Read This If You're Confused!

This is supposed to be a guide to things that I mention on my blog often without explaining them. I bring up previous experiences quite often, and while I try to link to the corresponding post these days, sometimes it can still get confusing. So I'm hoping this will help a bit!

Jokes, Habits, and Recent Problems

My biggest thing that I'll reference these days is my pact not to use any walkthroughs on Zelda games anymore. This has been going on since some time after I completed A Link to the Past, because I used a walkthrough for pretty much the entire game. I'm not letting myself use them anymore, although advice from people on forums and in real life is fair, haha. This pact annoys me quite often, so you'll hear me complain about my decision a lot. And you'll see my breaking my pact a lot, too...

One thing that's always been a problem with me is my habit of not saving. It's just something I tend to do when I don't have any reason I need to save. This is why I was so frustrated with Majora's Mask. It will reset you to the very first day and erase everything you did unless you end the game at an owl statue. I lost SO much progress on MM because of this, and I've been angry at myself ever since when I don't save.

I write Zelda fanfiction. My first attempt was called The Blade of Evil's Bane, and you can find the prologue on this blog. However, that project has been scrapped for many more stories. Right now I am working on Shards of Time and Awakening as multi-chaptered stories, and many oneshots as well. I might mention these stories occasionally or ask the reader (that's you) to check them out. You can find them (and my other stories) on my profile.

And, just to keep up in case someone decides to go back and actually read all my old posts, I used to have a MAJOR problem with my DSi! I don't use my DSi anymore since I have a 3DS and iPad, but my DSi used to ALWAYS delete posts if I tried to type on it, and it had a frustrating character limit as well. So... that was an issue in time past.

The other thing I USED to reference is the manga series. I'm once was a HUGE fan of the Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa, but I actually haven't read them for a while now. However, I mentioned it frequently in Four Swords Adventures updates, where I used the nicknames of the Links within the manga (Green, Red, Blue, and Vio) and sometimes made jokes about their personalities.

Terms, Names, and Abbreviations

I commonly use abbreviations for MANY video game terms. All my Zelda games I abbreviate. There are waaay too many to name them all... especially since I've mentioned EVERY Zelda game in existence on here in abbreviation form, probably.

(T)LoZ: The Legend of Zelda
(T)AoL: The Adventure of Link
(A)LttP: A Link to the Past
FS: Four Swords
LA: Link's Awakening
OoT: Ocarina of Time
MM: Majora's Mask
OoX: Oracle of Seasons/Ages (Oracle
OoS: Oracle of Seasons
OoA: Oracle of Ages
(T)WW: The Wind Waker
FSA: Four Swords Adventures
(T)MC: The Minish Cap
TP: Twilight Princess
PH: Phantom Hourglass
ST: Spirit Tracks
SS: Skyward Sword

Another term I use commonly is "Update". I do "updates" of all my Zelda games when I get farther into them, or complete some part in my quest to save Hyrule. :P That is what Medli's Messages is mostly about - that, and general Legend of Zelda news. Lately, I haven't been doing as many of these updates, but it's something you should know about the blog's history still.

One more thing: Wizard101. It's an epic online game that I've wrote fan fiction for. "Central", which I'll constantly reference, is short for "Wizard101 Central," a fan forum about the game. I am Windlilly on there.


Noow... I have a lot of friends that love Zelda. Most I know in real life. Some of them come over to my house once a week. There's a reason, but I'm not going to state it here. I also will not name their real names; instead, I will give their wizard names or ones that I just made up off the top of my head. XD Those friends that come over on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays are:

Noob or Deku (He loves Zelda, so he watches me a lot, and has a few of his own games. He's only completed Spirit Tracks, though.)
Sarah (Noob's sister, not into Zelda, but...)
Taryn WildHeart (W101 fan, Zelda fan, and Pokemon fan. She has Twilight Princess, but that's it.)
Paige (Taryn's sister, also into Zelda a little)

Other friends that DON'T come over are:

Sydney Jadehammer (Best friend ever. Huge Minish fan, and loves Pokemon more than ALL of us. XD)
Seth GoldenBlood (He loves Zelda, PLUS he has an epic Action Reply, letting me hack my Pearl game! :D)
Tnaz or Wolf DeathBringer (newest member of the Zelda-loving group. Loves Brawl more than anything, and has wrote his own SSBB fan fiction.)
Rowan WillowLeaf  (my sister)

Friends that I don't know irl:

Timeless (from Central)
Lucas (from my comments. :P)
Umbreon(An imporant one. He has the blog The Goron Times and is my affiliate. I know him from Central.)
Emo GameFreak (abbreviated to GameFreak, or Wolfos; he is from Map of the Triforce and another affiliate, also known from Central.)

I hope this guide helps you! I'm always updating this page! At least when I REMEMBER to... XD
Update: 3/28/13