Sunday, August 23, 2009

TP Update - Illia's Memory

Because I was banned from the computer yesterday, I got on my Wii to catch up on Twilight Princess. I finally went out of the Southern Gate like the cat whose name I forgot (lol) told me to. Luckily, it was already night, so I just managed to walk out and destroy them. (Good thing... I did not want to waste time like I did last time. Hmm, I should make a post about that!) They were these skeletal dogs, all creepy looking. But 0ne shot from Minda's special attack completely crushed them, and they subsequently dropped a wooden statue. Apparently, it was Illia's. I took it to Illia in Karikaro, hopeful she would get her memory back finally. Alas, it was not yet the time. But she told me that she remembered something about someone who had set her free from a secret place. I wouldn't have understood any of it had it not been that my sister had already beat the game and told her stories about the "Hidden Village."

Because I didn't want to warp, I decided to take the chance and enjoy the scenery for once by riding Epona there. Sadly, when I was traveling to the location that I was supposed to meet some helpful Goron at, I found a roadblock. The middle part of the Bridge of Eldin was still missing. I thought of everything I could to try and get across. Epona simply refused to ride across or jump, so I looked across and to my surprise saw Shadow Beasts! I knew that defeating Shadow Beasts meant you got a new warp point. So I shot them with arrows a few time before realizing it wasn't working. No matter how hard I shot them, they lived.

So, sighing, I traversed back to Hyrule Castle Town and tried going around the other way to the bridge. I actually passed by the area I was supposed to go, but I didn't see anything there, so I walked past it to the Bridge of Eldin again. I easily defeated the Shadow Beasts (there were only three, effortlessly destroyed by Minda's attack) and gained the new warp point.

Now, being a Brawl fan, I had played on the Bridge of Eldin stage. I knew that on the stage, when Bulbin blew it up, a warp thing appeared above it and replaced the middle. So it was somewhere around Hyrule.

Actually, I figured out how to do it on Rowan's file, "Seth"... She had defeated Gannon and beat the game, so there was nothing left to do. Apparently, you could get Fairy Tears in the Guerdo Desert somewhere. So she traveled there, to see some giant thing sticking out of the ground in the distance. After a little hookshotting (and finding a new golden bug! Yay!) she saw that it HAD to be the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin! Overjoyed, she warped there, and I knew where to find my bridge.

So with that done, I headed back to the spot I missed. Before going in a cave to the side which I assumed was my destination, I found a Spinner rail and got on it to a circular patch of grass. If Rowan hadn't been there, I would have left it. But she was, and she dug into it to reveal a hidden room. I defeated the Re-deads (which gave me nightmares, once!) and got a Piece of Heart! Yippee!

I'll write more later, but I'll leave it there. I wanted to write some more of my story, and it is getting late.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Temple of Time - The same as OoT???

Well, if you read my post below, you will know that I recently completed the Temple of Time of Twilight Princess. I just realized - we're going back in time to the Temple, aren't we? So that means that it is far in the past. But I realized that this must be THE Temple of Time, the same one from Ocarina of Time - you know, where the Master Sword is? It even has the same music! Believe me, I'd know - I spent four minutes (I made a video of it to prove it! ROFL!) trying to figure out the Song of Time on the ocarina and the entire time I had to listen to that annoying song! It is soooo catchy, and I had that (and Saria's song, and Epona's song) stuck in my head the whole next day! Why do Zelda songs have to be so catchy?!?

As I was saying, we went into the Temple of Time on Twilight Princess. To go inside the actual dungeon part of the Temple (which obviously can't be accessed in Ocarina) you had to put your Master Sword back in the pedastal for a few seconds so that the shiny blue stairs appear and you can follow Ooccoo up it! So, after the Temple Rowan and I started joking with each other. Then I first realized it - how far back in time are we going? If this is the exact same temple as in OoT, then could the other Link still be trying to defeat Gannon? I noticed that the Master Sword wasn't in the pedastal when I had come in. Could that be because the Ocarina of Time Link was currently using it? ROFL! That would be so cool!

So then Rowan and I began talking about it. What if Ocarina of Time Link came in at the same time? What if we were a wolf? Or had just defeat the boss?

Then, it was even more hilarious. We returned to TP time, and then Rowan mentioned something about the Kokiri Forest. When I asked her, she explained that the area outside the Temple of Time was the Lost Woods! OMG! How did I NOT notice that?!? I started laughing as I said when we went to the ruins (which I am assuming is where you would always meet Saria as a little kid) "This is my house!" Then the I walked over to a pair of skulls around us and said "And this is Mido and that ugly kid outside Saria's house!" Then, in a total LOL moment, I accidentally shook the Nunchuck, which caused Link to do a spin attack and destroy to skulls. "Oops," I said. Rowan grinned and replied, "You double killed him!" We had soooo much fun.

And then, attempting to get out of the Lost Woods, I realized what Rowan said must be true. These HAD to be the Lost Woods. I continuously went in circles over and over. UGH! I hated the Lost Woods on Ocarina - it was SUCH a pain to repeat it! So, eventually I just turned it off. Luckily, the next day I was at the enterance again, so I just walked out backwards and easily escaped the woods of horrors. Good thing, too. I would have been stuck in there for hours!

Oh, and I forgot to say this. Another reason I speculate these things is that the boss in the Temple of Time was a giant spider that was on the roof. I totally had deja vu and exclaimed "It looks like Ghoma!" Then we both laughed as it dropped down from the ceiling and the familiar words announced its ;species', as I call it, and name: "Twilit Arachnid: Armoghoma". It's just like Ghoma with "Armo" before it! I was right! Hah!

The next day Sydney, Rowan, another girl that recently moved in near us, and I made up HILARIOUS stories all about this. Such as "What if the pedastal was broken? Saria or one of the other sages would have to put up a 'Out of order' sign" and so many other crazy things. Heh, this is the best discovery ever! Too bad there's going to be no one reading it that will actually understand what I mean, lol.

TP Update - Temple of Time/My poor, broken Dominian Rod

Okay, everyone! So, I haven't been using this blog much. You've most likely noticed. If you've been watching, that is, lol. Anyway, from now on I will give updates at the parts I'm at on my Zelda games! Yay! I know, you're all so excited. The first one is on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Well, just the other day I finished the Temple of Time level in Twilight Princess to obtain another shard of the Mirror of Twilight. And it was hysterical! Actually, the only reason I've been playing this recently is because on Wizard101 I have to defeat impossibly difficult spiders that are ice and in Dragonspyre! So, to get away from the spiders, I caught up on my file of TP (because I've actually never beat it, even though I paid for three quarters of it! Only Rowan has, and she didn't show me all the cutscenes. :( ) Anyway, when I got into the Temple, I first realized that I could spin my sword after every lizard-thing I defeat! So, I vowed to Rowan that I would do that after every monster (LOL!). So, I had plenty of fun with that, until we encountered a glitch! One of the lizard things kept running into this weird, invisible wall! Then Rowan took control of it so I could film it on my phone. She turned into a wolf to play with him, then he jumped out of the invisible wall and attacked her! She ruined it!

Then I went into the middle of that same room with the glitch, and I was stunned. There were hundreds of MINI SPIDERS. And to think that I had gone on TP to get AWAY from them! UGH! I killed them as revenge for their cousins on Wizard101 that I simply could not beat.

But the boss was worse: IT WAS A GIANT SPIDER, WITH A CREEPY RED EYE ON IT'S BACK! I was terrified! But I PWNED it. After a hilarious cutscene, that is. Link spun his sword, but then had this so funny look on his face, and then the EYE was still there! Rowan and I laughed at that.

When I exited the temple (going back to my own time) Occoco (or whatever) told me I'd used up all the Dominian Rod's ( the item for this stage) power. And when I tried it, it was totally broken! WAHHH! And worse, Rowan couldn't remember how to fix it! So, I'm stuck there. Right now I just followed the scent of a statue. It led to the cat of Telma, the bar lady person, and he/she said that there were some dogs or something that had stolen it. Then I had to get off.

ROFL, read my other post I'm going to put up in a second.