Monday, August 29, 2011

Skyward Sword's Box Art

Wow... two epic Skyward Sword news posts in a ROW. Well, now the two things I really wanted to know about the upcoming Zelda game are out. Should I keep following the Zelda fansites? I don't want TOO many spoilers. I already told myself that I wouldn't be checking any of the fansites between November 18th and November 20th so that I can't read the whole plot of the game and ruin it for me before it comes out in America.

...Meh, of COURSE I'm going to keep following Zelda news. That's like asking if I'm not going to eat anymore. (Not quite... but close, right? It's a pretty creative comparison, considering I'm just dying from excitement right now and can't focus on much else.)

Here we go: Skyward Sword's box art!

As you may have noticed, there's more than just box art up there! For the increased price of $69.99, you can get a special edtion Skyward Sword bundle. This includes not only the game, but the golden Wii remote we saw at E3 this year, which has the Wii MotionPlus built within it, and a CD featuring songs from the upcoming Zelda symphony concerts. A pretty epic deal.

So now, rather than paying $49.99 like any sane person would, I'm going to dig out an extra $20 and get that CD and remote. ...Well, I guess sane people could still buy the offer, if they didn't have Wii MotionPlus. But I bought that earlier, specifically for Skyward Sword. Now I'll have no use for it at all...


Reminder: November 20th is Skyward Sword's American release date! Oh, how will we stand to wait?!?

(Random: I changed the header! How is it? I probably should put up a poll like always, but I'm too lazy...)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skyward Sword's Release Dates!

Wonderful news! Skyward Sword's release date, at LONG last, has been revealed!!! (Both my affiliates beat me to posting this, but whatever. :P)

United States - November 20th

Europe - November 18th

Lucky Europeans... not only do you all get it two days earlier than us, but you ALSO get it on a FRIDAY! You'll have the whole weekend to play it!

Do you think if I ordered Skyward Sword online from Europe, it would arrive here on the 18th? XD On second thought, I already have it preordered at GameStop, darn it.

Speaking of GameStop, they were surprisingly close with their release date prediction. I was hoping that they'd be proven wrong when the real release date came out, since they kept telling people Skyward Sword would come out "November 25th" when they had no proof whatsoever to back up this ridiculous notion. But they were only a few days off - less than a week.

I'm just disappointed it's not coming out in September. That's my birthday month. Wouldn't it be epic to get Skyward Sword for my birthday?

Oh, I have a random comment: Skyward Sword comes out on Mexican Revolution Day. No, really. I looked at my calender and that's what it said. Who knew? (Besides Mexicans...)

Anyway... that's all I have to say! I think. There WAS more, but Skyward Sword's release date pushed everything out of my mind, haha. (Something about Link's Awakening I think. ...OH! I found a useless glitch in the Wind Fish's Egg! That was it! XD)

One last thing: After logging on today, Blogger told me that Medli's Messages was popular, and "popular blogs make money" off of ads. I'm not putting any ads (at least not yet? XD) but I wanted to point out that Google thinks this blog is popular. WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE VIEWING MY BLOG? I don't mind... BUT STILL?! (I mean, 21 Followers, yet it's "more popular" than the 60+ Followed Sierra's Story? HOW?)