Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm only posting for bragging rights!


But, honestly, it's almost the end of the month. One minute until tomorrow, to be exact. How stupid am I?

I just HAVE to have a post in March. FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS. XD

I actually did try to write a post a few days ago. It wasn't Zelda related, though. It had to do with Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is the best 3DS game in history. I liked it more than Ocarina of Time 3D. On the OTHER hand, OoT was a remake, and I'd already played the original a thousand times through so it had lost some of its magic (though it will always retain the nostalgia). Unfortunately, my iPad did something stupid and erased the post, so I gave up. My iPad tends to be almost as bad as my DSi. Almost.

...Weird. Over the course of writing this post, it has past midnight. Do you think it will show up as being in April now? That would make me sad. D:

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to get on and write a more detailed report on why I adore Kid Icarus, but for now I should PROBABLY get some sleep. After all, tomorrow's a busy day. I have to dress up as the Easter Bunny. I'm not joking. XD Pluuuuusss... I have to watch Tobuscus play Skyward Sword! You know, that's something that I should address in my next post. Toby FINALLY started Skyward Sword, after three weeks and two days since he posted a video on his third (or second?) channel saying he would. Yes, I counted the days. I was that excited. I love Toby, and that was even before I knew he would play Zelda.

On a side note: PARAGRAPHS ON THIS BLOG HATE ME. They always remove themselves. This time, I put them in manually with my limited knowledge of HTML code. Let's see what happens!