Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm sooooooorrrrrryyyy! D:

I had big plans for August posts – I've had the blog up in a separate tab for a good week or so. Unfortunately, I've procrastinated again. Sorry guys. This is sort of just a brief update so that I can keep my record again.

At least I have some news! First of all, school has started back up for me, and I've been quite busy. Am I allowed to blame my absence from this blog on that? ...Well, in reality, it's mainly the Zelda Dungeon Wiki. I'm kind of scared now. I think I'm literally obsessed with it. I HAVE to get in at least two edits per day. It's like how I need one post per month here – I've had to at least edits per day since June 9th or something like that, so I'm keeping it up. That's what I was just doing before I remembered this blog: adding references the Photo Album page for Link's Awakening.

Oh, hey, since I have about fifteen minutes, how about I tell a short story? I remember seeing the Photo Album page on Zelda Wiki forever ago, and I looooved the pictures. I didn't have Link's Awakening at the time, and I was amazed by them. I saved that page on my DSi – remember when I used to use that for everything, before I got my 3DS and iPad? Yeah. I think it's still on my favorites (or bookmarks or whatever the heck they call it on there). But, yeah, so, I really wanted to make my own Photo Album page. Sooooo I did. On July 22nd, 2012, I made the page for Photo Album. Yay. ^^

...That was a lame story. I'm sorry.

Anyway, on the wiki I'm doing mostly Link's Awakening stuff. See, I've been replaying through LA in an attempt to get the no death ending. After I'm done, I'll write an update about it, since I have at least one funny story to tell. It involves how I'm getting my no deaths. Well, you see, after the first dungeon I hadn't even come close to dying, and I was sooo confident going into the second dungeon, and then at the end... well, I won't tell you, haha. I find it annoyingly hilarious – it was really frustrating at the time but it's funny now – and I'm sure I'll have some fun ranting and raging about it later.

Ooooh. Annnd... well, I bought a new game. You know me – that's a big deal, right? Well, maybe you wouldn't know since I only talk about my purchases that interest me, which are primarily Zelda stuff, but yeah. Kid Icarus, before this game, was the last game I bought. It's rare that I get something new. But anyway, there was the Steam sale, and I've been wanting to try this game for a long time – since November, actually, but I was kind of preoccupied with SS to even worry about it – and I finally got it with the sale. Of course, I went on vacation to Canada that same day, so I had to wait a good two weeks or so before I can play it.

Can you guess what it is yet? If not, don't worry; I'll tell you in a later post. Promise. It's kind of like Dragon Quest IX in the sense that I love it enough that I'd actually write an update-esque post about it. So there. It's a GOOD game. Okay, I know I was mean and biased and judgemental about it earlier, but I never said I didn't like it. I did say I'd probably never try it, but you know, it was against Skyward Sword, so–

...I'm going to reveal the answer if I say any more... :P

Anyway, it's 11:55. I guess I'm not going to finish that Photo Album update before the time limit now, but that's okay. I already did my two edits for today.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot the most important announcement:


I'm quite ecstatic. I haven't preordered it yet because my parents want me to go to a bookstore to
order it, but whatever. I'm excited! ^^

Well, goodnight everyone! Enjoy September! That's my birthday month...