About Medli's Messages

Welcome to Medli's Messages. I'm sure that's a bit redundant to say, since, if you're viewing this website in the intended format, there should be a lovely header up there saying just that -- but I want to repeat it just in case.

Medli's Messages is a blog that was created by me, Sierra WinterBreeze, to talk about The Legend of Zelda. I'm just a normal Zelda fan who decided to show my love for the games by writing about them. It has been five years since this blog's creation in May 2009. Since then, it has, as you can expect any website to, changed a lot. It's been a lot like a growing child that doesn't have an identity yet; I feel that despite its age, the blog is still in its infancy, and I still don't quite know what direction it's going in. Lately it's been a struggle just to get my traditional post of the month in, due to real life growing increasingly busier since 2009. But Medli's Messages is still my pride and joy, and I'm happy to share it with others.

What you'll find here is an amalgamation of plenty of topics related to my favorite video game series. It started as a place for me to just describe my own experiences in the game -- kind of like a public Zelda diary. Then, in 2010 and 2011, I started getting more interested not only on this, but also on various news stories, such as the Zelda Wii/Skyward Sword coverage at that time. Yes, I wanted to be like the famous Zelda fansites, like Zelda Universe or Zelda Dungeon, which posted articles every day. But since most of my information came directly for them, it was pretty pointless.

Now... It's just whatever I want to write about. You'll find a few reviews of Zelda-related topics (like Hyrule Historia and the Link's Awakening manga adaption), comments on important Zelda news (like E3 or the announcement of A Link Between Worlds), various lists and recommendations of Zelda-related things (like music or fanfiction), and even the occasional game accomplishment post like the "updates" I did in the early days.

This blog chronicles my Zelda experience. I'm pleased to present it to you and share a bit of why I am so dedicated to this beautiful game series. I hope you enjoy!

Updated: 5/12/14