with it. :P Second, this won't be a 2010 post for me in seven minutes! O: YEAH! Here it's 11:53! So, uh, ummmm....

Happy new year! We're ever so slightly closer to Skyward Sword now! Yay! XD

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MC Update - Gods. I fail at observation/map reading/solving puzzles. To an extent.

First off, Roy is a total, complete, OVERPOWERED CHARACTER IN SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE!!!! Plus, the game FAVORS HIM! I SWEAR! I would have won every round against my sister if it weren't for LUCK. When we turned off items, I continuously pwned her as Young Link... but WITH items... I failed. Epicly.

*sigh* Oh, and all our pictures on that game are corrupted. ...At least the whole game data isn't. :D And another Wind Waker file was lost. This one was in Tower of the Gods. And I had been working on it too. :( Now the only one left on that memory card is Noob's. ...It's named Linky and in the Forsaken Fortress. XD

So now it's like I haven't even completed one DUNGEON on Wind Waker. >.<


Anyway.... Sorry. That was my Super Smash Bros. Melee rant from earlier tonight, because Rowan kept pwning all the Zelda characters as Roy. It was frustrating me. At least I got my revenge when items were taken out of the equation.

On to the update now? XD

So. Minish Cap. Yeah. Where to begin? Well, probably wherever my last update left off, but I don't even remember where that is.


*looks up* XD

Oh! Power Bracelets! Riiiight.

Anyway, I DID end up asking Sydney, lolz. She's BETTER than a walkthrough, because she can just give me a HINT rather than complete answers. Apparently, there's ANOTHER entrance into Lake Hylia! O: So she led me to that (it was through Lon Lon Ranch) and I took it from there. After that... I met Librari. Who I decided I hated. That tends to happen with me - I meet a video game character and immediately decide whether they are under the title of "HATE," "LIKE," "ANNOYING," or "EPIC." Link is in two categories - like and epic. Zelda too. XD Oh, and Ashei from Twilight Princess. She's just awesome. And maybe Midna, too. MAYBE. But most of my partners are under the "hate" or "annoying" category, simply because you're around them so much that they get frustrating and tiring. Except Navi. She's sooooooo annoying within the first five minutes of the game that she's in a category all her own, BELOW hate. :P Did I ever mention how she told me to go to the Bottom of the Well when I was IN the dang Well? Yeah...

I get off topic too easily. Sheesh. Back to the main post... what was it? Librari. Well, he's "HATE" because he dumped me in a dungeon without letting me prepare! >.< I got flippers at the end though. Yayz.

Okay, okay, then I swam to dropletts temple. Within the first, like, five rooms, however... I found the boss key. And I knew EXACTLY where the boss room was.

So I was freaking out at this point, thinking I'd either cheated the game, done something wrong, or that there would be an extremely unexpected twist coming up. You do NOT have a Zelda dungeon that's five rooms long.

As it turns out, it wasn't any of the above. Not cheating, nothing wrong, and nothing sufficiently unexpected. Just that the second half of the dungeon was behind the boss room doors. :P

I fought the boss: a giant Octorok. It took me FOREVER to figure how to kill him... I thought you'd have to get behind him to whack him or something, but apparently you're supposed to hit the rocks back at him with your sword...


After that, I got the THIRD ELEMENT!!!! It was the WATER ELEMENT! :D So exciting.

Then I had to sneak into the castle to infuse the sword with the new element for my third clone. :P But, geez, those guards... their voices, when they screamed "HEY!" just scared me for some reason. Could be because I was alone at night with everyone else in the house asleep, just sitting on my bed playing the game with headphones on... XD

Then I went to find a king dude in a graveyard! It was fun!

Then I received a GOLDEN KINSTONE! O: He told me to take it to "source of all flow."

Now... here's when my epic fail comes in. Summarizing it, btw, because I gtg...

I was REALLY smart, and thought "source of all flow... WATERFALL!" I felt so proud of myself for figuring that out.

I went there, to Veil Falls... but had no clue what to do.

So I decided "Maybe I'm wrong..." So I randomly picked up the Minish Cap manga and read it. Guess what? At the part with the king, he oh-so-bluntly states, "Take this kinstone to Veil Falls."

I'm in Veil Falls.

*more convinced that I'm right...*

THEN I went to the smith dude's house. He tells me to go to Veil Falls, TOO!!!!

*TOTALLY convinced I'm right...*

...But no idea what to do.

I happened to go to Sydney's house, so I dejectedly and reluctantly asked her where to take the kinstone.

She tells me Veil Falls.


I ask her what to do there.

...She doesn't remember... >.<

FORTUNATELY, her BROTHER, Hunter, remembered! :D ...He showed me a DIFFERENT route into the waterfall that I COMPLETELY missed.

Thus the reason I can't read maps/observe things. To an extent. Because I totally PWNED THAT SOURCE OF FLOW THING! XD

That's all for tonight. I found the wall thingy I'm supposed to fuse the golden kinstone with, so I guess I'm on my way to the wind tribe and the final element. And my eleventh (or tenth... I forget) Zelda game completion. ;)

So goodnight. Again.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is officially. The. Worst. Curse. Ever.

I freaking hate my Wii.

...Nooo... well, I KIND OF do. There have been other instances it let me down (the whole falling-over-and-resetting event with Majora's Mask comes to mind). But more than the Wii, it's the memory card. And I guess it wouldn't even be our Wii... it would be our GAME CUBE.

Remember the Evil Memory Card curse? It returned... hungry for revenge...

It already took away Young Link on Melee. It took NightRings and JewelCat from Pokemon Collosseum. It took my epic Animal Crossing town. It took a cutscene file from Wind Waker. Heck, for good measure, it even took stupid Billy Hatcher files away.

THEN the WII was being stupid. It stole my Twilight Princess file just as I reached the final boss. It made me redo the MM Zora cutscene a thousand times.

But THIS... this is...


My first ever Zelda game file - Wind Waker - was CORRUPTED! And you know what? Since my cutscene file was deleted, I have no other files that have beat the game and started over!

...Except one...

BUT I'M TOO FREAKING MAD ABOUT THIS TO CARE. Besides, TECHNICALLY it's my sister's. I mean, it's HER first one. She didn't mind if I deleted it, though.

But... but.. but... I'm so angry I don't even know what to scream about anymore. Or type in capital letters. Whatever.

Hey, you know what's funny? I feared something like this would happen. Quote from my previous post about corrupted Wind Waker file:

...Fortunately, it wasn't my very first file, my BEST file... the one I've had for five years. Oh my gosh, if I lost that... I don't know WHAT I would do. Probably burst into tears or start screaming and running around wildly. Something like that. XD

...And now it's happened. Hmm. No screaming. No running. There was almost-crying, and screaming at my sister in anger, but nothing more.

I think I'm getting used to replaying through accidentally-deleted Zelda stuff.

On the other hand, I still haven't deleted this one. I'm hoping, by some miracle, it will come back like Melee sometimes does. ...Oh, and I wonder what our other games are like? I was wondering if any others got further corrupted? I was worried about FSA doing that - I've only beat the game once, so it would be BAD to lose that file - but it was fine. Still...


...Ummmmmm... yeah. Huh. All my recent post titles are all in caps or partially all in caps.

I have nothing more to say. Aside from updates. Like MC and my epiclatastical Zelda-boss-marathon-type-thingy. Uh-huh. Btw, anyone has an ideas for my Zelda fan-fic, please give me something. I need inspiration. Last night I got VERY good inspiration (it has to do with Skyward Sword XD) but... still.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

READ THIS EPIC ZELDA NEWS!!!! (epic for me, at least)

Go to that link. Now.

Did you read it?


WELL DO IT. It's better to get information from the source rather than me (I can exaggerate sometimes XD).

NOW did you read it?

Good. :P So... now you know: THEY'RE MAKING A LINK'S AWAKENING DX 3DS!!!!! :D Well, NOW you should know why I'm so excited. ...Maybe. If you know me well enough, lol. Let's list Zelda games I don't have, and maybe you'll see why:

Legend of Zelda
Adventure of Link
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages

Yeah. Look at the one in capital letters. :D

SO I'LL ADD ONE MORE ZELDA GAME TO MY COLLECTION!!!!! That means, as soon as I find the money to buy LoZ and AoL... and pay off the rest of Skyward Sword... I'll have EVERY ZELDA GAME ALMOST! Emphasis on the almost. *sigh* Darn Oracle games. O_o

Ummm... I guess there IS a problem. How the HECK am I going to get the money for a 3DS when I barely have enough money for SS, LoZ, AoL, a GameBoy (guess I don't need it AS much, anymore, but I can't keep Sydney's DS Lite for Minish Cap forever, and I DO need Oracle games), and whatever OTHER games I want for 3DS (such as OoT3DS and Kid Icarus: Uprising)? DOOMED. Unless I trade in my DSi. Sad thing is... I really, REALLY don't want to. I'd lose flipnotes, and my favorites list of fanfictions (lol), and internet settings, and pictures, and a lot of other things. Oh, AND the stickers on my DS. It one of those skin thingies that cover the front of the DS and the inside. They have TP Link on them. :P I bought them on Amazon with my own money, so I don't really want to get rid of them. Honestly, when I play my friend's DS's now, I think, "They look so weird without anything covering the DS!" O_o

Anyway, the point is that it's a lot harder to trade in a DSi than the DS Lite I originally had.

Soooo... Christmas list, anyone? :P But last year I asked for lots of things, and I got nothing on my list. NOTHING. ...Oh, and it was funny looking at my 2008 Christmas list (yeah, I still keep them - I type them up on the computer, after all, so the file's still there). Ocarina of Time was on there. XD Well, I guess that means I haven't had OoT for two years yet... one, but not two.

And did you know Spirit Tracks will have its first birthday in five days? Yep. I still remember the date it came out: December 7th!!! I'll probably remember Skyward Sword's release date forever, too, rofl. I guess Minish Cap manga came out today, too. :D


And yes, I just said goddesses. You can blame reading/writing Zelda fanfics. Expect me to use that often from now on. :P

Anyway, I can't wait for 3DS now. ...Unless waiting somehow miraculously gives me enough money. I will NEVER have enough money for a 3DS, most likely, but you never know. I can't wait as long as I need to for money. I want to get it the DAY IT COMES OUT. ...If it's not that, then I'll be very, very upset. XD

Anyway, I'm out. I had another post in mind - about an addiction to Twilight Princess that I still kind of have - but whatever. I want it tonight... but I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't write more than one post in a day because the first one always gets overshadowed by the second. ...I know I've broken that vow a LOT, but whatever.

'Night people!

Monday, November 15, 2010

MC Update - I got Power Bracelets - ON MY OWN! So proud... :D

I can't make this post very long. Celestia awaits, after all. ;) Not to mention a fanfic I've been following recently got updated (I have to make another list of epic stories, since I've added more to my favorites since then. XD). But, bascically, here's a short summary of what I've done on Minish Cap since my last update...

Well, guess what? I found Power Bracelets (or whatever those things that make you stronger are)! AND WITHOUT A WALKTHROUGH/FRIEND! I mean, since I got Minish Cap, every time I got stuck I'd ask Sydney... so far, I haven't resorted to a walkthrough - at least, I don't THINK I did (can't really remember O_o). I know, know, know, KNOW that I got THIS overdue library book all on my own, though, this time! :D

I was stuck for a while, so I wasn't playing, but then I put out the fire in the fire place and went up the chimney as a Minish! :D Then I snuck past some kitties... and killed some enemies... and... yeah! Second overdue library book returned!

Now I'm trying to get the THIRD - and hopefully LAST - overdue library book. For what purpose, I'm still trying to figure out... Sydney just told me to. And, well, she's the MC expert! So I'll listen. -.-

It looks impossible, however. I mean, it's apparently in the mayor's private lake-side house place... but I can't get to it! I see SIGNS telling me it's there... but there's this LAKE in front of it! I can't swim without flippers! So where do I get FLIPPERS?!?

*sigh* Well, now that I know I can do this game on my own, I'm soooo not asking Sydney... well, maybe for a hint. But NOOOO WALKTHROUGHS. Absolutely NONE. ;)

Goodnight, people!

-Sierra WinterBreeze level FIFTY-THREE (wootness!) Thaumaturge

Friday, November 5, 2010

Authoring and Dragon Questing. Both are indirectly Zelda related.

Celestia is awesome.

Why did I just type that on my Zelda blog? Because it is. And ALSO because it's causing me to revert back to the days when I would spend hours on my computer - and NOT on my Zelda games.

I mean... I just missed playing as Sierra WinterBreeze SO much. I'm writing a fanfic about it, you know - it's difficult to write about something you haven't played in FOREVER. That's why I started writing the Zelda story, which, in case anyone cares, is actually coming along pretty well. ...Okay, it's STILL plot-less, lol, and I'm only halfway through chapter two... but guess what? I'M WRITING AN OUTLINE! Yeah, totally uncharacteristic for me! But it will help, probably - I'll know what's happening in later chapters, so I can add foreshadowing! I wish I'd had that for TToSW... I could have removed some embarassing parts that I now regret writing, because I really don't know how to explain them now (like the black fire? Yeah. Now I have to come up with a reason for it). So, the Zelda story... um... so far, it's about the Sages getting kidnapped by... somebody. Still don't know who. PLOT-LESS, remember? And the outline is only two chapters ahead, on chapter 4. And meanwhile, the seal on Ganondorf is weakening 'cuz Link was stupid and just HAD to go to Termina. Long story. Read it later. XD

...Uh... okay. I should have just made the post about that, but I already typed the title up there about my lack of updates, so I guess I should move on to that.

Let's see here... Celestia... Oh! Yeah. So, I FINALLY got to try out Celestia last night, and I had more fun than I even expected myself to. So I think instead of trying to get overdue library books from people on Minish Cap, I'll go and save an underwater world with my personal favorite heroine in ANY story I've wrote! (although very few stories that I've wrote are long enough for me to take a liking to the characters - like, there's Lunalynne... May... Allianna... Leanna... Mia... Krystal... Kithia... Kaylia... and none of their stories ever made it past chapter 5. And my chapters for other stories are pretty short - I usually attempt to make them ten pages, which honestly isn't long if you've seen the size of my notebooks. So, congrats, you now have a list of my OC female characters.)

Wow. I seem very determined to make this post about writing. Should I just change the title...?

No. No, I'm too lazy to click up there.

Okay. What have I done on Zelda games since the last post... hmm...

OOH! OOH! ...Okay, this strays from the point again, but I just remembered something I've been dying to make a post of! Dragon Quest IX!!! Look, there are few video games that I buy anymore that aren't Zelda related (because I seem to be lacking funds to buy anything else that I may not even like in the first place). However, Sydney got DQ IX a while ago, and then Tnaz bought it, and then ROWAN bought it... on my birthday, btw, which is SO unfair since she wouldn't let me play it... and so I just felt SO left out. They kept playing it at the Pokemon league, while I was sitting there dejectedly playing Minish Cap. And it prevented Sydney from helping me, too (you know she's the Minish Cap expert, right? Definitely. Besides the final boss, she went through that whole game on her own, and BEFORE me, too. I was so proud of her, since she's not really into LoZ as much as I am). Sooo... FINALLY I went ahead and bought it. I mentioned this briefly in a previous post... and I also told you what I named my character, right?


...What? It's a pretty name! I love names that begin with z's! Besides, she looks NOTHING like Princess Zelda. Well, I TRIED to make her look like her, but I gave up at the clothes part. My minstrel stuffs I have right now are so epic - my stats would lower sufficiently if I took them off. Oh, and guess what my warrior's name is?


Okay, no excuse there. I really was trying to make a Link. XD But it didn't work out AT ALL - I found green clothes for him, but then his stats got bad. The first time he died I got so mad I finally changed them out to a bluish-grey armor called Bronze armor. And now I think he's wearing red. Luckily, they actually kind of work for him - it's literally called "Magic Armour" and it looks a LOT like Twilight Princess Magic Armor. So yay. ...Kind of. There's still the hat problem I had, and since he really looks NOTHING like Link without a hat (there weren't many hairstyles to choose from!), he still has the leather hat from the beginning of the game. Whatever. It works.

My other two characters are Leanna and Kaylia. If you don't recognize those names, refer back to my female OC list. ;) Leanna is a priest, and Kaylia is a martial artist. Leanna is SO useless though - she's supposed to be the healer, BUT SHE KEEPS DYING! Oh, and then I try to use Zing to bring her back to life - but since it sometimes fails, it just keeps saying, "Leanna remains lifeless. Leanna remains lifeless. Leanna remains lifeless."

By that point, I wanted to bring her back to life again just so I could kill her.

So I, as Zelda, am a level 31 minstrel. As soon as I unlock Sage class, I'm SO switching to that. Zelda fans should know why. As well as Dragon Quest fans, since Sage is an epic vocation. Then there's Link, my awesome warrior, level 19 - big difference between me and him, I know. It's 'cuz my sis helped me level up, and she's OVER 99 in ranger. And I couldn't take buddies with me, 'cuz apparently Link's not Celestrian (and it's one super duper hilarious coincidence that the game has Celestria in it - just one letter away from the new W101 world). Lol, speaking of which, I worked to unlock the Gladiator class, and it was so fun doing that. I just took Link with me, and had him use Whipping Boy to protect me - that's what the quest says to do. So it just kept saying, "Link is protecting Zelda!" That made me laugh. XD Oh, and I'm almost considering changing Link's vocation to gladiator... but that doesn't sound like him. Rowan insists that they're incredible and more powerful than warriors... but the warrior-specific skill classification is Courage! THAT'S SO LINK! O_o Okay, back to my party of characters... After Link is Kaylia, the martial artist at level 18, and then Leanna level 17 priest. And a USELESS level 17 priest, too.

OMG. This post is too long. Why am I writing such long posts now? No one reads them anyway! >.< I think this is just sort of the place I can rant about video games and describe my experiences. It's an author thing, I'm guessing. ;)

So... *sigh* I never did talk about REAL Zelda games. Man. ...Okay, I'm changing the post title now. Like I mentioned earlier, it was original something along the lines of "I DON'T HAVE ANY UPDATES" but now it's going to be... well... you can see now.

Enjoy your weekend. As for me... CELESTIA, HERE I COME!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TP Update - Thank you, fortune teller! ...Kinda.

I hate the Fortune Teller in Twilight Princess. But at the same time... she's SO awesome.


*sigh* Why do I always write confusing first paragraphs? O_o

Nvm. Onto my original point. Basically... it's official. I have THREE Zelda games with full heart containers. :D Spirit Tracks was, of course, first, and then came Phantom Hourglass... but I just got a CONSOLE one! :D

It's pretty easy, actually. You just get a ton of rupees (I had all 600 at the beginning... not the full 1000 that you can get IF YOU FOUND ALL 60 POES - which I haven't - but still a lot) and then pay the fortune teller a ton of money to tell your fortune of "love". They show exactly where a Piece of Heart is. Of course, it's up to me to figure out what to DO there... and I was stuck more than once, with Rowan having to come to my aid (she's kinda the TP expert - almost - because it's the ONLY Zelda game that she's completed before me. Not my fault I deleted my file. >.<).

Okay, so, like, where did my TROUBLES with the Fortune Teller begin?

Oh, maybe when she STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!

Let's see... the third-to-last Piece of Heart that I found was from that stupid mini-game in lake Hylia - Plumm's game - that you do as a wolf. Dang, I fail at that. Especially since I had no clue how many points you had to get to recieve the Heart Piece, and, to be honest, I didn't even know if I would GET a Heart Piece. Earlier I'd done Iza's river game thing, and apparently got a bigger bomb bag I didn't have before, but not a Heart Piece.

Anyway, after FINALLY getting that, I went back to the Fortune Teller and paid her the due ten rupees. She showed me some dude in Castle Town that asks for money. Now, she'd shown me this picture before, but I had no clue what to do with it - I gave him money EVERY time I came back to Castle Town for another prediction, but there seemed to be no Heart Piece. So I paid her again. Same guy. Again. Same. Again. Same.

So... there's only one Heart Piece left... when my gosh-darn Collection Screen says there's TWO?

...Fine. Steal my rupees then. But instead of giving them to you, stupid fortune teller, I'm giving them to the dude who's apparently so important that he gets to ask for money for "peace in Hyrule." Like I'd care about that (technically, I would, since I'm role-playing as a hero, but that's why I need these Heart Pieces, right? To pwn Ganondorf and create the "peace"? XD).

So I found that money-begging guy, and was prepared to give all my money away. But I only offered fifty rupees twice - and then, guess what? A HEART PIECE FELL OUT OF THE SKY!!!! O:

...Ooooookkkkaaaaay... Not what I expected, but fine. Maybe it came from Skyloft? XDDD

But guess what? Still didn't have full Heart Containers.


Somehow, this gives me deja vu to a certain SNES game that I NEVER found the last Heart Piece on... *cough* LttP! *cough*

Anyway, after that, I went back to the fortune teller, but she just said something like, I need to "experience" more before I can get another Heart Piece.


...Apparently, she just wanted me to experience Hyrule Castle. Not even Zant. Just the castle.

Yeah, I'm in the Palace of Twilight, btw, because Zant is just my fave boss and I couldn't bear to never do him again until I beat a new file. So that's why it was there.

So I went, beat Zant, got into the castle, went back - and guess what? THE HEART PIECE WAS IN THE PALACE OF TWILIGHT THE WHOLE TIME! ...Grrr. So WHY couldn't she show me this before? WHY?!?

...Anyway, I got it eventually. And after that, well, why not just go ahead and beat the game again? XD

So, yeah, I did the final boss. And I even made sure I had Magic Armor on for all the epic cutscenes. Why? ...Idk. Magic Armor looks awesome. And a lot like Zelda's dress, in case you didn't notice. Seriously. It has the shouler plates, then the crown-type thingy at the top and the gem, and... I don't remember other similarities I observed, but I DO remember thinking that. So yeah. O_o

Goodnight. ...It's too late to get on Wizard101 now, so I guess I'll have to wait for Celestia. But whatever. I had too much fun writing this. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010


I beat Mount Crenel! Yayz! :D

...Speaking of which, I STILL can't figure out what the heck that dungeon there was called. Something-mines, probably, just because there were mine carts all over the place. And those provided me no end of crazy pleasure. Hehe, I love riding in mine carts...

Hmm. Where to begin.

Let's see - the BIG BAD BOSS is always a good place to start (thought I'd forgotten about that catchphrase-type thingy of mine, hadn't you? :P)!

You know, I was kinda looking forward to the boss turning all cute in the end. ...Um, I know that just sounded really stupid right there. But, I mean, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MANGA! But the manga is CONFUSING ME!!! When I heard I was headed to the Fortress of Winds, I became so confused - the manga had Link getting the WATER Element first. That's probably why I was stuck for so long - I was trying sooooo hard to get into Lake Hylia that I totally ignored the other element symbol.

Oh, hey, speaking of which... why is the Earth Element purple? Can someone tell me what happened to the earth being GREEN? And why is the WIND the green one? -.-

...Back on topic...

Okay, I don't even know the Minish Cap bosses' names. Except for Giant ChuChu or whatever, but that's pretty obvious. :P Reason? I haven't bothered to look them up, that's why. Duh. In fact, the only reason I know Wind Waker boss names would be because I actually have the ambition to go off and search for it myself!

I mean, I know so much about Zelda that I can recognize references to other games' bosses when I see them.

Such as what I believe just might be a reference to Gohdan...

You don't know who Gohdan is? Oh, come ON! Okay, okay... he's that masked dude with two floating hands and floating head in the Tower of Gods of Wind Waker, not evil, but not good, obviously not because he attacks you and nearly killed me multiple times, mostly because I kept running out of arrows despite that fact that he replenished them, and then there's the glowing stuff around the outer edges of the room that HURT when you fall onto them, and, oh, then he doesn't explode at the end, lol, like other bosses, and he's the only one that doesn't appear in Ganon's Tower at the end...


He's the Tower of Gods dude in WW. There. I said it.

Okay... you know what? I've totally strayed from my original point here. First of all, I was talking about the boss of MOUNT CRENEL... not the Fortress of Winds. And the boss I think was a reference to WW is the Fortress of Winds boss.

The boss from Mount Crenel... was some sort of snake-rock thingy that spewed fire at me... Um... and I used the Cane of Pacci to defeat it.


But I still like the Gohdan boss. It included shrinking to a Minish and going inside things to break stuff. :D

Hmm... now I REALLY want to know what these bosses names are...

*an hour later, after looking it up on Zelda Wiki, somehow getting into the entry of Blizzeta from Twilight Princess, listening to Fyrus's theme and comparing it to Blizzeta's, then watching random Skyward Sword stuff for some reason on YouTube...*

Okay! I got it! The Gohdan style boss is named Mazaal. Interesting... XD

OH!! GUESS WHAT?!? I already knew the name of that second boss. I just forgot. ...Honestly! I knew it was Gleerok! I remember hearing that name somewhere! O_o

According to the listing, next is Big Octorok (how WONDERFUL) then the Gyorg Pair that I've seen and heard so much about. Then onto Vaati. Yay!

'Kay, that's it for tonight. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

MC Update - A Minish-sized update...

I gotta make this quick... I always go to the Pokemon league on Saturday nights, and we're leaving in just about ten minutes... but I'll probably forget about this if I leave it for later.

You should all know that I got Minish Cap, right? Yeah. From traitor Tnaz. Oh, he's a traitor, because he lies and steals - he stole Pokemon cards from this poor girl at the league, and then he lied to me about that epic story of his. Remember? I was talking about that? Yeah, well, he didn't write it. It's called Error Code 35, btw, so go ahead and look it up on - it's actually on there, and that's how I found out about his lies. ...Although it was violent. It IS horror genre. Weird, I don't usually read stories like that, but I liked the suspense of this one... even if Link dies! IN THE FIRST CHAPTER! And then Pikachu's next. And Zelda and Toon Link after. All my fave chars... >.<

Well, time to make the first update of MC...

And it's quick, short, and all around... MINISH SIZED! xD

First off, I played through the first parts of the game, which I did earlier on the VBA thingy (that I'm pretty sure is illegal now, so I stopped using it O_o). I was so proud of myself for doing the ENTIRE FIRST DUNGEON WITHOUT A WALKTHROUGH! :D I got to the boss - and it was a giant ChuChu! Like, OMGNESS! That's so epic. ;)

So I beat that... then when I got to Mount Crenel was about the time I got stuck. I figured out to water the plants or something, but I kept dying on my way up. And you know what's the worst part? FAIRIES IN MINISH CAP ARE THE STUPIDEST CREATURES EVER. Look, I had only half a heart left, and you know what? I was soooooo lucky to come upon a Great Fairy Fountain! :D But when I went up to the fountain... nothing happened. No Great Fairy came up. So I went crazy and pressed random buttons, lolz. When I picked up some water in a bottle by accident, THEN she came up... and increased my bomb bag.


What the heck? >.<

Okay, that's all the time I've got. Right now I'm attempting to get the Pegasus Boots... I think. I have two elements, therefore ONE CLONE! :D Oh, right. Still need to FSA update...

Bye bye! Have a good weekend! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Very Zelda Halloween

Halloween... is, like, the bestest holiday. Um, why? Let me ask YOU a question first. Why would anyone think it ISN'T the bestest holiday?!? You get to dress up as random stuffs, whether scary or epiclatastical or pretty or different or WHATEVER you want. All my life, I've been either a princess, fairy, or some kind of... animal... thing. Like a cat. ...Or a Maril. Yeah, I was a Pokemon for Halloween once. I didn't always used to be Zelda addict - Pokemon DID come first. Deal with it. XD


This Halloween is SPECIAL. :D

The reason? If you can remember last Halloween on this blog (which you probably can't XD) then you'll know what I just so happened to dress up as. Princess Zelda. No kidding. And Sydney was Link the leprachaun (my fault for calling her that, lolz. Warning to candy-givers at houses while some kids dressed in weird Hylian costumes come up to your house: don't ask who the person in green is, or you'll get a LOT of screaming and arguing and name-calling. :P). Oh, and no one cares, but... Hunter was a Wraith from Wizard101 last year. So awesomeful! ;) Rowan was a witch; Paige was also a witch; Taryn was... some kind of devil-witch. XD I called them the Twinrova, despite the fact there were three of them. :P Mostly I was refering to Rowan and Paige, anyway, since Taryn technically called herself a Skeleton Bride.

So... this year! Some changes in our lineup of costumes... *ahem*

Last year, Sydney's Link costume wasn't from any specific game. She just had the basics: green tunic, green hat, some kind of foamy-sword thingy that was really fun to play with. :P This year, however, she's decided. She will be... MINISH LINK! So she's buying an Ezlo hat. Yayz.

Hunter won't be from Wizard101 this year - he's joining the Zelda bandwagon. :D He will be... VAATI! Hylian form, of course. Not the giant eye. XD So he'll probably have the long black/purple cloak and the wishing cap thingy. Ooh. Playing with the wishing cap will be almost as much fun as playing with Sydney's foam sword!

Me? I was pretty much a general, all-around unspecific Zelda last Halloween. I based my costume MAINLY off Ocarina of Time, though, including the designs on the bottom of the dress. However, I carried around a bow, and OoT is, like, the ONLY game Zelda DOESN'T use the bow in. O_o (Not really, you know... but all the big important ones she does. Wind Waker. Twilight Princess. ...Spirit Tracks. ST is not as important, but whatever.) Now I just might be Minish Zelda. Just because everyone ELSE is being from Minish Cap, lol. I don't want to be all lonely from OoT. If I do end up changing to Minish Zelda, I'll just PRETEND I don't have Ocarina of Time designs on my dress, PRETEND my crown is Toon Zelda's, and... ditch the bow for a shield. And then I'll give it to Sydney at the end of the day. ...Or maybe not. I LIKE shields, tyvm. Sydney didn't use one LAST year! ...Let's just PRETEND that her shield got burned up in the fire mine place. :P

Now... Rowan. I don't think Taryn and Paige will be anything Zelda-related, but Rowan most certainly will. Ever since last year, she's really wanted to be Midna from Twilight Princess. But now she'll be the only one from TP if she does do that. So she's changing again. She might be... a forest Picori/Minish, which I vote for. It would be the most ADORABLE costume ever! Like... Minishes are sooooooo cute! Other than that, she might be Young Zelda. Which would ALSO be cute! For some reason, she wants to be "all clingy," as she calls it. XD She wants to hang off my arm and act timid and cute or something. Although I still like the Picori idea, this would be an AWESOME idea, and is the one most likely to happen. Our costumes would match GREAT together - me older Zelda, her younger. Plus it'll give me an excuse to be OoT while everyone else is MC (HAH! SHIELD IS MINE!).

And that's it. *sigh* I was planning on a Minish Cap or Four Swords Adventures update tonight, but that's okay. Remember - tomorrows a holiday. Labor day, is it? Or Columbus day? Something like that. On the other hand, the blog is FINALLY back to normal, complete with an epic background courtesy of Rowan WillowLeaf (but I was the one who had to do A TON of math and so on to get the size right to repeat across the background right - darn, you CANNOT believe how much work went into that. Days. Blogger is stupid and won't accept certain sized images, and therefore we were pretty stumped for a while. I SHOULDN'T have to do math on my weekend!). Oh, AND there's an awesome new header! I made that. You can't imagine how long it took to pick out the render. I kind of wanted the Skyward Sword one, just because, well, Skyward Sword is the main focus of this blog currently, and the entire Zelda-fanverse is waiting for it. But I almost made it a Wind Waker one, with this absolutely, unbelievably awesome render of Link and these cute little pigs! :D That, or one of OoT Link playing the ocarina. SO MANY CHOICES!

Anyway. Happy Monday holiday (whatever it is), readers! As always, comment, and remember to read The Blade of Evil's Bane prologue below if you haven't already! :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Under Construction! -.-

And it's really not working out, either. *sigh* We're having problems with the background, as you can see. It's not turning out the way it looks in Photoshop. >.< I still need to change the header so that it's longer, too. I'm sorry, I just don't have time this week. I've been skipping homework for this... and it's STILL not turning out right!

Goodnight, everyone. Hopefully this weekend this page will look normal again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Blade of Evil's Bane Prologue

Wow... too much blogging tonight...

But here. I kept my promise. Here's the prologue. I'm BEGGING you to comment and tell me your honest opinion. If it is absolute, total failure... let me know. I'm not used to writing from the villain's perspective, lol, so it might be bad. I'm actually not used to writing in third person AT ALL. So... tell me what you think. If you guys like it, I might post the first chapter (that I really dislike) and you could give me some advice.

Ooh, and remember to read the two posts below! They ARE new, I promise. Just don't feel like editing...

The Blade of Evil's Bane - Prologue


That was him.

He was the King of Evil, born leader of the Gerudo, would-be conqueror of Hyrule. He had worked so long to achieve his goal, and just when it was finally within his grasp…

…He should have won. He had all the power in the world and the strength to single-handedly take over an entire kingdom. How was it that he had lost?

Those two. The other Triforce bearers. They were the reason his dream had been shattered.

But how?

They did not have power. He had Power, the absolute kind that can only be rivaled by the Goddesses themselves. How did they defeat him?


That was the princess.

She looked so fragile, seemed so helpless, he never imagined she would be a problem. What he hadn’t expected was for her to use the superior knowledge and magical abilities granted to her by the Triforce to fool him.

Somehow, he believed she would just sit away in a “safe” hiding spot, away from the rest of the world. Never did he suspect the mysterious Sheikah boy of actually being a princess, even if he was the one always helping the bearer of Courage.

How had he not seen it?


That was the Hero.

That Goddess-forsaken Hero.

He had only been a boy, an orphan raised by a race of children. Children! And still he was granted the Goddess’ favor. He was given unbelievable Courage, the ability to take on anything. The worst part was that he could no disagree that the boy had done his tasks well. He defeated every monster presented before him, no matter how formidable.

He had defeated Ganon, the very embodiment of Power…


Ganondorf clenched his fists, glaring uselessly at the eternal white mist all around him. It had seemed impossible. It was impossible. That boy had still done it, despite the odds.

The boy had Courage, but not Power. How had it come to this? He had… no… Power…

The Gerudo paused as he came to a sudden realization.

He did have power.

The power to repel evil.

The Master Sword.

Ganondorf grinned maliciously, a plan forming in his head. He knew how to get his long-awaited victory. He knew how to get his revenge. He knew just how to leave Hyrule and its Hero desperate and without hope or weapons. He just had to get rid of that sword…

It would be time very soon. Ganondorf could feel the seal weakening – why or how, he did not know. But he had asked “how” enough.

It was time to find out if Courage really could amount to Power… without the Blade of Evil’s Bane.


I totally changed the layout of the blog. Huh? Why? 'Cuz I felt like it. And because the Skyward Sword pictures weren't fitting. XD

Well, I have to change the header now. Me is going to get started on that.

Oh, right. I said I would post the prologue here... *sigh*

Three posts for the day?

I'll do that in a second. Be patient. ;)

New pictures? Yay. We can stare at more things.

How... exciting. I know. XD

The new pictures that I'm talking about are from Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS. Personally, the Skyward Sword ones didn't really seem "new." Same areas, at least. Except for ONE. This epic fire temple-ish one. :D I know the fire-type temple one was in the trailer, but this one... look at the background! I think it's pretty, lolz!

Okay, these pictures are all coming from Legend of, where I get the majority of my Zelda news. ;) Credit goes to them entirely, or wherever THEY got it from. If you want to view it on their site instead of my blog (traitors! XD), then go here.

Epic Fire Temple one:

Other Skyward Sword screenshots:

Okay. That's done...

Now for what got me SUPER excited. Turns out staring at pictures CAN be fun after all.

The... Ocarina of Time 3DS ones! Guess what? They finally showed us something besides the title screen of the game. Meaning Young Link! :)

(Bottom two weren't on that post at, and are actually from here.)

Annnd... this one is my absolute favorite.

You can guess why! :D It shows the BOTTOM SCREEN! I've been wondering how they would make the transition from a console game to portable. It looks like you have the little buttons you can tap, or something, that you equip potions and items to. And the map's down there, along with three little buttons that... say something in Japanese...

I can't read Japanese. *sob*

So... it's not like PH or ST. It's a top screen game. Not so much touching, I guess. I don't have a problem with that, except I was kind of hoping the Ocarina would be a bit like the Spirit Flute! I LOVE that flute! I will play it for HOURS. (Not really. But I probably could if I felt like it. :D) We haven't seen the ocarina yet, though... maybe I can still hope for it...

'Kay, enough blogging for me. ...Actually, I still have two more posts to make after this. One on Sierra's Story... and then... maybe I'll post the prologue on here. Finally.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Zelda Fan Fiction!

EVERYONE on this blog should know I write stories by now. Most of you read my other blog, Sierra's Story, anyway. And if you read that blog, HOPEFULLY you read The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze, too. I've managed to accumlate a pretty big fanbase for that story. It's really... good encouragement for me to keep writing. ;)

Up until recently, though, I never really... classified my story. I guess, though, it's a "fanfic." Meaning a story based on a video game, book, anime, or WHATEVER written by a fan. I didn't know much about fan fiction until recently. That "recently" would be when I happened to be on Legend of on my DSi (yes, the same stupid one that I can't write blog posts on anymore). There was little, TINY section in the bottom left-hand corner that said, 'fan fiction.'

Hmm. Well, I used to read Wizard101 stories written by other people, although I haven't had time lately. Maybe these Zelda ones could be just as good..?

UNFORTUNALTEY, none of the stories on there are that good. Okay, actually, most of them were REALLY good. But they were SHORT! *sob* I LIKE LONG STORIES! Plus, half of them ended so abruptly! One even stopped in the middle of the sentence!

But this is what got me addicted to Zelda fan fiction. There was only one I really liked: Twilight Successors. I mean, the others were okay too, but that was the one that stood out the most. If anyone is interested in reading it... the link is here.

I ended up reading EVERY story on there. Which honestly wasn't that many...

Anyway, I was offficially fascinated by fanfics. I especially liked the ones with Link in it - I LOVE reading how they portray his personality. There were only two of those stories with Link in it, though, and one was the one that ended in the middle of the sentence. >.< So I had to go off and search for a new source of stories...

So I found the Sacred Realm!

And man, there were a LOT of good stories on there. Best of all, they were LONG. They had CHAPTERS.

...And most were unfinished.

...And I have NO hope of them being updated, since they're apparently not accepting any new submissions. -.-

*sigh* Oh well.

Good stories I found on here:

Stories by Lysia (Hylians of the Future and Trusting a Traitor)

Stories by Megan O'Shea. The Sister wasn't all that good, but you need to read it to understand the two sequels that ARE good, The Quest and The Tempest. The Tempest isn't over, though... *sob*

Absolute Power by Wizera - OMG, this story was SO original, and so AMAZINGLY written. They obviously know a lot about castles and whatever, where I do... not. I was going to DESTROY my DSi when it didn't have enough memory to save the whole, epicly long story! I had to actually get on a computer to read the rest! XD

Child of Darkness by Lock of Hyrule - also not done. This was the first story I read on here, too. Well... the first story that was GOOD.

Sharmani's Revenge - only good if you read the Chronicles of Narnia.

And, um, hmm... I'm SURE there were more... but I don't remember. Wow, I must have too much time on my hands to post all those links. XD

OKAY! But, well, I couldn't find any other good stories on this site after a while. I read some interesting ones, but none of them were really good enough to make it to my list of epicness, mentioned above. XD So I had to find a new website.

Tnaz juuuuust so happened to come into my life at that moment. And when he was over at our house one day, he forced me to read two stories on another fanfic website, Fan One of the stories he made me read was about Zelda breaking up with Link for Marth, and the other was Link dying. O_o

And THEN he told me to read his own story, based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It was VERY good. He's an epiclatastical author. However... he KILLED OFF LINK! He just LOVES making Link hurt, doesn't he? Geez! Oh, AND he killed Toon Link. And Zelda. AND Pikachu, which is my BACK-UP character for when I don't play as Zelda ones in Brawl!

NOT. COOl. >.<

'Specially since Link was the one who killed Pikachu, Zelda, and Toon Link. And Ike, but we don't care about him. XD It's a long story. Read it if you want to know why Link is killing everyone. :P

Luckily, I THINK I made a pact with him to bring the Zelda characters back! ...Or at least Toon Link, 'cuz he's the bestest. I gave him a Uxie Pokemon card for his promise to make Toon Link come back to life.

THEN I got addicted to Fan :D

First story I read was Cheers, which he recommended to me as another SSBB fanfic - and let me tell you, this was NOT giving me a good outlook on this website. Link died in that one, too. And Ganondorf. And Pikachu. And, oh, EVERY character that was in that story. That would include the three above characters, and Peach, Luigi, Fox, and Falco. I think I'm starting to get an idea of the kinds of stories Tnaz likes. -.-

Second was Darkside of Power. Another recommended by him. No one died in it. Yay! :D Main character was Toon Link. Double yay! :DD It was short. Noes! O:

By then, I'd decided to stop listening to him. He only read Pokemon and SSBB fanfics, anyway, not Zelda ones. I wanted ZELDA!

...And I went off looking on my own.

I remember the titles of the stories I first read, and it's not like they were BAD stories or anything... but they were just OKAY stories. Not insanely awesome. Like my second list of epicness I will give you below. Sadly, they will not have links. I can only view these stories on my DSi - the actual website has advertisements that give our computer viruses. >.<

The below stories are in order by awesomefulisticalazing to slightly less awesomefulisticalazing. :P

Zelda: A Fairytale. If you're like me and LOVE old-fashioned fairy tales with princesses and such, this is the most awesome story you'll EVER find. It's based on Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and I LOVED it.

The Return and Reconciliation by Rose Zemlya. Oh. Em. Gee. How the heck can someone be so totally INCREDIBLE at writing, especially in the point of view of a video game character that really didn't have much in the way of personality during the games, and make it so long it took me days to finish, and kept me entertained that whole time? READ THESE STORIES. The type of voice reminds me of... Pendragon. Those novels are awesome. And kinda Percy Jackson, too. But this is BETTER than Percy Jackson (maybe). I love Link in this story, though - he's so sarcastic. Gotta love a sarcastic hero. XD (But ignore the swearing - I don't like it either, but at least it's funny.) Reconciliation is The Return's sequel. READ THEM. NOW.

The Hero of Wolves by The Wolfess. Again: *gasps in awe at epicness* This was the first "AWESOME" story I read on And I was, like, AMAZED. I want to write like this! Badly! Very, very, very, very, very badly! It was just updated on Friday, too, so I know this isn't one of those stories where someone writes for a while, then gives up! This story is based on Twilight Princess. I think I really like this, again, because of Link's personality. He's like a wolf. Wolves are epic. :D But, like... wow. Read this one, too. After The Return and Reconciliation. ;)

The Silent Kingdom by Freedan the Eternal. I didn't think much of this one at first, but the more and more I think about it, the more I realize I really enjoyed it. There was some content in it that was not... suitable to little children. XD And it would never get on Central, lolz. Too much swearing. But if you can ignore that part, it's pretty good. I love how they introduced SO many new concepts - five new countries, and entirely new CONTINENT, the concept of spells and magic, the races of elves and Dra'thul (dark elves), the golems (lol, you can guess that made me think of Golem Tower in W101), and all sorts of amazingly original stuff. Except maybe elves. Not exactly original. :P But whatever.

Fate Favors the Fearless by Freyjadour. Um, this was a bit violent, lolz! But I like the whole history they've made up of the Ordonians and their relationship with Hyrule. I mean, where the heck do they get this from? I didn't see ANY evidence in the game that Hylians didn't like Ordon, nor that Ordon was a war village. Seemed more like the boring, sleepy ranch town, hehe. This story hasn't been updated in a while, though. :(

Parallel Symphony and Parallel Hearts by Firebird-X. Parallel Symphony was AMAZING. ...Parallel Hearts was okay. It seemed more like a Super Smash Bros. fanfic to me, though. I mean, where does Samus come in in Twilight Princess? Or Mega man? Or - what the heck - SMASH BALLS? And since when are Wind Waker Link and Twilight Princess Link in the same game (although I reeeeally liked that part - WW Link pwns!!!)?

I can't really think of others that were super incredible. I just starting reading a new one called Legacy of the Sages by Kerian Halcyon. Looks promising. :D For others that were pretty good by not good enough for the epicness list, look at my favorites on My pen name is TwilightWakerofTime.

Oh, and honorable mention to Pirates of the Seas. You'd be on this list if there weren't minor swearing (even though above stories had it too) and the chapters were longer and more frequent. XD


That's a post I've been wanting to write for a loooong time.

It was FUN to write. :D

Oh, one thing! I... am OFFICALLY GOING TO WRITE MY OWN FAN FICTION. I can't stand reading other people's (ooookay, yes I can :D) and not have my own! I just need an idea for a setting. Should it be Ocarina of Time based, or Twilight Princess? How old should Link be? If it's OoT, should Navi be there (I've struggled with this for SO long... you can imagine why. I want her to be, but Idk how to explain her disappearence at the end of OoT)? If it's TP, should Midna be there (again, HOW would she be there, anyway)? *sigh* I wrote an AWESOME prologue, though. ...Ooh! I should post it here!!! Maybe I will. I really like the prologue, but... I can't begin the first chapter. I really don't know where I was going with the prologue, I just sort of started writing it. Btw, the fanfic would be called "The Blade of Evil's Bane," and it would be about, um, something happening to the Master Sword so Link can't use it to defeat Ganondorf when he returns. Idk what will happen, yet. That's just a breif overview, brought to you by Timeless! :D

Okay. Enough typing. I gtg to bed. ...And read more fan fiction. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell them to me! :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good, bad, and useless news.

Which do ya want first: Good, bad, or pointless/useless/no-one-cares-about news?

I'll start with the... bad.

The bad news is: THERE IS NO BAD NEWS! *gasp* I wrote a post about bad news, and there isn't any! Oh, what will I do? The struggle to find something to type is killing me!

Well, bad news COULD be that I STILL won't have much time for blog posting. I haven't even been on Central lately. Or Wizard101. Or, I'm ashamed to admit, Zelda games. I've... been reading fan fiction. Yeah. Or playing Min- um, nvm. We'll get to that in the GOOD NEWS section. :D Oh, and there's still no official release date for Skyward Sword. Trust me. I'd know.

Useless news:

HUNTER THUNDERSHIELD NAMES ALL HIS ZELDA FILES DOUGH FOR SOME REASON. And then I played through Twilight Princess ('cuz all my friends fail at the Forest Temple - seriously, that was, like, the fifteenth time I've had a friend ask me to beat the temple for them! I now know it like the back of my hand - that sadly lacks a Triforce, just because you all wanted to know XD), and the light spirit called him "Heroic Dough." O_o

Good news... and luckily, in video games, there's a LOT of it right now:

I HAD MY BIRTHDAY! :D It was the sixteenth of September. Sorry, can't tell you how old I am. Who knows what freaks are reading this... *thinks of Navi and shudders* XD

Okay, okay. But you're wondering why the heck this is in a Zelda blog.

Well... my ACTUAL birthday wasn't that great. Sure, I got ice cream cake. But I did work all day. But... I got a Zelda t-shirt! It says, "Don't make me go Zelda on you!" :D

But then, my birthday PARTY was epiclatastical. All my bestest friends were there: Sydney, um... Noob? Is that what I call him now? He doesn't have a wizard. And a girl from school who neither has any Zelda games nor plays Wizard101 came. And another friend of mine who I can call either Wolf or Tnaz was there. He's the newest member of our Zelda/Pokemon/Wizard101 fan club. Members: Me, Rowan, Sydney, Hunter, Deku/Noob/WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL HIM, and now Tnaz. His Wizard101 character is Wolf DeathBringer. So, anyway, he is my bestest friend/enemy. Frenemy? Is that what it's called? O.o

Okay. So. I, um, kinda took up most of our four hours playing Wind Waker. O_o But, look, in all the FIVE YEARS I've had it, I've NEVER gotten to play it on the large TV in our living room! I was able to that day, and it was so epiclatastical! I wish now that I'd had a chance to try out TP on it, too. Ah, well.

Anyway, I tried playing Wind Waker. I was going to the final boss. Sydney and I switched off a lot. I mean, we wanted to see the ending with all the super epic cutscenes. However... my cutscene file got CORRUPTED, remember? >.<>.<

So, it's like, RIGHT THERE... and I can't play it. And he KNEW I couldn't play it.

Oh, my gosh, did I mention how much I hate him?

Sydney's so awesome - she let me borrow her DS Lite for a few weeks! SO I GOT TO PLAY IT! Two elements down... and no clue how to get the Water element. Sydney's no help either, dangit. O_o

Okay, and my OTHER good news.


Yep. Just today. Me is excited. ;)

Oh, and LAST good news:

I GOT DRAGON QUEST! Nine, I think? Idk. It's Sentinels of the Starry Skies. ...'Kay, I know this is a Zelda blog, but whatever. I named my character Zelda. Does that count? XD I fully intend to make a character called Link when I get the chance. And then maybe one called Sierra. I just didn't make my main character Link 'cuz as much as I love playing as him in LoZ, I really would prefer a girl character. O_o

...Okay, I've been typing away for a half hour. This post is LONG. If you read all of this, YOU'RE THE MOST DEDICATED AND AWESOMEFULISTICALAZING READER EVER. Congratulations. Please comment, awesomefulisticalazing reader. :D

And goodnight!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The EVIL Memory Card Curse!

And THAT is its official name, now. Considering the amount of damage and confusion it's causing in the video game aspects of my life, it deserves its own blog posts, instead of constant teensy-tiny mentions in previous posts.

Oh, before I go off onto a big rant, sorry about the lack of updates. *sigh* There's so much I want to say... like mentioning "Heroic Dough" (that line STILL makes me laugh! :D), my recent attempts in Phantom Hourglass, good fanfics (including my own), and so on. But... my days are too long now to keep up with much of ANYTHING anymore. Darn school/homework/swim team...

Now for the curse.

Let's list the games that have been corrupted:

Wind Waker (may that epiclatastcial cutscene file R.I.P!)

Pokemon Colloseum (I miss NightRings SOOOOO MUCH! *SOB*)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Man, I think this game hates me or something. It just won't let me keep Young Link.)

Sonic Heroes (umm... long story)

Animal Crossing (Well, at least the people I hated are gone. Like Bubbles? We sent him death threats. XD)

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Do you know how WEIRD that game is? But it's kinda fun. However, recently, my sis compared it to Ocarina of Time... and its kinda scary how alike they are in some ways. Freeing chicken elders from eggs is like awakening sages. Yeah, we compare EVERYTHING to Zelda. xD)

Yeah. How sad. All those games... lost...


I have GREAT news. Kinda. Well, for SOME games its great news. For Pokemon Colloseum, Wind Waker, and Animal Corssing, it's not so much... but for Melee, it's AWESOMEFUL!

My sister decided to play Billy Hatcher for some strange reason. :P Anyway, she played through a few levels, but when she tried to save... the game said that the file was CORRUPTED! O: So she saved it to a different file. She then turned off the game and tried to play the first file again. Still corrupted. Then she took the memory card OUT... and put it back in... and guess what? SUDDENLY IT WASN'T CORRUPTED! *gasp*

Even before this, it happened with Melee. Since I was so disappointed at the loss of our file, I told my sister that I would get back Young Link if it was the last thing I did! XD So I went on to get him back... and found there was no need. No "file corrupted" message of any sort came up. The intro started as usual, the menu screen came up, and I pressed start. The game was running completely normally. Stunned, I went into Classic Mode, as I had been about to do before (you play 10 Classic or Adventure mode ten times, with Link and Zelda as two of the characters to get Young Link), and found that all our characters were still there - INCLUDING YOUNG LINK! :D



It's good.

Sometimes the corrupted message will still show up, oddly enough, but I just take it out and put it back in (and sometimes restart the game) and the characters will be there good as new! Yayes! XD

It doesn't work for Wind Waker though... or Pokemon (*SOB*), or whatever else was affected. But I think that Young Link is good enough for me right now. Even though I would DIE to get NightRings back (maybe. Or maybe I'm bluffing.)

Anyway, I gtg now. Later tonight I will post again, if I have time. Likely I won't.

Oh, today's a holiday too, right? Happy whatever-holiday-it-is! XD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoudn't I be updating?

Yes. I should. But I won't. Because there are so many things I'd like to update, and I don't even know where to start.

Well, I'm back...

And I should be doing homework right now...

So how about I just leave it there. XD

Bye bye! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm going on vacation, everyone! I hope I can enjoy it. Usually it's kinda boring up there in Canada. Um, well, I mean, we're ALWAYS doing something new... but I miss my video games. *sob*

The only Zelda games we're going to have... are Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. ...FYI, PH is my least favorite Zelda game. >.< I wish I had a REAL GameBoy. I want to play Link's Awakening and Minish Cap! I need to get one. Then I can play FSA too. Well, not the multiplayer, since you need LOTS of GameBoys... but with stuff on the GameBoy screen... XD

No blogging for the month, either! Not until August 6th... probably even later!

No Twilight Princess... no VBA stuffs... No OoT, MM, FSA, WW, and so on... worst of all, I won't hear any Skyward Sword news! What if something epic comes up? :(

I'm probably getting a Kingdom Hearts game for the trip, though. I hope its at least half as good as Zelda is. XD

Bye, everyone! Enjoy your summer... without me blogging!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LA Update - GOSH, SYDNEY! What's your PROBLEM?!

Note to self: Don't ever, ever, EVER (did I say ever?) listen to Sydney JadeHammer when it comes to Zelda games. She LOVES Minish Cap, calls herself a Minish buddy... but she doesn't even know WHAT THE HECK TO DO IN THE FIRST TEMPLE. And she knows NOTHING about Link's Awakening either, I've discovered.

So, I haven't posted an update in a while. Sorry about that. There's been too much epicness with Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS. Not to mention the fact that I've now discovered three other games that have been affected by the corrupted- memory-card-curse. It's not just Wind Waker; it's Pokemon Colloseum (WAAAAAHHH! NIGHTRINGS! JEWELCAT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!), Animal Crossing (Goodbye, awesomefulistical town... np, though, we're going to make a new one and call it Hyrule! XD), and, worst of all, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Yeah, that game that I JUST had to get all the characters back on because I deleted my file. The one I JUST got my favorite character, Young Link, back. And now it's gone... AGAIN.


...My only consolation is that Four Swords Adventures is okay. I JUST completed that game. If it was deleted, I would have been MAD.

Uhh... okay. Updating time?

I'm in the Slime Dungeon now (ew)! Third Siren instrument ftw! However... thanks to SYDNEY, I've become stuck again.


The scenario: I've gone through a few rooms until I found some stairs. I go down the stairs... and there's four exits. All the rooms are locked. And I only have ONE. KEY.

I asked Sydney where to go. Biiiig mistake.

Well, she said "Waffles," which I interpreted as South (XD). I went in, found it was the WRONG WAY, but defeated the enemies and got a key.

Sydney explained that Waffles apparently means "west" (since when?), so I went that way... INTO THE WORST ROOM EVER!

I hate these stupid bird monster thingies! I have no clue what they're called, but I want to know, so that I can yell at them. O_o I was stuck in that room FOREVER.

Someday I'll make it through the slime dungeon... but I have to defeat those dang enemies to get the key... I already died three times in that room. THREE! I don't even die that much in TP over the ENTIRE GAME! (Of course, TP is the easier Zelda. :P)

...Well, I have no more time tonight. If you guys ever meet Sydney JadeHammer... tell her that she has TERRBILE Link's Awakening intution. And Minish Cap, too. I had to beat the final boss for her. That's how failure she was at it. XD Then again, she completed the entire rest of the game without me... ;)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ocarina of Time 3DS!!!! *jumps for joy*

One of the best Zelda games of ALL TIME (LoZ: Ocarina of Time) is going to be remade! ...Again! Yeah, I know, they already remade it on the GameCube, and Virtual Console for Wii (which I have! XD). But now they're editing the graphics, something they hadn't done yet, and (prepare yourselves for EPICNESS) MAKING TAKING ON AND OFF IRON BOOTS EASIER! Meaning less frustration in the Water Temple, the number one hardest Zelda temple I've ever gone through! Oddly, it's much easier the second time through...

This was announced at E3 along with Skyward Sword. So why haven't I posted until now? First: well, I can't give you screenshots if I'm on my DSi, can I? Second: I was confused for a bit there. Some sources said that they were just testing out the 3DS's capabilities or something. Now I know this will be a real, ACTUAL game. Along with Starfox 64... which, now I remember, I almsot bought instead of MM! Now how weird would THAT have been? And I think some Mario game will also be remade.

What is the 3DS, you might ask? Only the newest console from Nintendo! With games... IN 3-D!!!! And Kid Icarus: Uprising is going to come out on it! That's, like, the first non-Zelda game in at least a year that I want to desperately come out quickly! And, let me repeat: it will all be in 3-D!!!

Here's the 3DS, just to get an idea of what it looks like.

Not much different from a normal DSi, huh? Besides the fact everything will be in 3-D!!!!!

Okay, now here's the epic OoT screenshots. Most are of Link on Epona in front of Hyrule field, from the intro. I hope these make you as excited as I am! Of course, I still can't wait for Skyward Sword! :)

Credit goes to IGN for the images.

Friday, July 2, 2010

WW - Corrupted Save Data? ...NOOOOO!!!


This is sounding oddly like my Twilight Princess post when I deleted my file. And there's a reason for that.

Somehow, in some completely inconceivable way, my Wind Waker data got "corrupted". Out of ALL of the Zelda games I own, it just HAD to be my favorite that gets messed up.

...Fortunately, it wasn't my very first file, my BEST file... the one I've had for five years. Oh my gosh, if I lost that... I don't know WHAT I would do. Probably burst into tears or start screaming and running around wildly. Something like that. XD

But it was SO close to being my first file. It was even on the same memory card.

I found it when Noob was over. I had let him start a file over one on that memory card (lolz, it was my sister's, but she didn't really care). As I usually do, I took over it and completed Forsaken Fortress and Dragon Roost Cavern. Now he wanted to continue on, and try to get the second pearl at Forest Haven.

If you don't have WW, you should know that per memory card you can have three files. On this particular memory card was file one, my original file with SOOO many memories; file two, Noob's file; and file three, a file that had beat the game, but had not saved after Ganon... meaning all the cutscenes, AND Link's green clothes. Epicness. When I feel like doing the final boss, it was this file I went to. It's also the file I wanted to try to complete the Nintendo Gallery and already HAD done the quest for the Eskimo guy (forgot his name O.o) on Windfall to get the Magic Armor.

It was file three that was "corrupted."

At first I thought it was Noob's, which would be no biggie - but that file was on the FINAL BOSS!

That takes a while. A few weeks, for me, less if I'm dedicated.

My only choice when selecting the file is to erase it.

The big question: how? I haven't played that file in a while! I read in the FSA manual that this can happen if you take out the card while saving. If I haven't played, how can THAT happen?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My DSi WAS just faking working. It just erased my big long post - AGAIN!

Unless it saved somewhere. ...Or got posted. It isn't posted, is it? If so, this post would be embarassing... XD

Well... guess I'll have to rewrite it. On a REAL computer. Grrr... I HATE this darn thing, sometimes...

Maybe the 3DS will be better.

Well, it's... *stares at clock* ELEVEN?!? Well, almost at leat. But - I wanted to READ tonight! UGH! THIS. DSI. IS. SO. ANNOYING!

After posting this... I'm probably going to throw it across the room, 'kay? ;) On that... wonderful... note, I'm going to say goodnight once more. Bye! XD

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need more computer time. (And, of course, more Skyward Sword info!)

I'm on my DSi AGAIN. I really broke my promise. xD

On the Zelda Wii... Oh, now SKYWARD SWORD... side of things, I decided I would write a post on the plot of the game. Because that's what always draws me to Zelda games. Probably why I find LoZ somewhat frustrating and Link's Awakening slightly repettitive. Not they aren't fun. Nooo, not at all. You gotta love rapid button pressing to slay random enemies, at least every once and a while. :D Oddly, LttP is one of my favorites, but that's an older one... I've also been hearing how everyone thinks new games are progressively getting easier. I DEFINATELY agree. TP is waaay too easy. LoZ? ...Frankly, waaay too hard! XD But LttP? PERFECT difficulty. PERFECT gameplay. PERFECT story.

Uh... wasn't I talking about Skyward Sword?

So, at the beginning, Link lives in... the sky on a floating island. Hmm. Interesting, I guess. Certainly more EXCITING than living on some GROUNDED island (WW) or some boring ranch (TP) OR some forest (OoT). Apparently, it's called Skyloft. Big surprise.

One day, Link (or someone, but I guess it's probably him) finds a land BENEATH his little floating home (as if he never thought to look down XD). Unfortunately, the land is ruled by evil. So what does Link do? He jumps off Skyloft and goes down to help! DUH. That's what heroes do. Or at least OURS does. :P

Obviously, Link can't do it by himself. I don't care if he has the Triforce of Courage - no one can jump out of the SKY and live. So Link has... the Skyward Sword (hence the title)!

And so we come to our little blue girl in our E3 2009 picture. Zelda fans were RIGHT. She IS the Master Sword. Um, technically, the Skyward Sword... but apparently, it becomes the Master Sword later. Oh boy. As though a talking HAT wasn't enough, now our SWORD talks too. OMG, a combination of MC, SS, TP, and OoT would be TORTURE! Talking hat, sword, shadow, and a stupid fairy who likes to shout "HEY! LISTEN!"

Sorry, out of characters on DS! Bye! -.-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New stuffs!

Of course, AGAIN I have no time to really mention anything of importance. I could always get on my DSi after this, but... uh... I couldn't post these links and stuff...

Anyway, new header! Yay! How is it? :)

And there are some serious epic new screenshots on You can find their new Skyward Sword page here.

Zelda Wiki has also updated their Skyward Sword page, which can be found here! That one's my favorite. It tells you the PLOT! Yaaay! :D

And here's some good ol' renders I found of Skyward Sword. I used on in the header, one in my signature, and one in my avatar. XD

If I had time, I'd go ahead and explain the story and gameplay in my own little way. But, I don't have time. Go to the links above to find more information on it. Creating the header took up all my time. It took me SO long to find good screenshots of all the games. I didn't even include any from Four Swords or the Oracle games. XD And the Link's Awakening screenshot is my own. :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I FINALLY know what the title of Zelda Wii is.

YAY! Man, it looks SO amazing. I'm going to go and make a new banner for the blog in celebration! After all, I already made myself an epic signature and avatar for W101Central. :)

And ignore my last post about the rumors. Most of them probably weren't true, anyway. STOP LYING TO ME, ZI! O.o

But here's the trailer!

Since I don't have TIME to talk about how AMAZING a game it is, I'll just let the videos do the talking... for now. But you can be sure to see a new entry coming from me soon ALL about this! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

I still dislike my DSi... but E3 is SO CLOSE!

I just HAD to make a blog post. One before E3, one after. Unfortunately, I didn't plan this well. I JUST realized that everything I wanted to post so badly really can't be done on a DSi. ...Which, btw, I'M STILL MAD AT FROM BEFORE, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT JUST LOST INTERNET CONNECTION! If this post doesn't survive, that's why. If it does, maybe my DSi is better than I give it credit for.

Well, I had a loooong list of Zelda Wii rumors that were from a VERY credible source and sounded VERY epic! :D I'll just have to give you what I can recall from memory, because the DSi, sadly, lacks the miraculous invention of "copying and pasting". Maybe tommorow I can utilize this magic on a REAL computer...

So guess what? Zelda Informer changed their mind! Zelda Wii isn't going to be the Prophet of Light. Now, apparently it will have NO subtitle! *audible gasp* That's right folks. Zelda Wii's title just may be... "The Legend of Zelda!"

Personally, I didn't find that rumor believable... I mean, there's ALREADY a game with that title...

There were other AWESOME rumors that, if true, may seriously make me question Wind Waker's position as my number one Zelda game EVER!!!

...Again, sorry for going on Central instead of putting the rumors up. I've GOT to do that tommorow...

The only other rumor I'll post right now (because I'm too lazy to type more) is that the E3 demo of Zelda Wii supposedly will be an "ice" level. Yay. Snowpeak/Snowhead/Ice Cavern/Ice Ring Isle/That ST Snow Temple (whatever it's called)/That PH Ice Temple/That LttP Ice dungeon (O.o)/Whatever other Zelda dungeons are Ice themed! There's too many... XD

Until tommorow... Good night!

Saturday, June 5, 2010



Yeah, so.

Well, I'm bored. What else do you want me to write?

Oh. Ending of video game, like I promised? Update on Fallen Sage? New discoveries on Twilight Princess? Piano songs I've learned on

...I COULD talk about that... but instead I prefer to play Seth GoldenBlood's RPG - Quest for the Legendary Wand. :P He even called it a mixture of Zelda, Pokemon, and something else that I can't recall and probably didn't even recognize. The thread is on Central, here.

Again, so. How about I do that instead? :P

I'll write that ending when I have the time. I actually am supposed to be getting off right now... but, ya know.......

Friday, June 4, 2010


Just as December had been (remember? ST? MC manga? :D), June is a historic month for the Zelda series! Why? ...Okay, only one reason why. But it's a pretty big reason.

Let me sum it up: E3.

They're going to give us more info on Zelda Wii! YAAAAY!

From what I've gathered, there's only one new HUGE piece of info out on Zelda Wii 2 - the title. Just POSSIBLY the title.

...It was on Zelda Informer. They don't lie, do they? Well if they don't our title will be The Legend of Zelda: Prophet of Light.

Meh, not the most epic title ever. Honestly, it doesn't even sound Zelda-ish. But what do I know? I only got interested in LoZ when ST wascoming out - by that time, "Spirit Tracks" was already it's confirmed title. I guess we'll just have to see! I've got $50 saved up... I just hope that it's either enough for both Zelda Wii AND the Wii MotionPlus (not likely) or that I'll earn more money by the time it's out so I can get it (more likely).

...Phew. That's out of the way. Now I have some other issues to address...

First: Uh, well you know how I vowed to never use my DSi to write a post again? Heh... well, um... I bet you can guess what I'm using now... O.o Sorry, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I'd definately say this is desperate. I mean... a WEEK without visiting the blog?! In fact, OVER a week!

Why haven't I been posting? Uh... because school is out.

Most people's reaction: ....???

I used to always write my posts at school! I do this online class (I'm too smart for the normal one :P), so when I'm done with my work, I write blog posts. See? That's why I never have screenshots and why I'm always running short on time!

Well, in any case, I have a WHOLE LOT to blog about... Lotsa updates...

Maybe even a video game ending or two. (hint, hint! :P)

Welll... This is a long DSi post. If my DSi destroys this again I'm going to be SOOOOOOOO angry... no, I'll be that word that starts with 'p'! THAT'S how much work I did...

Monday, May 24, 2010

FSA (short) Update - Frozen Hyrule? Check. Ice Temple? Check. Tower of Winds? Check. Save Zelda's life? Check.

Just read the title. I only have two minutes to write any more. XD

I completed level 7 - Frozen Hyrule. Apparently there's STILL one more level. I already rescued Zelda, and I have all four of the royal gems (which, I'm starting to think are actually the elements in Minish Cap)! Why the HECK do I need to defeat Vaati and Ganon? I honestly don't care if they take over the world. Let's just go put the dang sword back and be DONE with this game. XD

...Although in some ways, I'm happy I have more things to do. ;)

Tower of Winds was boring. The other three were useless - what's the point of having three copies of yourself if they won't attack? I mean, they won't attack unless you control them separately, and there's no point. Or if you make a formation. But you can't do that in the Tower of Winds. So it was just Green Link that entire time. O.o

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some stuff that happened on Fallen Sage

Well, I have lots of screenshots for you, but they're at home. I just have to type this now, because I have a HUGE Final Exam to be studying for in math, which is an enormous part of my grade, and I'll be doing that at home tonight. I mean, I should be doing it now... that's what I'm on the computer for... but the stupid video isn't working... XD

So, what happened? Um, I fought Dark Link again. He showed up, said some stuff that I really can't remember. And I took no screenshots of this. O.o Sorry! I had Sydney and Hunter over. And so I was about to show off how I would totally pwn Dark Link... and then HE KILLED ALL FOUR OF MY MEMBERS IN ONE HIT! XDD I seriously was not expecting it. I can't recall what it was called, but it was an awesome attack that hit us all at once. And killed us all at once. *sob* I didn't even have a chance to use my fairy! Or my potions! He just totally wiped us out!

So, as you always do in RPG's, I tried again. :P This time, I made sure my health was as full as possible before fighting him to prepare for the attack. Meaning I didn't fight Deku Babas like last time. He used the attack, and I got ready for the damage... and it missed. He's attacking four different people, and he missed all of us. O.o

Finally, I killed him. It was fun. :D

We continued on, then came into this little glade or something in the forest, where this girl comes out and then starts screaming something like, "Link! Link! You've come back!" And then she runs up and hugs Link, which was really cute. XD

If you haven't guessed it, it was Saria.

However, it's official: this isn't Ocarina of Time Link. Daurina explained to Saria that this wasn't the Link she knew but only his descendant. Now I realize that Link has no idea who she was, and the hug must have been reeeeaaly awkward. But I thought it was nice. :P

She takes us into her house, and talks about how some guy named... Palgard? ...yeah I think that was his name... Anyway, he tricked the Deku Tree and something happened to the Kokiri. It was really confusing, so I didn't really pay attention much. O.o Then, the entire house rumbled, and we all went outside to see what it was. Guess who? The super annoying, super freaky General Akazoo. He makes us fight him.

Lol, it was a really fun fight. He also had an attack that hurt all of us at once. Then I got into a really tough situation... when both Saria and Link died at the same time. And I only had one fairy to save them.

I know this sounds weird, but... I actually saved Saria instead of Link. XD Luckily, I still beat him. Poor Link didn't get any experience... and it IS a little weird that I beat a huge boss without the main character of the game... XD

Then there was some kind of cutscene... where Akazoo and some astronomer kill Queen Gohma! Then, it comes back to our heroes...

Actually, heroine. And only one of them.

I'm with Liyer! I have NO idea what happened to Link... I mean, last time I saw him, he was dead in the fight with Akazoo. XD

No time left. I still haven't gotten to complain about how I can't get past this part. Stupid General Kazakk.

Until my next post, see ya! :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zelda: Fallen Sage Screenshots

EDIT 5/22/11: Look, I made this post a LONG time ago, but it's STILL getting views. It's the most-viewed post on my blog, and it doesn't even have to do with anything canon in The Legend of Zelda. I don't even like Fallen Sage anymore, and the game was just OKAY. So I've changed the title in hopes that people will stop coming to it. Seriously. Former title: "EPIC SCREENSHOT POST! (a.k.a. longest post ever)". Besides, that's inaccurate... I've DEFINITELY wrote longer posts than this now...

You will NOT believe what I did on Friday! I downloaded a new RPG. A new ZELDA RPG! It's a fan-made game called The Fallen Sage... The battle system is kinda, well... primative... and there are SOOOO many grammar errors that, especially for an author like me, IT IS SO DANG FRUSTRATING!!! I just want to take a red pen and mark all over this thing. XD Well, anyway, the game is fun! And the storyline is EPIC! And Dark Link is creepy, lol. I mean, he always was... but that was BEFORE he was TALKING to me... o.O

Btw... before I forget... I also beat the second dungeon on Link's Awakening. I apparently do not know what a stinking Stalfos is. I thought they were the Skeleton things... but NOOO, they're the darn grim-reaper-ish thingies! ...That makes me wonder what the skeletons are actually called...

In any case, here's the second Siren Instrument! :D

Now that that's over with... time for some Fallen Sage pictures! ...Btw, is it weird that I fall in love with an awesome fan-made game? Honestly, I'm having a blast. But there's not even videos on YouTube about this, that's how discreet it is. Well, whatever, I love ANYTHING Zelda. For instance, I just tortured myself for about three hours watching the old Zelda TV episodes! They were hilarious. XD But that's for another post. Back to Fallen Sage stuff...

Now be warned, because honestly, I took SOOO many screenshots. XD

The game begins with Link walking through some forest or something... WHEN HE'S RANDOMLY ATTACKED BY DARK LINK! ZOMG!

Then I enter my first battle! Yayz! It took me a few moments to figure out how to fight - but then all my old RPG Adventure Quest/Dragon Fable knowledge from forever ago came flooding back! Then Dark Link started talking to me...

(Btw there should be a COMMA before Link! GEEZ, DARK LINK! GET IT RIGHT!)

Anyway, I was so ready for epic ownage, like in OoT... or ST... but... I failed... O.o

Back outside in the forest:

(You know I'm NOT the Hero of Time, right? ...Or am I? I thought it was only Link from Ocarina of Time... XD)

So he knocks me out and I fall unplesantly to the ground. O.o

When Link wakes up, he's in this house... with this weird lady...

(You know that little dot on the keyboard at the end of sentences? USE IT!)

She calls herself "Laures" - but that's only a codename. She won't tell me her real name. Claiming that she dragged Link's unconscious body here, she demands that I help her retrieve something from the castle that the guards took from her. And what does Link say? Yes. Of course. I have no choice but to head outside into the Castle Town to sneak into the Castle.

OOH, look who I found out there, btw! I started LOLing so hard...

(Quote from... I believe... The Adventure of Link. :D)

After some long quest that I do... including heading into this bar, hearing something about Hyrule going to war, and being attacked by someone named Stalfoss... I end up at the Temple of Time. Yay! :)

Well, it was boring there, though. I only went there because there was apparently a secret passage into the castle through there, but the Zora sage in there kicked us out...

Laures suggested we go into the market instead to see if anyone can help us there. I did. I head into the market place. There were three shops. I had only 50 rupees... so I couldn't buy anything... but that's okay, I didn't need boring armor and stuff this early in the game anyway! But... in the third shop, I talked to the girl...


And guess what? My infamous habit of not saving in video games carries over to RPG's, too! I HAD TO DO EVERYTHING OVER AGAIN - fight Dark Link, meet Laures, battle Stalfoss, get kicked out of the Temple of Time... ALL BECAUSE OF THIS ONE GIRL!

She just looks SO evil, right?

I save the second time before talking to her. ...And she STILL crashes my game - but it's not as bad, I just go right back in front of her. ^^

That was when I started getting paranoid. I couldn't figure out what to do - the only other room in the market was empty, with absolutely nothing in it. Laures told me to go to the market - and I'd looked at everything in here! I was starting to worry that she was who I needed to talk to and that I would never, ever get to complete this game because this stupid girl wouldn't speak to me.

Then, guess what? Saving again, I try to talk to her... and, on the third try... it works... And all she has to say is, "Look at the stuff in my shop! I have great things for sale!" >.< But, remember that empty room? This time, when I go inside of there, a guy comes out! He apprently loves Laures or something, because he tries to kiss her... but she owns him. XD He shows us a secret passage into the castle... which marks my very first dungeon! YAAY! :D Here's a screenshot of us fighting some seriously weird mini-boss. Laures is using her special attack - Poison Edge!

And then, we reached the boss! Link used HIS special attack, Cross Cut.

After defeating the boss, Laures reveals her greatest fear. XD

(I hate them too. XD)

So. When we go into the castle, we see lots and lots of troops marching into this room. It's weird... but Laures doesn't care. She only wants her stupid item.

Unfortunately... I'm an idiot... and I got caught by castle guards... and thrown in jail. Geez. Why do I have a reputation of getting thrown in jail now? XD

(You know, now that I think of it... the guards only caught us because LAURES was the one talking... >.<) Finally, we have a visitor! YAY! :)

(Punctuation... PLEASE?!?)

Zelda orders Laures to be put in a box. O.o The dumbest plan ever, I know, but whatever. Laures pwns the guards, and comes to unlock my cage. :D

Eventually, with Laures's help (man, I LOVE her Poison Edge... poisoning enemies is SO powerful...), I made it to the Treasury, where we find Laures's item. But... then the guards start coming... so Laures makes me jump off a cliff...

We witness this cutscene where we first meet General Akazoo. He is sending out large amounts of the soldiers of Hyrule to Misery Mire to defeat the Gohma. Then I head upstairs a bit, fighting some soldiers along the way, until finally, eventually, I reach where I'm supposed to be. And look who I find there! General Barbosa! ...and he attacks me. No problem, right? :D

...He's hard. O.o

(Epic. Fail.)

It doesn't matter! In a few more tries, BARBOSA GOES DOWN! MUHAHAHA!

(Wait, did he just say he loves Zelda? O.o)

Laures, who finds a map, leads us to the room where the passage into the Temple of Time is supposed to be. She thinks we can escape from there. But guess who shows up?

Isn't that great? But then, in the middle of her talking...


So I fight Barbosa again, he gets owned, Zelda shows up... and FINALLY, we can continue on. And we end up fighting her. O.o

I died at least three times, but it wasn't TOO hard. I mostly just ran out of potions, so, on about the third time of getting a game over, I ran around and fought random guards to level up and get potions before heading in to fight her. :D

Zelda claims she will call more guards... but we just walk away into the secret passage. XD

(I don't think Zelda's used to being ignored. :P)

I enter some kind of sewer, where I ran into some of my favorite Zelda enemies. XD


And then... what the heck? It's... a hobo..? XD

I have NOOO idea what that guy was doing there... and I don't want to know. -.-

At long last, we make it out of the sewer into the Temple of Time! The Zora sage guy is still there, but with some unwanted visitors. Zelda knew where the passage went, and sent guards to cut us off there, and then guards behind us, too, to make sure we couldn't escape. However, the Zora (who's name is Zaleen) has a "master"... the first ever Sage of Shadow! Evaleen, the first Sage of Shadow, comes and saves the day!

However, there's a catch. Evaleen says Link is special (yay!). Then she reveals Laures's real name: Liyer. Now she wants me and Liyer and Zaleen to... um... kill the king of Hyrule for her. Yeah, like you can imagine Link doing that. So, since we refuse, Evaleen attacks us (and uses a Barrier spell thing).

(I can't believe we have to destroy the Sage of Shadow... I'm starting to feel guilty. First Zelda, now this?)

After defeating her, Liyer and I leave Zaleen alone in the temple. Then, after going back to Liyer's house... she says that it's time to say goodbye... and throws me out into the streets. Geez, thanks a LOT. -.-

Cutscene time! The soldiers in Hyrule are setting off to Misery Mire. However, General Akazoo is not going with them. He has something he must do in the castle first. So he goes into some basement or something... and my old friend Queen Gohma is there. Before this whole thing started, she apparently promised Akazoo to rule the kingdom if he helped her take over. So, with all the castle soldiers gone... Gohma's larva are free to take over the kingdom.

Back with Link, he walks out into the main part of the Castle Town... and then is attacked by hordes of Gohma larva! And is it just me, or does Link have a serious upgrade? He hits in the thousands now, and he has a new special skill - Faint Attack! (OMG, MY UMBREON ON POKEMON PEARL KNOWS THAT! XD)

Link reunites with Liyer and Zaleen soon enough, and they defeat Queen Gohma. Then they leave the ruined town - pretty much everyone in there is dead, I guess.

We go into another cutscene, where Akazoo confronts Zelda and her mother and father. Zelda fights against Akazoo (I controlled her - it was fun. She's awesome :D) and wins. ...However, Akazoo isn't over with. He then pushes Zelda to the ground or something. Zelda had a device that she created that traps people forever, apprently. Akazoo throws her in this cage, and says she's too weak to do anything.


He says she can either marry him... or be trapped in this device thingy forever. Zelda chooses to be trapped. O.o

Back with Link:

Ah, finally, into Hyrule Field! Liyer says that maybe if we go to Lanayru province to the north, Zaleen can convince the Zoras to help us. In the meantime, (since apparently it's almost night..? It looked pretty bright, to me) we find a small town with an inn to sleep in. Zoras apparently don't have to sleep, and there's only two beds. Zaleen says he will wander around town until morning while Link and Liyer have a good night's rest.

Link has a dream where Zelda contacts him. She tells him of her situation, and tells him to rescue her.

Uh, that's what confuses me. She was the one trying to throw us in jail and kill us earlier... and now she wants me to SAVE her? Which side are you ON, Zelda! Just CHOOSE ONE!

Well, whatever. Zelda instructs Link to go to the Kokiri Forest.

When Link awakens - there's the guy Stalfoss standing there! *gasp* Link and Liyer are ready to fight, but he says he doesn't mean harm. He tells them that guards came looking for them earlier, and that they captured Zaleen. Totally ruins there plans for getting the Zora's help.

Stalfoss says that they should go into the Kokiri Forest - just like Zelda says! Stalfoss joins my party. Yay. Here's our new party fighting some Col... somethings...

(Is that actually what the wolf things are in the games? I thought they were Wolfos.)

Now as we head toward the Kokriri Forest... we encounter Akazoo! He says that Zelda told him Link would save her (thanks, Zelda). He also says he doesn't underestimate Link - which is SO much better than Ganondorf, who DEFINATELY did in OoT. :P He puts us against a new boss. Guess who? My favorite little ARMOGOHMA!!!!

(Lolz, Temple of Time boss in Twilight Princess! My first ever time fighting him is on this blog! ...Somewhere!)

After defeating him, something that I can't really remember happens. O.o Somehow, he disappears, and Liyer decides to go look for Zaleen. Stalfoss, on the other hand, still wants to go with Link to the Kokiri Forest. I got with Stalfoss - I'd be alone with Liyer on the other hand, since Link would go with Stalfoss no matter what. And I like Link. He is AWESOME. :D

We have to pass through Death Mountain before going to the Kokiri Forest, I guess, because we end up there. We fight an Ice Wyvern. :D

And then... I find an old friend who introduces him as Darunia, the Ruby Sage! Who is DaURina, now, I suppose (STUPID TYPOS). He says he knew my ancestor (Ocarina of Time Link, maybe? O:) and wants to see how strong I am. So... he fights us. Geez. Why does EVERYONE hate us?

After a long battle, he decides we're powerful enough and shows us into his house.

Then he mentions... Saria. Stalfoss describes it as a "pretty name". XD

Daurina introduces us to Jarfasi, a half-earth, half-ice elemental he created. She and Daurina guide us up the mountain and fight some Tektites and an Ice Wyvern with us. :D

(Tektites are creepy on here. ...However, they ARE just the concept art from OoT...)

I'm not sure if this place counted as a dungeon or not, but there was a boss. A weird one. Look, how do you even pronounce that?

As if having yiy-whatever appendages weren't enough, there's a yiyg-thing CORE, too, which constantly HEALS it's appendages, bringing them back to life!

We still beat it, though. Jarfasi is SOOO helpful - she is more powerful than Link! And Daurina boosted on them, so...

After the fight, Daurina reveals that he is the cause for Death Mountain being so icy. Sages aren't allowed to love, but he had a son (and named it Link - why do Gorons seem to like that name so much?), so the Goddesses took away all the lava and every Goron froze to death, including his son. Harsh, Nayru, Farore, and Din. Harsh. XD

That didn't really concern me, though. Somehow, we emerged into the forest, soon later.

(A "magic" forest? REALLY, Daurina?)

And that's about as far as I got! ...Actually, to be honest, I DID get farther (I fought Dark Link again, and met Saria, and then fought the General Akazoo but died). But... I didn't take very many screenshots after that, and... well... I didn't save any of it. So I thought I'd just replay it and take more screenshots this time. XD

This officially ends the LONGEST POST EVER.