Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I just realized...


Well... there goes the best year in Legend of Zelda history. The year that Zelda fans were showered with gifts. The year the epicness known as Skyward Sword was released. The year we got a new Zelda game, Four Swords Anniversary, for free.

...Well, at least we've still got one thing to look forward to: The Symphony of the Goddesses!
If you don't recall (or didn't watch E3 this year), it was announced in June that a symphony playing Zelda songs would go on tour in 2012.

It's now 2012, and they've announced some dates and places for us.



I'd been so concerned that they wouldn't come down here again - to the southwestern U.S., I mean. I was sure that I was doomed, and I'd missed my only chance in Los Angeles. After all, that's not too far away, but... something came up that weekend... or something like that... don't really remember... XD

And now, I just bought my ticket. I'm going. Unless some tragedy happens, I'm destined to go to this thing like Link was destined to defeat Ganon.

...Although considering the new official timeline has a third split resulting from Link's death in OoT, maybe that's not the best analogy...

You can find all the dates and times here, and tickets are on sale at Oh, gods, I'm so excited! Hmm... maybe I should start working in my Zelda cosplay again. If I can finish it in time, I could totally wear it there. :D

I'm planning on writing a full Skyward Sword review soon, but right now I'm feeling lazy. But I really want to talk about my opinions on the game in detail, and a review is a great way to do that. Oh, and I should probably talk about Hyrule Historia soon, too...