Saturday, April 30, 2011

Greatest Zelda Game Tournament!

Now THIS sounds interesting...

IGN is hosting a tournament here to determine the best Zelda game ever. I love the idea. But it's VERY hard to decide. XD

I still find it hilariously unfair that they put Ocarina of Time against Zelda's Adventure, and A Link to the Past against Wand of Gamelon. Honestly... who would choose those games over two of the best in the series? Who played Zelda's Adventure or Wand of Gamelon and actually LIKED them? To tell you the truth, I'm guessing most people don't even know what they are yet.

Poor, poor Faces of Evil got left out of the contest, though... aww...

They should have put it against Four Swords, which they didn't add in.

...You know, looking at it now... they've kind of set it up so that certain games will obviously fail. So, like, if you put Wind Waker vs. Twilight Princess... THAT competition might be close. But Four Swords Adventures vs. Majora's Mask? Poor FSA.

Now, since this is MY blog, I'm going to talk about MY opinions. You can skip this part if you feel like it. :P

I'll skip the OoT and ALttP ones, because it's obvious what any sane person's choices would be there, and go to the next one. Phantom Hourglass vs. Spirit Tracks. I chose Spirit Tracks. Totally. I loved Spirit Tracks sooo much, and don't view Phantom Hourglass very highly (though that's interesting, because it was my second or third Zelda game... you'd think I'd like it more, as I do Wind Waker, but no...).

After that, Majora's Mask vs. Four Swords Adventures. ...Ugh. I didn't like making that decision! I voted for Majora's Mask, since it's one of my absolute favorite games... but I feel bad for Four Swords Adventures! I liked that game too. O_o Very few people will choose it, though, probably...

Next: Oracle of Seasons vs. Oracle of Ages. Um... I haven't played either of these games. XD But I've read the manga, so my decision of Oracle of Ages was based off of that. I like the time traveling idea of it. And Nayru is cooler than Din. So HAH.

Link's Awakening vs. Minish Cap. I haven't played Link's Awakening, so I voted for Minish Cap. Although I think I might actually like Link's Awakening better. XD I DID do the VBA version for a while, remember? I got to the third dungeon. And I liked what I played that far. But... still... Minish Cap is pretty epic.

Aaaand... the last two. *sigh* Wind Waker vs. The Legend of Zelda, and Twilight Princess vs. Adventure of Link.


I can't decide. I still haven't decided yet. I think... I think I'll go choose Twilight Princess over Adventure of Link, because I'm not far enough into the game to decide... but Wind Waker and Legend of Zelda... Idk. If this had been a year ago, the choice would have been Wind Waker without any doubts or second thoughts, but lately, I've decided Wind Waker... might not be the BEST. I liked Majora's Mask better, honestly. O_o Still, it's INSANELY awesome. It might be number two. THAT'S possible.

But then you put it against Legend of Zelda... a game I've already fallen in love with even though I still can't find Dungeon Eight...


I love them both!

I think I'm stressing over this too much.


...Um... maybe I just WON'T vote. Or maybe... I'll ask my sister what she thinks. Yeah.

...Idk. XD

Well, enjoy your weekend, people. And please don't take this contest as seriously as I am. ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

OoT 3DS Intro

My friend on Central found this somehow. It's awesome!

Sorry, I'm in a hurry, I can't post much else. XD


Friday, April 22, 2011

There's more Ocarina of Time 3D information than there was Spirit Tracks... (New screenshots and info!)

Please remember to read and comment on the post beneathe this one - I don't usually do two posts per day, but I had to today.


Ocarina of Time 3D, so far, seems to be even more popular than Spirit Tracks was. The release is still over a month away, and yet more and more information is released about it seemingly everyday (or at least every time I log on to the computer!). Of course, there's ALSO the fact that I wasn't THAT involved with the Zelda community when Spirit Tracks came out... but still. Here's just a quick update on what Zelda Dungeon has to say:

There will be a "boss challenge" mode added to the game! In Spirit Tracks, there was the whole "Take 'Em All On" game in Castle Town where previous bosses could be re-fought to gain treasure. Apparently they will somehow integrate this into Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm super excited! I love that game in Spirit Tracks - whenever I'm bored I'll just go and play it for fun. XD This sounds great!

Also... apparently there will be a hint system? Well, I guess that's nice for new players, but still... people made it through the games just fine without them before. Whatever.

And here's some other new details they've heard:

  • The blurry pre-rendered bitmap Castletown is now a rendered environment. With several new remodeled building exteriors, but still maintains the old camera angle.

  • The water effects of Lake Hylia have been improved.

  • The fishing pond has been changed with more textures adding a more rocky appearance and a waterfall has been added.

  • The tree wall has been replaced by three dimensional trees.

  • All 2D backgrounds have been replaced by rendered 3D backdrops with greater detail.

  • When viewed from Hyrule Field, Death Mountain is no longer a 2D cardboard cutout but a 3D model.

  • Temple of Time interior has been remodeled including a visible ceiling.

  • The inventory is now kept on the touchscreen and items may be equipped by the X and Y buttons.

  • The ocarina is now permanently placed in an area on the lower left corner of the touchscreen.

  • Due to a lack of rumble feature the Stone of Agony now emits a sound instead of the old “rumble” of the N64 controller.

  • In game text and music have not changed from the original.

  • Master Quest is confirmed as a second quest that requires the player to complete the game first to unlock.

I'm glad to hear about Stone of Agony. Since I play OoT on the Wii, I've never been able to use that item. But - aww - you have to COMPLETE the game before playing Master Quest? Darn it! XD Oh, well.

Also - I just found this a few minutes ago - but more OoT 3DS screeshots! And, OMG, they are AMAZING. Check out Zelda's Courtyard! And Castle Town - wow. The Happy Mask Shop certainly changed. I'm only taking the ones I thought were the most dramatically different from N64, so check out the link at the bottom of the post for the rest of them. They're all pretty amazing.

(Why do I think that one picture of Link sitting on the ground is just sooooooo cute? :D It's my fan girl side shining through...)

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS to Nintendo 64 Screenshot Comparison

I really wanted to see the differences between the original Ocarina of Time for N64 and the new one for 3DS with improved graphics. I searched on YouTube and only found one or two videos, so I decided to go hunting for screenshots and make my own. No, not a video... I don't have time for that... but I DID find pictures.

I stole the screenshots from various websites. You can see the logos in the corner of some, and others I cut off to make the sizes fit. I put a LOT of work into this... despite how easy it may sound, finding matching screenshots is hard.

Here's the first one. You'll probably need to click to view the thing full size.

This is of Link and Saria... obviously. Ugh. When you compare them side-by-side... I don't like original Link. XD It's just... OoT 3DS Link is soooooooo cute! Or as my sis would say... kawaii! :P And the fairies - they're sort of cut off in the 3DS picture, but you can still tell from both this and in later pictures that they're a little different. Again, 3DS graphics pwn N64 ones. I love Navi's appearance now. Just too awesome. One thing I'm curious about, though: will Navi still say "Hey, Listen!" in the 3DS version? I wonder... I mean, on one side, I'd be SO annoyed by that, but then again, I just don't think Ocarina of Time will be the same without it!

Now for the next picture.

This one... Link and Ganondorf. They're slightly different... but it's HARD to find matching pictures online, okay!? If I could figure out how to take my own screenshots, this would be a LOT closer... XD Anyway. With this one... again, I'm marveling at how much the graphics have changed. Perhaps it's just the picture quality, but the 3DS graphics look a LOT more cheerfully bright. I suppose it's not supposed to look that way, considering it's an encounter with the villain of the game, but whatever. Frankly, I like it that way.


This depicts Link pulling out the Master Sword. For some reason, the walls of the Temple of Time look a lot more detailed in the Nintendo 64 version, but Link is definitely much better in the 3DS. Why is that?

Well, good news is that I heard in the 3DS, the Temple of Time will actually have a CEILING now! Can you believe it? ;) Of course, that's just what I read somewhere - a comment on Zelda Dungeon. It's not exactly a reputable source, but I figured I'd let you know anyway.

WOW. HUGE difference here! Just LOOK at the backgrounds! Now, I'm sure that they're in different positions, and that's why the backgrounds are so dramatically different, but still - that's incredible! The trees ACTUALLY look like TREES on the 3DS version! Plus, it gives us a great view of Link: the perfect chance to see just how much he's changed. But... geez. I STILL can't get over how beautiful that 3DS background is.

I also apologize for the poor quality of the N64 picture. O_o
This one is when Link obtains the Kokiri Sword! Yes, now after viewing so many screenshots, I'm thoroughly convinced that the 3DS will be brighter than the N64 version. And Link's expression - it reminds me of Twilight Princess Link. TP Link always reacted to the items he received (a fact I really liked - I never get over the look on his face when he picks up Ooccoo XD). It looks like they're carrying on this idea to OoT 3DS. When reading the comments on Zelda Dungeon, however, most people disliked Link's hands. And now that I look at them? They are a little weird...
Here! Zelda, fleeing Castle Town on a white horse with Impa. Sorry for the TERRIBLE quality of the first picture, but I could not find a better one. Even though the positions of Zelda in both pictures are different, you can still kind of see the difference - or lack thereof. Honestly, Zelda didn't change much. Perhaps she looks a bit less polygonal, but sitll. I think she deserved more than that, considering the HUGE changes they made to Link.

Oh, well. I'm still INSANELY excited for Ocarina of Time 3D. Even though I still don't have a 3DS system yet. XD

Hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly sounded more professional this time, didn't I? I wasn't my crazy, outgoing self at all...

Have a great Easter weekend! Even if you don't celebrate Easter. ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Ocarina of Time 3D Information!

And pictures. I personally didn't care much about the pictures - I mean, they're just updated graphics of things we've already seen. Therefore I won't post them all here. You can click this link to view the pictures at Zelda Dungeon.

However, I will post the box art.

It's SO much more epic than the original Ocarina of Time box art, wouldn't you agree? I personally didn't like any of the box arts for Zelda games until the two Oracles came out. Now THOSE were pretty awesome-looking. I don't like Wind Waker's and Twilight Princess's much, either... nor ST and PH... the Japanese, however, would be another story. They always get the cool ones!

The release date has also changed a bit. Previously I said it was the 17th, right? Well, unfortunately, that's not the case. June 17th is only for the release in Europe - over here, we have to way for June 19th. Two days later... it's not much, but still.

Oh, and the best part of all?

Ocarina of Time 3D will also include... Master Quest!

For those of you who don't know, Ocarina of Time Master Quest is a harder version of the game for GameCube that was available if you preordered Wind Waker (I think... of course, I don't have it XD). I really wish I could play it - I almost bought it a while back - and now I'm jealous of my friends getting OoT 3DS. It only makes me more desperate to raise the money for the system before June... although that will likely never happen.

No new Skyward Sword news, sadly. I doubt we'll hear anything until E3.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Important Dates

I only have a few short things to say.
First off, the Pokemon global link is in two days! I really know nothing about it, sorry. I do not have Black or White - that money is going toward Skyward Sword (although I have MORE than enough for it right now) and 3DS (which I TOTALLY don't have enough for).
The other thing is that there's a rumor for Skyward Sword's release date: September 25th, 2011. Wouldn't that be awesome? From what I've been reading online, it's actually a good possibility - but don't get your hopes up just yet. I'm certainly not going to let my excitement get the better of me, even though that is right after my own birthday (the 16th) and... well, it would just be plain epic.
That's pretty much all I have right now! Hopefully we can look forward to some more stuff at E3 this year, which will be June 7th through the 9th. I'm not sure when Nintendo will announce its stuff during those dates, though... ...OH MY GODS BLOGGER IS ANNOYING ME.
It keeps taking out my paragraphs! :( I had to put them in manually for this post...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yes, I just bought the hardest game in Zelda history.

After many unsuccessful explorations of the Legend of Zelda overworld in an attempt to find the eighth dungeon, I got very bored. And boredom plus extra Wii points equals...

Adventure of Link.

Gods, I'm scared.

The controls even confuzzle me! I spent a whole half hour with Taryn trying to find out how to pick up an item. I read the intructions and it told me to press 1, but... it didn't work! It just kept using my sword! And then Taryn started yelling out random combinations like "Jump and press it! Go to the left! Go right! Press 2!" Finally we discovered you have to DUCK and then press 1. They couldn't have just said that in the manual? O_o I suppose it's because sometimes the item is higher off the ground and in that case you don't have to duck.

It took forever to find the first dungeon. In fact, yet again, my sister was the one to find it. Remember? I didn't find the first dungeon on my own in Legend of Zelda, haha. She did. She just has a talent for that. She got on the game with the intention of playing it for the first time but...

Um. It was still on my file.

Sadly, I couldn't figure out how to save, and I still don't know how, besides dying. So I just pressed "Wii Menu" or whatever, and apparently that saves it from there, starting back up in the same spot when you come back. My sister had to give me my first death to save and start her own file which, due to a typo, she called "Pwnageer." *sigh* She ALWAYS loved random names. She had Doggy on OoT and MM, and randomly Seth on TP, and Bubbles on ST... and most other games I've taken over all the files, lolz. Actually, I think I deleted Bubbles too...

Anyway. She found the first dungeon! I was stuck going back and forth between two towns (Ruto and Rauru) but she was brave enough to venture into a dark cave. I doubted it was the right way since I figured you'd need a candle to go through any of those areas, but she went through anyway. And she got out to the other side where the first dungeon (or "palace" in this game) magically waited for us.

She fought some Stalfos and possibly Darknuts among many other enemies I couldn't name (time to look at Zelda Wiki again!). Then she reached the boss... or guardian... or whatever they're called. And she got pwned. More times than once. XD

At least she found the candle...

I gtg now. I'm going to Pokemon League, just like every Saturday. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some important stuffs

New buddy blog! In other words... The Goron Times, owned by Umbreon on Wizard101 Central, will now be collaborating with Medli's Messages. I have an affiliate! Hehehe... my blog must be getting at least SOMEWHAT popular if I can use epic words like "affiliate". XD
Thanks to Umbreon (yet again), I now know the release date for Ocarina of Time 3DS. June 17th!
...And Kid Icarus: Uprising comes out May 6. Just saying.
But... yep! I don't have a 3DS yet, but I now have a lot of friends with it - three I can think of. One of them let me try it. It was... fun. :D I got to play Phantom Hourglass on it (although it sadly wasn't in 3D, because old DS games don't work with it). But... there's these card things you can put on the table and... it pops up on the screen and... yeah. It's epic.
I probably won't get OoT 3DS the day it's released, however. Unless I randomly come up with $150 more for the system. Plus, I need most of my money for Skyward Sword still. There's NOTHING that will keep me away from getting THAT the first day it comes out! (Unless GameStop doesn't get it in in time. Ugh. ST flashback...)
Speaking of which: OoT was rated E. OoT 3DS is rated E 10+. Why? Fantasy violence, animated blood (there's a lot of that... try throwing a bomb at a ReDead!)... and... suggestive themes.
I lol'd at that.
My first thought? Thanks, Ruto.
And the LAST thing:
Should I post a Zelda fan fiction here? I still need a title for it. Unlike The Blade of Evil's Bane, my previous epic fail attempt at creating a Zelda fic, this story will be an adventure-comedy. I'll TRY to be funny... it probably won't be, but at least it will be lighthearted. I think I might post it here for an idea on a title. So? Would anyone read it?
Btw - I'm STILL stuck on dungeon eight!