Monday, February 28, 2011

LoZ Update - Getting random swords without doing some big long sidequest or having an epic cutscene? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME?

Item upgrades are a LOT easier to get in the first Zelda game.

...Not that I'm complaining, of course. But you know. Thought I'd point it out.

I now have a white tunic (what special powers it might give me, though, I'm not ENTIRELY sure), an upgraded sword (no clue what it's called, but suddenly old foes are easier), an upgraded shield (it doesn't look very different, but it blocks Zola fireballs now), and I FOUND another sword - just can't use it (stupid old man). Either I'm just lucky, or this is EASY.

White tunic - I was so confused at first. I just went in to this shop with the maximum rupees - speaking of which, is only 255! What the heck? Why'd they stop there? Is there ANY significance to that number or are they just like, "Oh, I like the number 255 - let's do that!" 99 makes sense... but 255? ...Okay, um, anyway, with 255 rupees, and the shopkeeper dude says "Boy, this is expensive!" And there's a Blue Ring in the center there for 250 rupees. I know that's what it's called because I somewhat paid attention when I left the title screen on and all the treasures possible in the game were revealed. So I'm like, "Okay... Idk what it does, but I'm gonna buy it! :D" So I did... and Link randomly changed into a white tunic.

At first I was freaking out, because I had NO clue what this meant... but then I noticed that suddenly, when the Leevers ran into me, it didn't steal any health right away! That's because my defense has been doubled! (I'm assuming, since no one tells you these things in this game. XD) SO HAH! TAKE THAT LEEVERS!!!!

THEN, in the second or third dungeon - which I probably should have mentioned I found at the beginning of this post, but whatev - an old man said something like, "Have you talked to the man at the top of the waterfall?" And I immediately remembered that as the cave Rowan took me to in our expeditions to find the first dungeon. I went there and got a new, epic sword! I THINK it doubled my attack, but then again, I have no idea. I ALSO went into the graveyard after paying this old woman to tell me how to get through the, as she called them, "Woods of Maze" (maybe that's a mistranslation though - I'm calling them Lost Woods XD), and when I pushed aside one of the graves, I found ANOTHER old man with a sword! O: ...But he wouldn't give it to me. *sob* Good news is that I kill Leevers - at least the red ones - in one hit now. Again: HAH! Plus, the Zolas aren't invincible anymore! If I hit them with sword beams or they're dumb enough to come close enough to land for me to slash at them, they die! DOUBLE HAH!

FINALLY, my last amazing upgrade, is... some shield that looks bigger. I bought it in the shop after saving up for a while. I was a little afraid, since I know I've made a mistake with buying identical shields to the current one in shops on other games- usually they're just there if a Like-Like or something takes them, and you end up wasting your money. But I took a chance and bought it, and apparently it's bigger. Now it blocks the Zolas' fireballs. HAHAH!

Yeah. I hate Zolas and Leevers.

They're more evil than Ganon, I swear...


I'm on Level 5! It's kinda hard, though... ugh. There's these soldier thingies that are REALLY hard to beat. I think they're Darknuts, but I'm not sure.... hmm...

*looks up on Zelda Wiki, the most amazing website ever created besides Wizard101 and Wizard101 Central*

OMG! I WAS RIGHT! THEY ARE DARKNUTS! It's amazing how I know all these Zelda enemies, even though I'd never played this game before! XD OOH! I'M GONNA GO LOOK UP THAT CENTAUR THING NOW!


LYNEL! It's called a LYNEL! I will remember that. What else don't I know? Goriyas? Ooh. So those things with the boomerangs WEREN'T Moblins. Vire? What is THAT? ...Oh! I remember seeing those in one of the dungeons. They were EXTREMELY annoying. They turn into Keese when you attack them...

Wait? No Zolas on the list? They're ZORAS? I'm going to call them Zolas instead, since I KNOW I saw it spelled that way somewhere. After all, 'r' and 'l' are almost the same thing in Japanese - so I've heard. "Zelda" in Japanese is "Zeruda," anyway. Thanks to my amazing Korean-speaking friend who knows a lot about foreign languages, she pronounced it for me and it DOES sound like Zelda... Ooh. And Link is Rinku, in case you were wondering. :P But you don't really pronounce the 'u' much, and the 'r' sounds like an 'l', remember? XD

...WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT JAPANESE? This isn't exactly explaining what happened in Level 5 with the Darknuts and all...

You know, I'm gonna give up this post for tonight. Enough off-topicness. XD I'm tired, and... I have a LOT of homework to do... dang...

Yeah, that's SO not getting done tonight.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

LoZ Update - OMGIjustboughtthefirstZeldagameandI'mtooexcitedtoputspacesinbetweenthesewordsandYAY!

...Read the post title. If it's decipherable.

Here we are - my eleventh Zelda game: the famous Legend of Zelda. Amazingly, although it's old, it's just as fun as all the others, if not BETTER. I'm REALLY enjoying the whole "run around Hyrule without a map or any clue what to do" thing. It gives me an excuse to do nothing...

But now I can't find the second dungeon - or ANY dungeon for that matter. I didn't even find the first - my sister did. Dang it. >.< She also found the fifth for us. I found the third while I was searching for the second, but that's pretty much it. When I finally saw a dungeon after looking for FOREVER, I was like, "OMG!!!! YES! DUNGEON!" And then I went in and see "Level 3". I was pretty upset. Like... let's throw the GameCube controller across the room and switch to Wii, then throw that too.

That's another nice part... Wii controllers work with this game, too. And our GameCube controllers are stupid - one has the little rubber covering over the control stick coming off and it ANNOYS me when I play, and the other has a tendency that when you press the control stick in one way, the game thinks you're pressing that indefinitely. It happened a lot in Brawl, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker. It's kind of funny - characters randomly start running to the side. And then one of our other controllers (the wireless ones) decides to not turn on sometimes. So we only have ONE working GC controller. XD So Wii controllers are MUCH better.

Now... I could write a detailed description in my normal way of writing posts... or I could do it in this somewhat fun idea that I came up with. Every time we died and started over, something interesting would happen...

And I've died twenty times, even though I'm only on level one. XD Srsly. The game counts.

Luckily, I don't remember all twenty times... so let's just write about the ones that might make you laugh, 'kay?


Me: YAYS! NEW ZELDA GAME! Okay, let's see... start here... ooh! I know this! I played it on the Brawl demo. I'm gonna - GO IN THE CAVE! Yeah! Sword... uh-huh... now what?

Rowan (my sis): Oh! I think I know! Remember that speed run we watched on YouTube? I think I remember where the guy went for the first dungeon.

Me: Really? Where?

Rowan: Let me show you...

Me: Um, no.... *We fight over controller for a while. Since technically it's my file and I'm the one who bought the game in the first place, I win.* Just tell me where to go.

Rowan: FINE. ...Um, up. I think. Now right... up...

Me: *gets hit on screen and gasps* WHOA! LEEVERS! I HATE LEEVERS!!!! *runs around trying to kill the stupid monsters... and then a Zola pops up and hits Link, killing him*

Rowan: ...Did you just die?

Me: ...Um... yeah... maybe. I officially hate Zolas.

DEATH TWO (or something like that)

*gets sword from old man in cave*

Rowan: Remember... up... right... up... AVOID THE LEEVERS!

Me: I'm TRYING! They're kind of HARD to avoid! They pop up out of NOWHERE! As if I didn't hate them on Twilight Princess in that stupid "fix the bridge for the Goron dude" sidequest... Or outside the Spirit Temple on Ocarina of Time... Or-

Rowan: You're a little scary sometimes when you talk about LoZ. Did you know that?

Me: Yes. Yes I did.

Rowan: Oh. Good.

*Link gets killed by ANOTHER LEEVER on screen*


Me: Are you sure we're going the right way? And HOW THE HECK DO I KILL THESE PEAHATS? OR THE ZOLAS? THEY'RE INVINCIBLE!!!

Rowan: Idk. But just ignore them. Umm... go up that way, and dodge the boulders.

Me: This game would be easier if there was a shield button.

Rowan: Um... you're holding a shield, aren't you? On the game?

Me: ...OMG. Link is. What the heck? Can't he use it?

*We go up a few screens until we reach a ton of Tektites*

Me: Wow! This is farther than we've gotten before! Now, let's kill the Tektites...


Me: ...Um, why isn't my sword working?


Me: Oh. Shoot.



Me: Wow. I HAVE a sword this time, we're past the Tektites... now do we go up this ladder thing?

Rowan: Um... maybe...

Me: Okay. *enters an area with a cave on the other side* IS THAT THE DUNGEON?! I hope so. Wait... *sees this blue creature thing* Woah. What is THAT? Is it a Moblin? No... it doesn't look like one...

*tries to run up and hit it... it pwns Link. With half a heart left, tries to run around it... and it throws a sword at me. Link dies*

Me: ...I was THAT. CLOSE. And I died.



Me: You know, it's REALLY annoying how my sword is on the A button. I keep pressing B. The sword is on B in EVERY game except this one. Even in Minish Cap, where you could unequip the sword, I couldn't STAND having it on A...

Rowan: No one cares, Sierra. Now go up the stairs again and look out for that blue Centaur thingy. ...NO! DON'T START HITTING IT!!!

Me: Why not? *gets down to half a heart again* DANG! *runs past it and into cave* YEEESSSS! WE MADE IT!!! ...Wait, what is this?

*enters room with old man in center and a sword in front of him.*

Old Man: You can have this when you master it.

Me: *glares at Rowan*

Rowan: Hehe... um... I guess this isn't a dungeon after all...

Me: *face-palm*


Me: Since we really don't have any other ideas on where to go, let's get back past that area with the boulders and go by the Tektites again, and then try that little path that led away from it to the side, all right?

Rowan: Sure, go ahead.

*does so - finds an empty area with four pathways leading off*

Me: Uh... where should we go?

Rowan: Just let ME have it. *she takes the controller and goes up over and over*

Me: ...Nothing's happening... OOH!

*magic Zelda puzzle-solved theme!*

Rowan: HAH! IT'S A DUNGEON! YES! *goes inside, reads top*

Me: ...Level five? Well, that's wonderful, Rowan, but we kinda need to start at level ONE.

Rowan: Oh... oops...

Interlude - Rowan's file! XD

Me: *just coming out of shower* ...WAIT! Where the heck are you?


Me: ...REALLY? Hey! But I want to do it!

Rowan: I know. That's why I made my own file. It's called Pwnage. :D

Me: THIS IS MY GAME! WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO THIS? ...Oh, whatever. Give me a turn and-

*Rowan gets pwned by Wallmaster and taken back to start*

Rowan: NO!!!! I HAVE TO get back to that room now! PLEASE? Just a few more minutes?

Me: ...Fine.

*she gets back to room, and goes into next one by avoiding the Wallmasters*

Me: *looks up from reading fanfiction on DSi* ...IS THAT THE BOSS?

Rowan: Oh. Hey. I guess it is! Now, what do I do with this boss...?

Me: OH!!! I READ A FAN FICTION ABOUT THIS! (P.S. - It's called Voiceless if you wanted to look it up, lol. It's based on the first two games and it's pretty good. :D) The author said you can just stand in this one spot and shoot sword beams at the boss, and he can't hit you but you can hit him. It's supposed to be easy... except... your hearts aren't full. How can you get sword beams?

*she dies*


(And yet... she goes back for sword beams and pwns the boss.)


Me: ...I hate you.


Me: Okay. BOSS TIME! Aquamentus... YEAH! ...That is the first boss's name, right?

Rowan: Don't ask me. You're the Zelda expert.

Me: Haha... right... *goes into boss room* ...Um, I just noticed something!

Rowan: What?

Me: ...I don't have sword beams.

Rowan: Then just go up and hit him with your sword or something...

*I try*

Me: ...IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! LOOK! *tries stabbing Aquamentus or whatever its name is with the sword - and NOTHING HAPPENS!* I'M STUCK IN HERE WITH AN INVINCIBLE BOSS! WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I- Oh, hey. Is that door open? *goes out the door I came IN through*

Rowan: LOL. What was the point of all that?

Me: Well, every OTHER Zelda game I played, the door LOCKS when you fight the boss! How was I supposed to know? *goes a few rooms back in the dungeon, and sees a door I did not enter* Hey, Rowan? What's in there?

Rowan: Oh, Idk... I didn't go in there. Can't be important if I already defeated the boss.

Me: Well, maybe I'll get some hearts for sword beams in there. *explores a bit, does a block puzzle, and then...*

Me: ROWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOUND THE BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rowan: WHAT? ...Drat. Now I need to get that.

Me: OOH! I bet that's why you can't hit him with your sword! You're supposed to use this as a projectile! Hehe, I'm smart.

Rowan: Yeah, sure, whatever.

*I go to the equipment screen... except I can't figure out how to equip the bow*

Me: Um... HOW DO I GET TO THAT? LOOK! I'm pressing EVERY button! Z! X! Y! A! B! NOTHING WORKS! *switches to Wii controller, tries again* ...STILL NOT WORKING!

Rowan: Haha, well, I don't have the bow. Can't help you there!

(I'm running out of time, so I'll just summarize this next part. I failed epically, absolutely convinced there's something wrong with our game, even reading the instructions fifty times over... and then I realize maybe I can't use the bow because... I had no arrows?)

(Gods. Why is this so DIFFICULT for me?)


I'm going to stop it there. XD I went and beat the boss with sword beams, since I didn't have enough rupees to buy arrows. And now... I need the second dungeon, wherever it might be. As you can see, the majority of my deaths come from AFTER I beat the first dugeon, while I'm exploring the Leever and Zola infiltrated Hyrule. ...OMG. I want to kill all Zolas and Leevers in EXISTENCE! I HATE THEM! They're worse than the Wallmasters! Worse, I still haven't discovered a way to kill Zolas; I spent a full fifteen minutes shooting sword beams at one when it popped out of the water, and it wouldn't die. And the Leevers just seem to keep coming BACK.

...Well, whatever. Thanks for letting me write this super epic post! Good night, awesome readers!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Legend of Zelda!

Hey, would you look at that? Two birthday posts in a row! Who knew Sydney's birthday was so near LoZ's? ;)

Yesterday - February 21st, 2011 - The Legend of Zelda had its 25th anniversary! EPIC! :D Isn't it weird how, here in the States, that was also President's Day? That's why when I saw it on Yahoo, I at first didn't believe it... but then I saw it on Zelda Wiki too, and two sources reporting that combined with the fact that I already knew LoZ would be turning 25 at some point this year made me believe it.

Lolz, what brought it to my attention was Yahoo, actually... When I went to check my e-mail yesterday, I went to the front page of the website as always. I occasionally look at the "Trending Now" box up there just to see if I recognize any of the stuff (usually I don't) and then I was like... "Whoa! Legend of Zelda is trending now! It's number six on the list!" So I clicked on it, and the first thing was a news post about its anniversary. Yep!

To celebrate its anniversary... well, I kinda want to post a chapter of my fanfic but I still hate the first chapter, lol. If I could skip that first chapter... then I'd be happy to post it! But otherwise... um, no. I just gotta figure out how to get Navi back into the story, since she's missing in Majora's Mask... and I want Link to have someone to talk to... either that, or I could just make Link silent like he is in the games, I guess. XD

SO, since I can't do that (technically I can, and if anyone comments and says they want to read it, I MIGHT... might... because I need feedback to make it better - I'm out of ideas) I decided on a better way.

Why not buy the game that started it all?

That's right: Legend of Zelda!

...Although my friend, Noob/Cloud/Deku thinks that would be Ocarina of Time. I was laughing so hard when he didn't know what the first Zelda game was. He listed off pretty much every game in the series - including Zelda II - and didn't get it... XD (Sorry, I shouldn't be making fun of him. He only has TP and ST.)

I keep getting off-topic. >.<

YES. I'm going to - or I WANT to - buy The Legend of Zelda. Idk if I can yet. If my sister doesn't stop playing Animal Crossing: City Folk, I can't get on the Wii Shop Channel to buy it. -.-

...Now that I think of it... can you only upload $10 or more at a time? That would be so stupid. LoZ is only $5. The rest of that money should go to Skyward Sword, not some other random game. I guess I'll buy AoL if I have to, but...

...Oh, another random fact about me? I've at least PLAYED every game in the series except Adventure of Link. XD I know virtually nothing about it beyond what I've seen on YouTube.

Well, that's it! 'Night people! :D

(Another random fact: OMG! I have no label for Legend of Zelda or Adventure of Link on this blog! There's every Zelda game except those two! That's sad. XD)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Very suddenly... I feel extremely sick tonight. :( So this might not be as... random. On the other hand, I've said that before, and it ends up being as random as always, just because you don't require too much energy to type, no matter what it is. ;)

This post is about Sydney's birthday party! :D Idk when her real birthday is, but her PARTY was last Saturday and Sunday. It was SUPER fun - a sleepover, with a ton of girls I didn't know. Yeah, I know most people reading this are guys, and don't really care... but this does PARTIALLY relate to Zelda. For instance, we stayed up until 4:30 in the morning. This one other girl and I... we were kinda trying to sleep, but it was waaaaay too loud. The other girls were playing the board game Life, and UGH, they wouldn't stop talking! :P So we watched the movie Aladdin and the King of Thieves (we were GOING to watch Percy Jackson on that girl's iPod, but then it ran out of power and she didn't have a charger -.-) and then got bored. Finally, I BEGGED (literally) Sydney to let me play her Twilight Princess game. She has it, but she's still in the first dungeon. Luckily, she allowed me to make my own file on her Wii, and it pwns her. 7 hours and I'm in the Lakebed Temple. Hers is 14 hours and still in Forest Temple. :P

Anyway, my begging didn't succeed... at first. Sydney thinks Twilight Princess is a VERY scary game for some reason - which I can see at SOME parts, but she's in the first dungeon. Really? What's scary there - the monkey? Poor monkies...

However, finally, at 2 AM, SYDNEY LET ME PLAY IT!

...And the funny thing? She was worried about it being scary... and I JUST so happened to get to the scariest cutscene in the whole game that night. :P

It's the one after freeing Lanayru province from the Twilight, before you go into Lakebed Temple. The light spirit shows you... some really creepy cutscene. It involves Dark Interlopers and Ilias falling from the sky. XD But the girls at the sleepover TOTALLY ruined its scaryness. They kept asking me random questions: "Oookay. What's going on? This doesn't make sense! Why'd she attack him? Why'd he turn to dust? Why'd he kill himself? Who are those people? Why is this happening?" :P

Earlier in the night, we played mafia. OMG, that's the BEST game ever. :D HOWEVER... for some STUPID reason, MAFIAS HATE ME. If you don't know how to play the game, people are assigned roles - there's of course the mafias, who select one person to kill, a sheriff that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever, a nurse who can save the targeted person if they guess correctly who it is, a narrator that describes in a hilarious way how the person died or was saved (at least in the way we play it), and the normal townspeople that also serve no purpose. The mafia kill someone each turn while the others are "asleep" and then the next "day" the townspeople, sherrif, and nurse accuse to people of being the mafia and they have a trial together, and the person who loses the trial dies. The point is to kill the mafia before they kill all the townspeople. So me? I was targeted to die first every round of the game we played except one! WHAT THE HECK? I barely even knew those girls! Why were they killing me! :P

...Could have been because I said, "Okay, watch, I'm totally going to die this turn," and I kept interrupting Sydney when she tried to teach us how to play...

Fortunately, one round when I was targeted, I was the nurse. So I tried to save myself. XD And apparently I was right! I saved myself from "falling off the Grand Canyon" (so the narrator said) with my super epic ninja nurse powers! :D And then ANOTHER round I was the nurse AGAIN, and the very people I tried to save accused me of being the mafia! O: Then they killed me! WHEN I TRIED TO SAVE THEM! >.< One of them was Sydney, btw... she was SO sure I was the mafia, and she felt bad when she discovered I wasn't... :P



That's all I got.

My goshness, that was SO much longer than I expected it to be. I want to go on Wizard101 now, but I don't know if I have time. :(

In any case... good night!