Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have a new favorite video. (New Skyward Sword "Lyre" Trailer!)

So, I haven't posted in a while... and I've missed quite a lot of Skyward Sword videos. But now I've returned... WITH THIS!


Seriously. I am in love. And I think Skyward Sword is going to be my new favorite Zelda game.

...Okay, so I said that with Spirit Tracks too, but that's because I was a n00b back then. And just for the record, Spirit Tracks IS pretty good; just not my favorite.

Now let's talk about the video. Before I begin tearing it apart and pointing out the things I notice as I usually do, I'm just going to mention that I have officially received my first top-rated comment on YouTube (at least, as far as I know). And it was on this video. XD Seriously! Go to the link (haha) above, and look at the top comment! It's by me: TwilightWakerofTime! I said we shoud feed dislikers to Link's bird. Apparently people actually thought that was clever or something. It's probably not going to stay top-rated for very long... but it did for a little while, and that's enough for me. Yay! :D

...I think it's just because I was the second commenter, but whatever. The early loftwing gets the worm!

ALL RIGHT! So... observations. To summarize this video, harps and lyres are apparently the same thing, Link's facial expressions are incredible, Zelda's just plain awesome, Miss Sheikah decides to reappear, Ghirahim tries be evil and summons twilighty-magic-barrier-things, Fi dances and pretty sparkles form, and... Miyamoto is epic. Gods. I can't wait for November 20th. I nearly cried watching this when I realized it was only October. The only good news is that there are only 28 days left! ...Yeah, I put numbers on my calendar counting down the days until Skyward Sword's release... I'm a nerd, okay...?

The video begins with Zelda playing her "lyre". No one is entirely clear on whether it's called a lyre or a harp. As most of you probably know, I actually play harp in real life. Harps (or at least the ones I've played) typically are rather large (with the exception of lap harps, which are the cutest little instruments ever) and sit in front of the harpist as they play. According to Wikipedia, a lyre is small and is carried with the player. Therefore, Zelda's instrument is a lyre.

...But wouldn't Medli's instrument be a lyre too, then? And Sheik's? I've heard both of those called harps before.


Zelda plays her lyre/harp. And I HAVE to learn that song. It's apparently called the Goddess' Song... I will learn it on harp! After Link walks in and Zelda shows off her lyre/harp a bit more, we finally get some new footage. Link comes up a staircase into some stone area at 0:32. Zelda's there too, with her lyre/harp. When their gazes meet, they start running towards one another, only to be stopped by... *dramatic pause* GHIRAHIM! Supposedly, he's going to be the main villain of Skyward Sword.

Now here's the interesting part. If you pause around 0:35, we get a farther-out view of this scene. if you look closely next to Zelda on the left side of the video... you can see someone with her. Obviously there's no way to be certain, but I'm 99% convinced that that's our girl from previous trailers (one of which can be seen here; the woman appears at 0:34). Most speculate that she is a Sheikah, due to the Sheikan eye symbol on her clothes. She's kind of far away in this shot... but I swear that's her! It's got to be! I mean, in THIS trailer (which also came out yesterday), you can see her fighting Ghirahim. For her to be helping Zelda not only supports the idea that she could be that figure in this trailer, but also that she's a Sheikah, since the Sheikah are supposed to protect the Royal Family.

Next, at 0:37, Ghirahim creates some kind of weird wall of magic. See, THIS is the reason I thought he was a Twili when I first saw him in the March GDC trailer. Doesn't that look like the Twilight magic that Zant and Ganondorf use in Twilight Princess?

Ghirahim effectively blocks Link off from Zelda, but since Zelda's too awesome for that. She uses some kind of magic - perhaps the "holy power" that Ghirahim mentions that she has in previous videos - to send Link her lovely lyre/harp. That pose, right there, with her holding the glowing lyre/harp above her head... it's just fantastic. I want that as my signature of Wizard101Central. I just don't think I can render that...

Around 0:53, you see Zelda again. Behind her is the point of interest, though; it's something I forgot to point out in my last observation post. Many people think the thing behind her looks like the Twilight mirror. I doubt that's what it actually is, but you never know!

Then it skips to another scene, where we discover that Fi, Link's partner in this game, can fly around and spink and make sparkles AND walk on walls all at the same time. It's actually really cool to watch.

At 1:02 Link plays the lyre/harp that Zelda gave him. Apparently it does something. ...Or maybe it does nothing. Whatever.

We zoom out a bit to see the area, and discover that the Goddess statue from Skyloft is in this place, too. Then Fi flies up and explodes into shininess, which rains down on Link as he plays the lyre/harp some more. Amazingly, the background transforms into whiteness, and suddenly Link is playing in the sky, with various Loftwings flying around him. Sweetness!

1:25. Link and Fi appear to be in Skyloft yet again. Link, yet again, has the lyre/harp out, and he appears to be making the ground glow or something. If you watch Fi at this point... I have no idea what she's doing. Maybe she's singing? That's kind of what it looks like.

Link dives off the cliff and flies on his Loftwing at 1:30. Like we haven't seen that before.

Finally... my favorite point of the video!!! OMG, I don't know WHAT it is about this... but I think Link is just adorable at 1:39. Forget Young Link. Or Toon Link. Skyward Sword Link's facial expressions are just... beautiful. They're really realistic, yet exaggerated. This Link is DEFINITELY some kind of combination of Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker - and it's a PERFECT mix! I'm loving the graphics more and more every day.

Fi spins some more and makes more sparkles, and then the lyre/harp floats down in front of Link (who is still really awesome).

That's all there is in the video! The end.

...This is probably just some terrible wall of text that no one cares about. It's probably hard to read, too... as far as sentence fluency and flow, I mean. I didn't exactly re-read any of it...

Well, it doesn't matter. Please enjoy the video! Remember, Skyward Sword comes out November 18th in Europe, Novebmer 20th in North America! I can't wait!!!