Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TP Update - Thank you, fortune teller! ...Kinda.

I hate the Fortune Teller in Twilight Princess. But at the same time... she's SO awesome.


*sigh* Why do I always write confusing first paragraphs? O_o

Nvm. Onto my original point. Basically... it's official. I have THREE Zelda games with full heart containers. :D Spirit Tracks was, of course, first, and then came Phantom Hourglass... but I just got a CONSOLE one! :D

It's pretty easy, actually. You just get a ton of rupees (I had all 600 at the beginning... not the full 1000 that you can get IF YOU FOUND ALL 60 POES - which I haven't - but still a lot) and then pay the fortune teller a ton of money to tell your fortune of "love". They show exactly where a Piece of Heart is. Of course, it's up to me to figure out what to DO there... and I was stuck more than once, with Rowan having to come to my aid (she's kinda the TP expert - almost - because it's the ONLY Zelda game that she's completed before me. Not my fault I deleted my file. >.<).

Okay, so, like, where did my TROUBLES with the Fortune Teller begin?

Oh, maybe when she STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!

Let's see... the third-to-last Piece of Heart that I found was from that stupid mini-game in lake Hylia - Plumm's game - that you do as a wolf. Dang, I fail at that. Especially since I had no clue how many points you had to get to recieve the Heart Piece, and, to be honest, I didn't even know if I would GET a Heart Piece. Earlier I'd done Iza's river game thing, and apparently got a bigger bomb bag I didn't have before, but not a Heart Piece.

Anyway, after FINALLY getting that, I went back to the Fortune Teller and paid her the due ten rupees. She showed me some dude in Castle Town that asks for money. Now, she'd shown me this picture before, but I had no clue what to do with it - I gave him money EVERY time I came back to Castle Town for another prediction, but there seemed to be no Heart Piece. So I paid her again. Same guy. Again. Same. Again. Same.

So... there's only one Heart Piece left... when my gosh-darn Collection Screen says there's TWO?

...Fine. Steal my rupees then. But instead of giving them to you, stupid fortune teller, I'm giving them to the dude who's apparently so important that he gets to ask for money for "peace in Hyrule." Like I'd care about that (technically, I would, since I'm role-playing as a hero, but that's why I need these Heart Pieces, right? To pwn Ganondorf and create the "peace"? XD).

So I found that money-begging guy, and was prepared to give all my money away. But I only offered fifty rupees twice - and then, guess what? A HEART PIECE FELL OUT OF THE SKY!!!! O:

...Ooooookkkkaaaaay... Not what I expected, but fine. Maybe it came from Skyloft? XDDD

But guess what? Still didn't have full Heart Containers.


Somehow, this gives me deja vu to a certain SNES game that I NEVER found the last Heart Piece on... *cough* LttP! *cough*

Anyway, after that, I went back to the fortune teller, but she just said something like, I need to "experience" more before I can get another Heart Piece.


...Apparently, she just wanted me to experience Hyrule Castle. Not even Zant. Just the castle.

Yeah, I'm in the Palace of Twilight, btw, because Zant is just my fave boss and I couldn't bear to never do him again until I beat a new file. So that's why it was there.

So I went, beat Zant, got into the castle, went back - and guess what? THE HEART PIECE WAS IN THE PALACE OF TWILIGHT THE WHOLE TIME! ...Grrr. So WHY couldn't she show me this before? WHY?!?

...Anyway, I got it eventually. And after that, well, why not just go ahead and beat the game again? XD

So, yeah, I did the final boss. And I even made sure I had Magic Armor on for all the epic cutscenes. Why? ...Idk. Magic Armor looks awesome. And a lot like Zelda's dress, in case you didn't notice. Seriously. It has the shouler plates, then the crown-type thingy at the top and the gem, and... I don't remember other similarities I observed, but I DO remember thinking that. So yeah. O_o

Goodnight. ...It's too late to get on Wizard101 now, so I guess I'll have to wait for Celestia. But whatever. I had too much fun writing this. ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010


I beat Mount Crenel! Yayz! :D

...Speaking of which, I STILL can't figure out what the heck that dungeon there was called. Something-mines, probably, just because there were mine carts all over the place. And those provided me no end of crazy pleasure. Hehe, I love riding in mine carts...

Hmm. Where to begin.

Let's see - the BIG BAD BOSS is always a good place to start (thought I'd forgotten about that catchphrase-type thingy of mine, hadn't you? :P)!

You know, I was kinda looking forward to the boss turning all cute in the end. ...Um, I know that just sounded really stupid right there. But, I mean, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MANGA! But the manga is CONFUSING ME!!! When I heard I was headed to the Fortress of Winds, I became so confused - the manga had Link getting the WATER Element first. That's probably why I was stuck for so long - I was trying sooooo hard to get into Lake Hylia that I totally ignored the other element symbol.

Oh, hey, speaking of which... why is the Earth Element purple? Can someone tell me what happened to the earth being GREEN? And why is the WIND the green one? -.-

...Back on topic...

Okay, I don't even know the Minish Cap bosses' names. Except for Giant ChuChu or whatever, but that's pretty obvious. :P Reason? I haven't bothered to look them up, that's why. Duh. In fact, the only reason I know Wind Waker boss names would be because I actually have the ambition to go off and search for it myself!

I mean, I know so much about Zelda that I can recognize references to other games' bosses when I see them.

Such as what I believe just might be a reference to Gohdan...

You don't know who Gohdan is? Oh, come ON! Okay, okay... he's that masked dude with two floating hands and floating head in the Tower of Gods of Wind Waker, not evil, but not good, obviously not because he attacks you and nearly killed me multiple times, mostly because I kept running out of arrows despite that fact that he replenished them, and then there's the glowing stuff around the outer edges of the room that HURT when you fall onto them, and, oh, then he doesn't explode at the end, lol, like other bosses, and he's the only one that doesn't appear in Ganon's Tower at the end...


He's the Tower of Gods dude in WW. There. I said it.

Okay... you know what? I've totally strayed from my original point here. First of all, I was talking about the boss of MOUNT CRENEL... not the Fortress of Winds. And the boss I think was a reference to WW is the Fortress of Winds boss.

The boss from Mount Crenel... was some sort of snake-rock thingy that spewed fire at me... Um... and I used the Cane of Pacci to defeat it.


But I still like the Gohdan boss. It included shrinking to a Minish and going inside things to break stuff. :D

Hmm... now I REALLY want to know what these bosses names are...

*an hour later, after looking it up on Zelda Wiki, somehow getting into the entry of Blizzeta from Twilight Princess, listening to Fyrus's theme and comparing it to Blizzeta's, then watching random Skyward Sword stuff for some reason on YouTube...*

Okay! I got it! The Gohdan style boss is named Mazaal. Interesting... XD

OH!! GUESS WHAT?!? I already knew the name of that second boss. I just forgot. ...Honestly! I knew it was Gleerok! I remember hearing that name somewhere! O_o

According to the listing, next is Big Octorok (how WONDERFUL) then the Gyorg Pair that I've seen and heard so much about. Then onto Vaati. Yay!

'Kay, that's it for tonight. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

MC Update - A Minish-sized update...

I gotta make this quick... I always go to the Pokemon league on Saturday nights, and we're leaving in just about ten minutes... but I'll probably forget about this if I leave it for later.

You should all know that I got Minish Cap, right? Yeah. From traitor Tnaz. Oh, he's a traitor, because he lies and steals - he stole Pokemon cards from this poor girl at the league, and then he lied to me about that epic story of his. Remember? I was talking about that? Yeah, well, he didn't write it. It's called Error Code 35, btw, so go ahead and look it up on - it's actually on there, and that's how I found out about his lies. ...Although it was violent. It IS horror genre. Weird, I don't usually read stories like that, but I liked the suspense of this one... even if Link dies! IN THE FIRST CHAPTER! And then Pikachu's next. And Zelda and Toon Link after. All my fave chars... >.<

Well, time to make the first update of MC...

And it's quick, short, and all around... MINISH SIZED! xD

First off, I played through the first parts of the game, which I did earlier on the VBA thingy (that I'm pretty sure is illegal now, so I stopped using it O_o). I was so proud of myself for doing the ENTIRE FIRST DUNGEON WITHOUT A WALKTHROUGH! :D I got to the boss - and it was a giant ChuChu! Like, OMGNESS! That's so epic. ;)

So I beat that... then when I got to Mount Crenel was about the time I got stuck. I figured out to water the plants or something, but I kept dying on my way up. And you know what's the worst part? FAIRIES IN MINISH CAP ARE THE STUPIDEST CREATURES EVER. Look, I had only half a heart left, and you know what? I was soooooo lucky to come upon a Great Fairy Fountain! :D But when I went up to the fountain... nothing happened. No Great Fairy came up. So I went crazy and pressed random buttons, lolz. When I picked up some water in a bottle by accident, THEN she came up... and increased my bomb bag.


What the heck? >.<

Okay, that's all the time I've got. Right now I'm attempting to get the Pegasus Boots... I think. I have two elements, therefore ONE CLONE! :D Oh, right. Still need to FSA update...

Bye bye! Have a good weekend! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Very Zelda Halloween

Halloween... is, like, the bestest holiday. Um, why? Let me ask YOU a question first. Why would anyone think it ISN'T the bestest holiday?!? You get to dress up as random stuffs, whether scary or epiclatastical or pretty or different or WHATEVER you want. All my life, I've been either a princess, fairy, or some kind of... animal... thing. Like a cat. ...Or a Maril. Yeah, I was a Pokemon for Halloween once. I didn't always used to be Zelda addict - Pokemon DID come first. Deal with it. XD


This Halloween is SPECIAL. :D

The reason? If you can remember last Halloween on this blog (which you probably can't XD) then you'll know what I just so happened to dress up as. Princess Zelda. No kidding. And Sydney was Link the leprachaun (my fault for calling her that, lolz. Warning to candy-givers at houses while some kids dressed in weird Hylian costumes come up to your house: don't ask who the person in green is, or you'll get a LOT of screaming and arguing and name-calling. :P). Oh, and no one cares, but... Hunter was a Wraith from Wizard101 last year. So awesomeful! ;) Rowan was a witch; Paige was also a witch; Taryn was... some kind of devil-witch. XD I called them the Twinrova, despite the fact there were three of them. :P Mostly I was refering to Rowan and Paige, anyway, since Taryn technically called herself a Skeleton Bride.

So... this year! Some changes in our lineup of costumes... *ahem*

Last year, Sydney's Link costume wasn't from any specific game. She just had the basics: green tunic, green hat, some kind of foamy-sword thingy that was really fun to play with. :P This year, however, she's decided. She will be... MINISH LINK! So she's buying an Ezlo hat. Yayz.

Hunter won't be from Wizard101 this year - he's joining the Zelda bandwagon. :D He will be... VAATI! Hylian form, of course. Not the giant eye. XD So he'll probably have the long black/purple cloak and the wishing cap thingy. Ooh. Playing with the wishing cap will be almost as much fun as playing with Sydney's foam sword!

Me? I was pretty much a general, all-around unspecific Zelda last Halloween. I based my costume MAINLY off Ocarina of Time, though, including the designs on the bottom of the dress. However, I carried around a bow, and OoT is, like, the ONLY game Zelda DOESN'T use the bow in. O_o (Not really, you know... but all the big important ones she does. Wind Waker. Twilight Princess. ...Spirit Tracks. ST is not as important, but whatever.) Now I just might be Minish Zelda. Just because everyone ELSE is being from Minish Cap, lol. I don't want to be all lonely from OoT. If I do end up changing to Minish Zelda, I'll just PRETEND I don't have Ocarina of Time designs on my dress, PRETEND my crown is Toon Zelda's, and... ditch the bow for a shield. And then I'll give it to Sydney at the end of the day. ...Or maybe not. I LIKE shields, tyvm. Sydney didn't use one LAST year! ...Let's just PRETEND that her shield got burned up in the fire mine place. :P

Now... Rowan. I don't think Taryn and Paige will be anything Zelda-related, but Rowan most certainly will. Ever since last year, she's really wanted to be Midna from Twilight Princess. But now she'll be the only one from TP if she does do that. So she's changing again. She might be... a forest Picori/Minish, which I vote for. It would be the most ADORABLE costume ever! Like... Minishes are sooooooo cute! Other than that, she might be Young Zelda. Which would ALSO be cute! For some reason, she wants to be "all clingy," as she calls it. XD She wants to hang off my arm and act timid and cute or something. Although I still like the Picori idea, this would be an AWESOME idea, and is the one most likely to happen. Our costumes would match GREAT together - me older Zelda, her younger. Plus it'll give me an excuse to be OoT while everyone else is MC (HAH! SHIELD IS MINE!).

And that's it. *sigh* I was planning on a Minish Cap or Four Swords Adventures update tonight, but that's okay. Remember - tomorrows a holiday. Labor day, is it? Or Columbus day? Something like that. On the other hand, the blog is FINALLY back to normal, complete with an epic background courtesy of Rowan WillowLeaf (but I was the one who had to do A TON of math and so on to get the size right to repeat across the background right - darn, you CANNOT believe how much work went into that. Days. Blogger is stupid and won't accept certain sized images, and therefore we were pretty stumped for a while. I SHOULDN'T have to do math on my weekend!). Oh, AND there's an awesome new header! I made that. You can't imagine how long it took to pick out the render. I kind of wanted the Skyward Sword one, just because, well, Skyward Sword is the main focus of this blog currently, and the entire Zelda-fanverse is waiting for it. But I almost made it a Wind Waker one, with this absolutely, unbelievably awesome render of Link and these cute little pigs! :D That, or one of OoT Link playing the ocarina. SO MANY CHOICES!

Anyway. Happy Monday holiday (whatever it is), readers! As always, comment, and remember to read The Blade of Evil's Bane prologue below if you haven't already! :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Under Construction! -.-

And it's really not working out, either. *sigh* We're having problems with the background, as you can see. It's not turning out the way it looks in Photoshop. >.< I still need to change the header so that it's longer, too. I'm sorry, I just don't have time this week. I've been skipping homework for this... and it's STILL not turning out right!

Goodnight, everyone. Hopefully this weekend this page will look normal again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Blade of Evil's Bane Prologue

Wow... too much blogging tonight...

But here. I kept my promise. Here's the prologue. I'm BEGGING you to comment and tell me your honest opinion. If it is absolute, total failure... let me know. I'm not used to writing from the villain's perspective, lol, so it might be bad. I'm actually not used to writing in third person AT ALL. So... tell me what you think. If you guys like it, I might post the first chapter (that I really dislike) and you could give me some advice.

Ooh, and remember to read the two posts below! They ARE new, I promise. Just don't feel like editing...

The Blade of Evil's Bane - Prologue


That was him.

He was the King of Evil, born leader of the Gerudo, would-be conqueror of Hyrule. He had worked so long to achieve his goal, and just when it was finally within his grasp…

…He should have won. He had all the power in the world and the strength to single-handedly take over an entire kingdom. How was it that he had lost?

Those two. The other Triforce bearers. They were the reason his dream had been shattered.

But how?

They did not have power. He had Power, the absolute kind that can only be rivaled by the Goddesses themselves. How did they defeat him?


That was the princess.

She looked so fragile, seemed so helpless, he never imagined she would be a problem. What he hadn’t expected was for her to use the superior knowledge and magical abilities granted to her by the Triforce to fool him.

Somehow, he believed she would just sit away in a “safe” hiding spot, away from the rest of the world. Never did he suspect the mysterious Sheikah boy of actually being a princess, even if he was the one always helping the bearer of Courage.

How had he not seen it?


That was the Hero.

That Goddess-forsaken Hero.

He had only been a boy, an orphan raised by a race of children. Children! And still he was granted the Goddess’ favor. He was given unbelievable Courage, the ability to take on anything. The worst part was that he could no disagree that the boy had done his tasks well. He defeated every monster presented before him, no matter how formidable.

He had defeated Ganon, the very embodiment of Power…


Ganondorf clenched his fists, glaring uselessly at the eternal white mist all around him. It had seemed impossible. It was impossible. That boy had still done it, despite the odds.

The boy had Courage, but not Power. How had it come to this? He had… no… Power…

The Gerudo paused as he came to a sudden realization.

He did have power.

The power to repel evil.

The Master Sword.

Ganondorf grinned maliciously, a plan forming in his head. He knew how to get his long-awaited victory. He knew how to get his revenge. He knew just how to leave Hyrule and its Hero desperate and without hope or weapons. He just had to get rid of that sword…

It would be time very soon. Ganondorf could feel the seal weakening – why or how, he did not know. But he had asked “how” enough.

It was time to find out if Courage really could amount to Power… without the Blade of Evil’s Bane.


I totally changed the layout of the blog. Huh? Why? 'Cuz I felt like it. And because the Skyward Sword pictures weren't fitting. XD

Well, I have to change the header now. Me is going to get started on that.

Oh, right. I said I would post the prologue here... *sigh*

Three posts for the day?

I'll do that in a second. Be patient. ;)

New pictures? Yay. We can stare at more things.

How... exciting. I know. XD

The new pictures that I'm talking about are from Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS. Personally, the Skyward Sword ones didn't really seem "new." Same areas, at least. Except for ONE. This epic fire temple-ish one. :D I know the fire-type temple one was in the trailer, but this one... look at the background! I think it's pretty, lolz!

Okay, these pictures are all coming from Legend of, where I get the majority of my Zelda news. ;) Credit goes to them entirely, or wherever THEY got it from. If you want to view it on their site instead of my blog (traitors! XD), then go here.

Epic Fire Temple one:

Other Skyward Sword screenshots:

Okay. That's done...

Now for what got me SUPER excited. Turns out staring at pictures CAN be fun after all.

The... Ocarina of Time 3DS ones! Guess what? They finally showed us something besides the title screen of the game. Meaning Young Link! :)

(Bottom two weren't on that post at, and are actually from here.)

Annnd... this one is my absolute favorite.

You can guess why! :D It shows the BOTTOM SCREEN! I've been wondering how they would make the transition from a console game to portable. It looks like you have the little buttons you can tap, or something, that you equip potions and items to. And the map's down there, along with three little buttons that... say something in Japanese...

I can't read Japanese. *sob*

So... it's not like PH or ST. It's a top screen game. Not so much touching, I guess. I don't have a problem with that, except I was kind of hoping the Ocarina would be a bit like the Spirit Flute! I LOVE that flute! I will play it for HOURS. (Not really. But I probably could if I felt like it. :D) We haven't seen the ocarina yet, though... maybe I can still hope for it...

'Kay, enough blogging for me. ...Actually, I still have two more posts to make after this. One on Sierra's Story... and then... maybe I'll post the prologue on here. Finally.