Sunday, March 27, 2011


I just wrote a big Dragon Quest IX post... but then decided not to publish it. Should I? I don't think anyone wants to read about it. Do you? Huh?


Well, um... this is my post, then. Instead of a big giant wall of text, you get...

OH! You can get this insanely epic fan art! How about that? XD

...I'm guessing you'll have to click on it. And then zoom in. And then squint really, really hard.

I found this a while ago - it was for Zelda's 25th anniversary, I think. ...Maybe. XD I just found it on some Zelda fan site. And I thought it was so awesome, so I saved it to my computer... and my phone.

The only person I didn't recognize on there was the guy in the middle, at the top. At the VERY top, just under the Goddesses, in between the rest of the Sages. WHO. THE HECK. IS HE?

Any ideas? Go ahead and comment and tell me. My only guess was Santa Clause. ...Or Sahasrahla from A Link to the Past. But Santa would be so much cooler. :P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LoZ Updates - I did NOT see that coming. (SPECIAL THANKS TO SETH AND DEKU :D)

Wow. I haven't posted in a while! I had a post on the 13th that I never published, but... it was a rant about a guy in my history class. XD Somehow I doubt you guys would care about it. It DID have to do with Legend of Zelda (he thinks he knows stuff about it, but he really doesn't, and always manages to make me sound stupid - I mean, Hylian is NOT backwards Japanese. I won't believe him unless Skyward Sword comes out with spoken language). Anyway, then I started a post on the 20th - THIS post - but I didn't finish it. So here. :D

Now, Idk what dungeon I left off at... so I'm gonna skip to dungeon seven. XD Dungeon five took me a while but became fun when I had friends over (guess you're going to miss hearing about the bet I made with Paige, Taryn's sister), dungeon six was impossible (TOO MANY FREAKING WIZZROBES!!!!) and dungeon seven SEEMED easy at first, but then... well... I needed some HELP...

So far in The Legend of Zelda, everything's been pretty straightforward. Everything that I needed to do was pretty obvious: Find the next dungeon. Kill all the enemies in this room. Push all the blocks to find one with a secret passage. Defeat the boss. Get the epic shiny triangle. Yeah.

But dungeon seven... just wow...

Like I said, at first, dungeon seven seemed EASY. Considering I just died, like, ten times in dungeon six ALONE, this was just... awesome! I never lost more than three hearts. Most of the time I stayed in a corner and just shot sword beams at the enemies. If I got hit, then I'd switch to my magic wand. And best of all: NO WIZZROBES! (I think they're going up in ranks next to Leevers and Zolas/Zoras...)

Buuuut then...


I discovered that this dungeon used BOMBS as its main item. I mean, the item I FOUND there was the Red Candle, but... it doesn't seem any different than the Blue Candle, except you can use it multiple times per room (and what's the point? Why would you need it more than once?). But I found out about the bomb usage before I even found the Red Candle. I found three old men - or rather, three rooms that old men should be in. One says, "There's a secret in the tip of the nose" or something (which didn't make ANY sense until I found the dungeon map). Another says, "I bet you want more bombs." At one point I ran out, so I bought them from him... and now I can carry 12 bombs! Sweetness! And to think I would have passed up that opportunity if I hadn't run out... I didn't realize he meant he'd raise your maximum...

And the third... well, it didn't have an old man in it. It had an enemy that I found out in a few posts ago (when I started looking at Zelda Wiki randomly in the middle of a post) was a Goriya. It just said, uh... "Grr grrr!" or something along those lines. XD Maybe it grumbled instead of growled. Idk! But I was stuck for a while... UNTIL...


I remembered Zelda Wiki mentioning this when I read the entry for Goriya! Apparently... you buy food from the shop and then it moves. :D

...No, Zelda Wiki doesn't count as a walkthrough. I said I'd make it through this game on my own (or did I?) and I meant it. No walkthroughs! The only outside help I ever got was from friends, Zelda Wiki (just once), and briefly an Overworld map (dungeon 2 was hard to find - but I found all the others on my own. And I didn't follow it - just found the relative area of dungeon two and then never looked at it again! I PROMISE!).

Okay. So got past that room... into the next one that was dark and had the dungeon map... into the next one with more Goriyas I pwned with sword beams from afar... into the NEXT one with more Goriyas... into the NEXT one with fireballs and extremely laggy Goriyas. (Wow. I still remember the whole layout of the dungeon. I went through these rooms SO many times. XD) Annnnd then...

...a dead end.

Dang. -.-

I tried using bombs on every corner of that room. Then, using my dungeon map, I tried using bombs in every possible way to go into rooms I hadn't been in yet.

OMG!!!! IT WASN'T WORKING!!! It. Was. Impossible. I tried EVERYTHING. I struggled to find the meaning of this, but... no...

Then Seth GoldenBlood came over. He has the first Zelda game (as well as AoL, OoT, WW, TP, MM, MC, and PH - none of which he's completed, except PH; srsly, why have so many games if you're not going to play them?) so I BEGGED him to help me. Unfortunately, this was the first time I discovered he never PLAYS any of his Zelda games, so he was only in the second dungeon and didn't know anything. O_o Worse - he owns the LoZ walkthrough guide book thing, apparently, and he didn't bring it!!! *sob*

I let him play through the dungeon for a bit, but nothing was working. He started going through the steps I did - use every item on a wall that probably should be bombable - and when he got to the Blue Candle, somehow I mentioned I'd bought mine in a shop. He says, "Really? Why didn't you just get it for free?"

Me: "...You can get it for FREE?"


So THEN we left the dungeon and he showed me where to get it. Near the first dungeon, there's an area that seems empty except for the Zola/Zora, but when he used his Blue Candle on a tree, it revealed a staircase!!! O: Inside was an old man giving you the choice of Heart Container or Potion. Hmm, let me think... HEART CONTAINER! DUH! THEN I thought, "OOH! Maybe I have enough Heart Containers for that epic sword in the graveyard!" So we went that way, and got that sword! Thus I must thank Seth profusely.

...But I still didn't get through the dungeon.

That's when Deku/Cloud/Noob comes in!

He was over at my house like he is every Wednesday (it used to be Tuesday, but now it's Wednesday) and I BEGGED him (like I begged Taryn the day before - but she didn't help AT ALL -.-) to help me with dungeon seven. He, of course, almost died. And remember? This was the EASY dungeon.

So I stole the controller from him and started walking through the rooms again. Then, in the room that the dungeon map used to be in, I said, "You know what? I randomly feel like using a bomb on that wall up there. I mean, it kinda looks like you should be able to bomb it, even though the map says there's nothing..."



Yep. And I used another bomb on the left side of the room, and it worked there too. That's what gave me the idea of using bombs everywhere possible.

And use bombs I did. Most of them didn't work, of course... but when I bombed one certain area...


...So wait. My map was LYING TO ME? In the one game - ONE. GAME. - that I actually use a map... IT LIES! O:

*sob* WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME! I'll never trust my map again...!

As for Deku, he was convinced it was his prescense that made me find it. I might as well agree with him. So thank you, Deku. :D

The rest of the dungeon was smooth sailing - I only had one brief problem with Wallmasters (gods, those things are frustrating) but then I found the boss... which really wasn't worthy of being a boss. I walked in the room, shot three swords beams, and it died. What kind of boss dies in three hits? Plus, I'd fought him already! Aquamentus was the FIRST boss! O_o

Oh well. ONWARD TO DUNGEON EIGHT! And the complete Triforce... and then Ganon... And then Adventure of Link! ...Hmm. Somehow I'm suddenly less excited. AoL sounds hard. XD

Whatever. At this point, I might not even FIND dungeon eight. Unlike with dungeon seven, where I had a clue ("Go to where the fairies don't live" or something) there's no convenient little hint at where dungeon eight might be. Plus, I'm still confused - is there another dungeon after it? For Ganon? Or is Ganon IN dungeon eight? Oh, but that wouldn't make sense... there'd be a Triforce piece there, and you'd think Ganon would steal that if he could... XD

Anyway... hope you enjoyed another gianormous post! They're longer every time...

Windlilly... out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


...I'm sad. I have a D in Language Arts now. And I just found an incredibly epic fanfic! I can't read the fanfic until I do homework - I've self-banned myself from until I complete at least ONE of those vocab thingies. ...Make that two, since Vocab 12 is almost done... but then there's still 11... and paragraphs...


At least I got a new cell phone yesterday. It has Wi-Fi too, and it can see italics! My DSi can't, so sometimes the fanfics can end up extremely confusing. Like, the author puts in a random flashback in italics in the middle of a paragraph, but I can't see the italics so it looks like... um... well, just random.

Why did I just put that on a Zelda blog? No, wait... why did I post ANY of this on a Zelda blog? It has NOTHING to do with Legend of Zelda! Aside from the fan fiction part... but that's not the point!

I'm so weird. So I guess this post is just to let you know I'm alive?


(Speaking of which - I just remembered I promised a fanfic post a while ago? Umm... I won't be able to tell you which fanfics I like bestest, but at least you can view my favorites if you go to my profile here. At least, I'm GUESSING that's my profile... I really can't check 'cuz my computer won't let me on that site, remember?)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


(This WAS a LoZ update... but I thought I'd take all that stuff out to devote this post entirely to the Skyward Sword video. :D)

I just went on Zelda Wiki - mostly to look up the name of the third LoZ boss... (I think it begins with an M... Mandhandla?) BUT THEN I SAW NEWS ABOUT SKYWARD SWORD!!! THERE'S A NEW TRAILER THAT WAS REVEALED TODAY!!! O:

Well, all the comments are in German, sadly, lolz. There was another upload of it in English, but I thought this one had better quality. ;) Whatever. Pause it at... 0:54 or 0:55... NEW GUY! Or at least a PERSON! I really can't tell if it's a guy or a girl. XD My sis thought it was a girl... or a gay guy... O_o

I think it looks like Vaati, minus the red eyes and wishing cap and purple outfit. But somehow I doubt it would be Vaati. They wouldn't do that to us, would they...? I wanted this to come BEFORE Minish Cap! XD

OH. And then, near the end of the video, there's that weird... thing... that teleports away! O: It's around 1:01. My sis said it looked like a Zora. I thought... TWILI! At least the way it teleported away. Unfortunately, it's probably NOT a Twili, because they came from the Dark Interlopers that... came from... Ocarina of Time... right? Maybe?

You know, now I'm not sure. I can't really remember. -.-

But now that I look at it, it DOES look like a Zora. XD

...Or maybe it's just that Vaati-lookalike again? O_o

I just noticed I'm putting a lot of smilies. It's 'cuz I'm happy. :D

Anyway. I could go on FOREVER commenting on this video. :P There's that weird... puzzle thingy? It's around 0:47. The second I saw it, I'm like, "Ooh! That looks like fun!" My sis suggested that it was the boss key! Despite how annoying that might become, I would like that. :D

OH! I JUST WATCHED IT AGAIN! And I noticed, in some of the pictures, if you look at the Wii controller on the side? On the down button... there's a picture of that E3 2009 girl's face! *gasp* It's like Midna! Except... on the down button, instead of up! Hmm. We still don't know her name. The rumor was Zordiana or something, but Idk anymore.

Now that I'm looking at stuff that isn't the graphics, I see that bar at the top of the screen with the shield next to it. Magic power? Or something else...! For instance, my sis suggested "shield power", since it has a shield next to it, but how would THAT work?

(EDIT: Ooh! And at one point in the video - also on the Wii controller part - on the up button, there's this HARP thingy! O: Sorry, can't give you the times it's at, because I'm not actually watching the video right now.)

And at 1:00 - THAT LOOKS LIKE A NEW BOSS! I bet it is! :D It looks fun, too! OMG. I can't wait for this game...

...So much for an LoZ update. XD I'm in the sixth dungeon - that's really the only important part.

Well! Still have homework! LOTS. Ugh. I have a C in one of my classes. I was going to start harp lessons this month (like Medli :D) but unfortunately, because of my grades, I'm not going to. *sob* STUPID LANGUAGE ARTS. You'd think I'd be good at it, considering I've wrote a 250 page story, but NO. I just have a terrible teacher. >.<


Goodnight! Enjoy the trailer - I know I did. :P

(Random: Apparently, the first time I ever posted about Skyward Sword - when it was only titled "Zelda Wii" - was EXACTLY one year and one day ago. March 1st, 2010. XD)