Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I even started playing Zelda games in the first place!

Um, you're probably wondering why I like Zelda games so much. Obviously I'm completely CRAZY about them, so uh, how did this start?

It all began about two years ago (or probably even longer, I can't remember anymore - I mean, how old is the GameCube? Yeah, it's around that time...) when my sister and I recieved Super Smash Bros. Melee (note: NOT THE WII VERSION, SSB Brawl!) and we picked our favorite characters. Of course I instantly loved Pikachu - who can't with that cute little party hat of his and that awesome up smash attack? Besides, Pokemon was about the only video game series I knew about at the time. Anyway, my sister's decision was harder - I refused to let her be my little Pika Pal, so she was forced to choose someone else - and she choose Zelda.

So, we had NO clue who the heck Zelda was. She was some kind of princess, obviously, from the pretty crown. Um, at first we never even realized that she was linked to Link (lol, linked to Link! Um, sorry, just Zelda humor :P). But then when we got into events and stuff, there were Zelda events where Zelda and Link were on a team and you had to be Gannon and defeat them (good thing we didn't know about the series - I would have felt guilty! In the games I practically AM Link! I don't want to kill myself! Or Zelda!). So, my sister, who REALLY liked Zelda, begged to buy a Zelda game. In particular, we wanted Twilight Princess. Now, we were, like, six at the time or something - now, think about the creepy cutscenes in TP. I am SO glad we did not get that one first. In fact, the reason we didn't get it was probably because it was rated T. So, instead we recieved Wind Waker... which we were TOTALLY confused about.

We wondered where Zelda can be, and who is this little green freak in green? And that weird girl who calls you big brother...

So I'll be honest - we didn't really like Zelda games. XD

What we did instead was go all the way through the game to the Forsaken Fortress, hoping we'd find Zelda soon. (LOL, imagine what would have happened if we'd bought something like Majora's Mask where Zelda isn't even in it! O:) Okay, unfortunately, our TV was on a super low brightness setting - so we could BARELY see anything in the desolate and dark Forsaken Fortress. When we got thrown in jail (which happened A LOT) we couldn't figure out how to get out, no matter how much Zelda hinted, "There's gotta be some hole you can crawl out of...)

Finally we got near the top - and then found a search light that we couldn't get rid of! Apparently, there is a search light by the jail that we had always missed, so it would always catch us when we were coming up. Ugh!

Soooo.... we gave up on Zelda games for an entire year. A WHOLE YEAR. Without Zelda! Right now the idea appalls me...

Then we stumbled across a walkthrough of it on the internet, and saw the amazing search light we'd missed! We hurried back on the game and turned off the searchlight. Best part was, over the year we hadn't played out TV had been fixed, so we found a way out of the jail! And so, we completed the Forsaken Fortress and FINALLY found out why it was called Wind Waker - and Legend of Zelda.

After that, we made about twenty different files on all of our memory cards. My best file, the first one I completed, I still have, and I still play it every once and a while. In fact, I played it just last week! I wanted to defeat Gannon, so yeah... XD It's also the only file we have Hero's Mask on, and Magic Armor. Funny part is, we DON'T have all items - we're missing a bottle! I am not sure which one I'm missing, so... sigh... only three bottles... Oh, and the most hilarious part of all - it was the file we discovered that faries heal you, even when you die... We were being such IDIOTS. We had no idea that if you died, the fairies would automatically heal you! We didn't know that until this summer! I've had this game for, what, four, three years? And we didn't know until recently... O. o

Okay, that's it for now! I don't want to write anymore about it...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zelda Spirit Tracks - Oh, no...

I'm super disappointed! I went on Zelda Universe the other day, and from there went to the Spirit Tracks official wesite thingy (I also went to the Twilight Princess one, lol, but that's another story...) and then I read through all the items, and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Apparently the first item is some weird pinwheel thing... and to use it, you have to blow into the microphone!

Okay, so usually that wouldn't be bad. In fact, it would be really, really cool. It IS a good idea, after all. However, my DS is BROKEN... My microphone doesn't work!

It's a really long story about how that all happened. My sister and I were joking around, and then she reached out and knocked the DS out of my hand, and it went flying and crashed to the ground, HARD. The entire top screen was only hanging by a thread but, to my surprise, the game was still running just fine! I think I was playing Dolphinz or something at the moment, and my penguins just kept on swimming around, acting as if nothing had happened, lol... But now I can't even play that game anymore. If any of my animals get sick or I have to train them, I have to use the microphone, and can't get out of it until I do, so I end up turning the game off and losing everything.

Obviously, if you know anything about Phantom Hourglass, you'd be wondering how I am playing that game. The first level is all about blowing out candles and stuff, and you have to talk into the mic to get the Salvage Arm. Well, I would always switch to my sister's DS when I needed to. Um, problem is that hers is broken, too. Her top screen shorts out and blinks white, and her DS is COMPLETELY uncoordinated on the touch screen, and her L and R buttons don't work. So I'd much prefer mine - I don't need the microphone ALL the time, do I?

Anyway, in ST I discovered there is the Pinwheel, AND some weird Flute thingy that you have to play. Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE the flute idea! It's fantastic! But I'm afraid I'll get all the way through some impossible temple or collect all the Tears of Light and then Zelda will force me to learn a song - and the only way to get out of this is to turn the game off and lose all my progress!

I REALLY hope I can think of something...

Anyway, I already preordered the game at the store, so I'm gonna try playing it, anyway... I just gotta remember to save often!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come on December, hurry up already!!!

Ugh, why do all the awesome things have to come out DECEMBER? Could they have released them just ONE month earlier? Seriously, how hard can that be?

But... sigh... I have to wait just a FEW more weeks for Spirit Tracks and the Minish Cap manga to come out. Ugh. Just recently, I saw another advertisment on the Nintendo Channel on my Wii for ST, and oh my gosh, was I surprised! That combined with what I learned from The Hylia totally stunned me.


What the heck! How can you have a ZELDA game when ZELDA is DEAD?!?! Really! I think that Nintendo has gone crazy...

And the other thing I'm waiting for is the Minish Cap manga, so I'm heading to the bookstore December 2nd! And then I gotta wait for December 7th for Spirit Tracks... aww...

Friday, November 20, 2009

PH - Okay, I'll admit it. Action Replay CAN be bad sometimes...

Lucky for me, so far Action Replay hasn't done anything too bad to my Pokemon game. However, apparently it works differently for Zelda games.

Seth Goldenblood, the person who's been letting me use his AR to get those FANTASTIC Pokemon, has a little brother, who's name in the game is Quinn... something. Anyway, he got ALL the way to the Goron Island in Phantom Hourglass. That's pretty far! I would hate to lose all that progress... but he made a huge mistake that is now forcing him to do so.

When they came to my house the other day, Quinn said to me, "Will you pretty please help me with Phantom Hourglass?" He knows that I have beat the game, and everytime he comes over her asks me that. So I replied, "Sure", not expecting it to be so incredibly... IMPOSSIBLE to complete.

He turned on his game, and told me he was trying to get the Azurine or whichever the Goron pure metal is (I forget, lol). He was right outside the Temple that you get the metal in. I said, "Oh, you have to complete that temple. Haven't you done that yet?"

He said, "Yeah. I already defeated the boss."

I was surprised. "Then why do you need my help getting the metal?"

Finally Seth, who was a bit older and easier to understand, spoke up, saying, "He can't get off the island. He has to talk to all the Gorons there before he can leave."

Now I was REALLY confused. To get into the temple to get the pure metal, you have to become a "brother to the Gorons" by talking to every Goron on the island and then taking a quiz. It didn't make any sense at all... "You can't have the metal if you haven't done that! Why don't you just get on the ship and leave?" I took the game from him and proceeded to do so. I went to Linebeck, and after saying some annoying line about, "Do you really want to leave your cousins, Link? Don't get emotional about leaving them!" he said that we could ship out.

Then Ciela - that annoying, fluttering puff-ball fairy that says "Hey!" all the time a NEVER lets you do anything fun - shows up and says, "No, Link! You have to talk to all the Gorons on the island so you can get the pure metal!"

Oh great. I groaned aloud, probably. "What the HECK did you do, Quinn!" I shouted at him. "This is NOT supposed to happen." I looked up at his map, where there were black dots all over. "What are those?"

"I marked where all the Gorons are," he explained.

Woah. He'd even marked all of them! He HAD to have talked to them all! "But... I don't get it! How in the world did you get into the temple if you aren't a brother to the Gorons yet?"

Seth spoke up again. "Allow me to explain," he said. He guided Link to the usual enterance to the temple, which was still blocked by the Goron as it is before you become "Goro-Link". "He used an Action Replay code to jump over this guy. Then he completed the temple and beat the boss."

"Uh-oh," I groaned again. This was SO not good. I quickly took the game again and ran back toward the Goron Leader's house - and to my surprise found TWO Gongorons in there. "What in the world..." I said. I talked to the one on the left. He said, "We do not like outsiders here. My name is Gongoron. You'd better remember that!" or something. I recognized it as what he would say when you are still trying to become a member of the Goron tribe. I talked to the one on the right next. He said, "That was great, brother! You have the pure metal! You'd better talk to my father about it, first."

I burst out laughing. I finally understood! His game was caught between a mixture of the two parts of the the Goron Isle. Gongoron appeared on both sides - once when you first meet him, once after you complete the temple. Now they were both there at the same time. So, hoping to find at least some relief, I talked to the Goron Leader. "You have not talked to every Goron, outsider," he said. "Talk to me again when you have." I began giggling again. I turned around and explained all that I'd figured out to Quinn and Seth.

Seth started laughing again while Quinn scowled. "It's not funny," he growled.

"Yes, it IS funny, Quinn!" Seth yelled between laughs. "You'll have to start the game over again!"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Action Replay... AGAIN!

Haha, this is how our conversation went this morning when I met up with Sydney today... (Yes, I like writing! Even when it has to do with video games!)

"Hey, Sierra!" she greeted. "Guess what? I have some amazing new Pokemon cards I've gotta show you!"

"Really? I did stuff with Pokemon yesterday, too!" I said. "I got a new Pokemon on my game, and my frist ever shiny!"

She gasped. "Seriously? What is it?"

I grinned. "A Charizard."

Lol, she went crazy with that. She actually has a level 100 Charizard (named Charmer :D) that she raised herself from her old Pokemon game. It's her favorite Pokemon. Then I went into telling her the stats, and she could only stare at me in awe. Here are the stats:

Lvl 100
Complete shine in every contest categorie
Holding Sacred Ash
OT ????????
Moves: Leaf Storm, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rush
Has EVERY ribbon (no kidding! Even things from Hoenn region! :D)
Has Pokerus
Supposedly "Met at level 5"
Stats are max

And to think that it all came from an old Magikarp that I had! XD

Yeah, Seth came over yesterday, and he brought his Action Replay again. :P (Come to think of it, Cheats are bad... my friend did something to his Phantom Hourglass game and... ooh! I'm writing about that next!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

PH Update - I really, REALLY gotta save more...

Ugh! Just the other day, for the sixth time, my game shut down and I lost all my progress! Oh... I guess this is my first Phantom Hourglass update... I think... Idk, I can't remember. And I'm in a hurry now, again...

Whatever. The family went on some kinda car trip to some park place (XD) and I brought my DS and my Creative Writing story along. Since I have writer's block a bit, I played my DS, and it just so happens that Phantom Hourglass was in it. So, with the new file I created over my sister's file (she's mad at me for that, lol) called simply "Link", I got through a TON of levels... but, the funny thing was, I was on Molida island. The stuff that had happened since last time I saved included beat Isle of the Dead, getting ten Spirit Gems for EVERY spirit (Yay! Ceila's lighning bolts are AWESOME!), finding a treasure room (there were a TON of Rupoors in there, so I lost so much money cuz the bats kept pushing me into them XD) that had a piece of the gold theme in it, and getting over 600 hits on that guy on that boat who pretends to be Wind Waker you (I dont like him too much), and then my game froze! All I did was read a sign, and I lost all my progress! STUPID SIGN!

Okay, write more later when I get home.