Thursday, April 29, 2010

FSA Update update (lol)!

My second update of an update! :P I edited my post below. I'm just going to call that my post of the day, because I'm too lazy to write anything else. Not that anything happened... except for I got all the Sand of Hours/Heart Containers on PH. Wait, did I mention that? Yeah, probably. Whatever. Oh, and NOW I beat all the ST sidequests. I FINALLY delievered the Goron Iron and got all Force Gems. Now I'm working on finding bunnies - but I can't find the last Ocean one! Man, just like with the LttP mysteriously missing Heart Piece, I cant' find the Ocean bunny, the LAST one, even though I even looked up a walkthrough and printed out a picture of their locations! I swear, these games hate me...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FSA Update - Let's play the Get-Thrown-in-Jail game!

It's a fun game, actually. You should try it.

As an summary (since again I don't have much time), I basically beat a level of FSA I've been stuck on forever. Then I tried to infiltrate Hyrule Castle, but I got caught. It reminded me of Wind Waker Forsaken Fortress, so I made a new file and called it "Stupid". O.o

This is what happened. I have been stuck on the Swamp level on the In the Fields area! I get all the way to the graveyard part of it, and then I couldn't figure out what to do. Finally, I got it by breaking a pot entirely by accident and finding a switch and getting the bow, and then I get stuck AGAIN.

This time, I found a house where Dampe is. There was a Power Bracelet in the Treasure Chest there. It says, "You got the Power Braclet! Now you feel like you can pick up anything!"

I remember there were graves in the Dark World I couldn't lift... so I headed there. but I STILL couldn't lift them. Yeah. Lift up ANYTHING. Sure. (Stupid in-game descriptions LIES!)

Darn, time's up already? I didn't even get to the Infiltration of Hyrule Castle part! O.o Well, I PROMISE I'll edit this one... or make another posts. Geez, I have to start these things earlier.

EDIT: See, told ya I would edit it! I made my post first, BEFORE running out of time! :D

So. I can't lift up graveyards... but according to the walkthrough I was forced to look up... I can lift freaking TREES. No gravestones - FULL. GROWN. TREES.

Well, I did it anyway. And then, guess what I found behind the tree? My first ever searchlights! Paige was there, and she wondered what happened when I got found in their light. So I walked into them for her. And instantly, a full army of Ghini appeared and started rushing at me! Almost screaming irl, I started rapidly pressing "B" to ward them off. Finally, they were gone, and the searchlights were still following, providing me with the much-needed light! :)

I found a lantern, and after a few more puzzles and an epic battle with Jallhalla (he's the boss of Medli's temple on Wind Waker!!!! :D) I FINALLY completed the level I had been stuck on for so long.

Now it was on to the last dungeon in the area. Amazingly, it was titled "Infiltration of Hyrule Castle!" Woot! Sounds like my kind of level! xD

I got up a couple screens (and also listened for a while to the music that was unmistakenablely LttP's Dark World theme, which didn't help my nervousness of sneaking into Zelda's own home... kinda), and guess what I found there? SEARCHLIGHTS! My best buddies! :)

This is where the game started. O.o

Paige urged me to get caught by the searchlights, asking me what would happen if I did. I told her I guessed a bunch of guards would come running at me. After what happened LAST time she told me to go into a light, I refused, tring to avoid being caught (luckily, I only had to worry about Green - Vio, being last in line, got into the light a lot of times, but the guards are stupid enough not to notice him, I guess. -.-).

Unfortunately, being inept at this (hey, when was the last time you remember trying to avoid searchlights? I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't happen often irl O.o), I couldn't keep out of harm's way for long. Eventually, I strayed close enough for the lights to notice me anyway. Oddly, no enemy's came out. A blaring alarm sounding literally EXACTLY like the one when you get caught on Wind Waker echoed around... and I couldn't move! It was then that I remembered what that alarm meant on WW - you were about to be thrown in jail!

And that's exactly what happened.

I had some trouble trying to get out (WW is SO much easier - all you have to do is crawl out of a hole! Not that it helped us much when we played the game the first time... our brightness setting was too low, so... um... I wrote an entry about this once before...), but once I did, I found a passageway (ah, there's the hole XD) back out into where I had entered.

I said to Paige, "Okay, I am NOT going in those searchlights again. No matter what you say, I will not be caught-"

And JUST as I'm saying that, the first searchlight (the one I actually AVOIDED the first time!) saw me. And I was thrown in jail... AGAIN!

It was easier to escape the second time because I had my boomerang, but I just got caught again. After that, I just did it for fun. XD

Well, now, with all these Wind Waker-like searchlights/jails, it made me want to do Forsaken Fortress! So I turned off FSA (I didn't even bother to save, lol, not when I'd done NOTHING. See, this is why I always got my file erased on MM. XD), and got out Wind Waker!

I found a file I didn't need. Actually, it was on Medli's temple. Medli was in my boat when I turned it on. O.o

So I deleted it, and made a new file over it! When it asked what my name was, I said... "stupid." XD

Idk what I was thinking - not to make fun of LoZ, that's for sure. But I wanted to see what Grandma would say, rofl.

And, like I'd expected, I run off to see Grandma - and she says, "Stupid... I've been waiting for you. Stupid, I want you to have these." XDD

Then she tells me to go find Aryll, and I say, "Geez, my sister has a normal name like "Aryll!" And I get, "Stupid?" COME ON!" :P

Yep. Well, I never DID get to the Forsaken Fortress... Paige and Taryn had to go before I could, and without them there to enjoy it with me, I was really bored. XD So I deleted that file, and decided to get on W101 Central.

And that's pretty much it. That's all I did last night. O.o

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FSA Update! Kinda. Actually, it's mostly piano stuff...

I have eight minutes to write this thing! So, so, so, so... uh... yeah...

You know, I've prety much already said everything I wanted to say in the last post. I put that quick little update there at the bottom of the page. That should be enough to keep you guys informed, right? Yeah... I hope so.

I haven't played any Zelda games for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT! O: I have been playing Zelda piano songs, though! :)

All my friends are going to a huge recital, because we all happen to play piano! Okay, not happen... they always come over to my house, because, um... piano lessons are held here. O.o

So Taryn, Paige, Noob (remember him? XD), Sarah (I'll just call her that cuz I'm uncreative with names right now. She's Noob's sister), and some other girl who I really don't know but is in Sydney's grade. Sydney MIGHT come (I really want her to) and some other people, too. I hope Noob brings his Spirit Tracks game, and Taryn brings her DS. Then we can play ST Multiplayer, the funnest thing ever invented since Four Swords! :D Man, when we're with Sydney, we always have a BLAST playing it. :)

For the concert, I'm playing a medley of SOME of my Zelda songs! (Not all, there's too many! XD) The medley will go with an intro of Zelda's Lullaby, then Ordon Village from TP, then Saria's Song, then Song of Healing, then Song of Storms (too many "songs"), then Midna's Lament, then Zelda's Lullaby!

Okay, my time's up. That's all for now. I'll edit it if I have time later! :D

Monday, April 26, 2010


My first new Zelda game: Oracle of Ages. It shouldn't come as a surprise, since I've been talking about it. Lol, sorry, Lucas, I didn't get your suggestion about Seasons first until AFTER I downloaded it. O.o Oh, well. It was fun.

This second one... well, it probably might be a slightly unexpected. But it's probably my favorite game EVER now. Almost as good as Wind Waker (well, it's so much like it anyway - gosh, the voice actors are even the same, and Link sounds EXACTLY like on WW). Plus, we've wanted it forever... especially after we read the manga. Can you guess what it is yet? It's... FOUR SWORDS ADVENTURES! :D

Like I said above: Rowan and I have been waiting for Four Swords Adventures!! In fact, if it weren't for the stupid DS replacing GameBoy (and DSi... which keeps deleting this post - this is my third time writing it!), FSA would have been... our SECOND ZELDA GAME EVER. As in... before now. Before VBA (OoA and LA) and A Link to the Past. Before Spirit Tracks. Before Majora's Mask - even Ocarina of Time! Before Twilight Princess... Heck, it was before Phantom Hourglass! Just so you know... I just named every Zelda game I have (kinda) in the order I received them backwards. Except for two: Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures.

So, after we beat Wind Waker (over four years ago... gosh, it's really been that long? O.o), we reeaaly wanted another game (hopefully one without the idiot boat). Now, at this point, we were totally into multiplayer games (unlike now, when playing by myself is much more entertaining). Super Smash Bros. Melee was our favorite. So, why don't we get a multiplayer Zelda game? We had brand new shiny DS's, so we hoped they would work like the GameBoys.

But they don't. DS Lites don't connect with the GameCube. We went all the way to the store, found the game, counted out all the money we needed for it... then found out DS wouldn't work with it. So we didn't buy it. We ended up with Phantom Hourglass instead, Twilight Princess later, OoT, MM, ST, LttP... and so on.


I'll make a new entry as an update... either today or tomorrow. I try not to do two posts per day, though. But I need two separate updates for OoA and FSA. I only took two pictures of OoA, btw. One of an awesome monkey who looks a lot like the ones from MM, and then one of Impa saying, "You have a (triangle) on your left hand!" I put triangle in quotation marks because apparently they can't even bother to spell out the word and just put a picture of a triangle instead. Sheesh.

I'll sum up the updates really quick:

OoA: I found monkeys that spontaneously started disappearing when my sister yelled at them, couldn't get into Nayru because the stupid animals wouldn't move, a bear found his biggest fan, I met a tree that wanted to marry Link (ANOTHER Princess Ruto...), randomly got teleported into the present from the past without a Harp of Ages OR a portal (Idk what happened there!), found a hand in a hole (and I THINK I found what the toilets of the past look like O.o), and... a LOT of other stuff! xD

FSA: Well, I've saved three maidens already! Blue, Yellow, and Green. Btw, why is the GREEN maiden in a fire temple? I thought I was going to save the red one! And I met Epona and her clones. And Red went off on many little adventures, until I accidentally ditched him as Vio. And I found out how different this is from all the other games... and how it's an awesome combination of LttP and WW (did I already mention that?)! Oh, and Tingle iss EEEVVVIL! I HATE him! Oh wait, I hate him anyway. Whatever. O.o

Sunday, April 25, 2010


That isn't an excited "no way." Or an amused one. Nor sad. It's more like seriously about to scream at my DSi screen.

I haven't posted anything for a while. Know why? My stupid DSi deletes every post I write!

So I'll update soon... and reveal something AMAZING that happened to the form of two new video games and a primere guide! xD

Monday, April 19, 2010

LA Update - Roc's Feather? Well, I'd prefer a cape, but...

When I saw Sydney JadeHammer, one of my best friends and fellow Zelda/Poke fans, yesterday, I could not help but tell her about my adventures in Link's Awakening. I went into excrutiating detail (okay, perhaps not) how I geniusly figured out how to get the Magic Powder (sure, it took nearly an HOUR, but...) and saved Tarin. Then I told her about the first dungeon, and, of course, my first item (which I failed at getting the first time). What's the first items? It's called Roc's Feather, and it lets you JUMP (on top of Goombas, too :P)!

When I got to this point, Sydney, who is an enormous Minish Cap fan (she adores Minish Link for some reason, and I don't even have the game, though she does xD), said, "Oh, Roc's Cape?"

Me: "Uh, no. FEATHER, Sydney. Get it right! Roc's FEATHER."

"On Minish Cap, there's Roc's Cape. I'm guessing it's the same thing. Roc's Feather lets you fly, right?"

"Wait... FLY?"

She told me about this awesome Minish Cap item that apparently lets you fly. All I got is this stupid feather that lets you jump just a LITTLE. O.o


I'm downloading an Oracle game now! Yeah, I know. I haven't beat Link's Awakening yet, but... I can't help it. :P I don't know which one, though. I want Seasons first to see how alike the manga is when you play Seasons then Ages, but I'd also like to see the differences when you play Ages then Seasons... if that made sense. I'm even confusing myself. -.-

I'll probably get Ages, though. Rowan wants Ages. And I want to see if Raven is actually in there.

OOH! Btw, about the update, I beat the first boss. Here's a picture of him. :P

He was HARD to beat. It gave me MAJOR deja vu to the third boss of LttP... what's his name again? Oh well. They're almost IDENTICAL! It was kind of depressing, since I hated that boss. And I hated this one. Took me FOREVER to keep from falling off the sides of the room. -.-

Now I'm in the second dungeon (after becoming an assassin! That part was TOTALLY my favorite!), and I just got the Power Bracelets. I'm missing the nightmare key... so I'm not sure what to do...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LA Update - Just some cheat codes, and... um... oops...

Remember everything I did the other day? Yeah. Well, none of it saved. O.o

Idk why! Maybe I have to save in a special way. Oh well. Doesn't matter... I was probably going to delete that file anyway, because of all the cheats I used! Yeah, you heard me right. Cheats. As in... cheat CODES.

So I'm looking at the options on the top of my computer, and then, on the drop down menu, it says "cheats". Wondering what it is, I click on it, and it gives me two options: GameShark or GameGenie. I have no clue was GameGenie is, but I knew what GameShark was! I click on it and searched the internet for codes. I got unlimited rupees, unlimited Magic Powder (after I won it from that game in town, of course), and hacked my B button so it was a hookshot instead! xD Oh, right. And I turned invincible and into Dark Link. :P

Yeah, this time I didn't feel like editing the edges out... so you'll have to click on it to see it clearly.

Annyway... then I proceeded with killing chickens. And randomly made a very choppy video of it. xD Since you're invincible as Dark Link, they couldn't hurt me when I got them REALLY angry. So I take out my shield or sword and they just push me around everywhere, rofl.

Then... I used my unlimited rupees to play the crane game and get the Magic Powder. While Dark Link the entire time. Then I bought the shovel... but for some reason, the cheat wasn't working, and I couldn't buy the bow! It was RIGHT THERE! And I was only short by thirty rupees. O.o

Other things I did that DIDN'T include hacking? Well, I got a Heart Piece! All on my own! :D

I'm so proud. :)

Oh, and here's that evil monkey that killed me in my last post!

Um... I don't feel like writing more right now. That's pretty much all I did anyway... and then it all got deleted... O.o Oh well, I don't really want a hacked shovel and Magic Powder, anyway. I want to get them myself, without cheats!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I just got shipwrecked, woke up in a weird person's house (who's name is Marin) with a creepy guy who knows my name, found my sword, started screaming at the owl, met a Chain Chomp, discovered a weird banana collector, found an evil monkey that I couldn't kill, and got owned by one of its coconuts!

Ah... isn't Link's Awakening great...

Soo... I tried out the Visual Boy Advanced, Lucas! :D It is AWESOME! I can't download anymore yet. But it was SOO much fun playing Link's Awakening.

The best part of all is that, since it's on my computer, I can take screenshots! Not only that... but I can FILM it with Hypercam! :D

See, look... here's my first screenshot. I got my sword!

And here's my second! I died!

That has got to be the most EPIC Game Over screen ever! Or maybe I'm just so excited over trying this that I'm exaggerating. Yeah. Probably. :P

Now I have, what... eight Zelda games? Woot! Now all I need is Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Minish Cap, Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and, and, and... probably others, but I can't remember!

So, why did I get this one instead of any other Zelda game? Well, I'm not sure. I just felt like it. My sister wanted Oracle of Seasons, but... well... Idk, I wanted this one. xD

Now... what else should I do? Hmm. Well, I'll get back to my game. No idea what I'm supposed to REALLY be doing... or where the first dungeon is... but maybe I can figure it out. Lucky for me, I remember the storyline. THANK YOU, ZELDAPEDIA/ZELDA WIKI! That's how I know the storylines of all the games... :D So now I have to do something about a Windfish... and collect Siren stuff... or something... okay, maybe I don't remember. :P


I just remembered that there's a different ending if you don't die... and I just died...


Thursday, April 8, 2010

WW Update - Quest for the Triforce of Courage!

I promised yesterday that I would write about what happened while I attempted to get the Triforce pieces and charts before seeing that annoying cutscene (see last entry). I should start from the beginning, right? Well... there's no way I'll be able to go in order with this, because honestly, not much of it was very sequential... and if it was, I can't remember it very well. So what DID happen first? Um... well...

Remember this post? Rofl, if you do, you've been paying attention to this blog longer than I have! xD I didn't care about the blog when I wrote this one entry... and no one read it anyway. I mean, hellooo! It was written May 2009! And most of the information is outdated in that post. I FINALLY found that bottle. xD Anyway, the reason I'm bringing this back up NOW is because it mentions the first time I got the Hero's Charm! Yeah... I recently found out it was Hero's CHARM, not mask... whatever, it looks more like a mask anyway. But on this file, it just became my SECOND file with the Hero's Charm! :D So I put it on... and then thought it was just SO ugly, I took it off, deciding I would only use it if there were enemies nearby. Besides... I had NEVER actually used it before. EVER. Not even on my other file... well, that one's obvious, because I beat the game already on there.

We'll get back to that later. After that I got more interested in TP, OoT, MM, ST, PH, LttP... wait, I just named all my other games... O.o So, as a result, I didn't play Wind Waker for a loong time. Like... an entire three months! O:

When I finally DID get back on (about a week ago, lol), I found an uncompleted Sea Chart, only two Triforce Charts found and NO pieces obtained, and an extreme need of rupees to get Tingle to decipher my charts for me. Ugh.

I checked my IN-credible chart (why is the 'in' capitalized? I never got that...) to see where some Triforce Charts were. To my surprise, quite a few of them were on the islands I hadn't yet charted. I set off toward the Southwest corner of the sea, where the most areas were missing, with lots of bait for the fishmen. I filled up that part of the chart, and collected two more charts. Nothing REALLY interesting happened... until I arrived at Diamond Steepe Island (at least I THINK that was what it was called xD). My Tingle Chart said nothing about a Triforce Chart on it, so I was about to ignore it... until the fishmen there mentioned something about the Ghost Ship. He said there was something on the island that would make it not "disappear" when you get close. I knew what that was.

I hookshotted on to some trees to get up to the top of the island and fell into the dark and mysterious hole there. Inside I found a dungeon that I recognized very, VERY well. Mostly I just recalled how much TROUBLE this had given me the first time I tried it! You have to jump into little warping pots that bring you to a new location. There's three (sometimes two) other pots in each room. Only one goes to the next area... the other two lead back to the entrance. As you can imagine, it was NOT fun having to do trial and error all the time... all the while, avoiding Floormasters... the cousins of my least favorite Zelda enemy, Wallmasters. At long last I reached the top floor, killed the Floormaster (hmm, arrows work surprisingly well on them) and GOT THE GHOST SHIP CHART! YAAAAY!

Well... I'll have to edit this... again... figures. I didn't even get to the Savage Labyrinth and how mad I was about the Hero's Charm thing...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gods: You're the Hero of Winds! Me: *yawn*

You know what my favorite cutscene used to be in Wind Waker? ...Okay, I take that back. My favorite is the cutscene where Medli is awakened as Sage. And my second favorite is the one where you put the last pearl on the Triangle Islands. And my third favorite is when Tetra finds out she's Zelda. And of course I love the perfect ending cutscenes.

So... fifth favorite? I guess.

Anyway, it's the cutscene where you FINALLY get all those dang Triforce pieces (the worst part of the best game). I don't know WHAT they were thinking when they put that part in... maybe some reference to the first game, where you need the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom?

Once you get all the Triforce of Courage pieces, it automatically opens your collection screen and shows the Triforce pieces glowing and then combining. So I warped to the Tower of the Gods to see the awesome cutscene that I love (I mean, USED TO) so much. It goes something like... the King of Red Lions (your personal talking boat/Navi impersonator) instructs Link to take out the Triforce and show the Gods so that they can go back into Hyrule. The portal thingy opens in the middle of the ocean, but Link looks down and the Triforce has disappeared, and the design is now on his hand. The King of Red Lions claims that this is proof that he's the hero, and declares that he will now be known as the Hero of Winds. Sweetness, right? It's like... almost as awesome as Hero of Time. Or Hero of Twilight. Or Hero of Hyrule. Yeah.

The gods (or someone, never been quite clear on who, but I always assumed it was the gods) say, "Link! Hero of Winds!" and then we go down into the portal thing. We go into Hyrule, head into the castle (the broken Link statue always makes me think twice about if I actually want to do this or not xD), go into the basement place, see Zelda disappear, fight two Darknuts... and so on. Oh. The Darknuts reminded me of something... xD I'll say that later.

So where were we? Oh, right.

Why do I hate this cutscene now?

Because this is probably the BILLIONTH time I've seen it!!!

It's starting to get ANNOYING! I've memorized everything they say (almost). I've seen it a zillion times... because a while back, I was trying to FILM this cutscene on my cell phone (like I do with all my favorites) all the way to the ending where you finish Ganon's Tower (or, if I had time, Ganondorf himself). The problem was, every time, SOMETHING WENT WRONG! I'm not even going to bother explaining what happened. But... now I resent watching this cutscene. The worst part is that I forgot to save after I beat the Darknuts. XDDD Told you I'm terrible at that...

So why did I make this entire entry based on this?


Next up (tomorrow) I'll explain my adventures as I tried to GET the Triforce charts/pieces in the first place! A lot of funny/interesting things happened... including getting the Hero's Mask AGAIN (that was my second entry EVER on the blog! O:) but forgetting about it... doing the ENTIRE Savage Labyrinth (it has over 100 floors, ugh)... completing my sea chart (finally!)... getting 300 hits on the Orca and becoming a "swordsman" (after a LOT of times doing it, and getting annoyed by Link's yells every time I pressed "B")... and even doing a random seagull glitch because I was bored.

So stay tuned! xD

EDIT: OOH! OOH! I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! I got all Heart Containers on Phantom Houglass! Yay... DS Zelda games are just too easy...

I'm aiming for all Sand of Hours next... and then completing the Temple of the Ocean King with ALL that time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, I have no time to make an update, but I just wanted people to know I'm here. So... yeah. :)