Monday, December 31, 2012

Yay for New Year!

*Looks at post count of 2012*



Okay, 2009... 49 posts. 2010... 89 posts. 2011... 63 posts.

And 2012 has FOURTEEN?

Whoa. My activity dropped pretty badly this year, huh? Only May and June got more than one post. D:

I'm sorry. But this hasn't been a very Zelda-active year, huh? It's sad, actually. We haven't gotten anything cool this year, aside from Symphony of the Goddesses.

And why didn't I make a post about that? Uggh, now I can't remember it! I'm such an idiot! :(

Maybe I still should make a post. Man, I don't know why I didn't write one earlier! I had perfect memory of it all then...

...Now all I can remember was when the announcer guy mentioned the Water Temple and I laughed way too hard...

And then they played Ballad of the Wind Fish and I was the happiest Zelda fan ever...


Um, yeah. 2012 sucked for Zelda fans. Let's leave it at that.

I'm going to pray at 2013 is better. I really, really, REALLY want to see a new Zelda game at E3 next year. We've still got six months to go, and I'm already so excited for E3 2013. I watched the Wii U Tech Demo again yesterday from 2011 (which was one of the best years in Zelda history; thanks, 25th anniversary!) because I was planning on making a signature out of it, and it is BEAUTIFUL. No words can describe the fangirly excitement I feel when watching that trailer. I was pretty darn happy watching SS, but somehow it's even better seeing this tech demo that might never come true.

I'm not sure how that works, but...

Well, guys, I hope you all have a happy New Year. ...Yeah, that's right. I don't have anything Zelda-related to update. Except... I beat Unicorn's Cave, fifth dungeon of Oracle of Seasons. And now I'm back to the beginning of the OoS cycle, which is get lost, miraculously find dungeon, get stuck in dungeon, pwn dungeon, and repeat. So... yeah. I'm not sure where these ruins are that the Maku Tree is talking about. There was a place called... Temple Remains or something, but there's just this big, stupid gaping hole there that I can't cross, so maybe that isn't it. Or maybe I'm missing something.

Ugh. I hate the "get lost" stage.

Um, yeah, that's all. Oh, and there's Dog House glitch on Link's Awakening that I don't think I covered yet. Maybe in a later post I can discuss that!

But for now... I just listened to the Skyward Sword credits song while writing this, and it just ended, fading into the Rhythm Thief musical from Random Encounters... so I think that's my cue!

You know what was funny earlier? I have a TON of Zelda songs and Random Encounters musicals and MLP songs on my iPad, and I love putting them on shuffle and listening. Earlier, I got Game Over of Link's Awakening, a Majora's Mask remix (forgot what song, but it was Majora's Mask for goodness sake), Game Over of OoX, and Game Over of LoZ all in one go. Not even joking. Is my iPad telling me something?

While writing that, Rhythm Thief ended and now I'm listening to Shadow Temple. Yaaay!

Yeah, well, that's it. XD I'm done telling you all about what songs I'm listening to while writing this post, haha. Bottom line is: I hope you all have a very happy New Year's Eve and Day. I'm having some friends over.

Have a good holiday, everybody! Late Merry Christmas and all that. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Skyward Sword!

This... is incredible.

I can't believe it, but it's true. Somehow, a year has passed, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is officially one year old. Here in the U.S. we've still got two days to go, but this is the date it was released in Europe.

Wow. It doesn't feel like a year. Not at all.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to really celebrate its birthday, since my family plans on heading to some festival thing. And this morning I've spent SS's birthday browsing Zelda Dungeon and playing Link's Awakening, so yeah. But hopefully I can celebrate it on the twentieth, which will be the day that I, personally, have had it for a year.

It's just so unbelievable! It still feels like I was just recently pouring over websites and absorbing every little bit of pre-game info I could get before its release date. And then... completing the game is still so vivid in my mind...

If really does prove the saying, doesn't it? "Time flies when you're having fun"?

Yeah. Really. :)

Interestingly enough, in addition to Skyward Sword turning one, the Wii U comes out today. I was on the fence for a very long time over whether I should get it on launch date or not, and I finally decided against it. There really aren't any games I want to play on it yet. Besides, Club Nintendo doesn't even offer a warranty extension! What's with that? I really do want that limited edition deluxe package though... I hope limited edition isn't TOO limited...

I'll just leave it at that for now. If I end up having more time later today, I'll post some of my favorite Skyward Sword trailers and my thoughts about them. Of course, I already HAVE done that, when we were still waiting for SS... but, you know, it HAS been a year. Maybe my thoughts have changed?

Well, that's all for now. Have a great day everyone! Play some Skyward Sword or Wii U or something! ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Medli's Messages' Third Halloween!


If you celebrate it.

It's one of my favorite holidays, so I hope you do.

So this is Medli's Messages' Third Halloween. ...Well, technically it's the fourth, but last year I didn't really care and never posted anything about it. So this is the third Halloween POST.

Guess what, guys: this year, I was Zelda! ...Not like I was Zelda the year before last, which was essentially an old Sleeping Beauty costume with a Triforce painted on a cardboard cut-out tied in the front, but in an actually decent Zelda cosplay, custom-made by a fantastic friend of mine. I was Skyward Sword Zelda, to be specific. And, considering the amount of work she put into the costume, I think I'll probably be SS Zelda next year. And the year after that. And the year after.

It's okay, though. It was so much fun to be a character from my favorite video game series.

I'm afraid I've left my blogging to the last day of the month again, although I have excuse this time because it's Halloween. And... honestly, very little Zelda-related stuff have happened lately. That includes news and personal achievements.

In fact, the only thing I've done that's Zelda-related pretty much all month is play Adventure of Link. And knowing the reputation of that game, I'm sure you can imagine how THAT turned out.

...Okay, actually, it was pretty good. See, the nice thing about AoL is that when you accomplish something, you feel SO awesome afterward. Did I tell you that story about my erased progress earlier? Well, my 3DS somehow erased some of my progress in AoL so that I was before the second boss that I'd already pwned earlier. Fortunately, it didn't get rid of all the progress in dungeon two (I probably would have just tossed away the game and said, 'Well, I tried!' if that was the case), but it had been so long since I'd beat him that I didn't know where the boss room was anymore. I've spent quite a few times trying to find him since then (and experienced the pain of death – or rather, watching Link die – and Ganon's infuriating laughter on numerous occasions), and only yesterday did I at long last locate his room.

And what do you know? Despite having died a good five or six times initially, I beat him on my first try.

...It's because I had the Life spell, really. I didn't have that the first time through the dungeon. In fact, the way I found the spell is rather humorous; see, I wanted the spell from Saria town, and the woman there wanted her mirror. Only after I completed dungeon two did I remember the line from AoL that's randomly written in first person: "I found a mirror under the table!" So I found a room with nothing but a table in it and, lo and behold, there was a mirror and that peculiar line of dialogue showed up.

My Zelda trivia skills actually were useful for once.

...You know, I keep getting the towns Saria and Ruto mixed up. Because, you know. It's "Water Town of Saria", but Ruto's a Zora in OoT, so I think of HER being related to water and all...

...Oh my gosh. I just realized that every single one of the Sages' names end in a vowel. Weird.

In other news, I started Skyward Sword again. Um, but I think this was last month, maybe. I can't really remember when, to be honest. But it was interesting. I decided I was going to try 6 Heart Challenge in Hero Mode. I was breezing through it, and I reached Ghirahim, beat him, took my Heart Container, and then got the Tablet. Then I headed back to Skyloft and collected some Goddess Chests, but when I got in to the Lumpy Pumpkin to grab the Heart Piece there I suddenly realized:

"Wait. I have seven hearts."

I was so excited after beating Debbie that I grabbed the Heart Container and SAVED.

So I started over. But I'm stupid, so I went out of my way to collect Heart pieces and now I have three. One more and the six heart thing is ruined again. Better not forget... and save often. And check my heart count before I save.

Well, seven minutes until midnight. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Forgot about that. But I'm totally excited. Go look it up if you don't know what it is.

Alright, that's it! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

LA Update – Anticlimactic Alternate Ending!

Hi guys. It's my birthday today.

I mean, um... that has no relevance to anything at all, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Just because.

So, I'm ready to write another Link's Awakening post. I'm sure everyone's getting annoyed that I keep rambling about it, but it's my favorite game right now so SHUT UP. It's my blog.

Just under ten minutes ago, I completed my no-death run of Link's Awakening DX on the 3DS Virtual Console. I wasn't quite as moved this time by the sadness of everyone disappearing forever, but it was still pretty emotional for me. Later, you're going to hear ANOTHER rambling post from me about how incredible the music is. This is the first Zelda game to really make music an important part of the gameplay, something which even Ocarina of Time, "the greatest game on earth", decided to follow.

So, there's just a few things I wanted to touch on. This is my second playthrough of LA, and thus I was a lot better at it. A LOT better. I didn't die, right?


Well, no. Not exactly right.

See, I DID die once. And – as ashamed as I am to admit it – I CHEATED.


You see, the 3DS has "Restore Point" things where you can save your progress on the bottom screen at any point of the game and then return to that point whenever you feel like it. Meaning that if I create a restore point right before I die, then I can go back to the point right before I died and then NOT die. See?

Now, you know me and my hatred of walkthroughs and help like that. You know I want my accomplishments, such as this no death playthrough thing, to be indisputable. This definitely qualifies as making it disputable. Why do you think I didn't just start over the whole game once I died, as I was sorely tempted to do?

Because I SWEAR my death was a fluke.

This is how the beginning of the game went. I got through Mysterious Woods, through Tail Cave, and the Moblin Hideout, and so on, and I felt pretty good. I hadn't even come CLOSE to dying yet. Then I go to the second dungeon, Bottle Grotto, right? I went through the whole thing and I was STILL doing awesome! I couldn't help but think how easy getting this alternate ending would be. So I grab the boss key, and make a lovely restore point just a couple rooms back just in case my 3DS exploded or something (I'm not sure that a restore point would help there, but you know) and head in to the Genie's room.

Annnnnd I died.

I was so shocked. Utterly horrified that all of my work had been for nothing. I wondered what exactly I should do; I was still playing through this game for the Wiki, anyway. I was trying to get info on LA to add to pages, and the no death thing was just a bonus. Should I start over or what?

Well, though it pained me to do so, I chose to load up my restore point anyway. I was a few rooms back from the boss, so I solved the puzzle: whack the crystal and make the blocks go down, go left two screens, pick up the bottle and use Roc's Feather to jump to the other side of the pit, get the Boss Key out of the chest, hit the crystal, walk on top of the blocks to the right, then go right two more screen. Then you kill the Pol's Voices in the room and lift up this one bottle in the bottom right of the room to get a fairy to heal with, then a staircase appears and you enter it to get in front of the boss door.

I entered the door. I died again.

Furiously determined at this point, I did the things again – hit the switch, grab the key, kill the monsters, get the fairy, enter the staircase: AND I DIED AGAIN.

I was able to get to the second half of the Genie battle, you see. In that phase, though, he splits himself into clone-like figures, so you never know where he'll appear and where you can hit him. And his fireballs take a full heart of damage, so with my 4 hearts I could only make four mistakes.

Four mistakes is too few.

So, as you can tell from that long explanation above about what I needed to do before the boss, I remember it well. Want to know why that is? It's because I died SEVEN FREAKING TIMES and had to do all those actions SEVEN FREAKING TIMES before it occurred to me that I could make a new restore point right before the boss's room. And even then it took me forever – I died another four or so times before FINALLY killing that stupid, stupid, STUPID GENIE.

As soon as I did, I was OVERJOYED. I didn't even care that I'd broken my rule not use those silly restore things. I'D FINALLY KILLED THAT DUMB JERK, SO I WAS HAPPY.

Immediately afterward, I headed to Crazy Tracy's house to get some Secret Medicine. It works like a fairy in future games: it heals you automatically if you lose all your hearts.

And guess what? I still have that medicine.

In case you don't understand, I'm implying that I never died once after that Genie battle. If you assumed as much, you'd be correct.

After that, I went through the whole game without dying once, and without even using the Secret Medicine I bought way back before the third dungeon. I still had that medicine earlier today when I went to fight Nightmare the final boss, and I didn't use it.

I suppose you could argue, "Hey, you used the blue clothes, which gave you double defense!" And I suppose that's a valid point. If I hadn't had the increased defense from the Color Dungeon, then maybe I WOULD have used that medicine. But I still wouldn't have died. And I didn't get those cloth until after the third dungeon, so I went through at least one without any problems.


I really want to know! Is he a notoriously hard boss or something, or am I missing some obvious strategy that makes it easier to beat him? There's GOT to be something wrong with that guy! It can't just be me! I beat the WHOLE GAME without even coming close to dying, but that dumb Genie killed me at least TEN times! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?



Yeah... I'm sorry. I honestly don't get it, though. But know this: I will never forget this day, Genie. And some day, far in the future, I'll replay Link's Awakening, and I WILL kill you. You shall never taste victory ever again, for I will forever remember your scheming and evil fireballs, and I will find a way to defeat you without dying. This is a new "thing", for me; it's just like how I'll never forget knocking over my Wii and restarting MM because I was angry at those ReDeads. Or, more accurately, I won't forget where to get bombs in MM because I was stupid and didn't realize there's a Bomb Shop in Clock Town. Actually, this closely resembles how I now know to not press any buttons when doing the Goron's part of the Moon in order to get the Fierce Deity's mask.

...Hmm. I was pretty stupid in Majora's Mask, wasn't I?

Anyway, I beat the game earlier and the no death ending that I worked so hard for was quite anticlimactic. Marin just shows up and she turns into a seagull. I knew that was what would happen, but I thought... I don't know. I thought it would happen in a more interesting way, you know?

Well, that Genie tale is pretty much the only interesting story from my LA DX playthrough. I can't think of anything else that happened that's worth telling on this blog. But that should be enough for now, right?
Have a nice day, everyone. Hopefully I'll come up with another post later this month. ^^

Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm sooooooorrrrrryyyy! D:

I had big plans for August posts – I've had the blog up in a separate tab for a good week or so. Unfortunately, I've procrastinated again. Sorry guys. This is sort of just a brief update so that I can keep my record again.

At least I have some news! First of all, school has started back up for me, and I've been quite busy. Am I allowed to blame my absence from this blog on that? ...Well, in reality, it's mainly the Zelda Dungeon Wiki. I'm kind of scared now. I think I'm literally obsessed with it. I HAVE to get in at least two edits per day. It's like how I need one post per month here – I've had to at least edits per day since June 9th or something like that, so I'm keeping it up. That's what I was just doing before I remembered this blog: adding references the Photo Album page for Link's Awakening.

Oh, hey, since I have about fifteen minutes, how about I tell a short story? I remember seeing the Photo Album page on Zelda Wiki forever ago, and I looooved the pictures. I didn't have Link's Awakening at the time, and I was amazed by them. I saved that page on my DSi – remember when I used to use that for everything, before I got my 3DS and iPad? Yeah. I think it's still on my favorites (or bookmarks or whatever the heck they call it on there). But, yeah, so, I really wanted to make my own Photo Album page. Sooooo I did. On July 22nd, 2012, I made the page for Photo Album. Yay. ^^

...That was a lame story. I'm sorry.

Anyway, on the wiki I'm doing mostly Link's Awakening stuff. See, I've been replaying through LA in an attempt to get the no death ending. After I'm done, I'll write an update about it, since I have at least one funny story to tell. It involves how I'm getting my no deaths. Well, you see, after the first dungeon I hadn't even come close to dying, and I was sooo confident going into the second dungeon, and then at the end... well, I won't tell you, haha. I find it annoyingly hilarious – it was really frustrating at the time but it's funny now – and I'm sure I'll have some fun ranting and raging about it later.

Ooooh. Annnd... well, I bought a new game. You know me – that's a big deal, right? Well, maybe you wouldn't know since I only talk about my purchases that interest me, which are primarily Zelda stuff, but yeah. Kid Icarus, before this game, was the last game I bought. It's rare that I get something new. But anyway, there was the Steam sale, and I've been wanting to try this game for a long time – since November, actually, but I was kind of preoccupied with SS to even worry about it – and I finally got it with the sale. Of course, I went on vacation to Canada that same day, so I had to wait a good two weeks or so before I can play it.

Can you guess what it is yet? If not, don't worry; I'll tell you in a later post. Promise. It's kind of like Dragon Quest IX in the sense that I love it enough that I'd actually write an update-esque post about it. So there. It's a GOOD game. Okay, I know I was mean and biased and judgemental about it earlier, but I never said I didn't like it. I did say I'd probably never try it, but you know, it was against Skyward Sword, so–

...I'm going to reveal the answer if I say any more... :P

Anyway, it's 11:55. I guess I'm not going to finish that Photo Album update before the time limit now, but that's okay. I already did my two edits for today.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot the most important announcement:


I'm quite ecstatic. I haven't preordered it yet because my parents want me to go to a bookstore to
order it, but whatever. I'm excited! ^^

Well, goodnight everyone! Enjoy September! That's my birthday month...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Link's Awakening Manga... amazing.

I think I've mentioned once or twice that Link's Awakening is among my favorite video games of all time, right? I know I haven't been posting too often, but I'm sure I've at least implied that. Quite frankly, the story and the music are the best in the series.

I have been aware of the existence of the Link's Awakening manga for a while now; I buried that information in the back of my mind long ago, when I was still browsing random pages on Zelda Wiki and managed to find the entry for it, a complete and utter noob to the series trying to learn more about the games I wished to someday own. It didn't interest me back then (I mean, it was going to be translated eventually like the other Zelda manga I was undoubtedly waiting for; duh).

As I stated in my previous post, I've been contributing to the Zelda Dungeon Wiki a lot recently, and yesterday I somehow stumbled upon this wiki's own entry about the Link's Awakening manga. With not much else to do, I decided to follow the link that was listed at the bottom of the page, which led to a translation on History of Hyrule.


This manga managed to perfectly capture everything I loved about the game... and more.

Listen: I used to rant on and on about how incredible the manga series was. I thought they were perfect adaptions of these incredible games. In fact, one might say they were what made me become a Zelda fan – I bought the Ocarina of Time manga, Volume One, when I only owned The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, so I really hadn't cared much about the "Legend of Zelda" aspect of those two games' titles until I read the manga and became interested in previous installments. Actually, now that I think of it, I've been reading the manga since the very first volume released; as this post suggests, I waited until the day almost every volume came out, to get it on the first day or as soon as possible (such as the Christmas following OoT V2's release).

In recent years, I've reread most of the manga, and they're decidedly... cheesy. Oh, no, I still love them to death. The artwork's incredible, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to make a video game into a fully comprehensive story. Not just a story, even – a manga. I won't pretend to know a lot about manga, but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of work put into them.

But... some parts are so cliché, they're cringe-worthy.

Link doesn't have a personality. Or, if he does, he's either annoyingly overconfident, annoyingly under-confident, or way too into the Hero stereotype with helping out people and destroying evil for him to be even somewhat believable. The only exception was Four Swords, where, of course, each of the Links had a defining personality to them – although Green was still our classically annoying sterotype. Plus, a lot of important or interesting plot points are skipped. Seriously, what happened to the Shadow Temple? That was my favorite Ocarina of Time Dungeon. On top of it all, there are tons of mistakes. I'm certain the Japanese writing is better, but still. (I think specifically of "Are you sure you should be telling tell me something so important, Zelda?" from Ocarina of Time Volume One... and the lines were mixed up once in The Minish Cap, twice in Four Swords Volume Two... and I thought for a good while that Ocarina of Time came out in 1996 because of an error...)

Now, back on topic, let's go to the Link's Awakening manga. I discovered that it was actually made by a different artist: Ataru Cagiva. The other mangas are written by Akira Himekawa, a collaboration of two women. I have no idea who Ataru Cagiva is or what his/her other projects might be, but their manga adaptation of one of my favorite games was beautiful.

I suppose one might still say that there were cheesy moments and Link's personality wasn't all that better: he still had that frustrating overconfidence. And, another thing I never really liked about the A Link to the Past official manga was Ghanti, a random OC who appeared to be added in for no reason other than the authors' enjoyment. I still can't figure out the reason behind Master Drona in the Link's Awakening manga. He just appears out of nowhere and wants to fight Link. Seriously, you couldn't have pulled out a mini-boss or something for that role? Why was a random pig-guy necessary? Felicia, Link's fairy companion, also got on my nerves occasionally, but from one point of view, I could kind of see why the author had added her; she held the instruments for Link, which is something that was never really explained in the game, and she was useful when Link needed someone to talk to. She also contributed to the feelings of betrayal that appeared later, and she heighten the emotion – but I'll talk about that more later. And the translators still made mistakes, just like VizKidz (Your dead! Spin Attcak!).

So, if there's still all these problems, what made Link's Awakening the best manga for me?

The emotion. The emotion is exactly why I loved Link's Awakening in the first place. I didn't cry in Skyward Sword, nor in Majora's Mask, nor in any other video game in existence – but I strongly recall, more than any other moment in Zelda history, reading the tablet in Southern Face Shrine in Link's Awakening. This was the real turning point of the game, where everything is revealed to be an illusion... and the point at which all is revealed is just so, so amazing...

This picture...

With this text...


Combined with this hauntingly gorgeous music...

...makes my favorite Zelda moment.

Now, to return to the topic... The manga captured this beautifully. The reason I liked Link's Awakening Manga Link more than any of the others was because of his emotions. He reacted as any normal person would – confusion, anger, feelings of betrayal toward those who had been helping him, and those who had known. I felt one of the best moments was when Link actually tried to escape the island along with Marin on a raft. I really felt that that was a realistic decision someone would make.

...And the whole time Link read that tablet, the music was going through my head...

I'm also going to throw out that I loved the "Messenger of Awakening" title. That should have totally been in the game. I think Link was developed very well, where he starts off completely willing to save the island, from going to denying his destiny, to deciding that it is fate after all.

Another great improvement over Akira Himekawa's manga – there was actually some action! The dungeons all felt rushed in the mangas, where as here, Link was shown fighting not only bosses, but also weaker enemies, even around Koholint Island's overworld while travelling.

Another great point: the characters. ...Besides Link, since I already mentioned that I loved him. When I first started reading it, I wasn't expecting a much different experience than the other Zelda mangas. In fact, the first volume wasn't anything spectacular, although I did still enjoy it more than the other mangas. It wasn't until the second volume where I started thinking about how amazing it was.

But if there's one thing I thought when I started reading, it was that Marin is absolutely adorable.

Okay, okay, um, that's not a good reason to love a character, I suppose... no matter how true it is. Nevertheless, I liked her and Tarin (well... mostly her) and I thought they were portrayed rather well, considering their lack of screen time. I don't know why Tarin didn't turn into a Racoon, though. And personally, Marin and Link's farewell could have been even more emotional. As a side note, I also felt that Felicia and Link's relationship was rather... forced. I didn't feel much change with their attitudes toward one another, until Link outright stated that he felt differently about Felicia than when they first met. I think that the readers should be able to tell on their own that something's changing between them, without having it told to us (although, I must admit, I'm utterly guilty of that in many of my own works of fiction; it's so much easier to just come out and say it). Perhaps if they'd started sharing smiles, or inside jokes, or even simple signs of friendship... or, you know, some touchy-feely moment of some sort. Even so, the characters and plot were very well-done.

Honestly, I loved it all. I can't get enough of this manga.

...It NEEDS an official translation. I'd pay any price for a physical copy of this manga.

I think that's all I'll say about it for tonight – it's 1:30 in the morning. I stayed up for an hour writing this. I'm just on a complete and utter Link's Awakening high right now. I can't stop thinking about how awesome that game is, haha. I'm really sorry about this long, somewhat rambling entry, but I really wanted to talk about this! ^^ I have not had the chance to read over this yet, so there are likely many mistakes and horribly worded sentences. It's also probably rather disorganized. I'll hopefully get around to editing tomorrow; I really want to go to bed now...

Thank you for reading, and as always, have a good day, my nonexistent readers!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Harp Video?

Why yes. This time, it's Fi's Theme/Lament from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I made another harp video! Yay! ^^ It's somewhat disappointing that not as many people are instantly attracted to it as the previous harp video, but I suppose that was to be expected. I'm just sad that I received two dislikes. I didn't get a dislike until months after Ballad of the Goddess, and now, just one day after posting, it has TWO? Ah, well. That's the internet.

Oh! Other updates? I've been considering applying for an article writer at Zelda Dungeon! ...Okay, yes, I know. I wanted to apply a LONG time ago. But I'm thinking about it again. I actually have some ideas now – initially I was going to post them on here, but perhaps I'll save them for ZD, hmm? I wanted to write a post about why I love Link's Awakening (because I really, truly do, even though I haven't played/talked about it as much as some of the others). And I was also thinking about writing "Stuff I Didn't Initally Realize in Zelda" or some title less foolish than that. You know, just a collection of funny stories. That one will probably still end up on here rather than ZD; it's more of a personal thing, anyway, than an article...

Speaking of ZD, I'm obsessed with editing the Wiki. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love editing and writing, and that's entirely what the Wiki is comprised of. I've been staying up until two in the morning editing stuff. XD One day I hope to be a Wiki Scribe! Lately, I've been working on writing Phantom Hourglass articles. It makes me want to play Phantom Hourglass again, haha. I've been using the text dump constantly to look up stuff, since it's been so long since my last playthrough.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video of me playing Fi's Lament! I think it's such a pretty song, although on harp some of its beauty disappears. The original had these gorgeous strings in the background, but I don't play violin, so there was no way to pull that off.

Have a nice day, everyone! (And curse Blogger – my paragraphs disappeared again. Time to try some HTML coding!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What was at E3 this year?


Absolutely nothing.

Funny how in my last post, I hoped it wouldn't be just generic Mario games and Pikmin 3 footage. And that's exactly what it was.

There was, of course, no Zelda – but I could live with that. I could live with it if, maybe, we saw some Smash Bros. (wistful thinking), or even Metroid or Starfox or whatever. Anything besides Mario. Anything new.

In fact, the most Zelda-related thing we saw was this casual Zelda-based mini-game in the upcoming NintendoLand for Wii U. I hope it comes bundled with the Wii U, because I'm not buying it on its own, though it would be interesting to try the Zelda mini-game.

Pikmin 3 didn't look bad. In fact, it looked pretty awesome, and it made for an exciting start to the presentation. I'm just not a Pikmin fan; I was really, really horrible at the first game. But that was at least something different. Oh, and I guess Luigi's Mansion 2 wasn't bad either. I might actually try that game.

But besides that, all we got was Mario. And, I'm terribly sorry to any Mario fans, but that wasn't at all interesting to me. There's never really been a Mario game where I've thought, "Wow, this was amazing!" Super Mario Sunshine was okay on GameCube (I know my friends certainly liked it when I was in elementary school; I bought it because I had a friend who claimed it was better than Super Smash Bros. Melee, and wow, how could that be possible, because Melee was the greatest game of all time ever to exist ever?), but I've never really liked platformers. Not to mention I absolutely suck at them. Who knows? Maybe I'm just not playing the right ones. But from an inexperienced Mario observer, I only saw a New Super Mario Bros. copy with extradordinarily similar graphics that do the Wii U no justice and a couple more items and redesigned levels. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

Oh, and not to mention, if I'm correct, almost every first-party title that Nintendo announced was already confirmed before E3 today. There wasn't anything new at all. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I definitely knew there was a Wii U Mario coming, a Pikmin 3, and Luigi's Mansion 2. The only other thing I heard was a new Paper Mario.

...On the other hand, I suppose I shouldn't lose hope. Nintendo might still be hiding something – though if it's a game as major as a new Zelda, why wouldn't they have shown it today? Maybe we'll still get that HD collection, though, or something similar.

Nintendo's 3DS game announcements will be tomorrow at 6 PM PT. Will we hear something Zelda – or, for the love of Nayru, at least something new?! We'll see!

E3 in an Hour!

...Well, technically it's less than an hour now. More like 48 minutes. But that's okay.

Nintendo's E3 press conference, on June 5th at 9 AM PT, is just about to start. I'm excited – I'm hoping more than anything that they'll have new Super Smash Bros. news, or perhaps even some new Zelda footage. I doubt there'll be anything on Zelda Wii U, but maybe we'll get lucky. It's more likely they'll announce a new Zelda 3DS, or, as the rumor goes, a Zelda Wii U HD Collection of many revamped past games.

I'm planning on watching E3 on TV – mainly since the computer is being used right now by another family member. It's on Spike TV (and, supposedly, on MTV2 as well, but I have no idea what channel that is; I didn't bother looking for it last night). You can also watch it at That's where I watched a pre-E3 presentation on the Wii U. However, while they say it's optimized for smartphones and the like, I initially attempted to watch it on my iPad, and it wasn't working properly. While both image and sound did come through, they were not synced together for some reason, so about half way through the presentation I switched to the computer. I don't want that to happen again.

Anyway... expect an update from me later today, or at least later this month! That is, of course, assuming that there will be something that I care about there, and not just a ton of Zombie shooters and Pikmin and Mario and... I don't even know what else...

(Yes, it's true: I don't like Pikmin, and most Mario games aren't my thing. And I've played the first Pikmin and Super Mario Sunshine and the original Super Mario Bros., and I'm just awful at them all. I'll stick to my story-driven dungeon-puzzle Zelda games.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Skyward Sword Experience

(WARNING: This is an extremely long post filled with careless spoilers! This hardly seems necessary, considering the top of this blog already says there's unmarked spoilers... but I thought I'd mention is anyway. Enjoy!)


Wait! Wh-What is this? ...Two posts in the month of May? Impossible! This must be some kind of trick!

...Well, it's not. I've delved to the world of blogging yet again this month to finally write a post that, of course, you should have expected the moment I mentioned Zelda Wii. Which was March 1st, 2010, in case you don't remember.

I'm going to go into detail about my Skyward Sword experience.

E3 2012 is surprisingly close - Nintendo's presentation is June 5th, 9 AM. I'll probably be waking up early yet again this year in hopes of hearing about Super Smash Bros. 4, but it's not likely we'll have anything Zelda-related. ...But who knows?

Anyway, it's made me realize that I really should talk about Skyward Sword - it's one of my favorite Zelda games of all time. I just decided that today, when, just about an hour ago, I completed Hero Mode for the first time. Honestly, though, I can get so into this game. It's the strangest feeling; a few times I've even caught myself flinching when Link is hurt or something similarly stupid. I've also determined that the best way to play this game is in front of a huge TV with lots of space around you, standing up. It's incredibly fun and immersive.


Let's start from the morning that I first received Skyward Sword - November 20th, 2011, of course. I woke up early to get to GameStop as soon as it opened. My sister and I walked into the store and headed over to the desk to pick up my preorder.

Here I am, decked out in a Zelda shirt and internally freaking out, whispering to my sister as we pass a kid walking by with Skyward Sword in his hand. "Did you see that? Oh my gods, he has the game! That is one awesome kid! He didn't get the special edition, though... oh gosh, I can't wait to get my hands on my golden Wii remote..."

So we look up at the GameStop guy, and naturally, seeing my impending fangirl freakout, he says, "You're here for Zelda?"

Vigorous nodding. "YES YES YES!"

He smiles sadly. "Oh, well, I'm sorry. You came on the wrong day. It's not coming out until tomorrow.


Moment of silence.


"B-but... B-b-but..."



And then my sister speaks up.

"But... what about all those Skyward Sword games behind you...?"

And then a grin forms on his face and he starts laughing. "Yeah, yeah, I'm just messing with you! You have a preorder?"

Yes, that's right, everyone. He, knowing that I was about to dissolve into a puddle of fangirly excitement, decided to screw with me and claim that the game I'd been waiting for two freaking years (longer if you count the amount of time that they were actually MAKING the game, though they hadn't announced it yet) wasn't coming out for another day. My mind literally froze up when he said that. I'm sure that the stupid grin that had been on my face that entire morning suddenly disappeared into a blank expression of incomprehension. Thoughts like, "But... it's November 20th! I literally counted down, day by day, until this moment! I've had this date circled since the day it was announced! Where did I go wrong? Is this a nightmare?" were running through my head.

Honestly, if my sister hadn't said anything, I probably would have stood there, frozen, for an indefinitive amount of time.

You, Mister GameStop Employee, are evil.

Oh, and just for the record? This isn't the only time people at that GameStop have messed with me. When I preordered Kid Icarus: Uprising, I asked, "So, can I preorder a game?" And the guy responds with, "No." I stared at him in confusion for a moment before finally letting out a nervous chuckle and telling him what game I wanted.

So, FINALLY, I got my copy of Skyward Sword and jumped back into the car, tearing apart the box immediately to gaze longingly at my golden Wii remote and beautiful game disk. Finally, when we arrived back home, I rushed into the back room and shoved Skyward Sword into the Wii. Then, knowing I'd be spending at least the next week or two of my life on this game, I hurried on to Club Nintendo on the computer and registered the game before allowing myself to play it. Because of my excitement, I actually have no recollection of what I wrote in those little boxes asking for your opinion on the game. I probably typed something along the lines of "OMG NINTENDO IM GONNA DIIE IF I DONT PLAY TIS GAEM NOW JKAD FJK!" Perhaps even less comprehensible than that. They probably figured some three-year-old had gotten ahold of the computer and typed something in. That, or they're used to stupid responses like that from desperate fans dying to try out the game.

At last, I strapped up my golden Wii remote, selected Skyward Sword from the Wii menu, and PLAYED.

It's... difficult to remember my first playthrough of Skyward Sword, now. After all, it was a while ago. However, to the best of my memory, it was incredibly fun.

I played the game for ten hours on my first day, getting through Skyview Temple and the Earth Temple. I could not hear much of the music, unfortunately; my father plays guitar in a band, and he needed to practice. And, of course, he had to practice in the exact same room.

The intro was mostly lost on me. I'd already watched all the way up until Link meets Fi for the first time on YouTube, because I was incredibly impatient and simply couldn't resist the temptation. Skyview I remember a bit more clearly. Why? Because I spent most of my day in there.

Okay, I'm SURE this is just me. I've watched two other people play through this part, and NEITHER of them had a problem with it. If you've played the game, you may recall the room right before the large "hub" room of the dungeon that was used in demos prior to the game's release. You know what I'm talking about? There's two rooms that branch away from it (remember the "One switch is above, one switch is below" puzzle?) where in both you must raise the water level. I did that. I figured it out pretty quickly, too.

...But for the life of me, I could NOT figure out what to do next.

Now, what you're SUPPOSED to do is climb on this convenient little log that raised along with the water and from there jump onto a vine wall.

THIS LOG. It's totally evil.

For whatever reason, I completely skipped over this log.

Instead, I walked back and forth in between these two rooms, struggling to figure out how to get to the treasure chest that I just knew was holding the key into the next area. I must have spent a half hour on it at least - two hours at most. Seriously. It was a long time.

I purchased a guide with the game, too, and I was severely tempted to use it. Eventually submitting, I skimmed over the pages a bit - and couldn't find anything. Why? Because most people aren't IDIOTS and don't MISS THE FREAKING STUPID LOG.

This is a classic example of Sierra overthinking things in Zelda games. Trust me. It happens a lot.

After that, Earth Temple was a breeze, as far as I can remember. Because, I don't. ...Remember, I mean. I don't remember the Earth Temple.

Lanayru was a bit more difficult for me. I spent three days on it. Three. Days. Ugh. I don't know what was so frustrating about it! It was also the first time I died. I allowed my sister to try the game for the very first time while I was activating the generators (or whatever you do to get into the Lanayru Mining Facility). She brought me down to two hearts, and when I frantically stole the controller from her to save myself, I died.

...So technically, that death doesn't count, since it wasn't my fault.

When I first got into the facility, I was stuck on my second seemingly insolvable puzzle. If you can even call it a puzzle. I never get stuck on actual "puzzles", just on stuff that should be obvious. LIKE THE LOG, FOR EXAMPLE... *angry muttering*

This time, however, it was a switch. ...Now, these switches appear throughout all of Skyward Sword - they're like little red bars that you had to sprint toward a wall to run up it, grab the lever, and pull it downwards. ...For some reason, I couldn't figure that out. I knew that lever had to do SOMETHING, but thanks to my oddly over-analytic mind, I was certain that the solution couldn't be a simple as running at it. Oh, no. Never.

...It took me a while to finally figure out.

The rest of Lanayru wasn't much easier for me. I remember one moment where you were supposed to use the Beetle to grab a bomb and drop it on these wooden boxes to explode them. ...I don't know why I didn't think of that at first. I kept running back and forth in between these few rooms before finally thinking, "Wait a second... I can probably explode those!" And then, in true facepalm fashion, I tried it, it worked, and my head met my hand.

At least it was better than the wave of complete and utter humiliation and underlying rage like, oh, I don't know... maybe...


...And... then I fought Moldarach - which was actually the first Skyward Sword boss we saw, at E3 2010. Remember that? I do, haha. Now, let me just say that Moldarach looked a lot easier in the demos than it actually was. Plus, during the second phase of the battle added after the demos, you had to find it in the sand, and that was extremely frustrating. I recently fought it in the Hero Mode Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round (with one heart, too, and it was the last boss to fight before I got the Hylian Shield; talk about pressure!), and I took ten minutes in that battle because I couldn't get it out of the sand. I don't remember my inital battle too much, though. When I fought it in Hero Mode (outside of the Lightning Round), I know I died twice, however. It insta-killed me if it managed to back up and ram into me before I could stab its eye in the second phase of the battle.

What makes it worse is that, after looking up some YouTube videos, all the comments say that it's the easiest boss. D:

Also, doesn't the post-Moldarach chamber kind of look like the Tower of Spirits from Spirit Tracks? There's train rails and everything...

(I couldn't find a picture, though. Sorry. D:)

So, after that, I watched the cutscene, which became my favorite cutscene until I met Zelda again. It's inside the Temple of Time, and Ghirahim and Impa have a somewhat epic battle. Kind of.

One of the best parts of this cutscene was being able to choose your own answers! Isn't that awesome? :D

I chose "Am I late?" which is CLEARLY the best answer. Because it's an "IN YOUR FACE, IMPA" moment, because of how she told Link off in the Earth Temple. (That's the only thing I remember about that place, after all. I really didn't like Impa after that cutscene. XD)

So, after that... what happens again...?

...I honestly don't remember. The next dungeon is Ancient Cistern, and I think you fight the Imprisoned again... by the way, I HATE the Imprisoned, soooo much...


Silent Realm.

This was quite a terrifying experience. It was not necessarily shocking - I knew it was coming from pictures and videos before the game came out - but it was still scary.

And I was horrible at it. Horrible! So horrible, in fact, that Fi actually told me, "Master, the chances of you being the chosen hero are rapidly decreasing..."

Which kind of made me laugh, but made me dismayed at my own failure at the same time. Even the game knew I sucked.

My problem was that I thought you had to actually sprint to get away from the Guardians - which apparently isn't the case. Just running at normal speed is sufficient. However, I didn't know that, so I continuously ran out of stamina and got caught.

Plus... I couldn't find the last tear! It was on an elevated platform accesible from a vine wall. I couldn't find it for the longest time.

Oh well. After that stressful moment, we had the semi-peaceful Ancient Cistern. (If I'm remembering this correctly, of course.) Although that moment where you had to climb up the vines to escape the Zombie Bokoblins kind of freaked me out. O_o


Well, the second Silent Realm was Nayru's, right? I think everyone has a similar story (at least, I've read them from others), but I'll tell it anyway.

There was one moment where a minecart sat in waking water, and you had to push it to get to a floating tear. However, I carelessly stepped into the water while trying to move the minecart. This awakened the Guardians and created an interesting scenario. I'd run in a circle to stay away from the Guardians, then return to the minecart, and push it slightly. Then I'd run again, return, push... and so on, until I jumped on to reach the tear. To be honest, it alleviated my fear of the Guardians quite a bit, since I evaded them for so long. It made me confident for once. ^^

And then... Sandship? Yeah. That sounds right.

Now, I loved the Sandship. Actually, scratch that. I love the Sandship. As in... present tense. When I first went through it, I actually didn't care much for it at all. But after replaying it and thinking back on it, I thought it was a lot of fun.

I got stuck a few times here, too, though. (Lanayru just doesn't seem to like me.) There's one point where you're supposed to lower or raise a life boat off to the side to hit the Timeshift Stone. I... well, it took me a while to realize that, haha.

...Not as long as that log, though.

Yes, I'm going to keep mentioning that.

Eldin Silent Realm was frustrating, if only because at some points, I felt like I HAD to awaken the Guardians. I don't like waking them up. My heart starts pounding the moment I hear that music.

I rather liked Fire Sanctuary, though! I think it was just the design of the dungeon, however. It was just kind of... temple-like. The most temple-like dungeon in the game, I think. Or perhaps it was that riddle about the two statues, and that leap of faith I had to take. I really was shocked when I didn't fall into lava.

See, at first I thought I liked it because of the music, but then I realized that I was thinking of the Earth Temple music, which is amazing. Fire Sanctuary music is boring.

One problem I encountered in this temple was... well, those water-filled plant-thingies. I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD STAB THEM. So... imagine how long it took for me to figure out how to open the water-activated door?

These plants. I thought they were just for making lava blocks!
Fighting Debbie/Ghirahim at the end was fun, though. I heard something very odd, though, about that battle. Ghirahim states that he and Link are bound by a crimson thread of fate. And apparently, in Japan, a red thread is a symbol of two lovers.

...Was that on purpose, Nintendo? I hope not. O_o

At last, I got the last flame and forged the Master Sword. And then I returned to Sealed Grounds... to see the saddest cutscene in Zelda history.

Seriously, there's some sad stuff in Zelda. Just think about Anju and Kafei embracing one another as the moon destroys the world around them. But Link's face in this cutscene... Oh my gods...

...One still picture doesn't really cut it, though. You just have to watch it. I've NEVER seen Link look like that before in a Zelda game. I thought he was going to cry for a moment there.

If Link ever cries in a Zelda game, that's officially going to be my new favorite game. XD

Annnnnyway... and then it's on to Song of the Hero! Like I said in my last post, I went to Lanayru first (and got my Hylian Shield :D), Eldin second, and Lanayru third.These parts were pretty fun. I stumbled into the Eldin one on accident, though. It was kind of frustrating; once you activate that event, you can't get out of it without completing it. I traveled to Eldin for a sidequest: you have to fetch the fortune teller a new crystal ball. Deciding to ignore the event and just not bother getting my items back, I used dowsing to find the spot.


After a rage inducing moment, I determined that maybe the crystal ball was INSIDE the Earth Temple, though why my dowsing would lead to the SIDE of the temple, I didn't know.

...Well, as it turns out, the crystal ball is reached using the Double Clawshots, but the clawshot target doesn't appear during the Song of the Hero event. O_o So it wasn't my fault that I couldn't find it and wasted ten minutes trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

Oh, and that third Imprisoned fight before you go get Faron's part of Song of the Hero? ...Am I the only one who seriously struggled with that? After you hit him once, he starts flying up, and you have to hit him with a bomb from the Groosenator. I missed a few times. Oh, and then even WORSE after that, you have to fire Link at him. I kept missing Link, and one miss and you're done for. I must have heard the old woman in the Sealed Grounds scream, "All is lost... all is lost..." a good four times. (Which, in case you are some sort of gaming ninja and didn't know that, it's what she says when you get a game over because the Imprisoned reached the temple.)

...I think I said all of this in my last post. O_o

At last, I got the Song of the Hero and hurried to Skyloft for the Skyloft Silent Realm.

However, as I stabbed down and went into the Silent Realm challenge, I realized something.

...There were Remlits, those evil little adorable flying lemur-kitty creatures. And... if I could place them on the Silent Realm platform...

Well, this happened.

Yes, that's actual footage, filmed from my cell phone, of me stabbing the Remlit. And you can't imagine the giggles I tried to stifle while filming this. XD (I also apologize for my sister's apparent incapability at properly filming something! Not my fault! ...I think she was watching the actual screen, haha.)

So, yeah. What next?

Skyloft Silent Realm was not so terrifying now that I was used to Silent Realms, so it went by fast. After that, it was on to one of my favorite dungeons: Sky Keep! I loved this place. ^^ (And I just did it today, so I remember it well.)

If I remember correctly, I got the Triforce of Wisdom first, Triforce of Courage second, and Triforce of Power last. Now, I just wanted to point something odd out.

...Why is there Twilight Princess Hylian on the walls? In SKYWARD SWORD?!

This is in all three of the Triforce chambers. And I KNOW it's Twilight Princess. I think it doesn't read as anything - many of the characters are hard to make out, but what I did translate didn't make much sense - but it's THERE. The letters appear to be flipped on one side, futher supporting the fact that it's TP, since the letters were flipped from GameCube to Wii.

Plus, it's also on the door in the Sealed Grounds!

Anyway... maybe everyone knows about this, and I'm just a bit late in noticing it. XD

So... then it was on to the final battle! I love the cutscene right after you make your wish on the Triforce, though. Link and Zelda hold hands! And Link LAUGHS! Now, just think about it: when, in any Zelda game ever, have you seen Link laugh? I'll tell you when: never. He never laughs. He has little giggles from time to time, but never full out LAUGHTER.

And then... horde battle. Debbie. Demise.

So, when I first fought Ghirahim, I thought I was going to die. I really, truly did. And I still don't know what happened. In the end, I miraculously survived with half a heart. That's it. One. Half. XD

So, of course, I ran as fast as I could to Skyloft afterward and stocked up on two Heart ++ Potions and two fairies.

Fighting Demise... well, I actually died once. But that's just because I forgot that I only had two fairies. If I'd remembered, I could have drank my Heart Potion ++, I suppose.

But it wasn't that hard after that! I got really good at Shield Bashing. I didn't use it for most of the game, but in the final two battles with Ghirahim and Demise, it was quite useful. The lightning was a nice touch too, haha.

Also, Demise uses a lot of big words. Now, think about it. If you just heard the words "subjugate" or "paragon" or "begot" without any context to help you figure out their meaning, would you know what they meant? No. But Demise says all of that.

In the ending cutscene right afterward, Link was a jerk. Zelda begins crying... and Link just STARES at her. SMILING, even. He doesn't do anything to comfort her. Nothing. At. All. Seriously. WHO DOES THAT?!

...Well, that's pretty much all I have to say about Skyward Sword right now. It's quite late - I've been working on this post for a few hours, now. The only break I had was practicing harp. I will probably come back and edit this surely long, pointless post later... but for now... hope you enjoyed! :D

(If the paragraphs are glitchy, BLAME BLOGGER. IT HATES ME AND MY PARAGRAPHS.)

Thanks to YouTube - specifically, TheHiddenTriforce, Tobygames, and some guy (hypermetalsonic?) with HD cutscenes - for the pictures! ...Except for those low-quality ones, because you KNOW those are mine. :P

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

See? I can be honest.


Now, um... I have to go practice harp. But I wanted to prove that I could do it. That I CAN keep promises. :D

I guess I'll just go over a quick update on Skyward Sword. ;) I mean, because, tonight I was playing that instead of posting here. (Whaaat? It's fun!) In Hero Mode (which I've been neglecting until recently), I just got to the part with the Song of the Hero – when you're first supposed to get the parts of the Song, at least.

Now, here's the perfect opportunity to discuss some of my SS experiences – I haven't really been able to mention anything since I got the game. The first time through on this part, I actually got the Lanayru part first. Now apparently Nintendo's telling everyone "NOOOOO YOU'LL BREAK YOUR GAME!" if you go there. ...I thank the goddesses that my game wasn't broken. XD Man, that would have ruined my whole... Thanksgiving. Because that's probably when I was playing that part through.

So this time, I decided to go to Faron first, like you're supposed to. And I fought the Imprisoned. Okay, I have to ask: am I the ONLY one who died a good four times on my first try? O_o I was completely prepared to die this time, but I actually didn't! I was so proud of myself! It's because I learned from my mistakes the last time and learned how to control the Groosenator so that Link landed on the Imprisoned's head properly. I kept missing last time, so he'd make it to the temple and the whole world was destroyed. Four times. Yay.

So I just left off the game after drowning in the flooded Faron Woods. Gods Dangit. >.< And I think I jinxed myself, too. I had already nearly drowned once, but a fairy saved me. So when I was up on land next time, I briefly looked at my potions – and I realized I didn't have another fairy. So I told my sister, "I'm going to drown now... Even a heart potion + can't save me..."

And predictably...

Well, you know. I... died.

Anyway, that's all I have time for! Have a good evening, my nonexistent readers. ^^

Monday, April 30, 2012


Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I swear. Unless I'm grounded again – which is actually very likely to happen. But you know. Tomorrow.


And I actually have a lot to say! First of all... I WENT TO SYMPHONY OF THE GODDESSES. It made my life. I really want to talk about it, because I have plenty of stories to tell. My only regret from that night was not nerding out with everyone else there. I feel like I should have talked to them a bit more, since no one I know in real life really knows anything about Zelda. The most in-depth two-sided Zelda conversation I have (meaning, not just me ranting while my friends stare blankly at me, whispering "What the heck is she talking about?" to one another) is whether or not Skyrim and/or Resident Evil are better than Zelda. Which, I think, we all know the answer to.

Now, technically speaking, I COULD write a full post here... but I'd really like to go in-depth! Like I've said, I have no Legend of Zelda-loving friends, so I only have this blog to describe my epic experiences to. Like... Oh, geez. I have the best story on the planet that I MUST record here some day. The best thing that's ever happened to me in a video game, EVER. It was on Twilight Princess, and these two Darknuts...

...Um, later.

Anyway, tomorrow, May first, I'll do my best to write my first relevant post in a while. However, on Wednesday, I have a language arts project due, and since I didn't do it tonight... I have to find time tomorrow.

Now, I have to go watch My Little Pony, 'kay? I've only got one more episode until I'm caught up to the Royal Wedding. :D Plus, I'm not allowed on the computer after ten anymore. Seriously. My parents put in a block to the Wi-Fi. No more late night fanfiction reading for me. :(

MLP TIME! (Gods, Lucas... If you're still reading this, I hope you know that that comment oh so long ago changed my life. That day, I actually watched MLP. Thank you so much. XD)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm only posting for bragging rights!


But, honestly, it's almost the end of the month. One minute until tomorrow, to be exact. How stupid am I?

I just HAVE to have a post in March. FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS. XD

I actually did try to write a post a few days ago. It wasn't Zelda related, though. It had to do with Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is the best 3DS game in history. I liked it more than Ocarina of Time 3D. On the OTHER hand, OoT was a remake, and I'd already played the original a thousand times through so it had lost some of its magic (though it will always retain the nostalgia). Unfortunately, my iPad did something stupid and erased the post, so I gave up. My iPad tends to be almost as bad as my DSi. Almost.

...Weird. Over the course of writing this post, it has past midnight. Do you think it will show up as being in April now? That would make me sad. D:

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to get on and write a more detailed report on why I adore Kid Icarus, but for now I should PROBABLY get some sleep. After all, tomorrow's a busy day. I have to dress up as the Easter Bunny. I'm not joking. XD Pluuuuusss... I have to watch Tobuscus play Skyward Sword! You know, that's something that I should address in my next post. Toby FINALLY started Skyward Sword, after three weeks and two days since he posted a video on his third (or second?) channel saying he would. Yes, I counted the days. I was that excited. I love Toby, and that was even before I knew he would play Zelda.

On a side note: PARAGRAPHS ON THIS BLOG HATE ME. They always remove themselves. This time, I put them in manually with my limited knowledge of HTML code. Let's see what happens!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's just pretend I fell off the face of Skyloft for a month.

I, um... I have no idea what to say for this post.

You see, the only reason I'm posting today is because, while looking through old entries, I realized that ever since September 2009, I've posted at least once every month. I can't allow that tradition to end now!

Oh, well, I can say that I got Oracle of Seasons. If I hadn't gone and lost Oracle of Ages, I'd have every game in the series. D:

Funny. Writing this post just reminded me that there's something very important due on March 1st. Which is tomorrow. Dang it. And now I have to do it all in one night! Stupid procrastination! Why can't I get rid of you?!?! Uh... I'll TRY to get back on later. I mean, tomorrow. Or next week. Next month? Yes. That's right. Next month. I have to post on my TToSW blog soon, anyway. I never did announce winners for that contest. O_o But, hey, guess what, guys? Fans of my Wizard101 fanfic will be happy to know that I have actually put all typing of my Zelda fics on hold until I complete The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. Knowing me, you'd expect that promise to be broken in a few hours, but miraculously, I've held out all week. I'm almost done with the story. :D Unfortunately, if there's any silent readers out there who like Awakening or Shards of Time (though WHY so many people like SoT, I will never fathom) then this is bad news. No updates for a good couple weeks. Sorry.

...I swear I'll get another post up soon. This almost feels like cheating. Seriously, can I really say I have a post every month if this post has nothing to do with the topic of "Zelda"? XD

(NOTE: All typos are officially blamed on my iPad.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I just realized...


Well... there goes the best year in Legend of Zelda history. The year that Zelda fans were showered with gifts. The year the epicness known as Skyward Sword was released. The year we got a new Zelda game, Four Swords Anniversary, for free.

...Well, at least we've still got one thing to look forward to: The Symphony of the Goddesses!
If you don't recall (or didn't watch E3 this year), it was announced in June that a symphony playing Zelda songs would go on tour in 2012.

It's now 2012, and they've announced some dates and places for us.



I'd been so concerned that they wouldn't come down here again - to the southwestern U.S., I mean. I was sure that I was doomed, and I'd missed my only chance in Los Angeles. After all, that's not too far away, but... something came up that weekend... or something like that... don't really remember... XD

And now, I just bought my ticket. I'm going. Unless some tragedy happens, I'm destined to go to this thing like Link was destined to defeat Ganon.

...Although considering the new official timeline has a third split resulting from Link's death in OoT, maybe that's not the best analogy...

You can find all the dates and times here, and tickets are on sale at Oh, gods, I'm so excited! Hmm... maybe I should start working in my Zelda cosplay again. If I can finish it in time, I could totally wear it there. :D

I'm planning on writing a full Skyward Sword review soon, but right now I'm feeling lazy. But I really want to talk about my opinions on the game in detail, and a review is a great way to do that. Oh, and I should probably talk about Hyrule Historia soon, too...