Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's just pretend I fell off the face of Skyloft for a month.

I, um... I have no idea what to say for this post.

You see, the only reason I'm posting today is because, while looking through old entries, I realized that ever since September 2009, I've posted at least once every month. I can't allow that tradition to end now!

Oh, well, I can say that I got Oracle of Seasons. If I hadn't gone and lost Oracle of Ages, I'd have every game in the series. D:

Funny. Writing this post just reminded me that there's something very important due on March 1st. Which is tomorrow. Dang it. And now I have to do it all in one night! Stupid procrastination! Why can't I get rid of you?!?! Uh... I'll TRY to get back on later. I mean, tomorrow. Or next week. Next month? Yes. That's right. Next month. I have to post on my TToSW blog soon, anyway. I never did announce winners for that contest. O_o But, hey, guess what, guys? Fans of my Wizard101 fanfic will be happy to know that I have actually put all typing of my Zelda fics on hold until I complete The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. Knowing me, you'd expect that promise to be broken in a few hours, but miraculously, I've held out all week. I'm almost done with the story. :D Unfortunately, if there's any silent readers out there who like Awakening or Shards of Time (though WHY so many people like SoT, I will never fathom) then this is bad news. No updates for a good couple weeks. Sorry.

...I swear I'll get another post up soon. This almost feels like cheating. Seriously, can I really say I have a post every month if this post has nothing to do with the topic of "Zelda"? XD

(NOTE: All typos are officially blamed on my iPad.)