Sunday, June 27, 2010


My DSi WAS just faking working. It just erased my big long post - AGAIN!

Unless it saved somewhere. ...Or got posted. It isn't posted, is it? If so, this post would be embarassing... XD

Well... guess I'll have to rewrite it. On a REAL computer. Grrr... I HATE this darn thing, sometimes...

Maybe the 3DS will be better.

Well, it's... *stares at clock* ELEVEN?!? Well, almost at leat. But - I wanted to READ tonight! UGH! THIS. DSI. IS. SO. ANNOYING!

After posting this... I'm probably going to throw it across the room, 'kay? ;) On that... wonderful... note, I'm going to say goodnight once more. Bye! XD

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need more computer time. (And, of course, more Skyward Sword info!)

I'm on my DSi AGAIN. I really broke my promise. xD

On the Zelda Wii... Oh, now SKYWARD SWORD... side of things, I decided I would write a post on the plot of the game. Because that's what always draws me to Zelda games. Probably why I find LoZ somewhat frustrating and Link's Awakening slightly repettitive. Not they aren't fun. Nooo, not at all. You gotta love rapid button pressing to slay random enemies, at least every once and a while. :D Oddly, LttP is one of my favorites, but that's an older one... I've also been hearing how everyone thinks new games are progressively getting easier. I DEFINATELY agree. TP is waaay too easy. LoZ? ...Frankly, waaay too hard! XD But LttP? PERFECT difficulty. PERFECT gameplay. PERFECT story.

Uh... wasn't I talking about Skyward Sword?

So, at the beginning, Link lives in... the sky on a floating island. Hmm. Interesting, I guess. Certainly more EXCITING than living on some GROUNDED island (WW) or some boring ranch (TP) OR some forest (OoT). Apparently, it's called Skyloft. Big surprise.

One day, Link (or someone, but I guess it's probably him) finds a land BENEATH his little floating home (as if he never thought to look down XD). Unfortunately, the land is ruled by evil. So what does Link do? He jumps off Skyloft and goes down to help! DUH. That's what heroes do. Or at least OURS does. :P

Obviously, Link can't do it by himself. I don't care if he has the Triforce of Courage - no one can jump out of the SKY and live. So Link has... the Skyward Sword (hence the title)!

And so we come to our little blue girl in our E3 2009 picture. Zelda fans were RIGHT. She IS the Master Sword. Um, technically, the Skyward Sword... but apparently, it becomes the Master Sword later. Oh boy. As though a talking HAT wasn't enough, now our SWORD talks too. OMG, a combination of MC, SS, TP, and OoT would be TORTURE! Talking hat, sword, shadow, and a stupid fairy who likes to shout "HEY! LISTEN!"

Sorry, out of characters on DS! Bye! -.-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New stuffs!

Of course, AGAIN I have no time to really mention anything of importance. I could always get on my DSi after this, but... uh... I couldn't post these links and stuff...

Anyway, new header! Yay! How is it? :)

And there are some serious epic new screenshots on You can find their new Skyward Sword page here.

Zelda Wiki has also updated their Skyward Sword page, which can be found here! That one's my favorite. It tells you the PLOT! Yaaay! :D

And here's some good ol' renders I found of Skyward Sword. I used on in the header, one in my signature, and one in my avatar. XD

If I had time, I'd go ahead and explain the story and gameplay in my own little way. But, I don't have time. Go to the links above to find more information on it. Creating the header took up all my time. It took me SO long to find good screenshots of all the games. I didn't even include any from Four Swords or the Oracle games. XD And the Link's Awakening screenshot is my own. :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I FINALLY know what the title of Zelda Wii is.

YAY! Man, it looks SO amazing. I'm going to go and make a new banner for the blog in celebration! After all, I already made myself an epic signature and avatar for W101Central. :)

And ignore my last post about the rumors. Most of them probably weren't true, anyway. STOP LYING TO ME, ZI! O.o

But here's the trailer!

Since I don't have TIME to talk about how AMAZING a game it is, I'll just let the videos do the talking... for now. But you can be sure to see a new entry coming from me soon ALL about this! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

I still dislike my DSi... but E3 is SO CLOSE!

I just HAD to make a blog post. One before E3, one after. Unfortunately, I didn't plan this well. I JUST realized that everything I wanted to post so badly really can't be done on a DSi. ...Which, btw, I'M STILL MAD AT FROM BEFORE, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT JUST LOST INTERNET CONNECTION! If this post doesn't survive, that's why. If it does, maybe my DSi is better than I give it credit for.

Well, I had a loooong list of Zelda Wii rumors that were from a VERY credible source and sounded VERY epic! :D I'll just have to give you what I can recall from memory, because the DSi, sadly, lacks the miraculous invention of "copying and pasting". Maybe tommorow I can utilize this magic on a REAL computer...

So guess what? Zelda Informer changed their mind! Zelda Wii isn't going to be the Prophet of Light. Now, apparently it will have NO subtitle! *audible gasp* That's right folks. Zelda Wii's title just may be... "The Legend of Zelda!"

Personally, I didn't find that rumor believable... I mean, there's ALREADY a game with that title...

There were other AWESOME rumors that, if true, may seriously make me question Wind Waker's position as my number one Zelda game EVER!!!

...Again, sorry for going on Central instead of putting the rumors up. I've GOT to do that tommorow...

The only other rumor I'll post right now (because I'm too lazy to type more) is that the E3 demo of Zelda Wii supposedly will be an "ice" level. Yay. Snowpeak/Snowhead/Ice Cavern/Ice Ring Isle/That ST Snow Temple (whatever it's called)/That PH Ice Temple/That LttP Ice dungeon (O.o)/Whatever other Zelda dungeons are Ice themed! There's too many... XD

Until tommorow... Good night!

Saturday, June 5, 2010



Yeah, so.

Well, I'm bored. What else do you want me to write?

Oh. Ending of video game, like I promised? Update on Fallen Sage? New discoveries on Twilight Princess? Piano songs I've learned on

...I COULD talk about that... but instead I prefer to play Seth GoldenBlood's RPG - Quest for the Legendary Wand. :P He even called it a mixture of Zelda, Pokemon, and something else that I can't recall and probably didn't even recognize. The thread is on Central, here.

Again, so. How about I do that instead? :P

I'll write that ending when I have the time. I actually am supposed to be getting off right now... but, ya know.......

Friday, June 4, 2010


Just as December had been (remember? ST? MC manga? :D), June is a historic month for the Zelda series! Why? ...Okay, only one reason why. But it's a pretty big reason.

Let me sum it up: E3.

They're going to give us more info on Zelda Wii! YAAAAY!

From what I've gathered, there's only one new HUGE piece of info out on Zelda Wii 2 - the title. Just POSSIBLY the title.

...It was on Zelda Informer. They don't lie, do they? Well if they don't our title will be The Legend of Zelda: Prophet of Light.

Meh, not the most epic title ever. Honestly, it doesn't even sound Zelda-ish. But what do I know? I only got interested in LoZ when ST wascoming out - by that time, "Spirit Tracks" was already it's confirmed title. I guess we'll just have to see! I've got $50 saved up... I just hope that it's either enough for both Zelda Wii AND the Wii MotionPlus (not likely) or that I'll earn more money by the time it's out so I can get it (more likely).

...Phew. That's out of the way. Now I have some other issues to address...

First: Uh, well you know how I vowed to never use my DSi to write a post again? Heh... well, um... I bet you can guess what I'm using now... O.o Sorry, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I'd definately say this is desperate. I mean... a WEEK without visiting the blog?! In fact, OVER a week!

Why haven't I been posting? Uh... because school is out.

Most people's reaction: ....???

I used to always write my posts at school! I do this online class (I'm too smart for the normal one :P), so when I'm done with my work, I write blog posts. See? That's why I never have screenshots and why I'm always running short on time!

Well, in any case, I have a WHOLE LOT to blog about... Lotsa updates...

Maybe even a video game ending or two. (hint, hint! :P)

Welll... This is a long DSi post. If my DSi destroys this again I'm going to be SOOOOOOOO angry... no, I'll be that word that starts with 'p'! THAT'S how much work I did...