Monday, November 15, 2010

MC Update - I got Power Bracelets - ON MY OWN! So proud... :D

I can't make this post very long. Celestia awaits, after all. ;) Not to mention a fanfic I've been following recently got updated (I have to make another list of epic stories, since I've added more to my favorites since then. XD). But, bascically, here's a short summary of what I've done on Minish Cap since my last update...

Well, guess what? I found Power Bracelets (or whatever those things that make you stronger are)! AND WITHOUT A WALKTHROUGH/FRIEND! I mean, since I got Minish Cap, every time I got stuck I'd ask Sydney... so far, I haven't resorted to a walkthrough - at least, I don't THINK I did (can't really remember O_o). I know, know, know, KNOW that I got THIS overdue library book all on my own, though, this time! :D

I was stuck for a while, so I wasn't playing, but then I put out the fire in the fire place and went up the chimney as a Minish! :D Then I snuck past some kitties... and killed some enemies... and... yeah! Second overdue library book returned!

Now I'm trying to get the THIRD - and hopefully LAST - overdue library book. For what purpose, I'm still trying to figure out... Sydney just told me to. And, well, she's the MC expert! So I'll listen. -.-

It looks impossible, however. I mean, it's apparently in the mayor's private lake-side house place... but I can't get to it! I see SIGNS telling me it's there... but there's this LAKE in front of it! I can't swim without flippers! So where do I get FLIPPERS?!?

*sigh* Well, now that I know I can do this game on my own, I'm soooo not asking Sydney... well, maybe for a hint. But NOOOO WALKTHROUGHS. Absolutely NONE. ;)

Goodnight, people!

-Sierra WinterBreeze level FIFTY-THREE (wootness!) Thaumaturge

Friday, November 5, 2010

Authoring and Dragon Questing. Both are indirectly Zelda related.

Celestia is awesome.

Why did I just type that on my Zelda blog? Because it is. And ALSO because it's causing me to revert back to the days when I would spend hours on my computer - and NOT on my Zelda games.

I mean... I just missed playing as Sierra WinterBreeze SO much. I'm writing a fanfic about it, you know - it's difficult to write about something you haven't played in FOREVER. That's why I started writing the Zelda story, which, in case anyone cares, is actually coming along pretty well. ...Okay, it's STILL plot-less, lol, and I'm only halfway through chapter two... but guess what? I'M WRITING AN OUTLINE! Yeah, totally uncharacteristic for me! But it will help, probably - I'll know what's happening in later chapters, so I can add foreshadowing! I wish I'd had that for TToSW... I could have removed some embarassing parts that I now regret writing, because I really don't know how to explain them now (like the black fire? Yeah. Now I have to come up with a reason for it). So, the Zelda story... um... so far, it's about the Sages getting kidnapped by... somebody. Still don't know who. PLOT-LESS, remember? And the outline is only two chapters ahead, on chapter 4. And meanwhile, the seal on Ganondorf is weakening 'cuz Link was stupid and just HAD to go to Termina. Long story. Read it later. XD

...Uh... okay. I should have just made the post about that, but I already typed the title up there about my lack of updates, so I guess I should move on to that.

Let's see here... Celestia... Oh! Yeah. So, I FINALLY got to try out Celestia last night, and I had more fun than I even expected myself to. So I think instead of trying to get overdue library books from people on Minish Cap, I'll go and save an underwater world with my personal favorite heroine in ANY story I've wrote! (although very few stories that I've wrote are long enough for me to take a liking to the characters - like, there's Lunalynne... May... Allianna... Leanna... Mia... Krystal... Kithia... Kaylia... and none of their stories ever made it past chapter 5. And my chapters for other stories are pretty short - I usually attempt to make them ten pages, which honestly isn't long if you've seen the size of my notebooks. So, congrats, you now have a list of my OC female characters.)

Wow. I seem very determined to make this post about writing. Should I just change the title...?

No. No, I'm too lazy to click up there.

Okay. What have I done on Zelda games since the last post... hmm...

OOH! OOH! ...Okay, this strays from the point again, but I just remembered something I've been dying to make a post of! Dragon Quest IX!!! Look, there are few video games that I buy anymore that aren't Zelda related (because I seem to be lacking funds to buy anything else that I may not even like in the first place). However, Sydney got DQ IX a while ago, and then Tnaz bought it, and then ROWAN bought it... on my birthday, btw, which is SO unfair since she wouldn't let me play it... and so I just felt SO left out. They kept playing it at the Pokemon league, while I was sitting there dejectedly playing Minish Cap. And it prevented Sydney from helping me, too (you know she's the Minish Cap expert, right? Definitely. Besides the final boss, she went through that whole game on her own, and BEFORE me, too. I was so proud of her, since she's not really into LoZ as much as I am). Sooo... FINALLY I went ahead and bought it. I mentioned this briefly in a previous post... and I also told you what I named my character, right?


...What? It's a pretty name! I love names that begin with z's! Besides, she looks NOTHING like Princess Zelda. Well, I TRIED to make her look like her, but I gave up at the clothes part. My minstrel stuffs I have right now are so epic - my stats would lower sufficiently if I took them off. Oh, and guess what my warrior's name is?


Okay, no excuse there. I really was trying to make a Link. XD But it didn't work out AT ALL - I found green clothes for him, but then his stats got bad. The first time he died I got so mad I finally changed them out to a bluish-grey armor called Bronze armor. And now I think he's wearing red. Luckily, they actually kind of work for him - it's literally called "Magic Armour" and it looks a LOT like Twilight Princess Magic Armor. So yay. ...Kind of. There's still the hat problem I had, and since he really looks NOTHING like Link without a hat (there weren't many hairstyles to choose from!), he still has the leather hat from the beginning of the game. Whatever. It works.

My other two characters are Leanna and Kaylia. If you don't recognize those names, refer back to my female OC list. ;) Leanna is a priest, and Kaylia is a martial artist. Leanna is SO useless though - she's supposed to be the healer, BUT SHE KEEPS DYING! Oh, and then I try to use Zing to bring her back to life - but since it sometimes fails, it just keeps saying, "Leanna remains lifeless. Leanna remains lifeless. Leanna remains lifeless."

By that point, I wanted to bring her back to life again just so I could kill her.

So I, as Zelda, am a level 31 minstrel. As soon as I unlock Sage class, I'm SO switching to that. Zelda fans should know why. As well as Dragon Quest fans, since Sage is an epic vocation. Then there's Link, my awesome warrior, level 19 - big difference between me and him, I know. It's 'cuz my sis helped me level up, and she's OVER 99 in ranger. And I couldn't take buddies with me, 'cuz apparently Link's not Celestrian (and it's one super duper hilarious coincidence that the game has Celestria in it - just one letter away from the new W101 world). Lol, speaking of which, I worked to unlock the Gladiator class, and it was so fun doing that. I just took Link with me, and had him use Whipping Boy to protect me - that's what the quest says to do. So it just kept saying, "Link is protecting Zelda!" That made me laugh. XD Oh, and I'm almost considering changing Link's vocation to gladiator... but that doesn't sound like him. Rowan insists that they're incredible and more powerful than warriors... but the warrior-specific skill classification is Courage! THAT'S SO LINK! O_o Okay, back to my party of characters... After Link is Kaylia, the martial artist at level 18, and then Leanna level 17 priest. And a USELESS level 17 priest, too.

OMG. This post is too long. Why am I writing such long posts now? No one reads them anyway! >.< I think this is just sort of the place I can rant about video games and describe my experiences. It's an author thing, I'm guessing. ;)

So... *sigh* I never did talk about REAL Zelda games. Man. ...Okay, I'm changing the post title now. Like I mentioned earlier, it was original something along the lines of "I DON'T HAVE ANY UPDATES" but now it's going to be... well... you can see now.

Enjoy your weekend. As for me... CELESTIA, HERE I COME!