Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skyward Sword FTW

The epic Game of the Year 2011 battle is going on right now at!

Obviously, being the super Zelda fan girl I am, I had to vote for Skyward Sword, because after playing it nonstop the past two weeks, I'm completely in love with it. It has done all right in the first four rounds, beating big titles like Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City (and FIFA 12... but I'd never even heard of that :P). Now, it's against the biggest title of them all...

 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Most people thought Skyrim would win hands down - I mean, my gods, anything that can beat Portal 2 at 74% deserves quite a bit of respect. Portal 2 was, after all, the only game that I'd been hoping to win besides Skyward Sword, but Portal was doomed before I even got to vote. So I really, REALLY want Skyward Sword to win now.

I'm not going to lie - I haven't played Skyrim, and I likely never will. It sounds incredible... and quite a bit like my kind of game, too: I love fantasy RPG's! ...But I can't stand blood. It's awesome in books, but in video games or movies, I don't like it. Sorry, Skyrim, but because of your M rating I don't want to play you.

...I know this makes me sound like some stupid ten year old that the Skyrim fans continously claim all of us Zelda fans are, but I'm not. I just prefer Legend of Zelda.

So, I'm here to ask that you vote for Zelda. For me. Or if not for me, just for the most epic Zelda game of all time. Come ON... it's Zelda's 25th anniversary! Wouldn't it be great to have it go down in history as the Game of the Year on its anniversary?

This battle is SO extremely close. Every time I check the page (which I do quite frequently) there's a different winner. The votes are probably just one or two away. Currently it's in Skyward Sword's favor (49%-51%) but that might not last. Though I know I'm not a popular website and probably the only people who will read this are those who've already voted, I will post this anyway.

I'm fully aware of how biased and fangirly I sound, but it's just my opinion. I know I'm doing everything that Skyrim fans criticize us for, but I don't care at this point. At least I'm not lowering myself to their level and bashing them when it's clearly a great game.

Please go HERE to vote. Come on, Skyward Sword! You can do it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skyward Sword: Happy American Release Date!!!


Holy Goddesses. I'm in shock. I woke up this morning... and realized...



...Unfortunately, GameStop doesn't open until 10. So I have a bit of time to waste. I thought I'd come and update this blog and say... what a wonderful day in Zelda history this is!

You're probably not going to hear from me for a while (not that THAT'S unusual anymore). I'm planning on spending the whole day in front of the television screen with a golden Wiimote in my hand and epic Legend of Zelda music blasting from the speakers. To say that I am ecstatic would be an understatement. I'm even beyond ebullient. Gods. I've waited for this day for two years. TWO. YEARS. ...That's pretty much how long this blog has been going for!

Man, why did it have to be a Sunday? I wanted Friday. That was the most agonizing Saturday I've ever lived through. *jealous of Europeans*

I've updated the header (as though having a bright blue blob at the top of the screen with Zelda playing the harp wasn't noticable) just for this lovely day. I'm too lazy to make a poll, so just let me know what you think in the comments.

So... I think that's pretty much it. See you guys! Enjoy Skyward Sword!

(Hey, here's something random and slightly amusing. If you look at my labels, the only game with more than Skyward Sword is Ocarina of Time, and even then it's only ONE more - 29 versus 28. And I haven't even played Skyward Sword yet.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skyward Sword Theme (Goddess' Song) on Harp

Guess who that is?

No, not some random person on YouTube. As a matter of fact, if you follow my blog, you know them. You are actually reading what they wrote.

...Yes. That's me.

I've mentioned that I play harp before, haven't I? Well, I've DEFINITELY mentioned I play piano (don't you recall my post of me playing TP trailer? ...No? Okay, don't blame you. That was a long time ago).

So I've gained some popularity from this video! It's at 7,216 views as of now. Since it's been a week, that's 1,000 views per day! Wow! It's only 1,000 or so views away from becoming my most popular video, beating my Wizard101 randomness video (which has been out for almost 2 years) in just a short time! Wow!

Anyway... I wanted to share that. I do realize this isn't the Skyward Sword news most people would be hoping for - or even expecting. Have you SEEN how busy Zelda Dungeon is lately? Many of the Skyward Sword reviews came out yesterday. It's doing pretty well. I think it should have gotten more perfect scores, but that's just because I'm biased. :P

I'll HOPEFULLY post some more this week - maybe I can do a lovely (yet fail) daily countdown like I did for Spirit Tracks! We'll just have to see.

Remember everyone: Eight days for Skyward Sword in the U.S.! November 20th! (And November 18th in Europe... I'm still so jealous!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have a new favorite video. (New Skyward Sword "Lyre" Trailer!)

So, I haven't posted in a while... and I've missed quite a lot of Skyward Sword videos. But now I've returned... WITH THIS!


Seriously. I am in love. And I think Skyward Sword is going to be my new favorite Zelda game.

...Okay, so I said that with Spirit Tracks too, but that's because I was a n00b back then. And just for the record, Spirit Tracks IS pretty good; just not my favorite.

Now let's talk about the video. Before I begin tearing it apart and pointing out the things I notice as I usually do, I'm just going to mention that I have officially received my first top-rated comment on YouTube (at least, as far as I know). And it was on this video. XD Seriously! Go to the link (haha) above, and look at the top comment! It's by me: TwilightWakerofTime! I said we shoud feed dislikers to Link's bird. Apparently people actually thought that was clever or something. It's probably not going to stay top-rated for very long... but it did for a little while, and that's enough for me. Yay! :D

...I think it's just because I was the second commenter, but whatever. The early loftwing gets the worm!

ALL RIGHT! So... observations. To summarize this video, harps and lyres are apparently the same thing, Link's facial expressions are incredible, Zelda's just plain awesome, Miss Sheikah decides to reappear, Ghirahim tries be evil and summons twilighty-magic-barrier-things, Fi dances and pretty sparkles form, and... Miyamoto is epic. Gods. I can't wait for November 20th. I nearly cried watching this when I realized it was only October. The only good news is that there are only 28 days left! ...Yeah, I put numbers on my calendar counting down the days until Skyward Sword's release... I'm a nerd, okay...?

The video begins with Zelda playing her "lyre". No one is entirely clear on whether it's called a lyre or a harp. As most of you probably know, I actually play harp in real life. Harps (or at least the ones I've played) typically are rather large (with the exception of lap harps, which are the cutest little instruments ever) and sit in front of the harpist as they play. According to Wikipedia, a lyre is small and is carried with the player. Therefore, Zelda's instrument is a lyre.

...But wouldn't Medli's instrument be a lyre too, then? And Sheik's? I've heard both of those called harps before.


Zelda plays her lyre/harp. And I HAVE to learn that song. It's apparently called the Goddess' Song... I will learn it on harp! After Link walks in and Zelda shows off her lyre/harp a bit more, we finally get some new footage. Link comes up a staircase into some stone area at 0:32. Zelda's there too, with her lyre/harp. When their gazes meet, they start running towards one another, only to be stopped by... *dramatic pause* GHIRAHIM! Supposedly, he's going to be the main villain of Skyward Sword.

Now here's the interesting part. If you pause around 0:35, we get a farther-out view of this scene. if you look closely next to Zelda on the left side of the video... you can see someone with her. Obviously there's no way to be certain, but I'm 99% convinced that that's our girl from previous trailers (one of which can be seen here; the woman appears at 0:34). Most speculate that she is a Sheikah, due to the Sheikan eye symbol on her clothes. She's kind of far away in this shot... but I swear that's her! It's got to be! I mean, in THIS trailer (which also came out yesterday), you can see her fighting Ghirahim. For her to be helping Zelda not only supports the idea that she could be that figure in this trailer, but also that she's a Sheikah, since the Sheikah are supposed to protect the Royal Family.

Next, at 0:37, Ghirahim creates some kind of weird wall of magic. See, THIS is the reason I thought he was a Twili when I first saw him in the March GDC trailer. Doesn't that look like the Twilight magic that Zant and Ganondorf use in Twilight Princess?

Ghirahim effectively blocks Link off from Zelda, but since Zelda's too awesome for that. She uses some kind of magic - perhaps the "holy power" that Ghirahim mentions that she has in previous videos - to send Link her lovely lyre/harp. That pose, right there, with her holding the glowing lyre/harp above her head... it's just fantastic. I want that as my signature of Wizard101Central. I just don't think I can render that...

Around 0:53, you see Zelda again. Behind her is the point of interest, though; it's something I forgot to point out in my last observation post. Many people think the thing behind her looks like the Twilight mirror. I doubt that's what it actually is, but you never know!

Then it skips to another scene, where we discover that Fi, Link's partner in this game, can fly around and spink and make sparkles AND walk on walls all at the same time. It's actually really cool to watch.

At 1:02 Link plays the lyre/harp that Zelda gave him. Apparently it does something. ...Or maybe it does nothing. Whatever.

We zoom out a bit to see the area, and discover that the Goddess statue from Skyloft is in this place, too. Then Fi flies up and explodes into shininess, which rains down on Link as he plays the lyre/harp some more. Amazingly, the background transforms into whiteness, and suddenly Link is playing in the sky, with various Loftwings flying around him. Sweetness!

1:25. Link and Fi appear to be in Skyloft yet again. Link, yet again, has the lyre/harp out, and he appears to be making the ground glow or something. If you watch Fi at this point... I have no idea what she's doing. Maybe she's singing? That's kind of what it looks like.

Link dives off the cliff and flies on his Loftwing at 1:30. Like we haven't seen that before.

Finally... my favorite point of the video!!! OMG, I don't know WHAT it is about this... but I think Link is just adorable at 1:39. Forget Young Link. Or Toon Link. Skyward Sword Link's facial expressions are just... beautiful. They're really realistic, yet exaggerated. This Link is DEFINITELY some kind of combination of Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker - and it's a PERFECT mix! I'm loving the graphics more and more every day.

Fi spins some more and makes more sparkles, and then the lyre/harp floats down in front of Link (who is still really awesome).

That's all there is in the video! The end.

...This is probably just some terrible wall of text that no one cares about. It's probably hard to read, too... as far as sentence fluency and flow, I mean. I didn't exactly re-read any of it...

Well, it doesn't matter. Please enjoy the video! Remember, Skyward Sword comes out November 18th in Europe, Novebmer 20th in North America! I can't wait!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Zelda fans have been anticipating this for weeks, and now it's finally here. I just conveniently failed to mention it until now... because I've been neglecting my poor blog. I'm sorry, fans of Medli's Messages (if there's any of you).

GameInformer revealed a TON of new Skyward Sword information. And I MEAN... a ton. So much that I didn't even read through all of it.

First, we've got two wonderful videos, which are by FAR the easiest things to post.

This first video is one of four exclusive ones that GameInformer will be giving us. I was most interested in the music... fully orchestrated!

Phi also calls Link "Master", which was cute and creepy at the same time, if that's possible. XD

THIS video excited me even more than the last one did! This... just wow. LOTS of new stuff in here. Let's see how much of the interesting points I can mention in one post...

First noteworthy things I spotted? 0:35 - It seems like even diving will be using the MotionPlus in this game. They really implemented it in every aspect of the game. It's great!

At 0:40, we see that Link has learned some new moves as he literally hops over the monsters head to strike him from behind. This is, in fact, the same enemy (or at least similar to) that we saw in the GDC 2011 trailer in March. Like last time, Link can cut up his shield in any way he wants with the wonderful Wii MotionPlus.

Let's see... there's some kind of desert area, and of course more of the forest area we saw in Skyward Sword's first demo and trailer. Then, around 1:19, here's something new: With his sword, Link can draw symbols on some kind of... board thing that possessed the crest of the Hyrulean family without the Triforce - the bird-wing symbol we've been seeing everywhere in this game. He draws a heart, which causes Recovery Hearts to be spat out for healing. Very cool.

The bird-wing symbol is seen at 1:27 again as Link uses the Sword Beam ability - something I didn't see utilized very often in the demos, so I'm glad to witness it again - and it apparently works as some kind of switch.

Now, this part's awesome. 1:30 - DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS! Double Clawshots were the last items you obtained in Twilight Princess, and they were VERY fun. I'm ecstatic to see them return in Skyward Sword.

1:37 - Yet another new item. This time it's some kind of... hose? I can't tell if that's water or just air coming out of it. Many fans are guessing that it is the Gust Jar from The Minish Cap. (In all honesty, it reminds me more of F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, but what do I know?)

At 1:43, Link's just using the bow, which isn't necessarily anything special... but then we zoom out and see his location. A pirate ship? Or... at least a ship of some sort!

1:55 is some more shots of the Beetle and it's incredible abilities of dropping bombs. And 2:07 is a switch that changes the room. For some reason, it makes me think of the Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask, with all that room flipping...

2:12 - Mine cart riding! Like in the Minish Cap! Epic!!!!

Finally, at 2:15, we see a glimpse of the Siren World (or is it Silent World? I've seen it spelled both ways... it's confusing me. XD). Some kind of Poe spots Link, and alerts the ominous "Guardians" of this alternate world. Link apparently has no sword in this area, and the Guardians are great, hulking monsters. Another interesting things to note is what Link looks like... he's glowing. I don't know why, but he is. And he changes colors when the Guardians chase him...

The Bug Catching Net that first appeared in A Link to the Past shows itself around 2:30, and right after that, we see some kind of potion guy, who apparently will make potions with these bugs, from what I understood. I mean, I don't speak Japanese, so I just have the video to go off of... (Poor butterfly...)

After, at 2:41 - BEEDLE! Beedle appeared first in... The Wind Waker, I believe, though he was also in Phantom Hourglass, The Minish Cap, and Spirit Tracks. This incarnation of his looks more like his Spirit Tracks version, since he seems to ride in some kind of flying machine, much like he rode in a hot air balloon in ST.

2:51 - Link uses a cool feature of Phi (A.K.A. The Skyward Sword). I'm not sure what the official name for it is (I've forgotten... sorry!) but I know he can use it to find items burried in the ground, or apparently, even Zelda herself. He then uses "Digging Mitts" which bare resemblence to The Minish Cap's Mole Mitts to dig up the items.

At 3:00, some kind of clock thingy causes a giant Sand Palace to rise out of the ground. Right afterward, Link enounters some kind of... statue... thingy... that glows magically and spins him around and takes him somewhere... I think...

3:14 - We see some bird-riding gameplay, with some mini-game where Link aims at targets. And then... ooh! Is that the giant whale that swallowed Zelda in the E3 2011 trailer? I don't know, but it seems to be kind of boss. There's another boss right after it... with tentacles or something... and then a cutscene with Link and Zelda in Skyloft (why is he bowing? WHY? She's not a princess!)... then Ghirahim and Zelda... and the fire boss thingy... and a fuzzy boss...

And then... the best part of the whole video.


I am very happy. Just because that... is in Skyward Sword. That just made my day.

...Well, that's it! Can you tell that I rushed at the end? XD I have to go to bed - I've got a long day tomorrow.

There's also a video on Four Swords DSi, which I might comment on tomorrow, but I haven't time right now...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link Available for Ambassadors!

If you were part of the select few in the Ambassador program, meaning you connected to the Nintendo 3DS eShop before August 11th, then your first 10 NES games are now available for download, free of charge!
Legend of Zelda is there, as expected, as well as Adventure of Link. Other games include:
Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Ice Climbers
Balloon Fight
NES Open Tournament Golf
Wrecking Crew
And an "Ambassador Certificate," which is basically just a video explaining how to receive notifications about the Ambassador program in a variety of languages.
I've played Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link a little - particularly Adventure of Link, since I never got passed the second dungeon on my other version, which is for the Wii's Virtual Console. It's not any different, of course. ...That doesn't mean I'm not having trouble with it, haha. Adventure of Link is VERY hard.
Legend of Zelda, however... there's a difference! Well, okay, there's not a difference between the original and this one, but there IS a difference between other remakes of this game! On my version (on the Wii Virtual Console) and on the GameBoy, the story message at the very beginning of the game (which you see if you wait long enough staring at the logo) was re-written due to the large amount of errors. I was expecting the same for this remake, but sure enough, when I waited long enough to view it, it still possessed its obvious errors like "Triforce with Power" and "Prince Darkness 'Gannon'". Interesting...
Anyway... happy playing, Ambassadors! It's still to be announced when the last 10 GameBoy games will be coming out, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Skyward Sword's Box Art

Wow... two epic Skyward Sword news posts in a ROW. Well, now the two things I really wanted to know about the upcoming Zelda game are out. Should I keep following the Zelda fansites? I don't want TOO many spoilers. I already told myself that I wouldn't be checking any of the fansites between November 18th and November 20th so that I can't read the whole plot of the game and ruin it for me before it comes out in America.

...Meh, of COURSE I'm going to keep following Zelda news. That's like asking if I'm not going to eat anymore. (Not quite... but close, right? It's a pretty creative comparison, considering I'm just dying from excitement right now and can't focus on much else.)

Here we go: Skyward Sword's box art!

As you may have noticed, there's more than just box art up there! For the increased price of $69.99, you can get a special edtion Skyward Sword bundle. This includes not only the game, but the golden Wii remote we saw at E3 this year, which has the Wii MotionPlus built within it, and a CD featuring songs from the upcoming Zelda symphony concerts. A pretty epic deal.

So now, rather than paying $49.99 like any sane person would, I'm going to dig out an extra $20 and get that CD and remote. ...Well, I guess sane people could still buy the offer, if they didn't have Wii MotionPlus. But I bought that earlier, specifically for Skyward Sword. Now I'll have no use for it at all...


Reminder: November 20th is Skyward Sword's American release date! Oh, how will we stand to wait?!?

(Random: I changed the header! How is it? I probably should put up a poll like always, but I'm too lazy...)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skyward Sword's Release Dates!

Wonderful news! Skyward Sword's release date, at LONG last, has been revealed!!! (Both my affiliates beat me to posting this, but whatever. :P)

United States - November 20th

Europe - November 18th

Lucky Europeans... not only do you all get it two days earlier than us, but you ALSO get it on a FRIDAY! You'll have the whole weekend to play it!

Do you think if I ordered Skyward Sword online from Europe, it would arrive here on the 18th? XD On second thought, I already have it preordered at GameStop, darn it.

Speaking of GameStop, they were surprisingly close with their release date prediction. I was hoping that they'd be proven wrong when the real release date came out, since they kept telling people Skyward Sword would come out "November 25th" when they had no proof whatsoever to back up this ridiculous notion. But they were only a few days off - less than a week.

I'm just disappointed it's not coming out in September. That's my birthday month. Wouldn't it be epic to get Skyward Sword for my birthday?

Oh, I have a random comment: Skyward Sword comes out on Mexican Revolution Day. No, really. I looked at my calender and that's what it said. Who knew? (Besides Mexicans...)

Anyway... that's all I have to say! I think. There WAS more, but Skyward Sword's release date pushed everything out of my mind, haha. (Something about Link's Awakening I think. ...OH! I found a useless glitch in the Wind Fish's Egg! That was it! XD)

One last thing: After logging on today, Blogger told me that Medli's Messages was popular, and "popular blogs make money" off of ads. I'm not putting any ads (at least not yet? XD) but I wanted to point out that Google thinks this blog is popular. WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE VIEWING MY BLOG? I don't mind... BUT STILL?! (I mean, 21 Followers, yet it's "more popular" than the 60+ Followed Sierra's Story? HOW?)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Legend of Zelda to be released on 3DS eShop

Today, Nintendo posted on their 3DS's Facebook page about a new price-cut for the 3DS. And I noticed it without Zelda Dungeon's help. I'm so proud of myself. :D

However, the price-cut to $169.99 isn't the important part (although I'm sure many of you that couldn't afford Ocarina of Time 3D earlier are excited about that). It's what the people who already have a 3DS (like me) are going to receive. Since we're apparently their most loyal customers (I felt quite loved and finally appreciated after reading that statement), we're going to receive 20 free new games! Half of them will be released early to us, and the other half are only EXCLUSIVELY for this offer. The best part? One of them happens to be The Legend of Zelda, the very first game in the series. It's one of the ones released early, so later on, even you with the price-cut 3DS's will be able to buy it.

For current 3DS owners, all you need to do is connect to the eShop before August 11th. Later they'll give us the games somehow.

I'm excited, even though I already have The Legend of Zelda for Virtual Console on Wii (and still haven't completed it, but whatever... I'm in Ganon's Castle and I already have the Silver Arrow, so I'm pretty close...).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Affiliate!

I need to write this post quickly. This is just a quick update. Medli's Messages (and probably The Goron Times, too) has a new affiliate! This time it's Map of the Triforce (, owned by my friend on Wizard101 Central, The Emo GameFreak. Right now he's pretty new... so go give him a comment or at least a few views, all right? ^^

...That might be the shortest thing I've ever wrote on this blog. Maybe.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Skyward Sword Story Details

The Goron Times has recently added an entry about the new plot details of Skyward Sword. You can find the post here. There's isn't anything insanely new, but there ARE a few interesting spoilers. For instance: the harp will use Wii MotionPlus to strum, and we can now assume that it will be the main instrument of the game. Also, supposedly Skyward Sword is in the final stages and due for localization now. Hopefully that means a release date is coming soon.

EDIT: Something was wrong with blogger up until now, and it wouldn't let me publish my posts, so that's why this is late. I also am now too lazy to complete the whole thing, which was also going to talk about the rest of the interview with Eiji Aonuma, where he mentions Majora's Mask 3D and even a Legend of Zelda movie. The movie part was what I was excited about. I always thought Nintendo was too afraid to ever make a Zelda movie, and that's why it hasn't been made before. Apparently, they'd LOVE to make a Zelda movie, they just don't have enough money!

About MM 3D, I doubt that will ever become real, despite how awesome that would be. I mean... I don't really think that OoT 3D's graphic style would fit the dark mood of Majora's Mask, anyway. They'd have to change it a bit to be darker for it to really work well.

You can find the interview here at Zelda Dungeon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is a surprise! (Comic-Con Skyward Sword Trailer)

I just checked up on everything Zelda-related yesterday, but somehow, just overnight, we've got plenty of interesting new stuff. For instance, a new Skyward Sword trailer was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con (which is really disappointing, since I had a slim chance of being able to go to that if I'd been at home and not in Canada; San Diego isn't THAT far from where I live).

Oh! Now, what's that at 1:29?

...That's right. A Goron. Luke from The Goron Times will be SO excited. All I hope is that Zoras make an appearance, too.

A lot of this trailer appears to be the same as the previous one from E3 2011. Still, there were some interesting things in there. We see Link preforming what seems like the Finishing Blow from Twilight Princess on a Skulltula/Spider thingy at 1:08. I can't recall if that had already been confirmed or not, though. And there's a little more gameplay... a better view of Skyloft...

Anyway, I'll let you enjoy that trailer on your own. I have some other news. Remember at E3 this year, when they said there would be a symphony tour for the Zelda games? Well, we now have more information on it, including a trailer.

Apparently the first concert will be in Los Angeles on October 21st. Then, afterward, they'll have a tour in 2012. I hope they come near me... I don't know if I can go to Los Angeles JUST for a Zelda concert.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm on vacation.

Well, duh. I told you that last post.

But I'm saying that because... I feel SOOOO bad for not updating this blog. I really, really love Medli's Messages. But... whatever.

I wonder if it's possible to get a job at Zelda Dungeon? Because that would be insanely epic. I mean... right now, they're part of an awesome Zeldathon! Nonstop Zelda games, including Four Swords and the CD-i games! ...I really can't wait to watch them play the CD-i. I hope they haven't done it yet. XD Right now they're in the middle of Wind Waker - I think I just saw them get the Power Bracelets or something.

I just noticed I also got another follower! Thanks very much to whoever is my 21st follower.

Now... let's see. There's no other major Zelda news that I can think of right now. I'm in the Spirit Temple of OoT 3D Master Quest, if anyone cares. I haven't been playing it much.

Okay! I just found out that my sister is heading over to my aunt's house. My aunt is the one who has the Wii... so I think I'm going to go with and play some Twilight Princess. Yes, I brought it with me. I brought every Zelda game I could. XD The fun thing about Twilight Princess, though, is that last year I brought it too and downloaded my file onto this one. But since it's so old... I don't have all Heart Containers! And my 3 heart file isn't there anymore! O: So it gives me something to do. Yay.

I might get back and edit this post later... I had a lot more in mind to say.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Off to Canada

Wow... the blog quieted down after that last post... O_o

Um, anyway.

Remember last year, when I was crying about how I'd have no Zelda games except PH and ST for a whole month, just because I was going on vacation? Well, that's happening again. Except this time, I'll have a LOT more than Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I'll also have Ocarina of Time 3D, Link's Awakening DX (yes, I downloaded it!), Minish Cap, and Oracle of Ages.

In fact, you know what I just realized? With the purchase of Link's Awakening, I have every single Zelda game in existence except for Oracle of Seasons. ...Unless you count Four Swords or the CD-i games.

It's kind of sad, since I have Oracle of AGES, but not Seasons... -.-

So. Back to the vacation thing. I don't know how active I'll be - if you recall from last year, my grandparents have a computer, but it's pretty slow. Plus, my parents hate when I use the computer and play video games all throughout our vacation. I probably won't get much time on it.

Sorry about the long period of time where I didn't post, though. I really do want to do an Ocarina of Time N64 to OoT 3D comparison. I have a few differences I wanted to elaborate on. I just... haven't had the time. I might be able to do that when I get back.

Speaking of Ocarina of Time 3D, I just made the ultimate file. All Heart Containers, all Skulltulas, and the best upgrades of everything. Wow. What is it with me and DS Zelda games? I mean, I never even got over 45 Skulltulas on the original version... but with this one, I just totally pwned all sidequests...

The last thing I wanted to talk about was... fanfiction! If you recall, I posted my Medli x Link fanfiction called Duty before Love here on Medli's Messages a few weeks ago. Now it's uploaded at both on my profile, and on the Across the Fandom project. Since I feel guilty about uploading it onto my own profile, I'd prefer you read it here, at Across the Fandom... but you can also read it at my profile here. Then there's also one more I uploaded, called Shards of Time. That's here. That one will be a multi-chaptered fic.

That's it! Thanks for reading! I'll return home August 3rd. Please have a good month of July!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why is my blog suddenly so popular?

...I'm sorry.

I haven't posted in so long (okay, just a week), but I'm starting to lose interest in this blog. Why? Because... suddenly I'm getting a TON of views, and I have no idea why! I think it's because of all that E3 information I provided. The only problem is that I stole most of that from other websites - I can take credit for discovering very little of it, and I feel bad stealing attention from the original sources. Seriously. If you type in "Skyward Sword" on Google, my blog is on the front page. Wow. Unless is has something to do with the fact that I'm logged into my own Google account...?

Whatever the case, I just don't know what to do here. I mean, the majority of posts on Medli's Messages are just for my own entertainment, and provide no kind of helpful information whatsoever. Honestly, who cares that I just got a GameBoy Advanced with the game Oracle of Ages (which is TOTALLY true... yay for me! So happy! And I can finally replay Minish Cap!)? Who cares that I keep dying the the ninth dungeon of The Legend of Zelda? Who cares that a Goron decided to join the forces of evil and kill me on Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest? No one. You people care about Skyward Sword. How do I know that? Because that's what I care about, too.

...In that case, you can head over to Zelda Dungeon and read Skyward Sword's newly released plot details here. In the past, I would have copied and pasted everything there, but I really hate plagarism now - and that's essentially what that is.

I mean, someone already plagarized Hylians of the Future on, and I don't know what to do about it. Should I e-mail the author or just ignore it...?

Anyway... I like getting views. I like knowing that people are probably reading my stuff. But I DON'T like that it's for all the wrong reasons.

Great. I don't even know what the point of this post is. Don't worry, if there's anyone out there who is a regular reader (Luke and Lucas, I think XD) - I'll keep posting! I just don't know how often, or how meaningful any of my posts will be.

For the moment... enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

OoT 3D - On to Master Quest!

Last night, I completed Ocarina of Time 3D. Barely.

I say barely, because my 3DS was running out of power and I think it would have turned off if I hadn't shoved it into a charger at the last moment. It even started blinking red at me on the top as well as the bottom, where the power-glow-thingy is located. I did everything I could think of to conserve power - I even turned off the 3D effects! That was, like, the lowest level I could stoop to. I also turned down the brightness setting to its lowest and turned on power-saving mode (whatever that is). The only thing I refused to change was the sound. I kept the volume on high. I mean, I was watching the credits, and they're pretty pointless without the music.

Speaking of the credits, they surprised me when the music was exactly the same. I'd heard a while back that the song in one of the Ocarina of Time 3D trailers would be used as the credits song. Luckily, I watched the whole thing through, and after you see Link meeting Zelda again in the courtyard, where the credits would end in the original, the song I expected to hear started up, and downward-scrolling, movie-style credits commenced.

Therefore, I unlocked Master Quest. I've been playing it today, and let me tell you how excited I am about this. VERY! It's almost like a new Zelda game! ...Almost. I mean, I already died once! That's great! You'd think it wouldn't be great, but honestly, it is. I rarely die in Zelda games anymore. To have it challenge me so much that I would actually fail like that... in the FIRST DUNGEON... means I'm going to truly test myself in later dungeons to come. Unlike my "less than 3" death goal I made for myself during my recent run of OoT 3D (which I met happily - I got two. The first was a ReDead, the second was Dark Link... I think those are fair deaths...) I'm going for "less than 6". Hopefully I'm not underestimating the difficulty of Master Quest, and I'll actually have to TRY to meet that goal.

At the moment, I'm in Kakariko Village in Master Quest, about to move on to Death Mountain and start the second dungeon, Dodongo's Cavern. I've already gotten my two bottles (which, much to my relief, weren't any different to obtain in this version) and I was JUST about to get Sun's Song (in fact, I closed the cover of the 3DS as I was playing the Zelda's Lullaby that opens the grave into the Sun's Song area XD) when I logged on to the computer. Why? Because... I thought of something.

What happened to Boss Challenge mode?

I'd heard of it multiple times, on many fansites... and yet I'd completely forgotten about it throughout the game! WHERE IS IT?

Apparently, thanks to this wonderful article at Zelda Dungeon, I have to go back to Link's house. Supposedly Sheik told me about it. I guess I wasn't paying attention. XD

I'm ready to try that Boss Gauntlet!

...After getting my Sun's Song on this Master Quest file.

And after this? ...I'm going to try that "Master Sword as Young Link" glitch. And then I'll try all the glitches I know from the original Ocarina of Time on this version, haha. I know quite a few, and according to Zelda Dungeon here, the creators tried their best to preserve the glitches from the old version. Yay! I might still be able to do my swordless glitch! :P

I also apologize that this was not the comparison post I promised - I'm kind of eager to get back to my Ocarina of Time game to do the things I just mentioned above, so I don't want to write a long post like that.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OoT 3D - Only to Water Temple? I'm ashamed of myself.


And thus I didn't get on the computer at all. So I have a lot of catching up to do. The only big news I've seen so far is an announced new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U. And there's a few Ocarina of Time 3D glitches... though I have my own. Two of them, in fact. Am I glitch magnet or what?

Maybe I should be filming myself to prove that these actually happened... but I TOTALLY wasn't ready for them. Besides, both had negative effects. In the first glitch I got stuck in place and my sister wasted all my arrows trying to get out of it, and the second glitch stole 100 rupees from me and gave me an unwanted Blue Potion.

...I'm so unlucky!

Enough of that for now. I'll probably explain later in this post. For now... I want to write about what I've been doing on my lovely 3DS.

First off... I'm only in the Water Temple. I know that's sad, especially for me, self-proclaimed Zelda expert. I've been distracted by the other features on the 3DS, though. You really can't blame me! I really did dream of completing the game within the first, day, though. I really hoped to move on to the Master Quest. ...Oh, well. I guess three days it is, yet again. At least I won't spend 17 hours in the Water Temple like my last run.

I started off EXTREMELY excited. I mean... 3D Ocarina of Time! Who WOULDN'T get excited about that? I was marveling over all the little details - Saria's fairy was green now, and the fairies of the other Kokiri looked pink like the healing ones you trap in bottles. And the Great Deku Tree looked amazing!

...But when I realized it was the EXACT same game, I started getting bored. XD

I kept playing, though. I played until I left the Kokiri Forest (where in my confrontation with Saria, her fairy had randomly turned red instead of green! ...What the heck?) and got my ocarina, and went out into Hyrule Field. It was at this point I went to find my sister to tell her how insanely easy this game was (Gohma died in under 3 minutes! I didn't even have the bring her down 3 times like you normally do - only two, and I wasn't ready the first time, lol) and... she kind of took over the game...

And by took over, I mean stole my brand new system from me and started going crazy with the new controls.

After begging her not to get trapped in the cutscene with the owl (Kaepora Gaebora is more evil than Ganondorf. HE is the one we should have been using the Master Sword on!) she accidentally went into Kokiri Forest...

...where everything was covered in a strange pinkish-red glow.

You can imagine how surprised I was at this point. In fact, I was past surprised. I was freaking out. If I remember correctly, forests - especially enchanted Kokiri Forests - should not be red.

So I went back out into Hyrule Field... and everything was red there, too! No! And I immediately blamed my sister, of course. She was the one last messing with the controls... it must have been her fault.

...Well, apparently, since the 3DS is so advanced and all, sunset and sunrise actually bathes everything in a red glow. Hey, makes sense, I guess. But it thoroughly succeeded in confusing and even scaring me at first. XD

If everything suddenly turned red, you'd be, too!

Anyway. The rest of the game is fine, as well - the updated graphics are truly beautiful. I loved looking at the Great Fairy Fountain in 3D (though for the Great Fairy herself, I can't really say) and pulling out the Master Sword...... wow. Just wow. There were a few other minor changes I'd like to mention, especially in the controls, but I'll save those for a later post when I complete the entire game.

For now, let me think... what else was interesting that happened to me in Ocarina of Time 3D so far?

...Well, there are those glitches...

All right. I guess I'll talk about those.

The first one happened when I was hunting Big Poes as an adult. I'd just completed the Fire Temple, and my lack of a fourth bottle was starting to annoy me. To get the fourth bottle (the only one you can get as an adult) you need to catch all ten Big Poes in Hyrule Field (only appearing when you're on Epona) and sell them to the Poe Seller guy in Castle Town. Once you get all ten, he'll give you the bottle.

This one Poe in particular was the one that appears by the tree right outside Lon Lon Ranch. I wasted SO many arrows trying to get him - he kept getting away! And it's impossible to aim that bow in 3D, so I had to turn it off, much to my disappointment (I like the 3D effects!). I rode back and forth, trying to finally defeat that Poe with my bow. And when I FINALLY did, I was so relieved, I immediately rode up to it and dismounted Epona. I walked over to try and talk to the Poe's spirit... but instead I re-mounted Epona. Annoyed, I pressed 'A' to get off her again... but instead talked to the spirit, still on my horse.

I didn't even know that was possible. Is it possible, or was that part of the glitch?

Anyway, everything seemed normal, until I said "catch in bottle" or whatever. The in-game text showed up saying "You caught the Poe's Soul! Sell it to the guy for lots of money!" or whatever. I pressed 'A' and the text disappeared... before immediately reappearing, with the same message.


And then, when the text disappeared, I couldn't move. O_o

I could L-target (locking on to the spot where the Poe's soul previously was)! I could use my bow (and, upon showing my sister, she wasted the small remainder of my arrows while pressing every button possible to get un-stuck)! But I couldn't move!

Luckily, it was easy to fix. I could still save during this. So... I did. And then I turned it off and back on. Yay.

Still don't know what happened.

The second glitch occurred... would you believe it... within ten minutes of the last one! After turning the game back on I retrieved Epona (who was still standing in the same spot) and headed to Kakariko to buy more arrows (because I'm too lazy to look for them, and I have so many rupees it's nice to spend them every once and a while). After that, out of random boredom I went to the old woman who runs a secondary potion shop behind the main one - you know, the woman that sells you the Blue Potion? Yeah... I went in there, and talked to her...


All I did was talk to her!!! That's IT! She even asked, "Ultimate Potion! 100 Rupees" or whatever! And I, still in shock that all my rupees had randomly disappeared, selected "Don't buy."

And then I got a Blue Potion. For no reason! I don't even want one - I was hunting Big Poes, remember? I need my bottles empty to put their spirits in. Worse, now I only have 53 rupees. Well, at least now I won't be throwing away the ones I happen to gain in the Water Temple.

All right, this is a long enough post. Tomorrow (or whenever I finally complete this game) I'll do a full comparison between Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 (or Virtual Console on Wii, but hey, they're the same thing XD) and what I've noticed changed in Ocarina of Time 3D.

But for now... goodnight!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am now a proud owner of Ocarina of Time 3DS.

...But I still can't play it. Because I still don't have a 3DS.

Fortunately, there's good news! Babysitting surprisingly gave me... $66! I was NOT expecting that much! I mean, I was hopeful for $50, right? So with that money, I bought a 3DS off eBay. It's expected to come Thursday.

I still can't decide whether I should open my Ocarina of Time 3D and register it for that CD offer (which ends tonight, midnight Pacific time) or leave it. I really want that, but it's just smarter to keep the game sealed until I get my system, you know? On the other hand, I'm dying to see what a 3DS game looks like. Are they exactly like DS ones? XD Plus I'll have no way to prove that I got it on the first day it came out unless I register it right away.

...I guess I already missed my chance for that. I received the game yesterday, but I'm still debating over opening it up today.

Well, I still have the receipt. And I need to keep that receipt, because it also has my renewed preorder of Skyward Sword on it, haha.

Oh, I hope my 3DS comes soon. I'm dying to try out Ocarina of Time 3D... plus, since I bought the 3DS online instead of locally, I saved money so I also can get Link's Awakening.

That's the best part of getting a 3DS: getting one of the three Zelda games I don't have! If they remake Oracle of Seasons and Ages, my collection will be complete! ...Unless you count the CD-i games, of course. Sadly, though, I don't have that much money to spend. Seriously, go online and check out how much Link: Faces of Evil costs. And then I'd need to buy the system, too. O_o

You know what happened at GameStop while I bought Ocarina of Time 3D? Some man came in and preordered Skyward Sword next to me. He asked what its release date was, and the GameStop guy replied, "November."

Me: ...When did this happen?

You know, I probably should have actually said that instead of thinking it. But whatever.

November release for Skyward Sword does sound highly likely, despite Europe's Nintendo saying August. Honestly, I'd prefer that to an August release - I know I didn't act like it in my previous post (especially considering I mentioned I'd slap the person responsible for the typo, if it was one) but it's true. They'd have more time to prefect Skyward Sword... and I'm kind of out of money right now after buying the 3DS, so... XD

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One more day for Ocarina of Time 3D's United States release

Guess what? I no longer have Skyward Sword preordered.

...Okay, I regret it now. I've had money on that thing since September 2010. Only AFTER I left GameStop did I realize that rather than moving my money for Skyward Sword over to Ocarina of Time 3D could I have just paid the money AGAIN and kept SS's preorder... if that made any sense...

Basically, now my money is on a preorder for Ocarina of Time 3D.

And guess what? I DON'T HAVE A 3DS!

I think I'm going to get one, though. They're cheaper online, so I'll buy one there. I'll have enough money then. However, it still means I won't be able to play Ocarina of Time 3D right away. I'll be able to stare at the game! But that's pretty much it. Fortunately, I have plenty of friends with 3DS's. I'll just ask one of them to let me try it out.

It's very exciting. Ocarina of Time is great game, and all those incredible trailers are just making it look even BETTER.

As soon as I go to GameStop tomorrow, I'm going to put some money back on Skyward Sword, though. XD I couldn't go back yesterday, when I canceled the preorder, because I'd gone up that desk 3 times to ask the guys questions. I was trying to find enough money to buy a 3DS, lol. The three games I was willing to sell, though, only gave me $11 and my DSi would have given me $50, but I'm too attached to that thing to let it go. It has Link on it, you know. I bought a skin over the internet to put on it... of course, in GameStop, I saw an Ocarina of Time 3D skin for the 3DS! I was super excited! That's what I'm asking for for my birthday...

Anyway. I made $10 today, and I'll make another $5 for sure tonight, and HOPEFULLY will be getting some money for babysitting later. How much do you think I can get away with asking for babysitting? I want to make a lot of money, rofl... but I don't want to look greedy.

I mean, ideally they could give me $100 and I'd be happy... VERY happy... but somehow I doubt that's happening...

...Even $50 would be nice...

Anyway! Ocarina of Time 3D. Yep. Looks amazing. I can't wait!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Duty before Love (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Medli x Link fan fiction)


That's right... a post on Medli's Messages... that's ACTUALLY ABOUT MEDLI!

The title explains most of it, but I'll go into detail. This is a story I've been writing for while for There's this program that Insane, certifiably is hosting called Across the Fandom. She is trying to get oneshots for every pairing existing in the Zelda-verse from a variety of different authors. You were able to sign up on this one thread (I'll try to find a link later) and claim a pairing, and then they'd give you another one at random. For no reason whatsoever, I decided to sign up for Medli x Link, and then they gave me the random pairing Din x Link. I have no idea what I'll do for Din and Link, but for now, I've finished the Medli one. Yaaay!

I... don't really know what inspired this. I just started writing about Medli, lol. But you, dear readers, please tell me what you think - I rarely ask for comments here on Medli' Messages (at least, RECENTLY I haven't asked for comments) but I'm doing so now. I love feedback on my writing. You can tell me what I'm doing wrong, what you like, what you don't like - in fact, you can even tell me you HATE the thing and I'll be so happy that you left your thoughts. It doesn't matter.

My main worries about this story: Is it romantic enough? Too romantic? Was it too dramatic, or just right? Was it sad, or so stupid it made you laugh? Are Medli's and Link's personalities right, or did I totally screw up (main concerned about Link in this area)? Those are the kind of questions I'd like you to answer, if nothing else. ;)

If you steal this, I will hunt you down and... um... destroy you! Or something. Seriously, don't steal.

Please enjoy! (Though I REALLY hate the beginning. Those are always the worst.)


Duty before Love by TwilightWakerofTime (A.K.A. Sierra WinterBreeze, A.K.A. Windlilly)


How had it come to this?

Her heart pounding, she leaned against the door, wincing as she heard another crash. Oh, great Spirits of Water and Sky… please let him be all right…

Sighing, Medli turned around again, slumping against the cold, locked door of the Earth Temple. Of her temple. Even if she lacked their memories, ever since Laruto awakened her she could sense the presence of her ancestors, the deceased Sages that once empowered the Master Sword. She was left to take their place, to guard the temple and aid the Hero.

It wasn’t the aiding the Hero part that she found hard – she’d just gone through an entire temple with him, flying to places too high to reach and breaking barriers with her harp’s song when necessary. No, it was the guarding part that worried her.

Would she be… stuck here?

Would she not be allowed to go with him? With Link?

The ground shook again as something heavy hit the wall hard. She took in a sharp breath, then exhaled slowly, silently chiding herself for being so jumpy. He’ll be fine. He’s the Chosen Hero. He’ll be fine.

Another thud. He doesn’t sound fine…

Stop it! She shook her head. This was crazy! She was sitting here, moping and fretting while Link risked his life. It was unfair. Why couldn’t she have gone instead? At the least he could have let her in the room with him! But, no; apparently as the Sage of Earth, she was too precious to risk getting harmed. And… with the pleading look he gave her when he asked Medli to stay behind… she just couldn’t say no. But surely there had to be some way she could have helped. Didn’t she possess some kind of special powers as a Sage? Something… anything could have helped him…

Desperate to distract herself, Medli thought about Dragon Roost Island. Unfortunately, it only brought up painful memories. She still didn’t know if she’d be able to go back there. She might never see Quill or Komali again.

For some reason, she began to think of the first time she met Link. He was the youngest human she’d ever met. Everyone else that came to Dragon Roost from the outside were sailors, older men usually from Windfall, and she wasn’t old enough to leave the island on her own yet (which reminded her - she'd be in so much trouble when she got home). So she’d never seen a boy his age out alone on the sea. Hoping for some kind of assistance from this boy, she asked for his help to get into Dragon Roost Cavern. Then she’d been captured. She’d really thought that was the end… but then he’d saved her!

And now he was fighting for the Great Sea – for her life and everyone else’s. And she was stuck out here.

She closed her eyes. She had to stop being so negative.

But something felt… different…

Her eyes shot opened as she realized what it was. The sounds of battle from inside the boss room – they’d stopped!

She pressed her hands against the door, pushing with all her might, hoping it would open. But it was no use. The door was securely locked. She held her breath. No! That couldn’t mean… Link hadn’t failed… had he?

And suddenly, the door slid open.

With a small cry of surprise at the unexpected lack of support, she stumbled forward –

– right into the arms of someone standing there.

Link blinked down in surprise at the Rito girl. He opened his mouth to say something, but Medli seized him in a tight hug and released a soft sob.

“Oh, gods! You’re here… okay… and you… I was… I couldn’t… you weren’t… you left me here!”

He let out a sound between a sigh of relief and a groan. “Medli… it’s great to see you, but you’re hurting me.”

“Oh!” She quickly pulled away, for the first time noticing the state he was in. There were multiple scratches on his arms and strange blackened marks on his green tunic – singe marks? Were those from fire? Great Valoo, what had happened during that battle? “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t… I didn’t… I’m just glad that you… you’re… I… and I…”

“Medli,” he said gently. “You’re stammering.”

She brought a hand up to cover her mouth, which had made an ‘o’ of shock. “You’re right! I’m sorry! I don’t mean to. I only–”

Link grinned at her. “It’s okay. But we need to restore the power to repel evil to the Master Sword now. We’ll have to play that song one more time.”

She closed her eyes and nodded. “Of course.” Her duty as a Sage needed to come before her feelings for Link. She couldn’t let herself be distracted at such an important moment. Even one mistake in the song could… She paused. Well, she didn’t really know what would happen if she made a mistake while playing it. Hmm. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to find out.

The pair walked into the center of the room, where the Triforce emblem was displayed on the stone floor. Medli gazed around herself with mild fascination – the whole place, surrounded by spikes and thorny towers, seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place where she’d seen it before. Of course, throughout their expedition in this temple she’d had thoughts like this; this wasn’t the first time she’d felt like she’d been somewhere in memory that she’d never visited physically.

Link raised the Wind Waker and looked at her expectantly. “Ready?”

Snapped out of her thoughts, she swiftly swung the harp over her head and cradled it in her arms, her calloused fingers poised to play. She checked to make sure it was tuned into the right key before nodding. “Ready.”

Link began to move the conductor’s baton, and Medli played the Earth God’s Lyric with practiced ease, her fingers gliding across the harp strings. Immediately she realized she didn’t need to worry about messing up the song – backed up by the spirits of her ancestors, she felt like she’d played this a million times… like this song was a part of her. She barely noticed the Master Sword beginning to glow from where Link had placed it in the center of the Triforce as she lost herself in the music.

She didn’t notice Laruto until the music stopped. She gazed at the fallen Sage of Earth, who was supposedly was her ancestor. When Medli first saw her, she’d been shocked by her fish-like and wingless appearance, but she was prepared this time. Now she heard the Sage’s voice echoing in her head. “Your half of the power to repel evil has returned to the Master Sword.” Medli sighed with relief. “However,” the Sage continued, making her stiffen, “your task is not complete. You must remain here and play the Earth God’s Lyric to ensure the Master Sword does not fail again. This is your duty to Hyrule and the Goddesses.

Her eyes widened and her heart shattered almost instantly at the sound of these words. No! This was exactly what she’d been afraid of hearing! She couldn’t stay here forever, protecting the power of an ancient relic, no matter how important it was! How could she sacrifice herself like that – how could the gods be so impassive, so apathetic, so cruel? This wasn’t fair… she wanted to travel… she wanted to–


She looked up, noticing Link regarding her with concern, the half-empowered Master Sword in his hands. She glanced to the side, realizing that Laruto had already disappeared. Her hands balled into fists at a sudden rise of anger. Even her ancestors didn’t care about her!

“Is something wrong?”

She turned back to Link, and tried to calm herself, pasting a completely fake smile on her face. “What? Oh, no. Nothing is wrong.”

She struggled to hold back tears and sustain the smile as he tilted his head to the side curiously. “Are you sure?”


His frown clearly showed that he didn’t believe her, but she couldn’t stand to say anything more. “Okay. Then we should go now.”

Just keep smiling.

You should. But I can’t come.”


She bit her lip to prevent it from trembling – the smile had fallen from her face by now, but she didn’t have the strength to restore it. “I can’t come. I… I need to stay here and fulfill my duty as a Sage. I have to keep playing so that the power to repel evil doesn’t wear out.”

“You… That’s silly,” Link said, laughing nervously, a confused expression on his face. “The gods can’t expect you to do that. You’ve done enough.”

“It’s my duty,” she quoted Laruto quietly. “To Hyrule and the Goddesses.”

For a moment, Link just stood there, frozen in utter shock. Finally, he growled, “That’s not your duty. All you needed to do was restore the power to the Master Sword – and you’ve done that!” He held up the ancient weapon as proof. “Now all it needs is the Wind Sage’s power, and it will be the Blade of Evil’s Bane again. You’re done!”

“Laruto told me,” she whispered, a few tears trickling down her cheek. “Laruto said that I had to stay here. Otherwise, its power will fade over time.”

“No!” Link shouted, grabbing her hand. “I won’t let you do that to yourself. What about the Rito? Doesn’t Valoo need an attendant?”

“I can be replaced,” she argued halfheartedly. In all honesty, these were the things running through her mind, too. Since Komali’s grandmother had died, no one had been left to teach her, so she’d needed to struggle through reading ancient texts in the old language and further her training on her own. It was difficult, and she only managed to get through it because she held some previous knowledge – for someone new, learning how to be Valoo’s attendant would be next to impossible.

“This isn’t fair! You’re throwing your life away just for this stupid quest!”


“You can’t do this. There must be some other way.”


“We can just leave, right now,” he continued, turning around to pace, deep in thought. “Maybe there’s somewhere we can hide, where you won’t have to–”


He looked up at her, startled out of his rant by Medli’s uncharacteristic yell. He was shocked to find tears flowing freely down her cheeks. She couldn’t hold them in any longer.

“Please, just stop,” she sobbed, her voice echoing off the walls of the Earth Temple. “You’re making it worse.”

Letting out a big breath of air, Link visibly deflated, his gaze softening. “I’m sorry. I just–”

“I have no choice,” she sighed, sounding hollow. “It’s not just me, or you, or the lives of the Rito at stake. It’s everyone. Every person in the Great Sea.” Her voice dropped so low that Link could barely hear it. “Duty must come before love…”

For the first time during his quest, the Chosen Hero had no idea what to say or do.

“You should go now,” Medli mumbled, gesturing toward the glowing portal that had appeared.

After holding her gaze in silence for a long while, Link nodded mutely. But instead of moving towards the portal, he approached Medli one last time.

“I’ll come back,” he promised, staring into her eyes firmly.

Medli allowed herself a sad smile. “I know.”

“Besides, the gods can’t keep you here after Ganon is dead, can they?” Link said, a kind of desperate hope in his eyes.

“I hope not.” Could the gods be cruel enough to keep her here forever? At this point, she wouldn’t be surprised…

He stepped back, away from Medli and into the glow of the enchanted wind that would take him outside the temple. She watched, helpless, as the wind began to envelope Link.

Then he was gone.

She dropped her gaze to the floor and sighed, trying to release the despair she felt welling up inside of her. Reaching over her shoulder, she grabbed the harp. To push back the tears forming again, she played a sad, dissonant chord on the string, and then started the Earth God’s Lyric.

She had a feeling she’d been doing this a lot from now on.


...I don't like it. *sigh* But I never like anything I write, so... I'll just wait for your opinions.

Why do all the females in my Zelda stories sound so dang helpless?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LoZ and AoL Updates

Phew! Haven't done one of these in a while. But so far today, there hasn't been any major Zelda news. ...Okay, well, GameStop is hosting Ocarina of Time 3D tryouts, but there's none where I live. *sob* You can check out this link for locations. Then, apparently Mexico is listing Skyward Sword as coming out in Fall 2011. Dang it! So now both you lucky Europeans AND the Mexicans will get it earlier than people in the U.S.! >_> Maybe I should just go to Mexico and get it, rofl. At least it's closer than Europe, and I know a little Spanish...

...Anyway? Update. Yeah.

All right! I just need to do this for my own enjoyment - I love writing about my Legend of Zelda experiences. For those of you who don't know, "updates" on this blog typically mean "My rants about what I did in a Legend of Zelda game and how close I am to completing it." I know, it's not the type of thing a professional fansite would do, but hey... I'm not professional. I almost wish I was - I'd hear Zelda news right away, then - but no. And until then, I'll continue on with my little Zelda rants. Just don't turn away from this blog just because of this one little post... I'll still give Zelda news and everything! These are becoming less and less frequent, as you may have noticed. So... yeah.

I'll try to keep this short, but I don't know... I'm fitting two different game experiences into one post, and if you've been following this blog, you'll KNOW how long these can get...

Let's start with... The Legend of Zelda! The very first game in the series. Last update, I was stuck trying to find Ganon. Well, thanks to Seth GoldenBlood (yet again), I now know where the last dungeon is. I've been working on it - and, in fact, I found the Silver Arrow, I just need to find Ganon. But... Seth uses a walkthrough. He has this book that walks you through NES games, and he read to me from it. Do you think that counts as breaking my vow of "no-walkthroughs?" ...Whatever. It was funny when he was reading from it, though.

"'Great! You're off to fight Ganon. You've done well to get this far!'" I rolled my eyes. He shrugged. "What? That's what it says. Anyway: 'Now that you've completed Dungeon 8, you should have all but one piece of the Triforce.'"

He looked at me. I looked at him. We exchanged confused stares, so I brought up my collection screen on the game.

"Um, Seth... that doesn't look like all but one piece..."

And I had a perfect, completed triangle right there. The full Triforce of Wisdom.

He just gazed at it for awhile, then bursted out laughing. "Sierra? I think you hacked the game. That, or you broke it."

...So I dunno what happened. XD I think something's wrong with that walkthrough. I've heard EVERYWHERE that there's 8 pieces of the Triforce, so I can't be missing one. And if nothing IS wrong with the walkthrough, then we have two theories. One is that the little border around my Triforce of Wisdom is a piece of it. Two is that it was referring to the fact that I have the Triforce of Wisdom, but not the Triforce of Power, since there were only two pieces in the first game. But... you'd think it wouldn't say "ALL but one" then... for there to be an "all" you'd think there'd have to be more than one...

So. Dungeon 9... I have to complete that.

Now for Adventure of Link, the other game I'm working on! Don't worry, this one isn't as long. Or as funny, sadly. I just wanted to mention that... I BEAT THE FIRST DUNGEON! YEEEESSS!

...I was very excited, okay? That horse-boss-thing was HARD to beat!


...In other news, I started A Link to the Past again. I pretty much completed the whole game on a walkthrough the first time - thus creating my new "no-walkthroughs" rule - so I'm trying to replay it and regain some dignity. I'd been stuck in one room for FOREVER... until I figured out you could kill these one creatures with pots. I thought you needed the bow to kill them! Anyway, that unlocked these Anti-Fairies hovering around a pot, and the pot revealed a switch that gave me the Big Key, which IN TURN let me get the Bow. Yay! After that I quickly completed the Eastern Palace dungeon, and then the next Desert one. I'm now in Tower of Hera.

Also, on Ocarina of Time, just a few hours ago, I played my swordless file. ...Hehe, yeah, I've had the "Swordless Link glitch" activated ever since I did it back in May 2010... over a year ago. It's a long process that you can find my unhelpful description of here, but it's pretty fun. Pointless, though, since you can't use your sword. Its only practical use is that it lets you use items on Epona. Anyway, my friend Deku (nickname) was over for a while, and since he's getting OoT 3DS when it comes out (and he doesn't have the original), he begged me to play this game. So for some stupid reason, I thought I'd try to beat Ganon while swordless.

...It didn't really work out. At first it was fine, since I'd bounce his magic back at him with bottles, then hit him with the Megaton Hammer, but... then he started doing that magic attack that you need a Spin Attack to deflect, and my timing is so bad I can't hit him with Light Arrows during that. And THEN, when I finally would get him down, he wouldn't die! My hammer just WASN'T working. So after falling for the thousandth time, I got so mad I just equipped the Biggoron Sword, spin-attacked that magic right back at him, and defeated him with one sword swipe (since the hammer had weakened him so much). Aaand then, in the next phase, I did the swordless glitch again. XD


Kind of.

It was for me.

Uh-huh! End of update. Have a good day! ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...What? If this is a typo, I'm going to slap someone.

Click on the above image to see a screenshot from Nintendo of Europe's website. I've circled a very important piece of information in red.

Skyward Sword... and its release date.

August 2011?

That's quite different from "Holiday 2011," as they told us at E3. Unless they were talking about a completely different holiday than the one I originally thought of. But what holiday is in August? Seriously! Something must be wrong here. Either that, or a miracle has occurred.

You can read the article about it here, on Zelda Universe, and find the original screenshot (without the obstructing red circle I added in Microsoft Paint).

The only sad part about this discovery is that it's in Europe. I don't live in Europe. I live in the U.S. Dang it! Well, if Europe gets an early release, then U.S. had BETTER get one too, or I'm going to slap someone even harder! No offense to Europeans, because I'd be happy for you, but STILL...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Header

Of course I can't get a TON of new Skyward Sword screenshots and NOT make a new Medli's Messages header!

Unfortunately, I don't like it. I think I'll be editing it soon, but I've been rendering that imagine all day, so I will leave it for now. As always, I posted a poll on the side of my blog about how you like the new header. This time, however, I've also added a new "Header History" page. This will display every header Medli's Messages has EVER had, including one never-before-seen Spirit Tracks one. In fact, at some point here I might make a poll asking which header my readers like the best out of all of them, and put the winner as the header. For the moment, though, go and check it out and just comment here to tell me which one you like best!

Tomorrow, I might make an Ocarina of Time 3D header. I believe it deserves one, with its release date - June 19th - being only a few days away. Plus, we just got all those new official artwork pictures that I could use.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back from Vacation!

Fortunately, from the research I've done, not much Zelda news has been added during my four-day-trip to Las Vegas. They've elaborated a bit on Phi (our sword girl from the E3 2009 picture) and Ghirahim (the Vaati-lookalike villain) and the Siren World (an parallel realm to Hyrule reminiscent of the Twilight Realm and Dark World from previous games) but there's nothing major. Zelda has a lovely article summing up pretty much everything we've learned about Skyward Sword here. I suggest you check it out - you might learn something new. I know I did. For instance, I didn't know Phi would talk in gibberish like Midna in Twilight Princess! Very interesting...

Anyway... here's a bit more information on Ghirahim. Now we get to see the cutscene before Link fights him (as seen in the previous video). And geez... it's creepy...

Is it just me, or does Ghirahim seem a little... uh... hmm...

*cough* gay? *cough*

That's all I'll post for now! I'm still awaiting a release date for the Four Swords DS game and Skyward Sword. Remember, though... Ocarina of Time 3D comes out June 19th. That's less than a week! *sigh* If only I had a 3DS so I could enjoy it...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going on vacation....

...And I forgot about it until now.


Dangit. Why'd I have to leave the day after E3? NOT fair. What if epic news is released the day after I go? XD

...This sounds eerily similar to last time I went on vacation after E3, last year. But that wasn't the EXACT day after. >.<

Hope you had a great E3! See you in four days! (Unless I manage to post from there... but somehow I doubt it.)

[E3 2011] Our New Bad Guy?

Remember that guy who was first seen in the March GDC Skyward Sword trailer? The guy who looks a little like Vaati? ...Well, he's not Vaati. He's Demon Lord Ghirahim!

Interesting gameplay above. I like noticing all the little things - like, that freaky new Heart Container... what the heck was that? It was... weird. Not like a Heart Container at all. XD And Link's reaction when he picks up the Heart Container. That's one thing I love about Twilight Princess that no other game so far has really done it for me - Link's facial expressions. Of course, Wind Waker had MAJOR emphasis on facial expressions, but TP Link's are just more... realistic. So far, I'm loving that aspect of Skyward Sword, too. I thought I wouldn't like it so much when I first saw its graphics, but now I'm liking it.

So. Demon Lord Ghirahim, eh? I wonder if he's the main villain?

[E3 2011] New Ocarina of Time Trailer

This time, it's a remake of the original Nintendo 64 trailer. YES! I loved that trailer! :P

Oh, gods, I want this game SO badly now. -.-

[E3 2011] New Character Artwork - Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3D

Skyward Sword

Ocarina of Time 3DS

Now THIS is what I've been waiting for. I'm going to go and make a new header now, as well as a new signature and avatar for Wizard101 Central with that ADORABLE SS Zelda render! XD Of course, it looks like OoT 3DS Zelda is really cute too. :) But I think for the header, I'm going to use the picture of Link on Epona. That's a good one. Perhaps I should make a Skyward Sword header, too.

[E3 2011] Two New Skyward Sword videos (Gameplay and E3 2011 Trailer)

I'm back. :D

All right! So, we've got a better quality version of that trailer we saw earlier. In fact, there's a lot more here. We get to see... Skyloft! Yay! Interestingly enough, this trailer was on the Wii's Nintendo Channel when I looked, which was the second I turned off the computer - only about a half hour or so after E3 was finished. So if you have a Wii connected to the internet, go ahead and check out the Nintendo Channel there, which I'm sure has many trailers in addition to this epic Skyward Sword one.

Ah, so much epicness! I can't stand it!

You know, the more I look at that girl who appears to be Link's friend - the one in pink - the more I think about how she's GOT to be Zelda... who else could she be? (EDIT: *gasps* I think I was right! Look carefully at the video BELOW. When Link gets the statue (2:37 or so), the text says "You got the Bird Statue! It proves your victory today. Wait until Zelda sees this!" Therefore, Link knows Zelda. And that girl is very similar to her... well... it's just too much of a coincidence. YES! I FIGURED THAT OUT ON MY OWN! :P)

Now here's a little bit of gameplay! You'll be able to fly on a bird, similarly to that mini-game in Twilight Princess.

The bird should totally be named Epona. Seriously.

That's all for now. I'll see if any other information was added while I was gone.



No. *sigh* It'll probably be added late tonight, dangit. Too bad.

[E3 2011] New Skyward Sword trailer!

This is how E3 started: a wonderful orchestra playing a Legend of Zelda medley. :D This is the video of it. And at the end?

Skip to around 3:30 to find... Skyward Sword!

There's a mysterious girl - I think she kind of looks like the concept art for A Link to the Past Zelda. Exciting! She falls from the sky. And then we briefly see the E3 2009 girl that looks like a sword. We also see the reappearance of that guy from the GDC trailer in March, and Link fighting him. So maybe he IS the villain for this game!

Also, it turns out that the backwards Zelda's Lullaby from the GDC trailer is actually Skyward Sword's main theme. Interesting.

Hopefully there will be a better upload of it later - just the Skyward Sword stuff.

E3 is over now, as you can probably tell from the fact that I'm actually posting again. XD I mentioned all the Zelda goodies we have here in a previous post. Let's recap:

Four Swords Adventures (FREE download)
Link's Awakening 3DS
Special Wii Remote for Skyward Sword
Orcestra performances of Zelda songs

Also (didn't mention this earlier because I got bored posting all the time about halfway through, lolz) there was an interesting Zelda demo thing on Nintendo's newly revealed system: Wii U!

...So Project Cafe is Wii U... interesting...

Here's the Zelda thing they showed on the Wii U. It looks like Twilight Princess... especially with Armogohma there...

(I stole the picture from Zelda Dungeon. XD)

The Wii U controller itself looks very epic, too!

Unfortunately, I probably won't post much more today. Perhaps later this evening, but that's it. I now have to go babysit, and then I have harp lessons afterward.

Keep enjoying E3, people! I'll be back around 5 tonight. ;)

[E3 2011] E3 Update

Okay. Now they're talking about their systems. I have a feeling something about Project Cafe is about to show up...

Yep, I was right...

...Okay maybe not...

Well, he says their new platform will be available NEXT year. So they're not going to tell us anything about it? O_o

Now they're showing 3D games. There's... Mario Kart... Starfox!... Mario... KID ICARUS! (yes I want that game... :D)... Luigi's Mansion? Really? Didn't see that coming.

Okay. I'll start a new post. XD This isn't Zelda stuff. Idk why I'm even blogging about it. I'm just so excited.

You can be watching E3 too, here! ...I know, not the same link I gave you before, but whatever.

[E3 2011] Zelda's 25th Anniversary at E3

Epic. OMG. So epic. :D

They started E3 with Zelda videos! XD I'll try to find it on YouTube later. This year, there's a full orchestra! They also gave us... SKYWARD SWORD FOOTAGE! We've seen the first image of who I'm guessing is Link's "lost friend" or whatever they keep telling us he was looking for. We also briefly saw the girl from the E3 2009 picture.

I'll post some pictures and videos later, but right now, I'm just describing what I'm seeing.

They've just mentioned Link's Awakening 3DS! Apparently it's available for download!!! Lucky you people, with 3DS's... I really want that game... XD Now they're talking about OoT 3DS... it comes out June 19th here, but we know that, lol...

OH MY FREAKING GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY'RE MAKING FOUR SWORDS DS! That's what Phantom Hourglass was originally going to be!!!! They said it would be... free for download! Wow. My friends and I are going to have SO much fun with that.

And Skyward Sword? "This holiday season!" That's when they said it would come out! :D Yaaaaaaay~! There's also going to be a special Wii remote available at its release! ...Dangit, shouldn't have bought that Wii MotionPlus. O_o

So there're going to be Zelda orchestras around the world! Wow. I hope I can go to one. ...Probably not, but I can wish for it, right?

Okay, looks like that's the end of that part of the presentation... so I'll end this post now and start a new one. :) Let's hope we get a new Skyward Sword trailer!

E3 2011 in a half hour!

Okay, it's 8:30 Pacific time, and I'm awake. Gods, this is earlier than I've woken all summer...

But I'm ready to watch E3 live on Nintendo's website! You can find that here.

Now, I don't know how today is going to work out. I might post throughout the entire performance... or I might just gather all the information by watching it straight through, and then post it all later. We'll have to see. I guess it really depends on how much Legend of Zelda info there is.

...Great. Now I have a whole half hour to spend. I could have slept in a bit more. XD

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Ocarina of Time Commercial (and one day until Nintendo's E3!)

Today the official North American commercial for Ocarina of Time 3DS was released! It's pretty amazing. It doesn't show much footage of the actual game, but it captures some of the most memorable scenes. I was in awe after seeing it. So then I proceeded to watch it ten or twenty more times after that. And I was still in awe. XD

The release date for Ocarina of Time 3DS is June 19th here in the U.S. I'm looking forward to it! ...Even if I won't be immediately buying the game, due to a lack of a 3DS system, it's still rather exciting.

In other news, Nintendo's E3 Press Conference 2011 starts tomorrow, June 7th. Let's hope we can hear news about Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time 3DS, and possibly Link's Awakening 3DS (which I mentioned in an earlier post, but it was not released with the initial 3DS shop games). Oh, and of course we all want information on Project Cafe, Nintendo's upcoming system! All the rumors say its release will be in 2012. I wonder if it's true...?

Remember: Nintendo's E3 presentation begins 9 AM Pacific time, or so I've heard. I'm planning on setting my alarm for something around 8:30 so I can watch it live. I mean, it doesn't matter if I watch it in my PJ's, right? ;) If I do manage to get to it live, I'll make sure to post any Legend of Zelda, Project Cafe, or other slightly relevant information here on Medli's Messages. As a result, I have no idea how many posts I'll make tomorrow... hopefully I can keep it to a minimum of ten.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trailer theme on piano

And it's me playing it. OMG.

Haha! Two music posts in a ROW!

I should have played the Skyward Sword trailer song. You know... to get ready for E3... which is occuring on June 7th. That's less than two days, people! From what I've understood, it will be at 9:00 AM Pacific time. I think. Idk, I'll have to check again. XD

Anyway! I think I mentioned this a while ago - remember? I said I would be playing a song in my school's talent show. This was the song. I have a video of the actual performance, but... I don't want to show you what I ACTUALLY look like. XD Plus, I messed up a LOT in front of all those people. Anxiety, and all that. I know I messed up a few times here, too, but... I had three versions of this song, and this one was the best out of all of them.

In case you're curious, I got the sheet music from here. Also, below I've posted the original song, in case anyone wants a comparison.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Possible Leaked Skyward Sword Music?

I thought this was cool, since I just LOVE Legend of Zelda music.

Possible Leaked Skyward Sword Music by Zelda Informer

You know what's amazing? It actually sounds like Zelda music! It starts off with the Sun's Song at the beginning - the morning theme from every console LoZ game since Ocarina of Time. I really liked the song... I was actually VERY disappointed when it ended.

My sister's thoughts were that it sounded too action packed. With the Sun's Song at the beginning, that suggests it's for Hyrule Field, but she said it sounded more like a boss theme than Hyrule Field. Which, to be honest, is similar to what I thought when I first heard it.

Well, even if it ISN'T in Skyward Sword, it's still a pretty song...

Remember! E3: June 7th. Ocarina of Time 3DS release: June 19th.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Less Than a Week For E3!

At long last - it's June! And you know what that means, don't you?


Let's hope we'll get some new information on Zelda: Skyward Sword... like a release date? Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful?

At the same time, there's that ominous-sounding "Project Cafe" that Nintendo is working on. It's the new system that will suceed the Wii. There's plenty of rumors about it, but I'm not going to post any. Soon enough, we'll all hear them, anyway - Nintendo's E3 presentation is June 7th, which is only 5 days away. Exciting, huh?

...Although I'm not exactly ecstatic about Project Cafe... I don't want to spend more money... XD

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Greatest Zelda Game Tournament - Ocarina of Time Wins Yet Again

And, as always, Ocarina of Time has won IGN'S Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Tournament. Well, so much for the hope that Majora's Mask could get away with a victory for once. That's what I voted for!

At least Majora's Mask defeated A Link to the Past. That's a pretty great feat - especially when you look at how close it was!

Oh, well. Ocarina of Time is an incredible game as well, and it's no surprise it won. The only surprises that came from this tournament were the victories of Phantom Hourglass over Spirit Tracks and Link's Awakening over Minish Cap. I did NOT see those coming.

We'll just have to keep waiting for Skyward Sword - and, of course, the Ocarina of Time 3DS remake that comes out June 19th here in the United States! And, as a reminder (as if you don't remember from my last, like, twenty posts) Nintendo's E3 is June 7th.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Okay. I give up.

There are WAAAAAY too many new Ocarina of Time trailers and videos coming out! I can't keep up with them. Therefore, I'll just say... go to Zelda Dungeon, or some other fansite that updates more frequently than I do. :P I'll post two of the most recent, but I've missed some - I know I have, since I WATCHED them but was too lazy to post them here - and I don't feel like finding them again. Sorry!

Still, this video is preeeeeety epic!

You know what one of my favorite parts was? 1:33. Somewhere around there. Link's in Ganon's Castle, and these sparklies fly around him and heal him. They didn't do that in the N64 version. So Link would just stiffly look at his hands like an idiot - even more so if you had full hearts to begin with. Now he fluidly looks at the sparklies healing him. Makes more sense. :P

So there actually aren't that many changes, now that I think of it. Backgrounds changed quite a bit, yes, and so did Link... but other characters look surprisingly similar. Facial expressions have been added - such as when Darunia pats (more like pounds) Link on the head at 1:13 or something like that. And movements, as I mentioned above, are MUCH more fluid! I love that.

And this next trailer?

It shows off the new features. The newest new feature I've noticed is the role of the Gossip Stones. I knew there would be a hint feature (as I've mentioned previously) but I didn't know how that would work. Oh, wait. I guess they're not Gossip Stones anymore. They're... "Sheikah Stones." Well, same difference, I guess...

There's also the lovely demonstration of the improved Iron Boots - something I'm sure we're ALL excited about. And at the same time - the Hookshot now has a red line, showing us where it will hit! How convenient!

And then there's that Boss Replay mode. I'm looking forward to that. Trust me, I'll pwn Gohma so many times it won't even be funny... well, at least not for Gohma... but for me it probably will be...

And that's all I've got to say for now! Unless someone has an idea for a Link x Din romance fanfic, lol.