Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hero's Mask (Maybe!)

The funniest thing happened the other day...

I was playing on my best file of Wind Waker, one of the few we have beat the final boss more than 2 times. It was the first ever file - no, not just the only file in Wind Waker but in EVERY Zelda game - that we beat. All we do on that file now is fool around and search for the missing bottle that I can't seem to find anywhere.

However, just the other day something totally weird happened. My sister was talking about this item that you can get apparently by giving the teacher in Windfall 40 Joy Pendants that will allow you to see enemies health. Never before had I heard on it, so none of our files had it. So of course I went for our best file, which would most likely have the most Joy Pendants. And, would you beleive it: I had exactly 40!

I turned them in, and the teacher handed me this weirdo ugly item that I beleive was called the Hero's Mask. My sister and I were so excited, so right away we equipted it... but we were disappointed to find that unlike other items such as the bracelets that let you pick up heavy objects, you actually had to WEAR it.

Well, we didn't care. This item was too awesome to worry about style! So we went out and had some fun using the Song of Passing and sneaking in to the Eskimo guy's shop thousands of times, pretending he COULDN'T see who we were because of the mask. Then I somehow figured out how to sidle against his shop table without talking to the poor girl. With that done, I also discovered that you can duck while sidleing... I never knew that! We made up some crazy dance then.

Finally, I wanted to try out my new Hero's Mask. So, for some stupid reason, I thought for sure it would work on Gannondorf. So I treked all the way to the Tower of the Gods and traveled through Hyrule Castle and Gannon's Tower to get to Puppet Gannon's room. I jumped into the teleporting pot and ended up right outside. With my mask still on, I Hookshoted up and began battling.

Of course it didn't work. But in that time I found out a super easy way to beat Gannon. All you have to do is L Target him, then keep hopping from side to side and backwards! Zelda does all the work then, shooting light arrows at him. All you have to do is wack him while he is stunned. After Zelda's knocked out, you can still use my technique. You will parry, because you press A to jump and to parry. Eventually Zelda will wake. Talk to her, then L Target Gannon again and simply use your shield. After only one hit, press A to parry and he will be defeated.

Hah... my Hero's Mask is very helpful! Discovering this new way made me fight the boss over and over and over... but I got tired of the cutscenes after about 20 times.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Heya everyone out there. It's me, Sierra Winterbreeze, the Wizard101 author.

But hey, I'm not only a Wizard101 fan; I'm an all out video game freak! I feel like I'm one of the few girls in the world that are crazy for video games. My favorites are Legend of Zelda. I have 4: The Ocarina of Time(Wii Shop Channel, thank you!), Wind Waker(GC), Twilight Princess(Wii), and Phantom Hourglass(DS). I've beat all of them except for OoT, which I'm on the fire temple. That's where the Gorons live, which my friends and I call "Goron Morons". Arg, they're so annoying on the Ocarina of Time! They have to almost stand, then sit, then stand again, and if you accidentally walk away they start the process all over! After that is over, then they talk. And usually it's useless information anyway.

My name on every single game is exactly the same, just because I like that name and it sounds heroic. Don't even ask where I got it from though, because I won't tell you.

My sister plays these games as well and she comes up with the craziest names ever... originally she was Shea. I'm not sure where she got that from. After a while, she became bored with the name and instead stuck with the pre-set name: Link. These were all on Wind Waker, on our many, many files. Next game we got was Phantom Hourglass. She went back to Shea again. Then on Twilight Princess was when she really got crazy. For some random reason she named herself Seth, and then her horse was Wolf... The weirdest is Ocarina though. She was inspired by that guy on the Twilight Princess Giovani (or whatever the gold cat guy is). He calls you Doggie all the time because you are a wolf when you see him. So, she is now named Doggy on the Ocarina. Yep, she spelled it wrong. Figures.