Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Harp Video?

Why yes. This time, it's Fi's Theme/Lament from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I made another harp video! Yay! ^^ It's somewhat disappointing that not as many people are instantly attracted to it as the previous harp video, but I suppose that was to be expected. I'm just sad that I received two dislikes. I didn't get a dislike until months after Ballad of the Goddess, and now, just one day after posting, it has TWO? Ah, well. That's the internet.

Oh! Other updates? I've been considering applying for an article writer at Zelda Dungeon! ...Okay, yes, I know. I wanted to apply a LONG time ago. But I'm thinking about it again. I actually have some ideas now – initially I was going to post them on here, but perhaps I'll save them for ZD, hmm? I wanted to write a post about why I love Link's Awakening (because I really, truly do, even though I haven't played/talked about it as much as some of the others). And I was also thinking about writing "Stuff I Didn't Initally Realize in Zelda" or some title less foolish than that. You know, just a collection of funny stories. That one will probably still end up on here rather than ZD; it's more of a personal thing, anyway, than an article...

Speaking of ZD, I'm obsessed with editing the Wiki. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love editing and writing, and that's entirely what the Wiki is comprised of. I've been staying up until two in the morning editing stuff. XD One day I hope to be a Wiki Scribe! Lately, I've been working on writing Phantom Hourglass articles. It makes me want to play Phantom Hourglass again, haha. I've been using the text dump constantly to look up stuff, since it's been so long since my last playthrough.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video of me playing Fi's Lament! I think it's such a pretty song, although on harp some of its beauty disappears. The original had these gorgeous strings in the background, but I don't play violin, so there was no way to pull that off.

Have a nice day, everyone! (And curse Blogger – my paragraphs disappeared again. Time to try some HTML coding!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What was at E3 this year?


Absolutely nothing.

Funny how in my last post, I hoped it wouldn't be just generic Mario games and Pikmin 3 footage. And that's exactly what it was.

There was, of course, no Zelda – but I could live with that. I could live with it if, maybe, we saw some Smash Bros. (wistful thinking), or even Metroid or Starfox or whatever. Anything besides Mario. Anything new.

In fact, the most Zelda-related thing we saw was this casual Zelda-based mini-game in the upcoming NintendoLand for Wii U. I hope it comes bundled with the Wii U, because I'm not buying it on its own, though it would be interesting to try the Zelda mini-game.

Pikmin 3 didn't look bad. In fact, it looked pretty awesome, and it made for an exciting start to the presentation. I'm just not a Pikmin fan; I was really, really horrible at the first game. But that was at least something different. Oh, and I guess Luigi's Mansion 2 wasn't bad either. I might actually try that game.

But besides that, all we got was Mario. And, I'm terribly sorry to any Mario fans, but that wasn't at all interesting to me. There's never really been a Mario game where I've thought, "Wow, this was amazing!" Super Mario Sunshine was okay on GameCube (I know my friends certainly liked it when I was in elementary school; I bought it because I had a friend who claimed it was better than Super Smash Bros. Melee, and wow, how could that be possible, because Melee was the greatest game of all time ever to exist ever?), but I've never really liked platformers. Not to mention I absolutely suck at them. Who knows? Maybe I'm just not playing the right ones. But from an inexperienced Mario observer, I only saw a New Super Mario Bros. copy with extradordinarily similar graphics that do the Wii U no justice and a couple more items and redesigned levels. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

Oh, and not to mention, if I'm correct, almost every first-party title that Nintendo announced was already confirmed before E3 today. There wasn't anything new at all. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I definitely knew there was a Wii U Mario coming, a Pikmin 3, and Luigi's Mansion 2. The only other thing I heard was a new Paper Mario.

...On the other hand, I suppose I shouldn't lose hope. Nintendo might still be hiding something – though if it's a game as major as a new Zelda, why wouldn't they have shown it today? Maybe we'll still get that HD collection, though, or something similar.

Nintendo's 3DS game announcements will be tomorrow at 6 PM PT. Will we hear something Zelda – or, for the love of Nayru, at least something new?! We'll see!

E3 in an Hour!

...Well, technically it's less than an hour now. More like 48 minutes. But that's okay.

Nintendo's E3 press conference, on June 5th at 9 AM PT, is just about to start. I'm excited – I'm hoping more than anything that they'll have new Super Smash Bros. news, or perhaps even some new Zelda footage. I doubt there'll be anything on Zelda Wii U, but maybe we'll get lucky. It's more likely they'll announce a new Zelda 3DS, or, as the rumor goes, a Zelda Wii U HD Collection of many revamped past games.

I'm planning on watching E3 on TV – mainly since the computer is being used right now by another family member. It's on Spike TV (and, supposedly, on MTV2 as well, but I have no idea what channel that is; I didn't bother looking for it last night). You can also watch it at That's where I watched a pre-E3 presentation on the Wii U. However, while they say it's optimized for smartphones and the like, I initially attempted to watch it on my iPad, and it wasn't working properly. While both image and sound did come through, they were not synced together for some reason, so about half way through the presentation I switched to the computer. I don't want that to happen again.

Anyway... expect an update from me later today, or at least later this month! That is, of course, assuming that there will be something that I care about there, and not just a ton of Zombie shooters and Pikmin and Mario and... I don't even know what else...

(Yes, it's true: I don't like Pikmin, and most Mario games aren't my thing. And I've played the first Pikmin and Super Mario Sunshine and the original Super Mario Bros., and I'm just awful at them all. I'll stick to my story-driven dungeon-puzzle Zelda games.)