Thursday, October 29, 2009

MM Update - YES! You heard me right! MAJORA'S MASK! O:

From the title (ugh! Maybe I should stop writing so descriptive titles! XD) you most likely can already guess what this entry will be about. So, the other day, while Rowan was out playing tennis (Lolz, she wasn't very happy that I did this without her! And then she turned on me and started her own file even though she knew I wanted to see the beginning again, because there's only two files on this for some reason...) I went on the Wii Shop Channel and bought myself the old N64 Zelda game, Majora's Mask. YAY! I was excited, because I'd only read the manga before (by Akira Himekawa, remember? I told you about that, didn't I? Hmm...), and it seemed pretty interesting. I mean, turning into a Zora? Who WOULDN'T want that? It would have been even better if you could turn into Medli, but I suppose that's too much to ask for. XD

Anywho, I began my file and, enjoying the total pwnage of Skull Kid on Link (Rofl, I felt bad for poor Link! He totally got knocked out, his horse AND the Ocarina of Time stolen, and got dragged along by Epona before falling into an inevitable hole and turning into a Deku Scrub! XD) and then, when I finally got to move for the first time to follow Skull Kid, I marveled when Link did a backflip while jumping! Seriously, I must have spent at least a half an hour just jumping back and forth between those two platforms, lol. But I'd never seen that before! None of the other games have Link backflip when jumping! It was amazing!

Then I got to the part with Tatl and her brother being split up, and it was so sweet! No offense to poor OoT, but I like Tatl A LOT better than Navi. At least there's no "HEY! LISTEN! WATCH OUT! HEY! HEY! LISTEN!" Now there's sparkly sounds. XD Only thing that gets annoying about Tatl is every time you talk to her, she says at the end "Oh no! You only have" such and such time left. Ugh, I KNOW I only have two hours left! XD No, jk. I didn't get QUITE that far down. I did get to the third day, though, before I realized what I was supposed to do. Also, if you start to get sidetracked, she reminds you that you need to find Skull Kid. Aww! But it's fun to get sidetracked!

Also, I absolutely LOVE Deku Link! He's adorable! And he makes cute noises when he walks and jumps! ROFL, really! Oh, and dogs are now officially EVIL! Well, except for real life ones, but Zelda ones, EVIL! Nvm, just OoT and MM. The ones on TP are too sweet to hate (really! You cannot just say no to that adorable puppy dog pout and wagging tail!), and I can't remember seeing any in my other games. Therefore, I had a lot of fun when I found that on MM you can THROW the dogs! XD

Sooo... I think I'm in the swamp somewhere. Lolz, I met the Twinrova again. Remember Cup Cake? I saw her again! And she still has the same name, so I can still make fun of it! :D

Hmm, and I can't say I enjoy those lily pad things that sink all the time. I must have fallen and even gotten game over's at least twenty times from those things! I said to my sister at one point, "You know, the moon is totally going to fall while I'm on these things. I just know it!" So I actually DID get to the third day without managing to get to the first temple. Ugh, I haven't even battled a boss yet. No wonder everyone calls it the hardest Zelda game! This is sure to keep me busy for a while.

So I just saved eventually at one of those owl things on the third day. I was planning on hurrying to Castle Town to put in all my rupees before I play the Song of Time and start over. Lolz, I have plenty more funny stories, but I gtg now! That should be enough, anyway. Cya!

Spirit Tracks release date!

I just discovered when the next Zelda game is coming! On December 7th, LoZ: Spirit Tracks will be released in U.S.! I cannot wait! I want to buy it right away. It's the second installment on the DS, so it will be AWESOME! A sequel to Phantom Hourglass (SHOOT! Better go add that to my list of things I wanted to post! I've been playing PH a lot lately!), and technically to Wind Waker, too! Sweetness! Yay! Supercalifragilisticexp.... whatever! I will be buying it ASAP!

Halloween Costume!!!!

I'm soooooo excited for Halloween this year. You wanna know why? Okay, probably not, since no one is really reading this, anyway! But still, I'll tell you!

For Halloween, if I can pull it off I'm going to be ZELDA! Yes, Princess Zelda of Hyrule! It's going to be a pretty cheapy costume, lol, because I still don't have it ready today, two days before Halloween... but still. It's going to be awesome, because Rowan and I are going out Trick-or-Treating (which Idk why we're doing in the first place, lol... I think we're a bit too old for it, especially me, the oldest of the bunch) with Taryn WildHeart (past Balance Seeker) and Sydney JadeHammer (current Fire Seeker)! Best part it, Sydney's going to be Link for Halloween! Again, cheapy Link. XD But still, awesome!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Oh, btw, I just made the Zelda from an old Sleeping Beauty costume I had lying around from when I was, like, six. After a bit of sewing, I got it to fit, and now I have to add a crown, some long white gloves, and a banner hanging down the front with a ton of Triforce-y swirly complex designs, and then I'm done!

I have a LOT to post here...

Okay, just because I have alot of separate posts here, and I doubt I'll finish them tonight (I have less than a half an hour and I wanna play Majora's Mask!... Oops, I didn't mean to ruin it, but I suppose I was going to tell you anyway... XD) so I was going to do a quick little post of what I want to write so I don't forget later!

Let's see... there's something about Spirt Tracks I wanted to put up... and Four Swords... and of course, my new game! :D Oh! And my super insanely awesome Halloween Costume! Sydney's being Link, and I'm going to be Zelda! :D :D

And, um, that MIGHT be all of it. XD I can't remember even NOW! Geez. Okay, I'd better get writing!

Friday, October 16, 2009

TP Update - Hmm... that was easier than it probably should have been...

Rofl, yeah. Title again explains it all. XD

I defeated Gannon. (Btw, why is it that he is in all the games? Geez! How the heck does he keep coming back to life? I keep killing him over and over, thrusting the Master Sword into him, and he keeps COMING BACK!) And Zant, actually. Lolz, he is the BEST BOSS EVER! Seriously! My sis was really disappointed because she saved after the boss so she can't ever do him again. Me, I was smart, so I didn't save after him. Made sure about that.

Haha, so I got through Snowpeak. Oh, you know how I was mentioning the sledding earlier? Well, after I beat Gannon, I had nothing to do, so I decided to catch up a bit on my sledding records again... and I beat him my FIRST TRY! Sheesh. Well, truthfully, that could be thanks to my sister's amazing discovery. She found that if you put on Iron Boots or Magic Armor (if you don't have rupees, lol, it gives you the same result as Iron Boots), you become heavier, and by some odd, bizarre way that makes you go faster.

Well, Snowpeak, Temple of Time (you remember me writing about that, right? LOLZ, it was so fun doing the same thing again! :D), and the Sky (I beat that within an hour! I'd memorized the way from last time, haha) were much too easy for me. So I got to the Twilight Realm again (and finally I didn't have to be so careful when saving anymore! You can't imagine how long it took me to save because I had to SLOWLY select the file and CAUTIOUSLY press the overwrite button, thinking carefully about which one I was saving it to), and I got my shiny sword! YES! That's like, my favorite part of the game! Hmm, I just realized something. What if you'd had the Ordon Sword out at that time? Lolz, would Link have taken out the Master Sword like he did on Ocarina? OH YEAH! That reminds me. I beat OoT too! Hmm, I'd better make a separate post of that.

Oookay... so I had lots of fun pwning Gannon. And wow, when I was in Hyrule Castle (creepiest level because of those scary zombie-like ghost guys that are in the halls that you see with your senses - I'd never really bothered looking at their faces before, but when I finally did, I was so freaked out, I jumped! XD) I actually found a treasure chest, hoping it was another Piece of Heart that I could add to my amazing collection, but instead, I found A SILVER RUPEE! I think I literally gasped out loud. 200 RUPEES! Lolz, my wallet was full though, so I couldn't hold it. XD But still, wow! I'd seen them a couple of times on Wind Waker, actually, but I have never seen them in any other game! EVER! I thought that they wouldn't be on other games. I mean, Wind Waker has HUGE wallets availiable, with like holding over 100,000 rupees at a time or something, so they have the capacity to carry something like this... but averagely on TP, the wallets are 600 rupees. WOW! I was so surprised.

Rofl, another funny thing. After I defeated Gannon's Puppet (isn't there a boss on Wind Waker with that same name? Oh wait, that's Puppet Gannon. Geez, can't these guys be more original? I mean, there was Armoghoma too, and the Water Temple boss in TP was named Morpheel, somewhat similar to Morpha in OoT...) and the weird pig form thing (where my sister and I had a dispute over whether pigs and boars were the same thing XD), I moved onto the Hyrule Field thing with Epona. And then, to my dismay, I pressed the minus button, and IT SKIPPED THE CUTSCENE! O: Noooo!!! That's one of my favorites out of the whole game! That, and the one after you beat the Water Temple. I mean, it's not that funny, but I once saw this "C is for Cookie" Zant thingy on YouTube and it starts with that cutscene, so when Zant is looming over Link he's saying "C IS FOR COOKIE" and it makes me laugh so hard to remember that... But yeah, so I missed beautiful Light Arrows and thinking Midna died and all that. Whatever though, I'll have to do it again sometime.

So that's the end! I've really got to work on my OoT description now... that one's even better...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Zelda TP Update - Geez, why did I never notice this game was so EASY!

Seriously, like the title says, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, though one of the best titles in the series and surely the one with best graphics and best storyline, is the EASIEST of them all.

I mean, really, I've already found the Mirror of Twilight again! And wow, I have nine hearts. Way too many for the amount of bosses I have beat, proving that Pieces of Heart are not difficult to find. I have beat the first level of the STAR game, too! HAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT, RIP OFF GUY! He hates wolves anyway. He's allergic, lol. That is the first thing I did when I got the Master Sword - transformed into a wolf and went in the STAR game tent to scare him. xD I really, really dont like that guy.

Soo, yeah. I completed Forest Temple, Death Mountain, Zora place, got Master Sword, did Arbiter's Grounds, and am now working on Snowpeak. Aww, that reminded me! Once Taryn, Rowan, Sydney, and I were all having so much fun on my previous file before I deleted it, and I was in Snowpeak, so I went sledding, and then we all went CRAZY trying to beat Yeto. I was the only one who actually got the record in the end. :) Sydney came really close, but fell off the edge at the end. Lol, that was the same day of my Coven of kitties, Freak Cat, and the Hidden Village.

Haha, anyway, Snowpeak is one of my favorite levels. I can't wait! :D