Monday, September 27, 2010

Zelda Fan Fiction!

EVERYONE on this blog should know I write stories by now. Most of you read my other blog, Sierra's Story, anyway. And if you read that blog, HOPEFULLY you read The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze, too. I've managed to accumlate a pretty big fanbase for that story. It's really... good encouragement for me to keep writing. ;)

Up until recently, though, I never really... classified my story. I guess, though, it's a "fanfic." Meaning a story based on a video game, book, anime, or WHATEVER written by a fan. I didn't know much about fan fiction until recently. That "recently" would be when I happened to be on Legend of on my DSi (yes, the same stupid one that I can't write blog posts on anymore). There was little, TINY section in the bottom left-hand corner that said, 'fan fiction.'

Hmm. Well, I used to read Wizard101 stories written by other people, although I haven't had time lately. Maybe these Zelda ones could be just as good..?

UNFORTUNALTEY, none of the stories on there are that good. Okay, actually, most of them were REALLY good. But they were SHORT! *sob* I LIKE LONG STORIES! Plus, half of them ended so abruptly! One even stopped in the middle of the sentence!

But this is what got me addicted to Zelda fan fiction. There was only one I really liked: Twilight Successors. I mean, the others were okay too, but that was the one that stood out the most. If anyone is interested in reading it... the link is here.

I ended up reading EVERY story on there. Which honestly wasn't that many...

Anyway, I was offficially fascinated by fanfics. I especially liked the ones with Link in it - I LOVE reading how they portray his personality. There were only two of those stories with Link in it, though, and one was the one that ended in the middle of the sentence. >.< So I had to go off and search for a new source of stories...

So I found the Sacred Realm!

And man, there were a LOT of good stories on there. Best of all, they were LONG. They had CHAPTERS.

...And most were unfinished.

...And I have NO hope of them being updated, since they're apparently not accepting any new submissions. -.-

*sigh* Oh well.

Good stories I found on here:

Stories by Lysia (Hylians of the Future and Trusting a Traitor)

Stories by Megan O'Shea. The Sister wasn't all that good, but you need to read it to understand the two sequels that ARE good, The Quest and The Tempest. The Tempest isn't over, though... *sob*

Absolute Power by Wizera - OMG, this story was SO original, and so AMAZINGLY written. They obviously know a lot about castles and whatever, where I do... not. I was going to DESTROY my DSi when it didn't have enough memory to save the whole, epicly long story! I had to actually get on a computer to read the rest! XD

Child of Darkness by Lock of Hyrule - also not done. This was the first story I read on here, too. Well... the first story that was GOOD.

Sharmani's Revenge - only good if you read the Chronicles of Narnia.

And, um, hmm... I'm SURE there were more... but I don't remember. Wow, I must have too much time on my hands to post all those links. XD

OKAY! But, well, I couldn't find any other good stories on this site after a while. I read some interesting ones, but none of them were really good enough to make it to my list of epicness, mentioned above. XD So I had to find a new website.

Tnaz juuuuust so happened to come into my life at that moment. And when he was over at our house one day, he forced me to read two stories on another fanfic website, Fan One of the stories he made me read was about Zelda breaking up with Link for Marth, and the other was Link dying. O_o

And THEN he told me to read his own story, based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It was VERY good. He's an epiclatastical author. However... he KILLED OFF LINK! He just LOVES making Link hurt, doesn't he? Geez! Oh, AND he killed Toon Link. And Zelda. AND Pikachu, which is my BACK-UP character for when I don't play as Zelda ones in Brawl!

NOT. COOl. >.<

'Specially since Link was the one who killed Pikachu, Zelda, and Toon Link. And Ike, but we don't care about him. XD It's a long story. Read it if you want to know why Link is killing everyone. :P

Luckily, I THINK I made a pact with him to bring the Zelda characters back! ...Or at least Toon Link, 'cuz he's the bestest. I gave him a Uxie Pokemon card for his promise to make Toon Link come back to life.

THEN I got addicted to Fan :D

First story I read was Cheers, which he recommended to me as another SSBB fanfic - and let me tell you, this was NOT giving me a good outlook on this website. Link died in that one, too. And Ganondorf. And Pikachu. And, oh, EVERY character that was in that story. That would include the three above characters, and Peach, Luigi, Fox, and Falco. I think I'm starting to get an idea of the kinds of stories Tnaz likes. -.-

Second was Darkside of Power. Another recommended by him. No one died in it. Yay! :D Main character was Toon Link. Double yay! :DD It was short. Noes! O:

By then, I'd decided to stop listening to him. He only read Pokemon and SSBB fanfics, anyway, not Zelda ones. I wanted ZELDA!

...And I went off looking on my own.

I remember the titles of the stories I first read, and it's not like they were BAD stories or anything... but they were just OKAY stories. Not insanely awesome. Like my second list of epicness I will give you below. Sadly, they will not have links. I can only view these stories on my DSi - the actual website has advertisements that give our computer viruses. >.<

The below stories are in order by awesomefulisticalazing to slightly less awesomefulisticalazing. :P

Zelda: A Fairytale. If you're like me and LOVE old-fashioned fairy tales with princesses and such, this is the most awesome story you'll EVER find. It's based on Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and I LOVED it.

The Return and Reconciliation by Rose Zemlya. Oh. Em. Gee. How the heck can someone be so totally INCREDIBLE at writing, especially in the point of view of a video game character that really didn't have much in the way of personality during the games, and make it so long it took me days to finish, and kept me entertained that whole time? READ THESE STORIES. The type of voice reminds me of... Pendragon. Those novels are awesome. And kinda Percy Jackson, too. But this is BETTER than Percy Jackson (maybe). I love Link in this story, though - he's so sarcastic. Gotta love a sarcastic hero. XD (But ignore the swearing - I don't like it either, but at least it's funny.) Reconciliation is The Return's sequel. READ THEM. NOW.

The Hero of Wolves by The Wolfess. Again: *gasps in awe at epicness* This was the first "AWESOME" story I read on And I was, like, AMAZED. I want to write like this! Badly! Very, very, very, very, very badly! It was just updated on Friday, too, so I know this isn't one of those stories where someone writes for a while, then gives up! This story is based on Twilight Princess. I think I really like this, again, because of Link's personality. He's like a wolf. Wolves are epic. :D But, like... wow. Read this one, too. After The Return and Reconciliation. ;)

The Silent Kingdom by Freedan the Eternal. I didn't think much of this one at first, but the more and more I think about it, the more I realize I really enjoyed it. There was some content in it that was not... suitable to little children. XD And it would never get on Central, lolz. Too much swearing. But if you can ignore that part, it's pretty good. I love how they introduced SO many new concepts - five new countries, and entirely new CONTINENT, the concept of spells and magic, the races of elves and Dra'thul (dark elves), the golems (lol, you can guess that made me think of Golem Tower in W101), and all sorts of amazingly original stuff. Except maybe elves. Not exactly original. :P But whatever.

Fate Favors the Fearless by Freyjadour. Um, this was a bit violent, lolz! But I like the whole history they've made up of the Ordonians and their relationship with Hyrule. I mean, where the heck do they get this from? I didn't see ANY evidence in the game that Hylians didn't like Ordon, nor that Ordon was a war village. Seemed more like the boring, sleepy ranch town, hehe. This story hasn't been updated in a while, though. :(

Parallel Symphony and Parallel Hearts by Firebird-X. Parallel Symphony was AMAZING. ...Parallel Hearts was okay. It seemed more like a Super Smash Bros. fanfic to me, though. I mean, where does Samus come in in Twilight Princess? Or Mega man? Or - what the heck - SMASH BALLS? And since when are Wind Waker Link and Twilight Princess Link in the same game (although I reeeeally liked that part - WW Link pwns!!!)?

I can't really think of others that were super incredible. I just starting reading a new one called Legacy of the Sages by Kerian Halcyon. Looks promising. :D For others that were pretty good by not good enough for the epicness list, look at my favorites on My pen name is TwilightWakerofTime.

Oh, and honorable mention to Pirates of the Seas. You'd be on this list if there weren't minor swearing (even though above stories had it too) and the chapters were longer and more frequent. XD


That's a post I've been wanting to write for a loooong time.

It was FUN to write. :D

Oh, one thing! I... am OFFICALLY GOING TO WRITE MY OWN FAN FICTION. I can't stand reading other people's (ooookay, yes I can :D) and not have my own! I just need an idea for a setting. Should it be Ocarina of Time based, or Twilight Princess? How old should Link be? If it's OoT, should Navi be there (I've struggled with this for SO long... you can imagine why. I want her to be, but Idk how to explain her disappearence at the end of OoT)? If it's TP, should Midna be there (again, HOW would she be there, anyway)? *sigh* I wrote an AWESOME prologue, though. ...Ooh! I should post it here!!! Maybe I will. I really like the prologue, but... I can't begin the first chapter. I really don't know where I was going with the prologue, I just sort of started writing it. Btw, the fanfic would be called "The Blade of Evil's Bane," and it would be about, um, something happening to the Master Sword so Link can't use it to defeat Ganondorf when he returns. Idk what will happen, yet. That's just a breif overview, brought to you by Timeless! :D

Okay. Enough typing. I gtg to bed. ...And read more fan fiction. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell them to me! :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good, bad, and useless news.

Which do ya want first: Good, bad, or pointless/useless/no-one-cares-about news?

I'll start with the... bad.

The bad news is: THERE IS NO BAD NEWS! *gasp* I wrote a post about bad news, and there isn't any! Oh, what will I do? The struggle to find something to type is killing me!

Well, bad news COULD be that I STILL won't have much time for blog posting. I haven't even been on Central lately. Or Wizard101. Or, I'm ashamed to admit, Zelda games. I've... been reading fan fiction. Yeah. Or playing Min- um, nvm. We'll get to that in the GOOD NEWS section. :D Oh, and there's still no official release date for Skyward Sword. Trust me. I'd know.

Useless news:

HUNTER THUNDERSHIELD NAMES ALL HIS ZELDA FILES DOUGH FOR SOME REASON. And then I played through Twilight Princess ('cuz all my friends fail at the Forest Temple - seriously, that was, like, the fifteenth time I've had a friend ask me to beat the temple for them! I now know it like the back of my hand - that sadly lacks a Triforce, just because you all wanted to know XD), and the light spirit called him "Heroic Dough." O_o

Good news... and luckily, in video games, there's a LOT of it right now:

I HAD MY BIRTHDAY! :D It was the sixteenth of September. Sorry, can't tell you how old I am. Who knows what freaks are reading this... *thinks of Navi and shudders* XD

Okay, okay. But you're wondering why the heck this is in a Zelda blog.

Well... my ACTUAL birthday wasn't that great. Sure, I got ice cream cake. But I did work all day. But... I got a Zelda t-shirt! It says, "Don't make me go Zelda on you!" :D

But then, my birthday PARTY was epiclatastical. All my bestest friends were there: Sydney, um... Noob? Is that what I call him now? He doesn't have a wizard. And a girl from school who neither has any Zelda games nor plays Wizard101 came. And another friend of mine who I can call either Wolf or Tnaz was there. He's the newest member of our Zelda/Pokemon/Wizard101 fan club. Members: Me, Rowan, Sydney, Hunter, Deku/Noob/WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL HIM, and now Tnaz. His Wizard101 character is Wolf DeathBringer. So, anyway, he is my bestest friend/enemy. Frenemy? Is that what it's called? O.o

Okay. So. I, um, kinda took up most of our four hours playing Wind Waker. O_o But, look, in all the FIVE YEARS I've had it, I've NEVER gotten to play it on the large TV in our living room! I was able to that day, and it was so epiclatastical! I wish now that I'd had a chance to try out TP on it, too. Ah, well.

Anyway, I tried playing Wind Waker. I was going to the final boss. Sydney and I switched off a lot. I mean, we wanted to see the ending with all the super epic cutscenes. However... my cutscene file got CORRUPTED, remember? >.<>.<

So, it's like, RIGHT THERE... and I can't play it. And he KNEW I couldn't play it.

Oh, my gosh, did I mention how much I hate him?

Sydney's so awesome - she let me borrow her DS Lite for a few weeks! SO I GOT TO PLAY IT! Two elements down... and no clue how to get the Water element. Sydney's no help either, dangit. O_o

Okay, and my OTHER good news.


Yep. Just today. Me is excited. ;)

Oh, and LAST good news:

I GOT DRAGON QUEST! Nine, I think? Idk. It's Sentinels of the Starry Skies. ...'Kay, I know this is a Zelda blog, but whatever. I named my character Zelda. Does that count? XD I fully intend to make a character called Link when I get the chance. And then maybe one called Sierra. I just didn't make my main character Link 'cuz as much as I love playing as him in LoZ, I really would prefer a girl character. O_o

...Okay, I've been typing away for a half hour. This post is LONG. If you read all of this, YOU'RE THE MOST DEDICATED AND AWESOMEFULISTICALAZING READER EVER. Congratulations. Please comment, awesomefulisticalazing reader. :D

And goodnight!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The EVIL Memory Card Curse!

And THAT is its official name, now. Considering the amount of damage and confusion it's causing in the video game aspects of my life, it deserves its own blog posts, instead of constant teensy-tiny mentions in previous posts.

Oh, before I go off onto a big rant, sorry about the lack of updates. *sigh* There's so much I want to say... like mentioning "Heroic Dough" (that line STILL makes me laugh! :D), my recent attempts in Phantom Hourglass, good fanfics (including my own), and so on. But... my days are too long now to keep up with much of ANYTHING anymore. Darn school/homework/swim team...

Now for the curse.

Let's list the games that have been corrupted:

Wind Waker (may that epiclatastcial cutscene file R.I.P!)

Pokemon Colloseum (I miss NightRings SOOOOO MUCH! *SOB*)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Man, I think this game hates me or something. It just won't let me keep Young Link.)

Sonic Heroes (umm... long story)

Animal Crossing (Well, at least the people I hated are gone. Like Bubbles? We sent him death threats. XD)

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Do you know how WEIRD that game is? But it's kinda fun. However, recently, my sis compared it to Ocarina of Time... and its kinda scary how alike they are in some ways. Freeing chicken elders from eggs is like awakening sages. Yeah, we compare EVERYTHING to Zelda. xD)

Yeah. How sad. All those games... lost...


I have GREAT news. Kinda. Well, for SOME games its great news. For Pokemon Colloseum, Wind Waker, and Animal Corssing, it's not so much... but for Melee, it's AWESOMEFUL!

My sister decided to play Billy Hatcher for some strange reason. :P Anyway, she played through a few levels, but when she tried to save... the game said that the file was CORRUPTED! O: So she saved it to a different file. She then turned off the game and tried to play the first file again. Still corrupted. Then she took the memory card OUT... and put it back in... and guess what? SUDDENLY IT WASN'T CORRUPTED! *gasp*

Even before this, it happened with Melee. Since I was so disappointed at the loss of our file, I told my sister that I would get back Young Link if it was the last thing I did! XD So I went on to get him back... and found there was no need. No "file corrupted" message of any sort came up. The intro started as usual, the menu screen came up, and I pressed start. The game was running completely normally. Stunned, I went into Classic Mode, as I had been about to do before (you play 10 Classic or Adventure mode ten times, with Link and Zelda as two of the characters to get Young Link), and found that all our characters were still there - INCLUDING YOUNG LINK! :D



It's good.

Sometimes the corrupted message will still show up, oddly enough, but I just take it out and put it back in (and sometimes restart the game) and the characters will be there good as new! Yayes! XD

It doesn't work for Wind Waker though... or Pokemon (*SOB*), or whatever else was affected. But I think that Young Link is good enough for me right now. Even though I would DIE to get NightRings back (maybe. Or maybe I'm bluffing.)

Anyway, I gtg now. Later tonight I will post again, if I have time. Likely I won't.

Oh, today's a holiday too, right? Happy whatever-holiday-it-is! XD