Sunday, December 27, 2009

A LoZ Central?!?

Anyone who reads my other blog would know that I have an account on Wizard101 Central. But guess what? I just found out about a ZELDA Central! Okay, that's not what it's called. However, it is SO much like W101Central!

Here's my page:

I'm still a "Deku Scrub"... but I have NO problem with that! Deku Link is adorable... XD

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I already completed Spirit Tracks!

...Dangit... now I have to do Majora's Mask... which is HARD...

Whatever. The ending was FANTASTIC!

If you have the game and/or don't want spoilers, you'd better not read on!

It was amazing, though. After a period of time when I was ever so slightly stuck in the Tower of Spirits, I figured out what to do and managed to escape with the Compass of Light! That item apparently helps me find the Dark Realm. New tracks "ominously" appeared (lol, that's what it said) and led off into complete darkness. In the Dark Realm, I died at least a dozen times, but I FINALLY defeated all the enemy trains and the Demon Train! Then after a short cutscene (and it played a song from my favorite Zelda game, Wind Waker!) I got to go ahead and fight the Demon King and Chancellor Cole! I didn't do so well at first, but hey, I didn't use a potion, so that's good (I needed it for the FINAL final boss, anyway)! I SO didn't like the rats that Chancellor Cole made appear, though. Zelda was terrified of them, they totally pwned me more than once, and if they touched Zelda, they made her turn on me! And trust me, it is NOT nice to have a Phantom turn on you.

Once I completed THAT, I saw another cutscene in which Zelda finally gets her body back! Good for her! ...But bad for me. I didn't have a Phantom buddy anymore, and she stole my Light Bow, just like in Wind Waker! D:

Well, it helped me, I guess. Except when I had to protect her. That was HARD. She got hit four times before I managed to deflect all the meteors that the Demon King was sending at me.

The REAL ending though, after I defeated the king, was the best! For the first time in ANY Zelda game I've ever played, Zelda and Link actually defeat the Demon King TOGETHER. It was so cute! Zelda helped Link hold of up the sword. Awesome!

Then, at the very, very, VERY end, Byrne, Anjean, and the other Lokomos flew away and Link and Zelda held hands.


Well, that's too bad. I really miss playing Spirit Tracks - it is officially one of my top favorite Zelda games (while PH is STILL at the bottom). Sigh... I wish I could play it again... Oh, wait, I CAN! YES! I'm going to delete my file and start over! Yay!

Friday, December 18, 2009

ST Update - No one told me this game was so HARD!

This is, like, the OPPOSITE of Twilight Princess. It's HARD.

I figured out that puzzle by doing a suicide mission that apparently wasn't suicidal (I got a Phantom Eye to see me, made Zelda warp to me. The other two Phantoms that I thought would kill me with this plan warped into the sand...). But now.... STUCK AGAIN!

I finally completed the Fire Realm, too! Yes! And I defeated Byrne... or whatever his name was. Zelda and Link high-fived - it was so cute! And then I met Malladus! I totally thought I was climbing up the tower to defeat him, but nooooooo. Apparently I need a "Light Bow." :(

And the Light Bow is so hard to get! I am currently attempting to solve three riddles:

  1. The lake is the sea. The path is the rails.
  2. Find me by blasting the spot where the big statues' gazes meet.
  3. Do not dwell on what is inside. Instead, turn your gaze outward. There are no statues here.

NO CLUE WHAT THE HECK ANY OF THOSE MEAN! Well, except the first one. I believe that might mean that the path on the island matches the rails and the water around the island matches the ocean. I mean, that makes sense...

There are these huge statues all around the desert. I keep going out on my train, hoping to find two whose gazes meet... but none of them do! I was thinking about the third clue, and is says "turn your gaze outward." So, does that mean I should turn the gazes of the statues the opposite way? They still don't meet each other then...

Ugh.... I'm so stuck....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ST Update - Just when it was getting good...

I completed the Ocean Temple, finally! YES!!!! It was awesome, and that was probably my favorite Zelda boss of all time. It was fantastic! I got that whip thing I wanted to terribly. It is just as amazing as I'd imagined it would be.


I headed back to this place called "Tower of Spirits" that you always have to go to after you complete a dungeon so that I could get the final Rail Map. Unfortunately, I am currently stuck. I was just playing it a few minutes ago, and then I got stuck. So stuck that even with both of us (Rowan and me) working to solve the puzzle, we can't figure it out. Geez! I mean, all its prequels, Phantom Hourglass and Wind Waker, I got through easily (except for Wind Temple and Forsaken Fortress on WW - those WERE kinda hard). This is the first time in a while I've been stuck on a Zelda game (MM and OoT don't count, lol - they're technically not real games the way I have them, because I don't have a disk)!

What I did was get all three Tears of Light like I'm suppose to, get my sword all shiny and glowy and whatever, stun a Phantom, make Zelda possess it, figure out all these super hard puzzles to get up I think three floors, and then got stuck. I got a small key, but there's this big giant wall blocking my way to the locked door and I have absolutely NO idea how to move it. O. o

Sigh... I guess I'll have to figure it out... I mean, nothing is impossible... right?

Friday, December 11, 2009


You wouldn't believe it!

If you read my Creative Writing story, you'll know Hunter ThunderShield is Sydney JadeHammer's brother. Yeah, well, it's the same thing in real life. Luckily for him, he got a DSi for his recent birthday. Because he didn't need his old DS anymore, HE LET ME BORROW IT TO PLAY SPIRIT TRACKS!

So now I have a DS whose microphone AND touch screen AND L and R buttons AND top screen work perfectly! Amazing! Thank you sooooo much Hunter!

Just this morning I played some awesome duet with this guy named Steem. Yay! Oh, and did you know there's a Sage named Gage? O. o

Okay, so this is like Majora's Mask all over again. All the characters from Ocarina happened to be in Termina, too, and now everyone I found in the world of Phantom Hourglass is in New Hyrule, too! Like Jolene was there (there's a personal joke with Sydney and Rowan and I where I am the "Little Green Parrot" to her, referring to Link's green clothes XD) and I saw Linebeck on the IGN review, and... a lot of stuff. Oh, and Alfonzo and Niko! They're important! Alfonzo gave me the cannon! And Niko gave me a stamp book!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ST Update - I'M NOT WAITING ANYMORE! (And the first boss is easy :P)


I got my super awesomeful Spirit Tracks game I've been waiting FOREVER for! Yayz!

I have, uh, exactly... two minutes to write everything I can. Here I go!

Okay, so Niko is like, really, really, REALLY old. I mean, Grandpa old. And Zelda is WEIRD. I don't WANT her to be my partner anymore. O. o

And UGH, the microphone is used WAY too much. I wish my microphone works... but it doesn't... sigh...

Okay... that was enough! XD I can't write anymore now. I beat the first boss, from the title, lol...

Write more later!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm going to get Spirit Tracks... NOW!

Just as the title says. I'm just getting ready to leave to get my new game! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED! :D :D :D

Monday, December 7, 2009


This is almost as bad as when I deleted my Twilight Princess file!

I can't get Spirit Tracks today! The game store sent me a text message that said it wouldn't be available until tomorrow!


I really, REALLY was looking forward to having it the first day it came out! I'm SO disappointed!

It's not fair... :(

MM Update - Gorons are INCREDIBLY annoying.

Well, perhaps not as annoying as they are on OoT, but still...

I completed the Deku Scrub palace place - Woodfall, I believe it was called - and Deku Link is still as cute as ever! I just love the little sounds he makes... XD

Anywho, so after a TREMENDOUSLY stupid period of time where I had no idea what to do, I got to the Snowpeak place. And, uh, got the Goron mask... and then didn't save. O. o

So I had to do all this again, got the mask... and then into the temple... and then got stuck... and I'm STILL stuck... ugh...

Oh, and the really dumb thing that happened? Haha, funny story actually...

So I couldn't figure out where to get the bombs. I seriously tried EVERYTHING I could think of. I wondered if maybe you weren't supposed to even get bombs... maybe I needed something else...

I was so stuck I went and looked up a guide on You Tube, and realized I'd made a really dumb mistake.

So I need bombs... Why don't I go to the BOMB SHOP?!?!?!

Gosh... I can be REALLY foolish sometimes...

Spirit Tracks comes out... TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!

I'm ecstatic (as you can see from the above "yayes")! I CAN'T WAIT! At, um, about 5 tonight (my time) I'M GOING TO THE STORE TO GET SPIRIT TRACKS! My first Zelda game I've gotten the day it came out. Sigh... it's so amazing...

Come on... I NEED Spirit Tracks to come soon...

I played a bit of Phantom Hourglass this morning in honor of its fantastic new sequel. I almost died out on the ocean (some sharks and an octorock or two found me, but I still kept hitting those rupee jellyfish things...). So I want ST. That way, instead of dying on the ocean, I'll die on the train tracks. XD Okay, doesn't sound much better. But at least Zelda will be with me!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Forget about the "Coutdown" thing...

So I couldn't get on the computer the other day... so my countdown is ruined.

Doesn't mean I can't be excited that MONDAY IS TOMORROW! O:


Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr omr... (XD That's a joke between Sydney and Rowan and I...)

Friday, December 4, 2009

3 Days until Spirit Tracks!

Woot! I'm counting down the days. Oh man, I can't wait. It will be SOOOOO awesomeful. Expect a HUGE blog post from me when I get it! XD


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Normally I'd be hoping the weekend would carry on forever, but this is an exception! I hope Monday comes quickly!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best. Manga. EVER!

I just figured out that Minish Cap Link is actually Toon Link - the same Link I know and love so much in Wind Waker AND Phantom Hourglass ANNNND the awesomeful Spirit Tracks I've been waiting for! Sweetness! He is SOOO cute in manga form! :D

Um, anyway, the last line is the BEST.

"Vaati, just shut up and cut the cake."

XD I love it! If you're a Zelda fan, you'll really understand why that's so hilarious. Vaati is the bad guy... that's why I love that.

Huh... but MC sounds a LOT like Phantom Hourglass... Zelda turns to stone... have to find elements to make a sword (Picori blade in this one... but I will still think of it as Phantom Sword, lol...), blah blah blah....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LttP - "There's ANOTHER Master Sword here!"

Okay, I seriously think that that line has GOT to be the most hilarious thing my sister, Rowan WillowLeaf as she's known, has ever said in her entire life.

I think everyone else must call me crazy for thinking that. Really, I, um, like it a bit too much. But I just find it HILARIOUS.

So, I went over to Sydney's house this weekend. She had recently hooked her Wii up to Wi-Fi, so she went ahead and bought Pokemon Rumble off the Wii Shop Channel (believe me, Sydney isn't THAT much of a Zelda fan... she prefers Pokemon. The only reason she even knows what Zelda is is because we told her so much about it...). So she kinda forced Rowan and I to play three player with her. Since she called the Pidgeot and Haunter and Rowan got the Mew, I ended up with few choices. In the end I decided upon a Goldeen because it knew Supersonic which confused the enemies. It was really helpful. :)

Anyway, that's not the point. After that I let Sydney play my Twilight Princess game by allowing her to make her own file. Lol, she had lots of fun ("When you throw stuff at Epona, she gives you Rupees!" "SQUIRREL!" "Noooo! I lost my rock!" XD Don't ask). Unfortuantely, NONE of it had to do with the main storyline like she was supposed to, so finally I lied to make her go ("C'mon, Sydney. If you go to the ranch and do your work, you'll get paid rupees!"). So she went, and we got as far as the second day... before she had to save and turn off.

Anyway, during that time, Rowan was playing one of Sydney's two Zelda games. She has Phantom Hourglass like we do, but A Link to the Past like we... don't.

She allowed both of us to make a file, but I've never played mine, lol. Anyway, after my sis was almost turned in by some evil little kid (You're all over the wanted posters, but she talks to people... Geez Rowan, get a clue!) she traveled to the Forest.

Idk how, but somehow she found the MASTER SWORD! Well, you'd think she'd be excited, but unlike all the other Zelda games we own, you can't pull out the Master Sword at first. You have to collect gems... or something... Idk, I wasn't paying much attention... XD

Anywho, so Sydney and I keep on going along with our Twilight Princess stuff ("Geez, Sydney! Stop throwing stuff at Epona! Okay, you named her Mist. Whatever. STOP THROWING STUFF AT HER! You could have met Midna by now if you'd tried!") . Rowan went through the Forest some more, exploring, and constantly annoying Sydney by asking for directions (Rowan:"How do you pick up the pots?" Sydney:"Um, I don't know! Press L or R or something!" Rowan:"Dangit... my L and R buttons don't work..." Me: "Use my DS!" Rowan: "Nah, that's okay." Sydney: "You do realize at some point you HAVE to pick up the pots, right..?" Rowan: "I'll live...").

Then, while Sydney was herding some goats around on Epona (or I think she called her's Mist) Rowan said out that amazingly hilarious line:

"Woah... There's ANOTHER Master Sword here!"

Idk why, but Sydney and I completely BURST OUT laughing. I couldn't help it! But just the thought of another Master Sword...

Sydney said, "Um, you'd better not take it. It's probably a trap or something."

Haha, but I always have to be the weird one: "Take it, Rowan! Take it! I want to see what happens!" XD

Rowan refused to take it though. And then she died by some monster when she tried to get out of the Forest. O. o

I told her she should have taken it!

Less than a week for ST!!!!

IT'S DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally! Just like I'd been waiting for. Yay!

The Minish Cap manga came out today (yeah, I know, I said December 2nd, but it's actually the first, lol...)! I can't WAIT to go to the bookstore to get it. Best of all, Vanessa DreamHaven gave me a gift card there for my birthday! It's what I bought Four Swords Part 2 with, and it's what I'm planning on buying MC and a Link to the Past when it comes out in February.

Now Spirit Tracks is less than a week away - only six days! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh............. I CAN'T WAIT! It's KILLING ME! I don't want to play Twilight Princess and Wind Waker and Majora's Mask forever (that's all I've been playing lately, lol)!

December 7th better come soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I even started playing Zelda games in the first place!

Um, you're probably wondering why I like Zelda games so much. Obviously I'm completely CRAZY about them, so uh, how did this start?

It all began about two years ago (or probably even longer, I can't remember anymore - I mean, how old is the GameCube? Yeah, it's around that time...) when my sister and I recieved Super Smash Bros. Melee (note: NOT THE WII VERSION, SSB Brawl!) and we picked our favorite characters. Of course I instantly loved Pikachu - who can't with that cute little party hat of his and that awesome up smash attack? Besides, Pokemon was about the only video game series I knew about at the time. Anyway, my sister's decision was harder - I refused to let her be my little Pika Pal, so she was forced to choose someone else - and she choose Zelda.

So, we had NO clue who the heck Zelda was. She was some kind of princess, obviously, from the pretty crown. Um, at first we never even realized that she was linked to Link (lol, linked to Link! Um, sorry, just Zelda humor :P). But then when we got into events and stuff, there were Zelda events where Zelda and Link were on a team and you had to be Gannon and defeat them (good thing we didn't know about the series - I would have felt guilty! In the games I practically AM Link! I don't want to kill myself! Or Zelda!). So, my sister, who REALLY liked Zelda, begged to buy a Zelda game. In particular, we wanted Twilight Princess. Now, we were, like, six at the time or something - now, think about the creepy cutscenes in TP. I am SO glad we did not get that one first. In fact, the reason we didn't get it was probably because it was rated T. So, instead we recieved Wind Waker... which we were TOTALLY confused about.

We wondered where Zelda can be, and who is this little green freak in green? And that weird girl who calls you big brother...

So I'll be honest - we didn't really like Zelda games. XD

What we did instead was go all the way through the game to the Forsaken Fortress, hoping we'd find Zelda soon. (LOL, imagine what would have happened if we'd bought something like Majora's Mask where Zelda isn't even in it! O:) Okay, unfortunately, our TV was on a super low brightness setting - so we could BARELY see anything in the desolate and dark Forsaken Fortress. When we got thrown in jail (which happened A LOT) we couldn't figure out how to get out, no matter how much Zelda hinted, "There's gotta be some hole you can crawl out of...)

Finally we got near the top - and then found a search light that we couldn't get rid of! Apparently, there is a search light by the jail that we had always missed, so it would always catch us when we were coming up. Ugh!

Soooo.... we gave up on Zelda games for an entire year. A WHOLE YEAR. Without Zelda! Right now the idea appalls me...

Then we stumbled across a walkthrough of it on the internet, and saw the amazing search light we'd missed! We hurried back on the game and turned off the searchlight. Best part was, over the year we hadn't played out TV had been fixed, so we found a way out of the jail! And so, we completed the Forsaken Fortress and FINALLY found out why it was called Wind Waker - and Legend of Zelda.

After that, we made about twenty different files on all of our memory cards. My best file, the first one I completed, I still have, and I still play it every once and a while. In fact, I played it just last week! I wanted to defeat Gannon, so yeah... XD It's also the only file we have Hero's Mask on, and Magic Armor. Funny part is, we DON'T have all items - we're missing a bottle! I am not sure which one I'm missing, so... sigh... only three bottles... Oh, and the most hilarious part of all - it was the file we discovered that faries heal you, even when you die... We were being such IDIOTS. We had no idea that if you died, the fairies would automatically heal you! We didn't know that until this summer! I've had this game for, what, four, three years? And we didn't know until recently... O. o

Okay, that's it for now! I don't want to write anymore about it...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zelda Spirit Tracks - Oh, no...

I'm super disappointed! I went on Zelda Universe the other day, and from there went to the Spirit Tracks official wesite thingy (I also went to the Twilight Princess one, lol, but that's another story...) and then I read through all the items, and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Apparently the first item is some weird pinwheel thing... and to use it, you have to blow into the microphone!

Okay, so usually that wouldn't be bad. In fact, it would be really, really cool. It IS a good idea, after all. However, my DS is BROKEN... My microphone doesn't work!

It's a really long story about how that all happened. My sister and I were joking around, and then she reached out and knocked the DS out of my hand, and it went flying and crashed to the ground, HARD. The entire top screen was only hanging by a thread but, to my surprise, the game was still running just fine! I think I was playing Dolphinz or something at the moment, and my penguins just kept on swimming around, acting as if nothing had happened, lol... But now I can't even play that game anymore. If any of my animals get sick or I have to train them, I have to use the microphone, and can't get out of it until I do, so I end up turning the game off and losing everything.

Obviously, if you know anything about Phantom Hourglass, you'd be wondering how I am playing that game. The first level is all about blowing out candles and stuff, and you have to talk into the mic to get the Salvage Arm. Well, I would always switch to my sister's DS when I needed to. Um, problem is that hers is broken, too. Her top screen shorts out and blinks white, and her DS is COMPLETELY uncoordinated on the touch screen, and her L and R buttons don't work. So I'd much prefer mine - I don't need the microphone ALL the time, do I?

Anyway, in ST I discovered there is the Pinwheel, AND some weird Flute thingy that you have to play. Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE the flute idea! It's fantastic! But I'm afraid I'll get all the way through some impossible temple or collect all the Tears of Light and then Zelda will force me to learn a song - and the only way to get out of this is to turn the game off and lose all my progress!

I REALLY hope I can think of something...

Anyway, I already preordered the game at the store, so I'm gonna try playing it, anyway... I just gotta remember to save often!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come on December, hurry up already!!!

Ugh, why do all the awesome things have to come out DECEMBER? Could they have released them just ONE month earlier? Seriously, how hard can that be?

But... sigh... I have to wait just a FEW more weeks for Spirit Tracks and the Minish Cap manga to come out. Ugh. Just recently, I saw another advertisment on the Nintendo Channel on my Wii for ST, and oh my gosh, was I surprised! That combined with what I learned from The Hylia totally stunned me.


What the heck! How can you have a ZELDA game when ZELDA is DEAD?!?! Really! I think that Nintendo has gone crazy...

And the other thing I'm waiting for is the Minish Cap manga, so I'm heading to the bookstore December 2nd! And then I gotta wait for December 7th for Spirit Tracks... aww...

Friday, November 20, 2009

PH - Okay, I'll admit it. Action Replay CAN be bad sometimes...

Lucky for me, so far Action Replay hasn't done anything too bad to my Pokemon game. However, apparently it works differently for Zelda games.

Seth Goldenblood, the person who's been letting me use his AR to get those FANTASTIC Pokemon, has a little brother, who's name in the game is Quinn... something. Anyway, he got ALL the way to the Goron Island in Phantom Hourglass. That's pretty far! I would hate to lose all that progress... but he made a huge mistake that is now forcing him to do so.

When they came to my house the other day, Quinn said to me, "Will you pretty please help me with Phantom Hourglass?" He knows that I have beat the game, and everytime he comes over her asks me that. So I replied, "Sure", not expecting it to be so incredibly... IMPOSSIBLE to complete.

He turned on his game, and told me he was trying to get the Azurine or whichever the Goron pure metal is (I forget, lol). He was right outside the Temple that you get the metal in. I said, "Oh, you have to complete that temple. Haven't you done that yet?"

He said, "Yeah. I already defeated the boss."

I was surprised. "Then why do you need my help getting the metal?"

Finally Seth, who was a bit older and easier to understand, spoke up, saying, "He can't get off the island. He has to talk to all the Gorons there before he can leave."

Now I was REALLY confused. To get into the temple to get the pure metal, you have to become a "brother to the Gorons" by talking to every Goron on the island and then taking a quiz. It didn't make any sense at all... "You can't have the metal if you haven't done that! Why don't you just get on the ship and leave?" I took the game from him and proceeded to do so. I went to Linebeck, and after saying some annoying line about, "Do you really want to leave your cousins, Link? Don't get emotional about leaving them!" he said that we could ship out.

Then Ciela - that annoying, fluttering puff-ball fairy that says "Hey!" all the time a NEVER lets you do anything fun - shows up and says, "No, Link! You have to talk to all the Gorons on the island so you can get the pure metal!"

Oh great. I groaned aloud, probably. "What the HECK did you do, Quinn!" I shouted at him. "This is NOT supposed to happen." I looked up at his map, where there were black dots all over. "What are those?"

"I marked where all the Gorons are," he explained.

Woah. He'd even marked all of them! He HAD to have talked to them all! "But... I don't get it! How in the world did you get into the temple if you aren't a brother to the Gorons yet?"

Seth spoke up again. "Allow me to explain," he said. He guided Link to the usual enterance to the temple, which was still blocked by the Goron as it is before you become "Goro-Link". "He used an Action Replay code to jump over this guy. Then he completed the temple and beat the boss."

"Uh-oh," I groaned again. This was SO not good. I quickly took the game again and ran back toward the Goron Leader's house - and to my surprise found TWO Gongorons in there. "What in the world..." I said. I talked to the one on the left. He said, "We do not like outsiders here. My name is Gongoron. You'd better remember that!" or something. I recognized it as what he would say when you are still trying to become a member of the Goron tribe. I talked to the one on the right next. He said, "That was great, brother! You have the pure metal! You'd better talk to my father about it, first."

I burst out laughing. I finally understood! His game was caught between a mixture of the two parts of the the Goron Isle. Gongoron appeared on both sides - once when you first meet him, once after you complete the temple. Now they were both there at the same time. So, hoping to find at least some relief, I talked to the Goron Leader. "You have not talked to every Goron, outsider," he said. "Talk to me again when you have." I began giggling again. I turned around and explained all that I'd figured out to Quinn and Seth.

Seth started laughing again while Quinn scowled. "It's not funny," he growled.

"Yes, it IS funny, Quinn!" Seth yelled between laughs. "You'll have to start the game over again!"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Action Replay... AGAIN!

Haha, this is how our conversation went this morning when I met up with Sydney today... (Yes, I like writing! Even when it has to do with video games!)

"Hey, Sierra!" she greeted. "Guess what? I have some amazing new Pokemon cards I've gotta show you!"

"Really? I did stuff with Pokemon yesterday, too!" I said. "I got a new Pokemon on my game, and my frist ever shiny!"

She gasped. "Seriously? What is it?"

I grinned. "A Charizard."

Lol, she went crazy with that. She actually has a level 100 Charizard (named Charmer :D) that she raised herself from her old Pokemon game. It's her favorite Pokemon. Then I went into telling her the stats, and she could only stare at me in awe. Here are the stats:

Lvl 100
Complete shine in every contest categorie
Holding Sacred Ash
OT ????????
Moves: Leaf Storm, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rush
Has EVERY ribbon (no kidding! Even things from Hoenn region! :D)
Has Pokerus
Supposedly "Met at level 5"
Stats are max

And to think that it all came from an old Magikarp that I had! XD

Yeah, Seth came over yesterday, and he brought his Action Replay again. :P (Come to think of it, Cheats are bad... my friend did something to his Phantom Hourglass game and... ooh! I'm writing about that next!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

PH Update - I really, REALLY gotta save more...

Ugh! Just the other day, for the sixth time, my game shut down and I lost all my progress! Oh... I guess this is my first Phantom Hourglass update... I think... Idk, I can't remember. And I'm in a hurry now, again...

Whatever. The family went on some kinda car trip to some park place (XD) and I brought my DS and my Creative Writing story along. Since I have writer's block a bit, I played my DS, and it just so happens that Phantom Hourglass was in it. So, with the new file I created over my sister's file (she's mad at me for that, lol) called simply "Link", I got through a TON of levels... but, the funny thing was, I was on Molida island. The stuff that had happened since last time I saved included beat Isle of the Dead, getting ten Spirit Gems for EVERY spirit (Yay! Ceila's lighning bolts are AWESOME!), finding a treasure room (there were a TON of Rupoors in there, so I lost so much money cuz the bats kept pushing me into them XD) that had a piece of the gold theme in it, and getting over 600 hits on that guy on that boat who pretends to be Wind Waker you (I dont like him too much), and then my game froze! All I did was read a sign, and I lost all my progress! STUPID SIGN!

Okay, write more later when I get home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

MM Update - YES! You heard me right! MAJORA'S MASK! O:

From the title (ugh! Maybe I should stop writing so descriptive titles! XD) you most likely can already guess what this entry will be about. So, the other day, while Rowan was out playing tennis (Lolz, she wasn't very happy that I did this without her! And then she turned on me and started her own file even though she knew I wanted to see the beginning again, because there's only two files on this for some reason...) I went on the Wii Shop Channel and bought myself the old N64 Zelda game, Majora's Mask. YAY! I was excited, because I'd only read the manga before (by Akira Himekawa, remember? I told you about that, didn't I? Hmm...), and it seemed pretty interesting. I mean, turning into a Zora? Who WOULDN'T want that? It would have been even better if you could turn into Medli, but I suppose that's too much to ask for. XD

Anywho, I began my file and, enjoying the total pwnage of Skull Kid on Link (Rofl, I felt bad for poor Link! He totally got knocked out, his horse AND the Ocarina of Time stolen, and got dragged along by Epona before falling into an inevitable hole and turning into a Deku Scrub! XD) and then, when I finally got to move for the first time to follow Skull Kid, I marveled when Link did a backflip while jumping! Seriously, I must have spent at least a half an hour just jumping back and forth between those two platforms, lol. But I'd never seen that before! None of the other games have Link backflip when jumping! It was amazing!

Then I got to the part with Tatl and her brother being split up, and it was so sweet! No offense to poor OoT, but I like Tatl A LOT better than Navi. At least there's no "HEY! LISTEN! WATCH OUT! HEY! HEY! LISTEN!" Now there's sparkly sounds. XD Only thing that gets annoying about Tatl is every time you talk to her, she says at the end "Oh no! You only have" such and such time left. Ugh, I KNOW I only have two hours left! XD No, jk. I didn't get QUITE that far down. I did get to the third day, though, before I realized what I was supposed to do. Also, if you start to get sidetracked, she reminds you that you need to find Skull Kid. Aww! But it's fun to get sidetracked!

Also, I absolutely LOVE Deku Link! He's adorable! And he makes cute noises when he walks and jumps! ROFL, really! Oh, and dogs are now officially EVIL! Well, except for real life ones, but Zelda ones, EVIL! Nvm, just OoT and MM. The ones on TP are too sweet to hate (really! You cannot just say no to that adorable puppy dog pout and wagging tail!), and I can't remember seeing any in my other games. Therefore, I had a lot of fun when I found that on MM you can THROW the dogs! XD

Sooo... I think I'm in the swamp somewhere. Lolz, I met the Twinrova again. Remember Cup Cake? I saw her again! And she still has the same name, so I can still make fun of it! :D

Hmm, and I can't say I enjoy those lily pad things that sink all the time. I must have fallen and even gotten game over's at least twenty times from those things! I said to my sister at one point, "You know, the moon is totally going to fall while I'm on these things. I just know it!" So I actually DID get to the third day without managing to get to the first temple. Ugh, I haven't even battled a boss yet. No wonder everyone calls it the hardest Zelda game! This is sure to keep me busy for a while.

So I just saved eventually at one of those owl things on the third day. I was planning on hurrying to Castle Town to put in all my rupees before I play the Song of Time and start over. Lolz, I have plenty more funny stories, but I gtg now! That should be enough, anyway. Cya!

Spirit Tracks release date!

I just discovered when the next Zelda game is coming! On December 7th, LoZ: Spirit Tracks will be released in U.S.! I cannot wait! I want to buy it right away. It's the second installment on the DS, so it will be AWESOME! A sequel to Phantom Hourglass (SHOOT! Better go add that to my list of things I wanted to post! I've been playing PH a lot lately!), and technically to Wind Waker, too! Sweetness! Yay! Supercalifragilisticexp.... whatever! I will be buying it ASAP!

Halloween Costume!!!!

I'm soooooo excited for Halloween this year. You wanna know why? Okay, probably not, since no one is really reading this, anyway! But still, I'll tell you!

For Halloween, if I can pull it off I'm going to be ZELDA! Yes, Princess Zelda of Hyrule! It's going to be a pretty cheapy costume, lol, because I still don't have it ready today, two days before Halloween... but still. It's going to be awesome, because Rowan and I are going out Trick-or-Treating (which Idk why we're doing in the first place, lol... I think we're a bit too old for it, especially me, the oldest of the bunch) with Taryn WildHeart (past Balance Seeker) and Sydney JadeHammer (current Fire Seeker)! Best part it, Sydney's going to be Link for Halloween! Again, cheapy Link. XD But still, awesome!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Oh, btw, I just made the Zelda from an old Sleeping Beauty costume I had lying around from when I was, like, six. After a bit of sewing, I got it to fit, and now I have to add a crown, some long white gloves, and a banner hanging down the front with a ton of Triforce-y swirly complex designs, and then I'm done!

I have a LOT to post here...

Okay, just because I have alot of separate posts here, and I doubt I'll finish them tonight (I have less than a half an hour and I wanna play Majora's Mask!... Oops, I didn't mean to ruin it, but I suppose I was going to tell you anyway... XD) so I was going to do a quick little post of what I want to write so I don't forget later!

Let's see... there's something about Spirt Tracks I wanted to put up... and Four Swords... and of course, my new game! :D Oh! And my super insanely awesome Halloween Costume! Sydney's being Link, and I'm going to be Zelda! :D :D

And, um, that MIGHT be all of it. XD I can't remember even NOW! Geez. Okay, I'd better get writing!

Friday, October 16, 2009

TP Update - Hmm... that was easier than it probably should have been...

Rofl, yeah. Title again explains it all. XD

I defeated Gannon. (Btw, why is it that he is in all the games? Geez! How the heck does he keep coming back to life? I keep killing him over and over, thrusting the Master Sword into him, and he keeps COMING BACK!) And Zant, actually. Lolz, he is the BEST BOSS EVER! Seriously! My sis was really disappointed because she saved after the boss so she can't ever do him again. Me, I was smart, so I didn't save after him. Made sure about that.

Haha, so I got through Snowpeak. Oh, you know how I was mentioning the sledding earlier? Well, after I beat Gannon, I had nothing to do, so I decided to catch up a bit on my sledding records again... and I beat him my FIRST TRY! Sheesh. Well, truthfully, that could be thanks to my sister's amazing discovery. She found that if you put on Iron Boots or Magic Armor (if you don't have rupees, lol, it gives you the same result as Iron Boots), you become heavier, and by some odd, bizarre way that makes you go faster.

Well, Snowpeak, Temple of Time (you remember me writing about that, right? LOLZ, it was so fun doing the same thing again! :D), and the Sky (I beat that within an hour! I'd memorized the way from last time, haha) were much too easy for me. So I got to the Twilight Realm again (and finally I didn't have to be so careful when saving anymore! You can't imagine how long it took me to save because I had to SLOWLY select the file and CAUTIOUSLY press the overwrite button, thinking carefully about which one I was saving it to), and I got my shiny sword! YES! That's like, my favorite part of the game! Hmm, I just realized something. What if you'd had the Ordon Sword out at that time? Lolz, would Link have taken out the Master Sword like he did on Ocarina? OH YEAH! That reminds me. I beat OoT too! Hmm, I'd better make a separate post of that.

Oookay... so I had lots of fun pwning Gannon. And wow, when I was in Hyrule Castle (creepiest level because of those scary zombie-like ghost guys that are in the halls that you see with your senses - I'd never really bothered looking at their faces before, but when I finally did, I was so freaked out, I jumped! XD) I actually found a treasure chest, hoping it was another Piece of Heart that I could add to my amazing collection, but instead, I found A SILVER RUPEE! I think I literally gasped out loud. 200 RUPEES! Lolz, my wallet was full though, so I couldn't hold it. XD But still, wow! I'd seen them a couple of times on Wind Waker, actually, but I have never seen them in any other game! EVER! I thought that they wouldn't be on other games. I mean, Wind Waker has HUGE wallets availiable, with like holding over 100,000 rupees at a time or something, so they have the capacity to carry something like this... but averagely on TP, the wallets are 600 rupees. WOW! I was so surprised.

Rofl, another funny thing. After I defeated Gannon's Puppet (isn't there a boss on Wind Waker with that same name? Oh wait, that's Puppet Gannon. Geez, can't these guys be more original? I mean, there was Armoghoma too, and the Water Temple boss in TP was named Morpheel, somewhat similar to Morpha in OoT...) and the weird pig form thing (where my sister and I had a dispute over whether pigs and boars were the same thing XD), I moved onto the Hyrule Field thing with Epona. And then, to my dismay, I pressed the minus button, and IT SKIPPED THE CUTSCENE! O: Noooo!!! That's one of my favorites out of the whole game! That, and the one after you beat the Water Temple. I mean, it's not that funny, but I once saw this "C is for Cookie" Zant thingy on YouTube and it starts with that cutscene, so when Zant is looming over Link he's saying "C IS FOR COOKIE" and it makes me laugh so hard to remember that... But yeah, so I missed beautiful Light Arrows and thinking Midna died and all that. Whatever though, I'll have to do it again sometime.

So that's the end! I've really got to work on my OoT description now... that one's even better...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Zelda TP Update - Geez, why did I never notice this game was so EASY!

Seriously, like the title says, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, though one of the best titles in the series and surely the one with best graphics and best storyline, is the EASIEST of them all.

I mean, really, I've already found the Mirror of Twilight again! And wow, I have nine hearts. Way too many for the amount of bosses I have beat, proving that Pieces of Heart are not difficult to find. I have beat the first level of the STAR game, too! HAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT, RIP OFF GUY! He hates wolves anyway. He's allergic, lol. That is the first thing I did when I got the Master Sword - transformed into a wolf and went in the STAR game tent to scare him. xD I really, really dont like that guy.

Soo, yeah. I completed Forest Temple, Death Mountain, Zora place, got Master Sword, did Arbiter's Grounds, and am now working on Snowpeak. Aww, that reminded me! Once Taryn, Rowan, Sydney, and I were all having so much fun on my previous file before I deleted it, and I was in Snowpeak, so I went sledding, and then we all went CRAZY trying to beat Yeto. I was the only one who actually got the record in the end. :) Sydney came really close, but fell off the edge at the end. Lol, that was the same day of my Coven of kitties, Freak Cat, and the Hidden Village.

Haha, anyway, Snowpeak is one of my favorite levels. I can't wait! :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zelda TP Update - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you watch me on Central, you'll know that I changed my mood to sad. And after reading this, you will know precisely why.

It started on a normal weekend day. I was having fun on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I had been working hard on this file ever since November of last year, since I bought it. My sister had already beat the game, sadly, even though I paid for this game. Still, I was determined to defeat Gannondorf - eventually!

So I finally beat the dragon in the Sky, where the Occoco's live, and found the final piece of the Mirror of Twilight! Excited, I hurried back down to Lake Hylia and warped to the Mirror Chamber. After an amazing cutscene where you discover Midna (OMG! I'd been spelling her name wrong! More later, lol) is actually the Twilight Princess and how she got changed by Zant into her current form. Impatient, I pounded on the A button, wanting to see the cutscene but eager to get the Mirror of Twilight working again.

Finally, the sages finished talking (Did you ever notice they have the same symbols as the ones in OoT? If so, Ruto died! O:) and I rushed into the Twilight Realm.

I had some fun in there, throwing my Ball and Chain at the oblivious Twili people, despite how Midna continuously told me "They aren't our enemies! Don't attack them!" XD So finally I got bored and ran into the Temple. I got the first Sol (it powers the Twilight Realm apparently) and avoided that creepy red hand that tried to take it from me and placed it in its designated spot.

Then I saved, because I didn't want to do it over again, and I wanted to mess up my other file.

This is the third file, one we'd never played on. It's name was the default "Link", so we were planning on glitching it up.

We tried this glitch (We actually filmed it on my cell phone! I should show you guys sometime) that lets us keep the wooden sword. But apparently, you had to have a Slingshot, which we didn't, lol.

So I went back to attempt to get the Slingshot - and that's where everything went wrong.

I went through all the steps (caught that STUPID fish, ugh. And helped get that darn baby back for that lady. And all that boring stuff) and gained enough rupees to obtain the Slingshot, FINALLY!

Excited but not wanting to lose my progress, I pressed save - and ruined EVERYTHING I'd worked for.

Now seriously, why does TP have to be different? Wind Waker and OoT and PH all save it automatically to the file YOU'RE WORKING ON. You dont have to select from a list. Now I understand WHY they did that.

Unfortunately, I have to go now! XD I'll post more later, don't worry. Lol, you can probably guess what's going to happen, anyway.

EDIT: Okay, now I can continue! :D

Where was I...

Oh yeah! Well, okay, so I had been playing on my original file A LOT, right? So, when I went to save good ol' Link, I SAVED IT TO FILE ONE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... and I could go on and on. But I'm not going to. *Sniff* I never got to use my Double Clawshot! I was sooo going to rub it in that annoying STAR game guys face! I hate him so much, he thinks he's sooooo cool! I was totally going to own his game when I beat the Sky place! But I forgot and went in the Twilight Realm, and so I never did... :( And I was planning on filming my Zant battle and putting it on YouTube! Ugh...


Monday, September 14, 2009

Zelda manga!

If you read my profile, you would know that some of my favorite books are Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa. Well, just this Saturday I got the newest one, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords part 1. I totally was expecting ot enjoy reading it, and possibly have a few laughs (They're quite humorous), but it was more than that: it was hilarious! My sister and I fought over who would read it (I won... I bought the book with MY money, not her!). Red Link is so hilarious! I got Sydney to read it today. She usually isn't into Zelda all that much (she prefers Pokemon and Wizard101) but she loved it, too! And she agreed: Red Link is the cutest. I used to think I would like the blue Link, because that's my favorite color, but after seeing his personality, um, I don't think so! Lol, I like Red Link a LOT. Crazy about these mangas. Come on people, READ THEM! They are AWESOME! I own everyone single solitary one of them that are out yet. Can't wait for October to read part 2 of the Four Swords! Then comes the Minish Cap, and then a Link to the Past... I hope that's not the last one, but in the way that the list at the back of my book looks, it might be. :(

EVERYONE can post now! :D

I tweaked my settings a bit so now even annonymous (I probably spelled that wrong O. O) users can post comments on my things. Please, if you view this blog, post a little comment for me here. So, megawizard, you can post whatever surely useless comments you had in mind xD.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ummm.... where was I?

Okay, this was SUPPOSED to be a continuation of the Ocarina of Time update, but, um, Idk where I was.... let's see.... um...

Okay, I know I didn't mention cupcake yet, did I? Cupcake is the Ice Twinrova, Kotake. It started when I commented, "Kotake? That sounds like Hot Cake!" And Rowan came up with the cupcake. Lolz, that was fun.

Um, and attack from the treasure chest. You know, I'd love to tell you that EPIC story, but I feel like going on Wizard101Central at the moment, sorry.

You guys were so nice on my post "Does no one like me?" You commented on there, but completely ignored my other entries. O. o Aww well, who cares anyway. I have fun writing about my crazy Zelda adventures anyway.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gotta love Action Replay... xD

HUGE thanks to Seth GoldenBlood for this! First he introduces me to Wizard101, and now lets me hack my Pearl game... thank you, Seth! I really owe you.

Okay, so guess what???????? I hacked my Pearl game! I now officially have every single legendary pokemon except for Uxie, Mespirit, Giratina, and Creselia. I made a TON of videos of it on my cell phone, too, but two of them show Seth in it (and I was screaming something about not likeing Arceus anymore a lot, too) and the others we are yelling in. Lol, I will probably post them on my YouTube account though (TwilightWakerofTime, which is a combination of all Zelda games I own except Phantom Hourglass) and get rid of the audio to put in some random music or something. Lol, I think I still have Walking on Sunshine and Since you been gone from when I was trying to get it on my Ipod, so I'll probably switch it out with that.

Lol, I also have unlimited Master Balls. I didn't know that would happen, I thought that they would disappear as soon as I took out the Action Replay (as my poor little shiny pokemon did :( ), but all 377 Master Balls remained. And now, even when I throw one, it doesn't go away!

I used only two codes: the Pokemon Modifier code and the All Shinies code. I just HAD to see my sweet little Umbreon, named Chris (or as I call him, Chrisy <3 ) as a shiny! He didn't stay that way :(

Also, lol, I somehow got nine Arceus. And never once did I use the code to try and get one. They came up at completely random times, at no apparent interval. The first time was when I was trying to catch a Jirachi. When I heard Arceus's special music and he came up, I was like "That doesn't look like a Jirachi!" Rofl, when I was looking for a Charmander he came up again, and Seth screamed, "Oh yeah, it is a Charmander! Only bigger!" Lol, I got that one on tape.

Yeah, that was fun. But I'd better finish talking about Twilight Princess and OoT now, or I will forget and never get around to it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

OoT Update! - Spirit Temple DONE!

OMG OMG OMG I was sooooo happy last night! I FINALLY finished that impossible Spirit Temple! I got the Mirror Shield and the Silver Gauntlets. YES YES YES! And I met Zelda, finallly, too! And now I'm supposed to fight Gannon, which is kinda scary, so yeah... but still, yay! I will be able to claim that I truly am the Hero of Time and beat the Ocarina of Time game! YAYAYAYAYAY! Lol, you should have heard me when I found Zelda and she was giving me light arrows. I litterally was sitting in front of the screen bouncing up and down and screaming "Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!" Lol, I had soooo much fun, and I gtg now, but I will tell you all the fun we had last night later, including a surprise attack from a TREASURE CHEST (that was unexpected O.o) and our new nickname for the Ice Twinrova (which is odd, because she's ice, and I'm an ice wizard...), Cup Cake, and how she got it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Does no one like me..? :(

I have so many people who are commenting on my other blog! Why doesn't anyone say anything on here?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

TP Update - Illia's Memory

Because I was banned from the computer yesterday, I got on my Wii to catch up on Twilight Princess. I finally went out of the Southern Gate like the cat whose name I forgot (lol) told me to. Luckily, it was already night, so I just managed to walk out and destroy them. (Good thing... I did not want to waste time like I did last time. Hmm, I should make a post about that!) They were these skeletal dogs, all creepy looking. But 0ne shot from Minda's special attack completely crushed them, and they subsequently dropped a wooden statue. Apparently, it was Illia's. I took it to Illia in Karikaro, hopeful she would get her memory back finally. Alas, it was not yet the time. But she told me that she remembered something about someone who had set her free from a secret place. I wouldn't have understood any of it had it not been that my sister had already beat the game and told her stories about the "Hidden Village."

Because I didn't want to warp, I decided to take the chance and enjoy the scenery for once by riding Epona there. Sadly, when I was traveling to the location that I was supposed to meet some helpful Goron at, I found a roadblock. The middle part of the Bridge of Eldin was still missing. I thought of everything I could to try and get across. Epona simply refused to ride across or jump, so I looked across and to my surprise saw Shadow Beasts! I knew that defeating Shadow Beasts meant you got a new warp point. So I shot them with arrows a few time before realizing it wasn't working. No matter how hard I shot them, they lived.

So, sighing, I traversed back to Hyrule Castle Town and tried going around the other way to the bridge. I actually passed by the area I was supposed to go, but I didn't see anything there, so I walked past it to the Bridge of Eldin again. I easily defeated the Shadow Beasts (there were only three, effortlessly destroyed by Minda's attack) and gained the new warp point.

Now, being a Brawl fan, I had played on the Bridge of Eldin stage. I knew that on the stage, when Bulbin blew it up, a warp thing appeared above it and replaced the middle. So it was somewhere around Hyrule.

Actually, I figured out how to do it on Rowan's file, "Seth"... She had defeated Gannon and beat the game, so there was nothing left to do. Apparently, you could get Fairy Tears in the Guerdo Desert somewhere. So she traveled there, to see some giant thing sticking out of the ground in the distance. After a little hookshotting (and finding a new golden bug! Yay!) she saw that it HAD to be the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin! Overjoyed, she warped there, and I knew where to find my bridge.

So with that done, I headed back to the spot I missed. Before going in a cave to the side which I assumed was my destination, I found a Spinner rail and got on it to a circular patch of grass. If Rowan hadn't been there, I would have left it. But she was, and she dug into it to reveal a hidden room. I defeated the Re-deads (which gave me nightmares, once!) and got a Piece of Heart! Yippee!

I'll write more later, but I'll leave it there. I wanted to write some more of my story, and it is getting late.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Temple of Time - The same as OoT???

Well, if you read my post below, you will know that I recently completed the Temple of Time of Twilight Princess. I just realized - we're going back in time to the Temple, aren't we? So that means that it is far in the past. But I realized that this must be THE Temple of Time, the same one from Ocarina of Time - you know, where the Master Sword is? It even has the same music! Believe me, I'd know - I spent four minutes (I made a video of it to prove it! ROFL!) trying to figure out the Song of Time on the ocarina and the entire time I had to listen to that annoying song! It is soooo catchy, and I had that (and Saria's song, and Epona's song) stuck in my head the whole next day! Why do Zelda songs have to be so catchy?!?

As I was saying, we went into the Temple of Time on Twilight Princess. To go inside the actual dungeon part of the Temple (which obviously can't be accessed in Ocarina) you had to put your Master Sword back in the pedastal for a few seconds so that the shiny blue stairs appear and you can follow Ooccoo up it! So, after the Temple Rowan and I started joking with each other. Then I first realized it - how far back in time are we going? If this is the exact same temple as in OoT, then could the other Link still be trying to defeat Gannon? I noticed that the Master Sword wasn't in the pedastal when I had come in. Could that be because the Ocarina of Time Link was currently using it? ROFL! That would be so cool!

So then Rowan and I began talking about it. What if Ocarina of Time Link came in at the same time? What if we were a wolf? Or had just defeat the boss?

Then, it was even more hilarious. We returned to TP time, and then Rowan mentioned something about the Kokiri Forest. When I asked her, she explained that the area outside the Temple of Time was the Lost Woods! OMG! How did I NOT notice that?!? I started laughing as I said when we went to the ruins (which I am assuming is where you would always meet Saria as a little kid) "This is my house!" Then the I walked over to a pair of skulls around us and said "And this is Mido and that ugly kid outside Saria's house!" Then, in a total LOL moment, I accidentally shook the Nunchuck, which caused Link to do a spin attack and destroy to skulls. "Oops," I said. Rowan grinned and replied, "You double killed him!" We had soooo much fun.

And then, attempting to get out of the Lost Woods, I realized what Rowan said must be true. These HAD to be the Lost Woods. I continuously went in circles over and over. UGH! I hated the Lost Woods on Ocarina - it was SUCH a pain to repeat it! So, eventually I just turned it off. Luckily, the next day I was at the enterance again, so I just walked out backwards and easily escaped the woods of horrors. Good thing, too. I would have been stuck in there for hours!

Oh, and I forgot to say this. Another reason I speculate these things is that the boss in the Temple of Time was a giant spider that was on the roof. I totally had deja vu and exclaimed "It looks like Ghoma!" Then we both laughed as it dropped down from the ceiling and the familiar words announced its ;species', as I call it, and name: "Twilit Arachnid: Armoghoma". It's just like Ghoma with "Armo" before it! I was right! Hah!

The next day Sydney, Rowan, another girl that recently moved in near us, and I made up HILARIOUS stories all about this. Such as "What if the pedastal was broken? Saria or one of the other sages would have to put up a 'Out of order' sign" and so many other crazy things. Heh, this is the best discovery ever! Too bad there's going to be no one reading it that will actually understand what I mean, lol.

TP Update - Temple of Time/My poor, broken Dominian Rod

Okay, everyone! So, I haven't been using this blog much. You've most likely noticed. If you've been watching, that is, lol. Anyway, from now on I will give updates at the parts I'm at on my Zelda games! Yay! I know, you're all so excited. The first one is on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Well, just the other day I finished the Temple of Time level in Twilight Princess to obtain another shard of the Mirror of Twilight. And it was hysterical! Actually, the only reason I've been playing this recently is because on Wizard101 I have to defeat impossibly difficult spiders that are ice and in Dragonspyre! So, to get away from the spiders, I caught up on my file of TP (because I've actually never beat it, even though I paid for three quarters of it! Only Rowan has, and she didn't show me all the cutscenes. :( ) Anyway, when I got into the Temple, I first realized that I could spin my sword after every lizard-thing I defeat! So, I vowed to Rowan that I would do that after every monster (LOL!). So, I had plenty of fun with that, until we encountered a glitch! One of the lizard things kept running into this weird, invisible wall! Then Rowan took control of it so I could film it on my phone. She turned into a wolf to play with him, then he jumped out of the invisible wall and attacked her! She ruined it!

Then I went into the middle of that same room with the glitch, and I was stunned. There were hundreds of MINI SPIDERS. And to think that I had gone on TP to get AWAY from them! UGH! I killed them as revenge for their cousins on Wizard101 that I simply could not beat.

But the boss was worse: IT WAS A GIANT SPIDER, WITH A CREEPY RED EYE ON IT'S BACK! I was terrified! But I PWNED it. After a hilarious cutscene, that is. Link spun his sword, but then had this so funny look on his face, and then the EYE was still there! Rowan and I laughed at that.

When I exited the temple (going back to my own time) Occoco (or whatever) told me I'd used up all the Dominian Rod's ( the item for this stage) power. And when I tried it, it was totally broken! WAHHH! And worse, Rowan couldn't remember how to fix it! So, I'm stuck there. Right now I just followed the scent of a statue. It led to the cat of Telma, the bar lady person, and he/she said that there were some dogs or something that had stolen it. Then I had to get off.

ROFL, read my other post I'm going to put up in a second.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Pokemon Platinum Glitch EVER!

Though Legend of Zelda are my favorite games ever, I also like so many other things. Pokemon is one of them. I have Pokemon Pearl for DS, but my sister has Pokemon Platinum. My sis is sooo lucky... she competed in these Pokemon championships. Sure, she lost, but at least she was there.

Anyway, this is hilarious. When my sister first started the game, she caught a level 3 Starly, as most do, and named it Starz. But unlike most people, she left it in the PC and never used it. For no apparent reason, she decided to check on it yesterday.

She looked, and gasped. This Starly wasn't a worthless level 3 anymore... it was level 30!

She checked to see if there was any error with the typing or something. When she looked at it, it said "Met at Level 3". And, better yet, it knew Aerial Ace! She hadn't taught it that!

And the glitch continued. Today she just looked, and it is still level 30. Awesome! I'm calling this.... The Mysterious Leveling Glitch.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hero's Mask (Maybe!)

The funniest thing happened the other day...

I was playing on my best file of Wind Waker, one of the few we have beat the final boss more than 2 times. It was the first ever file - no, not just the only file in Wind Waker but in EVERY Zelda game - that we beat. All we do on that file now is fool around and search for the missing bottle that I can't seem to find anywhere.

However, just the other day something totally weird happened. My sister was talking about this item that you can get apparently by giving the teacher in Windfall 40 Joy Pendants that will allow you to see enemies health. Never before had I heard on it, so none of our files had it. So of course I went for our best file, which would most likely have the most Joy Pendants. And, would you beleive it: I had exactly 40!

I turned them in, and the teacher handed me this weirdo ugly item that I beleive was called the Hero's Mask. My sister and I were so excited, so right away we equipted it... but we were disappointed to find that unlike other items such as the bracelets that let you pick up heavy objects, you actually had to WEAR it.

Well, we didn't care. This item was too awesome to worry about style! So we went out and had some fun using the Song of Passing and sneaking in to the Eskimo guy's shop thousands of times, pretending he COULDN'T see who we were because of the mask. Then I somehow figured out how to sidle against his shop table without talking to the poor girl. With that done, I also discovered that you can duck while sidleing... I never knew that! We made up some crazy dance then.

Finally, I wanted to try out my new Hero's Mask. So, for some stupid reason, I thought for sure it would work on Gannondorf. So I treked all the way to the Tower of the Gods and traveled through Hyrule Castle and Gannon's Tower to get to Puppet Gannon's room. I jumped into the teleporting pot and ended up right outside. With my mask still on, I Hookshoted up and began battling.

Of course it didn't work. But in that time I found out a super easy way to beat Gannon. All you have to do is L Target him, then keep hopping from side to side and backwards! Zelda does all the work then, shooting light arrows at him. All you have to do is wack him while he is stunned. After Zelda's knocked out, you can still use my technique. You will parry, because you press A to jump and to parry. Eventually Zelda will wake. Talk to her, then L Target Gannon again and simply use your shield. After only one hit, press A to parry and he will be defeated.

Hah... my Hero's Mask is very helpful! Discovering this new way made me fight the boss over and over and over... but I got tired of the cutscenes after about 20 times.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Heya everyone out there. It's me, Sierra Winterbreeze, the Wizard101 author.

But hey, I'm not only a Wizard101 fan; I'm an all out video game freak! I feel like I'm one of the few girls in the world that are crazy for video games. My favorites are Legend of Zelda. I have 4: The Ocarina of Time(Wii Shop Channel, thank you!), Wind Waker(GC), Twilight Princess(Wii), and Phantom Hourglass(DS). I've beat all of them except for OoT, which I'm on the fire temple. That's where the Gorons live, which my friends and I call "Goron Morons". Arg, they're so annoying on the Ocarina of Time! They have to almost stand, then sit, then stand again, and if you accidentally walk away they start the process all over! After that is over, then they talk. And usually it's useless information anyway.

My name on every single game is exactly the same, just because I like that name and it sounds heroic. Don't even ask where I got it from though, because I won't tell you.

My sister plays these games as well and she comes up with the craziest names ever... originally she was Shea. I'm not sure where she got that from. After a while, she became bored with the name and instead stuck with the pre-set name: Link. These were all on Wind Waker, on our many, many files. Next game we got was Phantom Hourglass. She went back to Shea again. Then on Twilight Princess was when she really got crazy. For some random reason she named herself Seth, and then her horse was Wolf... The weirdest is Ocarina though. She was inspired by that guy on the Twilight Princess Giovani (or whatever the gold cat guy is). He calls you Doggie all the time because you are a wolf when you see him. So, she is now named Doggy on the Ocarina. Yep, she spelled it wrong. Figures.