Header History

Medli's Messages has had quite a few different header pictures during the time it's been active. I decided I would put them all in one place.

1. This is the first header Medli's Messages ever had. I just kind of... threw a bunch of artwork together.

 2. This header was made for Zelda Wii, before it was known as Skyward Sword.

 3. This is the third header. It was made for Skyward Sword, right after its announcement at E3 2010. Actually, I don't mind this one. It took a while to make, with all the different pictures from Zelda games, and it turned out okay. The only problem with this one is it's VERY large, and it doesn't fit my new layout.

 4. This header was kept for quite a long time. I made it in October 2010, just for fun. It was updated when I added the Zelda background and larger viewing space for posts - the old ones will not fit with this new layout.

5. This was the header I made for E3 2011 and the new Skyward Sword trailer.

6. This header was made on August 21st, 2011. I didn't particularly like my Skyward Sword one, so I made this for Ocarina of Time 3D. This, in fact, is my favorite header so far. After leaving up the Skyward Sword one until June 30th, 2012, I loaded up this one again.

7. This header was made on November 18th, 2011, but I saved it for uploading on the American release of Skyward Sword: November 20th. It's not the best, actually... but it's better than that E3 2011 one I made. I just HAD to have a Skyward Sword header instead of Ocarina of Time 3D. I eventually replaced it with the Ocarina of Time header again.


8. After the Ocarina of Time 3D Header was left up for an extremely long period of time due to immense laziness, I FINALLY made this header for The Wind Waker HD and uploaded it on October 20th, 2013. And, look! It actually has MEDLI! That's a first since this blog's humble beginnings! ...That does look like a wave, right? My sister made it, and it's supposed to look like a wave. The more we look at it, the less and less it looks like a wave...

NEVER BEFORE SEEN HEADER: I made this one for Spirit Tracks. If I'd ever bothered using it, it would have been my third header, since I made it at the same time as the Zelda Wii one.