Blog Title Origins

If you're staring at my blog title and wondering, "'Medli's Messages'? What is THAT?" then you've come to the right page! Anyone who's played The Wind Waker SHOULD know who she is. Medli is the Sage of Earth on The Wind Waker, and also a part of the Rito Tribe on Dragon Roost Island. Wind Waker was my first Zelda game, so naturally Medli, the only female character on there that has a major role besides Zelda or Aryll (that I can think of at the moment), would be one of my favorite characters, especially since I was so young while playing that game. So I randomly decided to name my blog after her. Okay? O_o

See, here's a picture of Medli. :D

So, Medli used to be, like, my ABSOLUTE fave character... now, I mean, she's still awesome, but I'm over the obsessive love of her. See, my obssessions go quickly. I'll probably be over Zelda in just a few more years. Or maybe not. I guess I've stuck with The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze and Wizard101 over two years, and Zelda is already coming up on six. So who knows?

Update: 2/8/11