Monday, May 24, 2010

FSA (short) Update - Frozen Hyrule? Check. Ice Temple? Check. Tower of Winds? Check. Save Zelda's life? Check.

Just read the title. I only have two minutes to write any more. XD

I completed level 7 - Frozen Hyrule. Apparently there's STILL one more level. I already rescued Zelda, and I have all four of the royal gems (which, I'm starting to think are actually the elements in Minish Cap)! Why the HECK do I need to defeat Vaati and Ganon? I honestly don't care if they take over the world. Let's just go put the dang sword back and be DONE with this game. XD

...Although in some ways, I'm happy I have more things to do. ;)

Tower of Winds was boring. The other three were useless - what's the point of having three copies of yourself if they won't attack? I mean, they won't attack unless you control them separately, and there's no point. Or if you make a formation. But you can't do that in the Tower of Winds. So it was just Green Link that entire time. O.o

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some stuff that happened on Fallen Sage

Well, I have lots of screenshots for you, but they're at home. I just have to type this now, because I have a HUGE Final Exam to be studying for in math, which is an enormous part of my grade, and I'll be doing that at home tonight. I mean, I should be doing it now... that's what I'm on the computer for... but the stupid video isn't working... XD

So, what happened? Um, I fought Dark Link again. He showed up, said some stuff that I really can't remember. And I took no screenshots of this. O.o Sorry! I had Sydney and Hunter over. And so I was about to show off how I would totally pwn Dark Link... and then HE KILLED ALL FOUR OF MY MEMBERS IN ONE HIT! XDD I seriously was not expecting it. I can't recall what it was called, but it was an awesome attack that hit us all at once. And killed us all at once. *sob* I didn't even have a chance to use my fairy! Or my potions! He just totally wiped us out!

So, as you always do in RPG's, I tried again. :P This time, I made sure my health was as full as possible before fighting him to prepare for the attack. Meaning I didn't fight Deku Babas like last time. He used the attack, and I got ready for the damage... and it missed. He's attacking four different people, and he missed all of us. O.o

Finally, I killed him. It was fun. :D

We continued on, then came into this little glade or something in the forest, where this girl comes out and then starts screaming something like, "Link! Link! You've come back!" And then she runs up and hugs Link, which was really cute. XD

If you haven't guessed it, it was Saria.

However, it's official: this isn't Ocarina of Time Link. Daurina explained to Saria that this wasn't the Link she knew but only his descendant. Now I realize that Link has no idea who she was, and the hug must have been reeeeaaly awkward. But I thought it was nice. :P

She takes us into her house, and talks about how some guy named... Palgard? ...yeah I think that was his name... Anyway, he tricked the Deku Tree and something happened to the Kokiri. It was really confusing, so I didn't really pay attention much. O.o Then, the entire house rumbled, and we all went outside to see what it was. Guess who? The super annoying, super freaky General Akazoo. He makes us fight him.

Lol, it was a really fun fight. He also had an attack that hurt all of us at once. Then I got into a really tough situation... when both Saria and Link died at the same time. And I only had one fairy to save them.

I know this sounds weird, but... I actually saved Saria instead of Link. XD Luckily, I still beat him. Poor Link didn't get any experience... and it IS a little weird that I beat a huge boss without the main character of the game... XD

Then there was some kind of cutscene... where Akazoo and some astronomer kill Queen Gohma! Then, it comes back to our heroes...

Actually, heroine. And only one of them.

I'm with Liyer! I have NO idea what happened to Link... I mean, last time I saw him, he was dead in the fight with Akazoo. XD

No time left. I still haven't gotten to complain about how I can't get past this part. Stupid General Kazakk.

Until my next post, see ya! :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zelda: Fallen Sage Screenshots

EDIT 5/22/11: Look, I made this post a LONG time ago, but it's STILL getting views. It's the most-viewed post on my blog, and it doesn't even have to do with anything canon in The Legend of Zelda. I don't even like Fallen Sage anymore, and the game was just OKAY. So I've changed the title in hopes that people will stop coming to it. Seriously. Former title: "EPIC SCREENSHOT POST! (a.k.a. longest post ever)". Besides, that's inaccurate... I've DEFINITELY wrote longer posts than this now...

You will NOT believe what I did on Friday! I downloaded a new RPG. A new ZELDA RPG! It's a fan-made game called The Fallen Sage... The battle system is kinda, well... primative... and there are SOOOO many grammar errors that, especially for an author like me, IT IS SO DANG FRUSTRATING!!! I just want to take a red pen and mark all over this thing. XD Well, anyway, the game is fun! And the storyline is EPIC! And Dark Link is creepy, lol. I mean, he always was... but that was BEFORE he was TALKING to me... o.O

Btw... before I forget... I also beat the second dungeon on Link's Awakening. I apparently do not know what a stinking Stalfos is. I thought they were the Skeleton things... but NOOO, they're the darn grim-reaper-ish thingies! ...That makes me wonder what the skeletons are actually called...

In any case, here's the second Siren Instrument! :D

Now that that's over with... time for some Fallen Sage pictures! ...Btw, is it weird that I fall in love with an awesome fan-made game? Honestly, I'm having a blast. But there's not even videos on YouTube about this, that's how discreet it is. Well, whatever, I love ANYTHING Zelda. For instance, I just tortured myself for about three hours watching the old Zelda TV episodes! They were hilarious. XD But that's for another post. Back to Fallen Sage stuff...

Now be warned, because honestly, I took SOOO many screenshots. XD

The game begins with Link walking through some forest or something... WHEN HE'S RANDOMLY ATTACKED BY DARK LINK! ZOMG!

Then I enter my first battle! Yayz! It took me a few moments to figure out how to fight - but then all my old RPG Adventure Quest/Dragon Fable knowledge from forever ago came flooding back! Then Dark Link started talking to me...

(Btw there should be a COMMA before Link! GEEZ, DARK LINK! GET IT RIGHT!)

Anyway, I was so ready for epic ownage, like in OoT... or ST... but... I failed... O.o

Back outside in the forest:

(You know I'm NOT the Hero of Time, right? ...Or am I? I thought it was only Link from Ocarina of Time... XD)

So he knocks me out and I fall unplesantly to the ground. O.o

When Link wakes up, he's in this house... with this weird lady...

(You know that little dot on the keyboard at the end of sentences? USE IT!)

She calls herself "Laures" - but that's only a codename. She won't tell me her real name. Claiming that she dragged Link's unconscious body here, she demands that I help her retrieve something from the castle that the guards took from her. And what does Link say? Yes. Of course. I have no choice but to head outside into the Castle Town to sneak into the Castle.

OOH, look who I found out there, btw! I started LOLing so hard...

(Quote from... I believe... The Adventure of Link. :D)

After some long quest that I do... including heading into this bar, hearing something about Hyrule going to war, and being attacked by someone named Stalfoss... I end up at the Temple of Time. Yay! :)

Well, it was boring there, though. I only went there because there was apparently a secret passage into the castle through there, but the Zora sage in there kicked us out...

Laures suggested we go into the market instead to see if anyone can help us there. I did. I head into the market place. There were three shops. I had only 50 rupees... so I couldn't buy anything... but that's okay, I didn't need boring armor and stuff this early in the game anyway! But... in the third shop, I talked to the girl...


And guess what? My infamous habit of not saving in video games carries over to RPG's, too! I HAD TO DO EVERYTHING OVER AGAIN - fight Dark Link, meet Laures, battle Stalfoss, get kicked out of the Temple of Time... ALL BECAUSE OF THIS ONE GIRL!

She just looks SO evil, right?

I save the second time before talking to her. ...And she STILL crashes my game - but it's not as bad, I just go right back in front of her. ^^

That was when I started getting paranoid. I couldn't figure out what to do - the only other room in the market was empty, with absolutely nothing in it. Laures told me to go to the market - and I'd looked at everything in here! I was starting to worry that she was who I needed to talk to and that I would never, ever get to complete this game because this stupid girl wouldn't speak to me.

Then, guess what? Saving again, I try to talk to her... and, on the third try... it works... And all she has to say is, "Look at the stuff in my shop! I have great things for sale!" >.< But, remember that empty room? This time, when I go inside of there, a guy comes out! He apprently loves Laures or something, because he tries to kiss her... but she owns him. XD He shows us a secret passage into the castle... which marks my very first dungeon! YAAY! :D Here's a screenshot of us fighting some seriously weird mini-boss. Laures is using her special attack - Poison Edge!

And then, we reached the boss! Link used HIS special attack, Cross Cut.

After defeating the boss, Laures reveals her greatest fear. XD

(I hate them too. XD)

So. When we go into the castle, we see lots and lots of troops marching into this room. It's weird... but Laures doesn't care. She only wants her stupid item.

Unfortunately... I'm an idiot... and I got caught by castle guards... and thrown in jail. Geez. Why do I have a reputation of getting thrown in jail now? XD

(You know, now that I think of it... the guards only caught us because LAURES was the one talking... >.<) Finally, we have a visitor! YAY! :)

(Punctuation... PLEASE?!?)

Zelda orders Laures to be put in a box. O.o The dumbest plan ever, I know, but whatever. Laures pwns the guards, and comes to unlock my cage. :D

Eventually, with Laures's help (man, I LOVE her Poison Edge... poisoning enemies is SO powerful...), I made it to the Treasury, where we find Laures's item. But... then the guards start coming... so Laures makes me jump off a cliff...

We witness this cutscene where we first meet General Akazoo. He is sending out large amounts of the soldiers of Hyrule to Misery Mire to defeat the Gohma. Then I head upstairs a bit, fighting some soldiers along the way, until finally, eventually, I reach where I'm supposed to be. And look who I find there! General Barbosa! ...and he attacks me. No problem, right? :D

...He's hard. O.o

(Epic. Fail.)

It doesn't matter! In a few more tries, BARBOSA GOES DOWN! MUHAHAHA!

(Wait, did he just say he loves Zelda? O.o)

Laures, who finds a map, leads us to the room where the passage into the Temple of Time is supposed to be. She thinks we can escape from there. But guess who shows up?

Isn't that great? But then, in the middle of her talking...


So I fight Barbosa again, he gets owned, Zelda shows up... and FINALLY, we can continue on. And we end up fighting her. O.o

I died at least three times, but it wasn't TOO hard. I mostly just ran out of potions, so, on about the third time of getting a game over, I ran around and fought random guards to level up and get potions before heading in to fight her. :D

Zelda claims she will call more guards... but we just walk away into the secret passage. XD

(I don't think Zelda's used to being ignored. :P)

I enter some kind of sewer, where I ran into some of my favorite Zelda enemies. XD


And then... what the heck? It's... a hobo..? XD

I have NOOO idea what that guy was doing there... and I don't want to know. -.-

At long last, we make it out of the sewer into the Temple of Time! The Zora sage guy is still there, but with some unwanted visitors. Zelda knew where the passage went, and sent guards to cut us off there, and then guards behind us, too, to make sure we couldn't escape. However, the Zora (who's name is Zaleen) has a "master"... the first ever Sage of Shadow! Evaleen, the first Sage of Shadow, comes and saves the day!

However, there's a catch. Evaleen says Link is special (yay!). Then she reveals Laures's real name: Liyer. Now she wants me and Liyer and Zaleen to... um... kill the king of Hyrule for her. Yeah, like you can imagine Link doing that. So, since we refuse, Evaleen attacks us (and uses a Barrier spell thing).

(I can't believe we have to destroy the Sage of Shadow... I'm starting to feel guilty. First Zelda, now this?)

After defeating her, Liyer and I leave Zaleen alone in the temple. Then, after going back to Liyer's house... she says that it's time to say goodbye... and throws me out into the streets. Geez, thanks a LOT. -.-

Cutscene time! The soldiers in Hyrule are setting off to Misery Mire. However, General Akazoo is not going with them. He has something he must do in the castle first. So he goes into some basement or something... and my old friend Queen Gohma is there. Before this whole thing started, she apparently promised Akazoo to rule the kingdom if he helped her take over. So, with all the castle soldiers gone... Gohma's larva are free to take over the kingdom.

Back with Link, he walks out into the main part of the Castle Town... and then is attacked by hordes of Gohma larva! And is it just me, or does Link have a serious upgrade? He hits in the thousands now, and he has a new special skill - Faint Attack! (OMG, MY UMBREON ON POKEMON PEARL KNOWS THAT! XD)

Link reunites with Liyer and Zaleen soon enough, and they defeat Queen Gohma. Then they leave the ruined town - pretty much everyone in there is dead, I guess.

We go into another cutscene, where Akazoo confronts Zelda and her mother and father. Zelda fights against Akazoo (I controlled her - it was fun. She's awesome :D) and wins. ...However, Akazoo isn't over with. He then pushes Zelda to the ground or something. Zelda had a device that she created that traps people forever, apprently. Akazoo throws her in this cage, and says she's too weak to do anything.


He says she can either marry him... or be trapped in this device thingy forever. Zelda chooses to be trapped. O.o

Back with Link:

Ah, finally, into Hyrule Field! Liyer says that maybe if we go to Lanayru province to the north, Zaleen can convince the Zoras to help us. In the meantime, (since apparently it's almost night..? It looked pretty bright, to me) we find a small town with an inn to sleep in. Zoras apparently don't have to sleep, and there's only two beds. Zaleen says he will wander around town until morning while Link and Liyer have a good night's rest.

Link has a dream where Zelda contacts him. She tells him of her situation, and tells him to rescue her.

Uh, that's what confuses me. She was the one trying to throw us in jail and kill us earlier... and now she wants me to SAVE her? Which side are you ON, Zelda! Just CHOOSE ONE!

Well, whatever. Zelda instructs Link to go to the Kokiri Forest.

When Link awakens - there's the guy Stalfoss standing there! *gasp* Link and Liyer are ready to fight, but he says he doesn't mean harm. He tells them that guards came looking for them earlier, and that they captured Zaleen. Totally ruins there plans for getting the Zora's help.

Stalfoss says that they should go into the Kokiri Forest - just like Zelda says! Stalfoss joins my party. Yay. Here's our new party fighting some Col... somethings...

(Is that actually what the wolf things are in the games? I thought they were Wolfos.)

Now as we head toward the Kokriri Forest... we encounter Akazoo! He says that Zelda told him Link would save her (thanks, Zelda). He also says he doesn't underestimate Link - which is SO much better than Ganondorf, who DEFINATELY did in OoT. :P He puts us against a new boss. Guess who? My favorite little ARMOGOHMA!!!!

(Lolz, Temple of Time boss in Twilight Princess! My first ever time fighting him is on this blog! ...Somewhere!)

After defeating him, something that I can't really remember happens. O.o Somehow, he disappears, and Liyer decides to go look for Zaleen. Stalfoss, on the other hand, still wants to go with Link to the Kokiri Forest. I got with Stalfoss - I'd be alone with Liyer on the other hand, since Link would go with Stalfoss no matter what. And I like Link. He is AWESOME. :D

We have to pass through Death Mountain before going to the Kokiri Forest, I guess, because we end up there. We fight an Ice Wyvern. :D

And then... I find an old friend who introduces him as Darunia, the Ruby Sage! Who is DaURina, now, I suppose (STUPID TYPOS). He says he knew my ancestor (Ocarina of Time Link, maybe? O:) and wants to see how strong I am. So... he fights us. Geez. Why does EVERYONE hate us?

After a long battle, he decides we're powerful enough and shows us into his house.

Then he mentions... Saria. Stalfoss describes it as a "pretty name". XD

Daurina introduces us to Jarfasi, a half-earth, half-ice elemental he created. She and Daurina guide us up the mountain and fight some Tektites and an Ice Wyvern with us. :D

(Tektites are creepy on here. ...However, they ARE just the concept art from OoT...)

I'm not sure if this place counted as a dungeon or not, but there was a boss. A weird one. Look, how do you even pronounce that?

As if having yiy-whatever appendages weren't enough, there's a yiyg-thing CORE, too, which constantly HEALS it's appendages, bringing them back to life!

We still beat it, though. Jarfasi is SOOO helpful - she is more powerful than Link! And Daurina boosted on them, so...

After the fight, Daurina reveals that he is the cause for Death Mountain being so icy. Sages aren't allowed to love, but he had a son (and named it Link - why do Gorons seem to like that name so much?), so the Goddesses took away all the lava and every Goron froze to death, including his son. Harsh, Nayru, Farore, and Din. Harsh. XD

That didn't really concern me, though. Somehow, we emerged into the forest, soon later.

(A "magic" forest? REALLY, Daurina?)

And that's about as far as I got! ...Actually, to be honest, I DID get farther (I fought Dark Link again, and met Saria, and then fought the General Akazoo but died). But... I didn't take very many screenshots after that, and... well... I didn't save any of it. So I thought I'd just replay it and take more screenshots this time. XD

This officially ends the LONGEST POST EVER.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Hyrule, Epona flies, Link falls through pillars and hits invisible walls, powerful deities get stuck in hotels and postmen spontaneously disappear!

Is it weird that whenever I get bored of replaying my Zelda games sixty times over, I glitch them up? Or does everyone do that?

Okay, in the time, I shall write an intricate post on my experiences with the Map Glitch. ...Okay, on second thought, I'll write about the postman glitch first. It's shorter.

Taryn and Paige were at our house. Paige, specifically. Taryn was... doing the thing she always does. Which I never tell you purposefully. :P

I heard about a glitch where the postman on Twilight Princess runs off a cliff. I couldn't figure out how to do it though. I kept failing. O.o So eventually, I just gave up. I started running off into Hyrule Field. The postman called to me, like always. He ran toward me... AND THEN DISAPPEARED.

I screamed, I think. XD I am SUCH a wimp. But was totally not expecting that. Paige, who I had made read the Four Swords Adventures manga (she kept asking me which Links had which personality in FSA, and it was annoying me O.o), looked up. "What happened?" she asked, just as the screen turned black. O.o

Everything was running in an odd slow motion. The text box slooooowly appeared on the screen, the A button sloooowly inched up the side, and then letters slooowly appeared on screen - two at a time. Paige and I read them, adding the sounds as they appeared ( Mr... Li...nk... XD). Taryn came in later, and after the postman handed me my letter and I got control of Link again, we did the entire thing over. :D

Now, another glitch. Hmm. ..OOH! I tried getting into Hyrule field... and failed epically.

This is on Wind Waker. Outside of Ganon's tower, there are these pillars you hookshot onto. If you get the right angle, you can get on top of the pillar and fly over into the field with the Deku Leaf. A while back, my sister and I tried to do this for hours... and I COULDN'T DO IT.

Now, Taryn was here. I was going to show her the Ganondorf fight, originally, but I decided that I might as well try this glitch out.


I gasped, and then walked forward, anticipating an awesome flight into Hyrule Field -


That's where that part of the title came from. XD

On my FIRST. TRY. I MADE IT. After doing it for HOURS.

Later, I did it again... but then, I found a stupid INVISIBLE WALL in front of the field and flew into it with the Deku Leaf! How the heck was I supposed to get into the field IF THERE'S A WALL?!

Okay, now the other one! It's when Fierce Deity gets stuck in the Stock Pot Inn on Majora's Mask. XD Poor Linky. But we found lots of glitches in there... until I accidentally got the room key... so Anju didn't kick me out and I had to restart... O.o

Next glitch? Uh, the only one I mentioned in the title is the Map Glitch. ...I guess I'll go on with that...

Oh, hey, look at the time! I guess I can't describe how Epona flies in TP! XD Okay, I'll explain later. It's funny though. But it's a looooong story. :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOOT! 100th POST!

Guess what this post is? MY HUNDRETH POST EVER! Somehow, this blog got more posts than my other one along the way, which has only 95. Huh.

I should be making this special, probably, but I only have five minutes. :( Otherwise, I'd talk all about my map glitch stuff. Oh, and these new online RPG's based off LoZ that sound like SO much fun. I want to download them as soon as I get home.

I wish I could go to E3. I wonder where it is? Hmm, maybe I should Google that. ...I'll go do that now, with my remaining three minutes. XD

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Header Change!

Like the title... I changed the header. Usually I wouldn't put two entries in one day, but I had to mention that. Now I'm planning on changing it every week or so, just because I like making them. XD I'll probably reuse a lot of them.

This one is of Zelda Wii... I'm just SO excited. Only one more month until E3! :)

OoT Update - Usually "swordless" would be bad... but it's pretty awesome. :D

When I think about it... you can't REALLY call this an "update". In Ocarina of Time, I have two files, but both of them are on Ganondorf battle. I could talk about my quest for the bottles on my first file (my second one is SO much better: all bottles, Giant's Wallet, Biggoron sword... ooh! I just realized I don't have Ice arrows on this file yet! O: I need to get those...), but that's not exciting. So instead... I'll talk about the "Swordless Link Glitch!" :)

Um... I dont have much time... so I'll write this quickly!

There are two ways to do it in the first version... One is easy, two is harder, and I don't know how to do either of them. O.o I don't have the first version. The Wii gives you version 1.2, so I have to do a different way that's much, much more complicated and hard.


First, start the boss fight with Ganondorf. After you beat him, and he turns into Ganon, then you can activate the glitch.

First, do the "Ocarina Items" glitch with anything. You do that by having a fish in a bottle, freeing the fish, then catching it again so the bottle is in Link's hand. Then do a backflip, and in mid-air press the button with the fish on it and the item you want to play as an Ocarina. If the timing is right, Link will hold the item up to his mouth and be able to play any song on it (bombs are so funny XD). If you want an enequipped Master Sword in your inventory (so that you can deactivate the glitch at any time), play the Sun's Song. You don't have to do this, because your swordlessness can easily be deactivated by going back in time.

Once you play the Sun's Song and have the Master Sword unequipped by in your inventory (if you do that part), do the Ocarina Items glitch again with anything and play any warp song. I play the Lake Hylia one (Serenade of Water) because you can get Epona there right away, but anywhere works.

So, what's this glitch good for? I mean, you can't take out your sword... what's good about that? Well, you can use items on Epona! :)

I played around in Lake Hylia for a bit, trying out a glitch I heard of that lets you get under the ice in Zora's Domain. That was fun, until I got stuck behind the waterfall. O.o

Then I headed to Lon Lon Ranch to play the Obstacle Course game. Then... I found my own glitch! Kinda. Like, it was what everyone else does... but modified.

How to do MY glitch:

First, start the Obstacle Course game in Lon Lon Ranch. Instead of going forward to jump the fences when the game starts, turn around and go the other way instead. At the first fence you go across, go to the side of it so that it's in front of you vertically, and then walk into is verrry slowly. If you get the right angle, Epona will go up on it, and be halfway in the ground. It's weird. XD Then, take out the Ocarina on Epona (since you need the Swordless Link glitch) to fall through her. Then, press B to go back, and use the bow. An annoying sound will come through your speakers (same sound when you do Fierce Diety glitches on MM O.o). To stop it, use a bottle. You can run around and Epona will stay at an angle in the ground with the camera fixed on her while Link runs away in the background. :P

Note: You don't have to get Epona at an angle: it's just funnier. XD

I also experimented with the Map Glitch some more on Twilight Princess, but that's annoying story - a hilarious one. XD

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guess I need to do some updating!

I can't beleive it! I haven't posted on this blog in FIVE DAYS! O:

Oddly, I don't have much to say. Oh, but I did buy something Zelda related online. :) It was from United Kingdom. It was a Twilight Princess DSi skin. It looks EPIC. :D

Oh! OH! I just remembered something interesting I did! On Four Swords Adventures, I saved the last maiden! Whatever color she was. I can't even remember. Wow. I think it was purple, though.

Oh, man. You won't believe it: the White and Red maidens are related to Navi! O: They sound EXACTLY LIKE HER! The White maiden says "HEY" EXACTLY like Navi when I find the Dark Mirror is missing... and the Red maiden does the same thing, except when we find the Trident missing. Srsly. They could have taken it RIGHT out of Ocarina of Time. Why couldn't they have taken the COOL parts out of OoT? Like... the Zoras that AREN'T EVIL?!?

That reminds me. On, I joined the Zora group. Did I mention that yet? Well, anyway. Yeah. It's fun. :D

Let's see... what else?

I FOUND THE HYLIAN! On TP, I mean. The Language... that I learned! Did I say that already? Honestly, I feel like I'm repeating myself half the time. Anyway, if I didn't say that, I was reading random stuff off my map. Our dang TV is so small, it was hard to read some of it. And there's this one word in Ordon I can't figure out. I thought it would be Ordona, since all the other Light Spirits names are there, but it's more like something that began with an L and O...

Okay. I started a new WIND WAKER FILE! YAAAY! It was for my friend, though. For Noob. He fails though. He threw a pig off a cliff. AND THEN HE LET ARYLL GET STOLEN. GEEZ, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! XD

Another thing: I entered a Brawl tournament on W101Central... and WON! Take that Timeless! :P Well, I failed as Pikachu though, and it WAS a close match with the Sudden Death...

Nothing else to say. I'm heading to Frozen Hyrule to save Zelda on FSA. But I've played nothing else, besides a little of ST and some OoT, with... Swordless... Link... OOH! I JUST REMEMBERED! I started a post about that... and never finished! I should have been editing it right now! O.o

Well. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow I guess. :P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slight Changes

In case you haven't noticed, I've added those "pages" things to the side of my blog. I don't really know why. Mostly to take out ALL that stuff in my blog description that was clogging the thing up. And just for fun. XD

Another thing I changed are the labels. I used to split up the titles of my game - for instance, for The Wind Waker, I would put "Wind", then "Waker" as two separate labels. That wasn't working, especially when I got to A Link to the Past. I ended up putting "Link" and "Past", but "Link" was already on so many other entries... so I changed it so that they will be ONE word. Took me forever, considering how many entries I have, but I FINALLY did it! ;)

Oh, and I also added a poll. Should I change the header? I actually made a new one already, but I like the current one, too. I was thinking I would maybe make three or four of them and then ask which ones you guys like best.

And that's all! No updates today - nothing happened. I haven't played anything Zelda today. Except for piano. I learned the Stone Tower Temple theme from Majora's Mask. Man, I hated that temple, with Twinmold and everything, and all that upside-down turning stuff with Light Arrows. Ugh. But the song is pretty... if not catchy and somewhat annoying... O.o

Monday, May 3, 2010

FSA Update - Let's the play throw OTHER people in jail game! :P

Finally, I made it past those dang searchlights! And this time, I only got caught THREE times!

You know what's funny? Whenever I'm playing this game, Vio tends to be the stupidest. I find myself getting mad at him more than any of the others. And in the manga, he's the SMART one! Yeah, right! He won't even push that darn rock out of the way!

Uh... so now I'm in Kakariko village. Or, um, I'm not anymore. I'm in the Desert... temple. I guess. Somewhere in some Desert of Doubt, that's all I know. XD

But Kakariko is what this update is about. At first I was confused, because I FORGOT I can pick up trees (I'm an idiot sometimes). But when I accidentally did, I found a secret path into some random guy's house! He told me to thrown all the thieves in town into JAIL! :D And then I opened the chests in his house... and there was nothing in them. O.o What's the point of having two nice, giant chests just sitting there when there's NOTHING in them? Well, at least it wasn't a Big Bomb. Seriously, I kept finding them. -.-

So I gathered up all the thieves AND GOT MY REVENGE! MUHAHAH! :P

And now... that's all. It was fun throwing people in jail, though.

You kow, there was this jerk girl standing outside of the village who started screaming her head off at me when I talked to her. She's like, "Put out these fires now, then GET OUT OF OUR VILLAGE!" Geez, what did I do? When I put out the fires like she said, she's like, "Oh, you're not that shadow guy?" O.o SHE THOUGHT I WAS SHADOW LINK! Seriously, he doesn't look THAT much like Link...

I've saved five maidens. OOH, and the white one's related to Navi! She's EVIL!

So, I'm in the desert place now. And... that's all. Yep.

...OMG! I actually finished a post! I'M SO PROUD! XD