Sunday, February 28, 2010

LttP Update - Well, the "bunny" wasn't as cute as I thought it would be...

Remember how I kept saying, "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE LINK AS A BUNNY!" ...Yeah, it wasn't so great. And it was only, like, two times that I saw him that way until I got the Moon Pearl.

So, if I have the Moon Pearl, what do you think that means?


Had some fun throwing the fake ones around... just like my sister was talking about... xD

And then I got the REAL one!

And I got the Ether Medallion and Quake Medallion! Although I have no clue what they do, besides some really awesome move that makes me think of Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love from OoT.

So... Moon Pearl... Master Sword... beat that ANNOYING third boss... ugh. He gave me deja vu to Twinmold on Majora's Mask, and that is NOT good memories! Well, until I got the Chateau Romani it wasn't, at least. Now Chateau Romani is my best friend, especially when doing the Fierce Deity glitch (which I do quite frequently).

Oh! AND I beat Agahinim! Now, Agahinim... how do you think you pronounce his name? Meh, well, my friends and I kind of have an inside joke with his name, because of the odd way I pronounced it the first time I saw it. I said something like a-god-HEE-nam! Now I always say the HE part really, really loudly. xD

So, I'm in the Dark World, trying to save the first Maiden. I made it all the way to the boss (meaning I have Hammer now! Yay!), but I'm stuck. I CANNOT beat this guy. He is TOTALLY like Helmoroc King on Wind Waker - which makes me wonder if all the bosses in later games are based on LttP ones. Helmoroc King is EASY, but this guy - he's impossible! I keep dying, even when I went in with a fairy and full health! Grr... I know WHAT to do (whack him with your hammer until his shield breaks, then hit him with a few arrows), I JUST CAN'T DO IT!

So... I got the Magic Boomerang, too, which just makes the best item in the entire game better! And that awesome shield. And... uh... ooh! Master Sword PWNS! I can shoot lasers! :D

That's it... xD

Friday, February 26, 2010

I wrote Zelda!

LOOK! I did this all on my Word document! I WROTE ZELDA WITH DOTS AND SLASHES AND LINES! xD

It was SO much fun. I was inspired by the Wind Waker tutorial that helped us out the first time we ever played through the game (because we were SUCH noobs at solving Zelda puzzles, although once we were past the Forsaken Fortress we were pretty good). At the top, they had something very similar to this.

There are two reasons I did not post it on here like it is, and instead posted it like a picture. First of all, I didn't want people copying and pasting and stealing it (MINE! xD). Second, it didn't look right on here. ...What? You want to see what it looks like on blogger? Okay...

......| ___________ /………………………………………………….
......| |...................../ /…………………………………………………...
......\_/..................../ /…………………………………………………….
............................/ /……………………………………………………...
........................../ /………THE LEGEND OF.......…………………….
........................./ /………………………………………………………..
......................./ /.....______......_...............___...........___..........................
...................../ /......| _____|...| |.............| \......./ \.........................
.................../ /........| |_____...| |.............| || |...../ / \ \.......................
................./ /..........| _____|...| |.............| || |..../ |__| \.....................
................/ /...........| |_____...| |_____...| || |....| __ |…………….
............../ /.............|_______|..|_______|..|____/.....|__| |__|…………….
............./ /.........................._.......................................................................
.........../ /.........................../ \......................................................................
..........| /______________| |……………………………………………..


Well. I guess that kind of ruined my "NO COPYING AND PASTING" rule. Now anyone can copy it... oh well... xD

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm obviously not a very good video game player....

I had a night full of Zelda... yet accomplished NOTHING.

Actually... two nights. I'll just pretend it's one night, though. xD

I played Spirit Tracks first - but, really, what more can I do on there? The only sidequest I haven't completed is the guy in Aboda who asks for 10 Cuccoos, but I don't get it, because I can only take him 5 at a time.

Then I sulkily played Wind Waker, on one file that I had started a while ago. I didn't have anything to do. Paige - Taryn's sister - was watching me again. So, to entertain her, I killed the Killer Bees - a glitch where you push these totally annoying little kids into a wall, and then they fall through and don't come back up unless you exit the area. I couldn't get the leader, though. xD

Next up was A Link to the Past. Hunter ThunderShield (Sydney's brother who has almost completed the game) told me you CAN'T kill those annoying things. So... I'm stuck...

Then I went over to Ocarina of Time. I kind of just wandered around, because I am still stumped with the Forest Temple.

Finally, I went with Twilight Princess. Still, nothing really happened. I don't like Arbiter's Grounds - it's a long story (read my old posts for a couple of hints xD). It's my least favorite dungeon, so I'm not all that eager to go for it. Instead, I tried to do that glitch with infinite bombs and arrows, which I have gotten really, really good at doing. :P Unfortunately, I discovered the hard way that it doesn't work if you haven't blown apart the rocks at the river ride place. So, all I accomplished was losing lots of hearts before I finally decided to head up there and break down the rocks and tried the glitch again. xD I DID finally complete it, and did the glitch successfully - up until the point where the canoe starts going away without you, because you're wolf Link. I wondered what would happen if I talked to Iza, the river ride person, as a wolf, but she just acted like I was human Link. Oddly, she asked if I wanted to go on the ride again. Wondering what would happen, I said yes, so she took 20 Rupees - and the canoe went without me again. -.-

So... I gtg now... xD

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TP Update - Again: TOO. EASY.

There's something wrong with my game. There MUST be. Because Twilight Princess IS THE EASIEST ZELDA GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED.

I have the Master Sword already!

Okay... I SHOULD be playing A Link to the Past...

But I'm on a roll! Now I'll complete Arbiter's Grounds, then Snowpeak (OOOH! Anyone who read my old posts would know that I LOVE Snowpeak! xD), then the Sky, and then... Twilight Realm? Geez! See, almost done!

I saw my "C is for Cookie" cutscene, where Zant meets you after finishing the Water Temple. I was smartical and took off Zora armor before going off, because Zora armor ruins the cutscene. xD I WOULD put on Magic Armor if I had it... ooh, that would have looked so awesomeful... But I don't have it. So I just had to pretend Zant was saying C IS FOR COOKIE without Magic Armor. :)

Um... other games...


And... and... did Temple of Ocean King place!


And... and..

That's all I got. -.-

Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay... I think the resolution is off. O.o

Remember how I said I would play no Zelda games until Part 12 was done?

Yeah... well that worked out PERFECTLY.

Just for the record - THAT'S SARCASM.

I already have broken my resolution many times over. I continuously play Spirit Tracks and Twilight Princess. Which I should probably write some updates about really soon...

I'm kind of confuzzled with LttP right now. There's this room where the door is locked, and the only thing in it is this enemy that is all square-ish or whatever, like a statue, that spins around with a red eye thing in the center of its... head? Anyway, if it sees you, it shoots lasers at you. I've seen them before. They're all over the Fire Temple of Twilight Princess which, btw, I just completed yesterday. You shoot them in the eye with arrows and they die. I tried that, and nearly got myself killed because of it. There's something resembling them all over OoT. They literally have eyes, and they shoot lasers at you, too. You throw bombs at them to kill them. Tried that. Another failure.

HOW ELSE DO YOU DEFEAT THESE THINGS? I tried EVERYTHING! Arrows. Bombs. Boomerang. Ice Rod. Pegasus Boots (yeah, that REALLY didn't worked out xD). Lantern. Book of Mudora (crazy idea -.-). Mushroom (rofl, I found it in the Lost woods - I was wondering what it did). The obvious sword (I'm desperate!). NOTHING.

Um... yeah, just from that you can tell that obviously, my resolution isn't working. xD I've completed LOTS of side quests in Spirit Tracks - btw, there was this one place where this statue said, "This is the replica of a temple in an old kingdom. Phantoms guard the halls. You can't use your sword or arrows," and I totally though TEMPLE OF THE OCEAN KING!


Anyway, it's over. I can't live without Zelda games unless I have a really, really, REALLY good book (Percy Jackson! Yay!). And that won't help get part 12 written if I have a book.

Bye bye, resolution!

Friday, February 19, 2010

NEW HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY! I'm so excited! For the first time in Medli's Messages history, WE HAVE A HEADER!

And it's the bestest header ever, because, in a way, it's my first ever graphic I've made on Photoshop! Rowan helped a little... okay, a lot... but still, I contributed!

I had SO much fun picking out all the renders! I accidentally put none from Spirit Tracks. :( I'm sorry. There were none on Planet Renders, where we found these images. Now that I think of it... I put one from every game I had except for poor ST! Oh noes! I even put one from A Link to the Past, which we JUST got, and Minish Cap and Four Swords, and we don't even HAVE those games! Ugh, I want Minish Cap though. I just don't have a GameBoy... :( Besides, I couldn't resist putting him there. He looks just so perfect in the front, lolz. You know, technically, I didn't put Link from Majora's Mask... but there's Fierce Diety, and he's even better. :P

I wanted SO bad to put ST Zelda in, but we had to make her a render. I also wanted in Shiek, Epona (come on, she has to be in there SOMEWHERE), possibly Gannon/Gannondorf (we gotta have the villain), or Young Zelda from OoT, but we had no room. Got lots of Toon Links though... I just love Toon Link... xD

So... how do you like it? If you're out there, readers, please comment and tell me! Personally, I LOVE it, but I still have to see what others think. Good, or bad?

Btw, in case you were wondering, the girl with the beak that's larger than all the others is Medli, who the blog is named after. She's a bird person, so... that's why she has a beak. ;)

My New Resolution! (And short TP/ST updates)

Well, if anyone actually READ this blog, this would be a problem for them. But, because no one reads it... this shouldn't matter.

I am so desperate to finish Part 12 soon that I am giving up Zelda games.

Let me repeat that. GIVING. UP. ZELDA.

If I can remember, and if I don't die, then I will NOT play ANY Legend of Zelda until I write "END OF PART 12" on my word document. So... I suppose, on this blog, I'll only be able to write about old stuff.

It was suppose to start 2 days ago, but I already ruined it. xD I played Twilight Princess last night, and Spirit Tracks.

On Twilight Princess, I worked on my new file. Man, I love the Forest Temple. Gale Boomerang rules! But arrows are still better. And I get to name all the monkeys in this temple! The one with the flower is always named Rosie. And we kind of make up random names for the other monkeys, including Pickles, Doodles, Bannana, and other weird things. xD I completed the temple, then turned into a wolf in Kakariko, and saved Eldin, the light spirit. Now I am suppose to go to the Goron place, then get Iron Boots, and to the Fire Temple!

On Spirit Tracks, I got really mad at my sister. She FINALLY convinced me to buy a new engine for my train. I got the most expensive - GOLD THEME! I bought the back part of the train for it, and the front. And the front was what I hesitated to get, because I heard it changes your wistle. Guess what? IT DOES. Now instead of going "CHOO CHOO", my train goes "DING DING!" xD I don't want my train sounding like a church! I want my old whistle back! :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I learn the bestest language in the entire world!

What language is that? ... HYLIAN!

Seriously! I found out that you can ACTUALLY learn HYLIAN! You know... the language from the Zelda games!

So I learned how to write the "Hylian Alphabet", which, unfortunately, is only used on Twilight Princess. Worse, it's backwards on the Wii version. So I can't read anything. O.o

But, still, it looks amazing. There's nothing I can do to prove it to you, because you can't TYPE Hylian. And you can't speak it, either. Besides, if "HEY!" and "LISTEN!" and "WATCH OUT!" are what Navi says (which they are), then I think Hylian sounds just like English, rofl. Or Japanese. Ooh, I wonder what Navi sounds like in Japanese? xD

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LttP Update - Now what?

This game is confusing. The controls and everything is fun, and the puzzles are great, but how are you suppose to know what to do? The beginning was great. Zelda guided me through a lot of it, and then tells me EXACTLY where to go in Karikaro, and then another kid tells me EXACTLY where to find the elder, then the elder tells me EXACTLY where to find the temple - and then it kind of stops there.

I completed the first temple. I thought it was really cute when I beat the boss, lolz. The way Link spins his sword just made me laugh with delight. But they COULD have made the length of time that you hold the Pendant just a TINY bit shorter. o.o

I hurried back to the elder, and guess what? The only thing he does is hands me pegasus boots and tells me is "go to the east side of Lake Hylia". Now, any other game, I'd know exactly where Lake Hylia is... but HOW am I suppose to know where it is on this game when I'VE ONLY BEAT ONE DARN TEMPLE? Geez! They did NOT think that out very well!

I traveled around and FINALLY figured out where the "East side of Lake Hylia" was. Guess what I found in there? ICE ROD! O: Just like Red in Four Swords manga! Yay!

And now I'm TOTALLY confused. I guess I should go back to the elder, maybe. He might tell me where to go now... possibly. Ugh. Because I didn't know what to do, I kind of just wandered around Hyrule and explored. I found some guy playing the flute with beautiful woodland animals all around. Then he ran away. -.- And then I went to Karikaro and blew up some guy's house to find out where his brother was hidden. Then I went outside the house, and some random girl told me to race to the finish in fifteen seconds. I was like, "Um, okay," and I did eighteen seconds. From then on, I was obsessed with trying to beat my record until I FINALLY got fifteen seconds exactly and this guy gave me a Piece of Heart. Then I found a building with this weird book-ish sign on top of it, so I went inside and found rows and rows of books. There was one particular green-colored book on top of a bookcase, but I couldn't reach. Rowan had an idea, though, so she ran into the bookcase with the Pegasus Boots and the Book of Mudora fell down! All it does it make weird beeping noises though. Unless you need magic power. I wasted all my magic power playing with the Ice Rod. xD Then I tried to catch some guy who keeps running away. I totally failed numerous times before deciding that you WEREN'T suppose to catch him. And then... I also got caught by these annoying girls who keep screaming "Help! That's Link, the guy who stole Princess Zelda!" I'm like, "Thanks, lady," and then the guards come after me. But they're stupid. As Sydney told me, "they can see through walls but can't walk through them." So he keeps on running into a bush until I finally cut it down by accident and he came after me. And, really, why do they only send one guard in the first place? If I'm able to sneak Zelda out of the castle, either not catching the attention of the guard or defeating them, WHY would ONE guard capture me? Or kill me. Whatever they were trying to do...

So... I suppose tonight I'll go after one of the pendants. I still don't know which one I'm suppose to go after, so I'll just guess the one closest to Karikaro. No clue what it is, though. In fact, I don't know which pendant I just got. xD

Monday, February 15, 2010

LttP Update - The Boomerang OWNS!

I now have two items on A Link to the Past: Boomerang and Bow!

Okay, actually, scratch that. I have the lantern, too. And bombs. And I think I have a bottle. Probably other stuffs, too, that I can't remember.

But, still, boomerang is my favorite so far. Isn't that surprising? I mean, the boomerang was SERIOUSLY neglected in Ocarina of Time - you use it for, what, half a temple (or in this case, Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly O.o), then turn into adult Link so you can't use it any longer! In Wind Waker, it was used a BIT more, but not by much. It's super helpful when you're in the Forbidden Woods, but otherwise, arrows are SO much better. What about Majora's Mask? Wait... do you get the boomerang on there? If you do, I've already forgotten, so it can't be that important. xD Um... what other games? Ooh! Twilight Princess was kind of an improvement. There was WIND with that awesome boomerang. Bestest boomerang ever, for sure. :P But, still, you don't use it much. I think that, with the wind and all that, they could have made a lot more puzzles with it outside of the Forest Temple. That would have been lots of fun.

Now, on other games I have, like Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, the Boomerang is a GREAT item. In fact... sometimes I prefer it over bow and arrows (now always, though, especially when you get Bow of Light in ST)! You get draw a line for it to go. Awesome, right? And, especially in ST, you get to use it for lots of fun puzzles. Like, bringing fire over to melt some ice, or bringing an icy fire over a lake to freeze it? AWE-SOME!

But, still...

Boomerang isn't always the top item of the Zelda series. I've gathered at least that much from my games.

However, in a Link to the Past, I can't help but love it! And... hate my arrows.

They're a disappointment, in this game. They take too long to take out, first of all, and then they can only go in a straight path. The boomerang, on the other hand, I can direct in the way I want to go. An unsuspecting monster to my left can take a major WHACK from my boomerang if I choose to make it go that way! :P

So... I've been taking too long to write this post. Point is: In LttP, Boomerang pwns, Bow stinks.

Now I'm, um, stuck... I think. Maybe. Just because I can't remember what part I'm at. Oh, wait! Now I do! I died in this one room! xD Um, okay. Guess I shouldn't advertise that. So, I'm not stuck, then, I just need to get past the room where a zillion cannon balls are all shooting at me. Ugh. So, I'm in the East Temple, btw. I didn't know this until my sister told me, but apparently you can do the temples in any order? Hmm. Well, I just can't wait to go to the Dark World. You turn into a bunny, there! YAY! BUNNY!

You know, the other day we saw a dead bunny on the side of the road...

Um... changing the subject now...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yayz! My First LttP Update!

I know this will sound NOTHING like the post title... but I seriously think my DSi has problems. Why else is it that I write in my post title, it disconnects from the internet, then publishes my unfinished post when I tell it to connect again? Ugh. That just happened now.

Okay, now with the REAL post...


We've got these games (in order from date received): Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Spirit Tracks, and now... A LINK TO THE PAST!

I'm ecstatic! LttP marks a huge progression for me. Not only do I now have another old game, and apparently one of the best Zelda games, but this is my first 2-D Zelda game. Yeah, unless ST and PH are somehow considered two-dimensional, LttP is my first. Until this point I've always been an expert on 3-D LoZ - I have all of them, don't I? And, more impotantly, I've completed them all, too.

I didn't get very far. I snuck Zelda into the sanctuary, which gave me a vague feeling of deja vu from Spirit Tracks. Except Zelda doesn't die in LttP. Thank goodness. xD Then I went to Karikaro (ugh! Those women there are evil, giving me away to the guards! Gosh, how'd Agahinim get those signs up so quickly, anyway?). And... that's pretty much it! I didn't do much else. Sigh... it's too bad the Wii isn't portable. They really should make past games (like GameBoy - I mean, Oracle games would be nice! Or Minish Cap!) on the DSi. I'd buy every Zelda game availiable. ;)

Piano Lessons meet Hyrule!

I don't know how many people know this, but I am actually a very active piano player. And apparently, as people tell me, I'm good at it, too. I even wrote a song for it that won a HUGE contest. And I played it in front of everybody at my church. Gosh, that was scary... and I messed up once... xD

But, still, it's never been my favorite thing to do. No, that place has ALWAYS been reserved for LoZ or W101 or reading (or VMK, so long ago, or other games). In fact, I usually hate it. I have to practice for an HOUR everyday, or else I can't do computer, video games, or watch T.V. (not that I ever do that, anyway - seriously, I hate TV, I like, NEVER watch it). And usually I can't read, either. So... what can I do to make this more enjoyable?

Well, a while back, when I was playing Brawl, I took a liking to the song "Midna's Lament" from Twilight Princess. Then I thought, "Well, hey, I know there are Zelda songbooks EVERYWHERE for Ocarinas... why isn't there one for piano?" I did a little research, and guess what? I FOUND SHEET MUSIC FOR MIDNA'S LAMENT (A.K.A. Midna's Desperate Hour)!!!

Since then, I have learned plenty of songs, including Song of Storms (was SO hard to learn at first, with all the jumping around in the left hand, but I can play it really well, now!), Lost Woods (A.K.A. Saria's Song - which is honestly quite hard to play at a lot of parts, particularly the end, but I'm good at it now), Fairy Fountain (every one of my friends who plays Zelda knows this! It's at the file selection of every Zelda game I have), Sun's Song (wasn't hard :P), and Sacred Grove (basically the TP version of Saria's Song). Probably others, too, but I can't think of them now.

I even printed off Termina Field and Ordon Village, but they're so annoyingly hard. Well, Ordon Village isn't so much, but I don't feel like bothering learning it now. I'm focusing on Termina Field, and all I have is the beginning (which is just Sun's Song) and about a page and a half after that (out of three pages). It's REALLY hard, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because it's nearly all drums on the game. It's hard to make a piano replicate the sound of drums, but this music did it pretty well.

Also, I'm planning on printing off Zelda's Lullaby soon. I really want to learn the Blizzetta boss theme, because I am dead serious when I say that has to be THE best Zelda song EVER. I even added it to my favorites on YouTube. The music just looks SO hard, rofl...

I found the music here, if anyone's interested.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh... em.... gee....

No way. No way no way no way.

I cannot believe this, but... I haven't played any Zelda game for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT.

AH! It's scary! I've never gone that long! Okay, I haven't gone that long for a WHILE. Nah, there was that YEAR without them with Wind Waker...

I have to play something tonight. Have to. There is no way I'm going to do anything else. Well... unless Sydney finishes the next Percy Jackson book....

Okay, that's what I've been doing. I'll admit it. I've been READING every night. No computer, no video games. Just READING. And a little Brawl mixed in between every once and a while.

Now, when I look at it this way, it's no wonder that I finished every book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series so quickly! I read it ALL DAY, doing nothing else. Except piano practice and, as I said, some Brawl.

Wow. It's still pretty amazing. No Zelda... gosh, I have to buy ALttP soon or I'll run out of things to do!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yay for Brawl!

Okay... if I ever said that Zelda was the best game series ever, forget it. Super Smash Bros. is.

No, really. I mean, it's what got me interested in Zelda in the first place, right? So, it MUST be special.

I've been playing it a LOT lately. I don't think I've gotten any farther on any Zelda games because of it! Of course, I always play as Zelda characters, haha, or as Pikachu...

So, I thought that... well, instead of talking about boring old "Wind Waker" or "Majora's Mask" or "Ocarina of Time", let's talk about SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL/MELEE! Yeah, sorry. I don't have the first game. O.o

Well, actually, I might as well have JUST gotten the second game, Melee. I deleted our amazing file. WE HAD MEWTWO! My gosh! Do you KNOW how long it takes to get MEWTWO? I think it's, like, two HUNDRED hours or matches, or something! We played this game SO much. Honestly. I have to stay away from the "RESET" button on our games. Anything that has Link in it tends to not like me, for some reason (what's up with that? O.o). Most of our Zelda games (okay, probably ALL of them) I think I have probably reset without saving at some point. Ugh. I'm cursed!

Anyway, we also had Young Link on Melee. Now I that I know who he is (Remember, when we played Melee, we didn't - we only had Wind Waker) I really want to play as him! Seriously! He must be SO much better than older Link, rofl, cuz' I keep FAILING as him. No, really. I fought a level one and was defeated. O.o I do pretty well as Pikachu on there, though. But I've been playing on there as Pikachu for YEARS, so that's not really surprising. Ugh, but I'm not being Link. Or Zelda. I just don't know their moves on there, and Din's Fire isn't as awesome as it is on Brawl. So I'll stick with Pika Pal, and Kirby, who I used to play as but don't anymore on Brawl. Sorry, Link, but until I get your younger self, you're... not going to be my character. :(

So... what else?

OOH! OOH! OOH! Idea!

How about I say all my characters? Oh, and I have my Brawl friend code over Wi-Fi. SOMEONE ADD ME!


Yay... I made it bold, lolz...

Now, characters!

My first is SO Pikachu. Usually I don't actually use him first, but when I do, you know that you'd better RUN. I have YEARS of practice with this little fella.

Second: Zelda! When I looked at the name I always use (I have special controls for that name) it says that Pikachu is my first most used character, and Zelda is second, surprisingly. So yeah. I don't have as much experience with her, but I'm learning, and so far, I'm doing pretty good.

Third: Um, I guess Toon Link. Trust me, I'm amazing as Toon Link. Especially when I'm a different color (Green gets SO boring after a while). Anyone who likes to play as Toon Link, I always challenge to a Toon Link fight, to see who's the best. And I always win. ;)

Fourth: I think Zero Suit Samus. I haven't been playing as her as much lately, but I use to do her a lot. She use to be my secondary character, actually. I like the purple color when I play as her, even though blue's my favorite color.

Fifth: Um... Link? Yeah, sure. I'll go with that, lolz. Hey, he's really slow compared to my other characters, and he is SUCH a low jumper, but he's the Hero of Time! How can I NOT play as him? He owns in a lot of fights, anyway. And I love bombs. xD

And for characters I hate? Captain Falcon is always first. It's... a long story, dating back to Melee. And I've learned to hate Gannon, lately. I loathe playing as him...

FUNNY STORY! I looked at our "records" the other day. I looked at our overall records first, and it said "Favorite character: Pit". I knew that. Rowan ALWAYS plays as Pit, whereas I like to change characters all the time. Now I expected Pikachu to be second, but nooo - IT WAS TOON LINK! So, uh, I got really mad, rofl, and played at least a zillion matches as Pikachu... and now he's back in second... phew...

Okay, that's it for now. I got another post I need to write...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flying Epona Glitch!

Okay. So, I'm really lazy today, and, again, I don't have much time. So instead of repeating the entire glitch all over again, I'm going to use the bestest thing ever created on the keyboard - CTRL + C and CTRL + V!

This is my post on the "glitch thread" on Legend of

"Ooh... this thread is awesome! :D

Well, my sister and I found one on Majora's Mask the other day.

1. Set the Ocarina of Time to one of your C items, and remember which one it is.

2. Save on Epona at one of the owl statues (I've only tried it at Milk Road, but I assume it works other places as well).

3. Turn back on the game, and you can now use any item that you have set to C on your horse, but if you pause it will stop, so you can't switch items!

4. Take out the Ocarina. You can play a song or don't, doesn't matter. When you stop playing the Ocarina though, Link will be standing in air and you will be looking at everything from Epona's angle.

5. Run around a bit. You're now playing as Epona, and you can pretty much leave Link standing there and run away. However, you can't leave any areas.

6. To get out of this, just press A as if you were going faster and Link will be back on Epona. When doing the glitch though, don't Z-Target the statue. You will go back to Link's point of view which is fine, but don't shoot arrows at the statue. You won't be able to get out of the glitch otherwise.

Also, if you do it at Milk Road...

1. Save on Epona and have your Ocarina set somewhere, and then go into the Gorman Ranch area right by the save area.

2. Now you can play the Ocarina, control Epona, blah blah blah...

3. Lead Epona toward the place that you would usually leave Gorman ranch at. If you can get her in there at the right angle, Epona will keep running through the trees and fall into the sky.

4. Eventually you'll land somewhere in the sky. There's a big grey square beneath you. You can gallop around or whatever, but invisible walls are boxing you in. No time passes down here, either, oddly enough.

5. When you want to get out of it, press A and Link will come back to Epona and you will die, ending up back in the Gorman ranch on your horse.

This also works if you put on the Giant's Mask, but then you can't get out of it, and you'll be permanently stuck like that unless you restart the game.

Also, it seems like it doesn't work if you get off your horse in Milk Road, so you have to get on Epona in Termina Field, then run in here, THEN save.

So don't do anything important before this, lol, in case you have to reset. And sorry for the long glitch. I have more, but... this post is really long, lol... so unless someone ACTUALLY reads this, I'm not going to bother putting up my others."

Heh heh... nice, huh?

You can do kind of the same thing to become Feirce Deity, actually. Go into Gorman Ranch, and instead of the Ocarina set, have Feirce Deity Mask. Race the Gorman brothers for ten Rupees, and then put on the Feirce Deity Mask immeadiately. After a full minute of sitting there, frozen on your horse with your bow out, the most annoying sound coming through the speakers, the Gorman brothers will finish the race and you will be Feirce Deity.

Oh, yeah. We did that, and had SO much fun. I filmed it LOTS of times, but we kept messing up by saying each other's real names. I'm going on Windows Movie Maker tonight to hopefully take those parts out and keep the fun parts in! :D

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No time! Again!

I know I promised I'd tell you the glitch today, but I have no time! I gtg RIGHT now! So, uh... yeah... Epona flying... tommorrow!

And thanks SO much to my new follower! I don't recognize you, because you've never commented, but I'm happy you're here nonetheless! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Follower? It's a miracle!

I can't believe it! I come on today, check to see if any new comments needed to be moderated (which they DIDN'T - what happened to everyone?), so on and so forth. I see “Sierra's Story - 22 Followers,” and I click “New post” on here, Medli's Messages. But at the last second, as the page was loading, I see on the side, not the number two - but THREE followers! NO WAY!

So, uh... my DSi for some reason can't see who's following. Probably has something to do with not having flash, just like YouTube and Wizard101. So... I don't know who my new follower is, but hey, thanks for joining! I haven't had a new follower since, what, September or something?

So, listen... I thank you profoundly for following Medli's Messages... whoever you are! And I hope you're a Zelda fan, too, because I need someone around here who understands what I'm talking about... lol...

Monday, February 1, 2010

MM Update - MORE Feirce Deity Fun! Yayz!

I knew how much EVERYONE loved my Feirce Deity Fun post (okay, no one read it, lol), so I made another one!

This is continuing my old one. So... where was I..?

Oh, right! Defeating the BIGGEST BADDEST BOSS (ah, I love that).

So, yeah, I did... and yeah, I saw the ending, with Anju and Kafei getting married, and the postman coming back, and Skull Kid saying something about recognizing me from OoT (weird!), and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember... And Saria's Song at the end...

I turned off the Wii then. I had to actually get off for the day (I can stay up reeeealy late playing any LoZ game), so I didn't know that I now had Feirce Deity mask wherever I went. :D But I did, next time I came on.

This is where the REAL fun begins.

Guess what? I found my first ever glitch on my own! Okay, well, Row Row (Rowan... heh, I have a new nickname for her) was there to help me. And the only reason we discovered it was because we were trying to do the Feirce Deity outside boss battles glitch, but I was an idiot and took out the Ocarina instead...

Still, it's our biggest acheivment yet.

Anyway, guess what the glitch does? First, it makes you become your horse, Epona, and run away from Link. :P Second, you can make Epona fly. Yes, folks, I said FLY.

It's a long description, and I'm currently on my DSi now... tommorrow, I'll talk about it. That, and my Feirce Deity fun in Clock Town. xD Yeah, I said Clock Town - as in, the place you can't be Feirce Deity in legitimately, and aren't suppose to go into when you aren't legitimately Feirce Deity... yeah, we kinda ignored the “DON'T GO IN CLOCK TOWN!!!” warnings that are all over YouTube...

More on that later. Anyway, for now... that's it!

A short update...

I have exactly... one minute to write this entire post. O.o

Well, let's see, I played Wind Waker last night, beat that impossible Wind Temple. Surprisingly, I found A Link to the Past manga at the store, even though it wasn't February when I found it. Um, I still haven't bought the GAME a Link to the Past, sadly. And, uh, I've been playing TP a LOT, and I did a Karkario Village Graveyard glitch...

Um, gtg! Bye! xD