Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MM Update - Feirce Deity Fun! :D

I'm not hyper today... so don't expect the usual from me. I'm surprisingly calm, like I said on my other blog. So... if I don't have as many smilies or capital letters or furious/jubliant comments, or random side-comments in parenthesis, that's why.

In my last post, I talked about getting the awesomeful Feirce Diety/Oni Link mask. Now that I had it, it was on to the BIGGEST BADDEST BOSS! Yes, even when I'm calm, I can't help but write it like that, haha.

Now, when he gave me the mask, Majora said, "Let's play good guys versus bad guys. You be the bad guy." Great. I'm the bad guy. Fantastic.

That is now the core of multiple jokes that I can't help but making when I'm with Sydney, Taryn, or Rowan. I was continuously saying throughout the battle, "If I'm the bad guy, I'm going to lose! Good guys always win!"

Then, the most hilarious thing happened.

I don't believe I told you my Spirit Tracks story about getting the whip, did I? Well, that mini-boss there, he, well...

He owned me.

I did NOT know what to do. Eventually I managed to grab a pot and throw it at him, and he released his grip on me. But that was only after I died and stood there for a very, very, very long time, helplessly being jerked around by the whip guy. When I defeated him, I got my favorite weapon in the game: the whip!

Well, now I had an extreme feeling of deja vu when Majora became Majora's Wrath.

Oh. Em. Gee.


I was totally pwning him up until that point. With unlimited magic power, even when I wasn't fully sure how to control Oni Link correctly, I was beating him. Until that moment.

Seriously, I started FREAKING OUT. I was running around the room, trying to get away. I shot a couple of those blue beams from a distance, but he kept chasing me.

THEN HE CAUGHT ME. I think I probably let out a real screm in real life, rofl. He grabbed Feirce Diety, my dearest form that I thought was invincible, and he THREW HIM! Agh! I'm going to have nightmares of that horrible whip form of Majora for WEEKS!

Then I defeated him... um, I'll edit this post either tommorrow or later today to continue this. Got to go, now! Bye!

Monday, January 25, 2010

MM Update - YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YA- Wait, no! NO NO NO!

I have good news and bad news. Which should I say first? Hmm....

Okay, good news first.


Now the bad news.


Yep, I said it. No more Zelda games. I've got six games, AND I'VE BEAT THEM ALL. Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess. ALL. OF. THEM! Done. Finished. Over.

I know I said I'd buy a Link to the Past, but fortunately, apparently I'm still having fun with Majora's Mask even after the final boss.

I guess I should begin with that story, first, huh?

Well, okay. The bestest thing was, I had friends over when I tried to do this, too. Taryn WildHeart, actually. Balance Past Seeker. And her own sister (I think her name is Paige Ashbreaker on the game, but I'm not sure).

Of course, Taryn and Paige had to do something at our house first (same thing the other kids did). They took turns doing it. Taryn made Paige go first.

Now I told Taryn also about the BIGGEST BADDEST BOSS (xD). Lolz, she also got excited. I wasted a lot of time with her though, making her feeling a moment of suspense before I fought it, taking my time to get Chateau Romani, fairies, and other items to prepare. Haha, then, JUST as I decided I was ready for the boss, just as I hurried to the top of the Clock Tower - it was her turn, and she had to leave.

Anyway, I played the Oath to Order, with Paige watching me now. They stopped the moon, blah blah blah, and Majora's Mask flies away into the moon, blah... Haha, anyway, when Tatl refused to come with me and Tael volunteer instead, I was like, "YES! YES! YES! NO MORE BOSSY FAIRY!" But with Tael's arguing, Tatl decided to come anyway. >.> Too bad...

Even though I wanted sooooooo badly to tell Majora's Mask, "YES" when he asked if I would play with him, Rowan said I wouldn't get Feirce Diety Mask if I did. So, although I hated it, I left Majora's Mask there.

To get Feirce Diety Mask, you have to talk to all the kids wearing the bosses' masks, play "hide-and-seek" with them, hand over your masks, then talk to Majora's Mask and it (?) will hand over Feirce Diety. Sounded easy enough, and, as you know from reading past posts, I've been DYING to get this mask, so I was willing to give the evil bosses all my masks for this.

First I talked to, well, the first boss, duh. His room was easy enough, and, guess what? I got a piece of heart that completed a Heart Container! Yayz! I gave him my masks, and headed to the Goron boss next.

Okay, now, this is where it gets crazy. And stupid. O.o

I tried to Goron place. You have to bounce into the chests apparently to get to this area when you are rolling. Well, I had no idea really HOW to do this, but I was willing to try. Besides, I had unlimited magic power, right? And LOTS of hearts, thanks to that Heart Container. So I tried...

And failed.

Well, let's try again.




Fail. Fail. Fail, fail, fail.


I could NOT do this place! GEEZ! IMPOSSIBLE! Even all my friends tried it, and my sister, AND I COULDN'T DO IT!

Eventually I gave up, and I hurried on to the Zora boss. I'm not entirely sure WHAT I did, because basically I just swam through the long tunnel and followed this current that kept pushing me, but somehow I ended up in the area where Gyorg was waiting for me, and I handed over more masks. Then I did Twinmold's place, and with the Great Fairy Sword, it was amazingly easy.

Now I only had two masks left - Mask of Truth, and of course, my Bunny Hood. And guess who I still had to do? The Goron place.

I kept trying, over and over... failure after failure... Taryn and Paige eventually had to leave, and I still hadn't beat it.

Then, guess what? Deflated, I went of YouTube, and I gladly watch a video. He does it perfect on his first try! Upset, I read a comment. It said something along the lines of, "The Goron place is so easy!" YEAH. RIGHT. Then I continued reading. "All you have to do is tilt the control stick forward for the first part to get the spikes." Yeah, did that. "Then you just leave the stick back in its original position while still holding A and you'll bounce off the chests and end up where you need to go."


Wait, so you're telling me all I had to do was NOT PRESS ANYTHING?!?!?!

So, finally, I went back on, and sure enough, IT WORKED! Man, I feel so stupid. This is just as idiotic as that time when I didn't know where to buy bombs when there is a bomb shop right in Clock Town.

I reluctantly handed over my wonderful Mask of Truth. And then, lol, I was so desperate to keep the Bunny Hood that I tried to give him the Goron Mask! But he wouldn't take it! :( So... I lost my beautiful Bunny Hood...


Now I gtg, and this post is getting long anyway. I'll have to write more tomorrow, or whenever I get the chance. ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MM Update - SUCCESS!

Did I say Twinmold was hard? Just kidding! Honestly... it's easy once you have Chateau Romani on your side!

I had some friends over yesterday. One of them is a little girl that takes piano lessons at our house, and the other is her brother. Both are younger than me. However, I still enjoy younger kids, for some reason. I mean, Sydney's younger than me, and she's, what, my best friend!


Well, the girl's brother (Noob, if you read my "this might be helpful" or whatever page thingy) came in to watch me play Majora's Mask. To get him excited, I told him I was going to fight the "BIG BAD BOSS!" (Dun dun dun!) I drank my good ol' Chateau Romani, and then he got in trouble for some reason and had to do something before he could watch me fight the BIG BAD BOSS! (and yes, I know I'm being vague. That's purposeful. xD) However, he made me promise that I'd still let him watch the BIG BAD BOSS! (I'll always write it like that :P)

Disappointed, I went into the boss room anyway and played around in the area above the swirling vortex of doom that begins the fight. First, I decided to test if my magic power really was unlimited. Though Rowan continuously promised it was, I did a couple Spin Attacks to check. Then I randomly began shooting Light Arrows, pleased that I had infinite magic power. However, I didn't have infinite arrows, so I began to run out, so I stopped.

Then, utterly bored, I took out my hookshot and started shooting in random directions. Then I noticed the chest above the boss's vortex, and grinned as I realized I could hookshot it. Despite my sister's pleading to wait for our friend, I shot at it and fell into the boss fight. I put on my Giant's Mask, and considered fighting, but my sister kept telling me to wait. So, reluctantly I took off the mask and played Song of Soaring to go back to the entrance.

This time, I waited outside the boss chamber, and guess what? A glitch happened! Those flying pots that spin around and try to attack you got stuck in a corner on the ceiling! I tried everything to get it down - Hookshot, arrows, LIGHT arrows, Komaro's Mask (danced for it xD), Circus Leader's Mask (cried for it), Bremen Mask (marched), Bunny Hood (okay, I always wear this, lol), and everything else I could think of.

Then the guy came back in, and I finally fought the BIG BAD BOSS.

And won!

So... then I did the Kafei and Anju sidequest, and now I OFFICIALLY HAVE ALL THE MASKS IN THE GAME (except Fierce Diety Mask :( )!!!!!!!

Yay. So, today, I'm going to fight the BIGGEST, BADDEST BOSS OF ALL TIME... Majora's Mask! :D (Well, except for maybe Gannon, he's probably worse... maybe...)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MM Update - FAILURE!

Twinmold is HARD.

I mean, like, super hard. Impossibly hard. ESPECIALLY hard for someone who doesn't have full magic power like they should, impossibly hard for someone who came in unprepared with no way to restore magic power.

In other words, hard for ME.

Yeah, yeah. I didn't really know what you had to do to fight the Twinmold, the boss of Stone Tower. Apparently, you need the Giant's Mask. Unfortunately, that takes magic power. Without knowing this, I hastily reached the boss and faced my doom.

Well, I suppose I didn't fail TOO much. I mean, I killed one of the Twinmolds. That's good, right? However, I ran out of towers (they restore magic power) and out of patience, so I used Song of Soaring and got the heck out of there.

Next time I go in, I'm going to use Chateau Romani - according to people on YouTube, it gives you infinite magic power. Hopefully, that will help me defeat Twinmold.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MM Update - Just when I thought I was doing well.

I just discovered DEVASTATING information! Guess what? To complete the game, YOU HAVE TO GET EVERY MASK IN THE GAME! That means virtually every sidequest. I can't believe it!

Then again, it's really not that hard. I only need three more masks, not including Fierce Diety Mask (which I want soooooo badly). I need Couple's Mask, All-Night Mask, and Giant's Mask. I attempted to get the Couple's Mask, but failed with Sakon's "impenetrable secruity". Ugh, it IS impennatrable. I don't like it! Anyway, that's why I have the Keaton and Postman mask but not couple's mask. Then there's the All-Night Mask. I just got the Giant's Wallet, so I'll be able to buy it now. My poor bank account will suffer, but that's okay. I've got, what, a thousand rupees in there anyway, and I'm not even kidding. Then there's the Giant's Mask... well, in Stone Tower, I was suppose to get Light Arrows, but then I went back in time and lost all my progress. Oh well, that's not very far in the temple anyway. But apparently if I beat one of the mini-bosses, I'll get the Giant's Mask. It makes you giant, but only in the boss room. Darn.

My favorite (new - read below, lol) mask is Komaro's Mask! It makes Link dance! Lol! However, it's kind of creepy sometimes. But it got me a Heart Piece! In fact, it got me a new Heart Container! Yipee! :D Oh, and I like the Don Gero mask. It lets you talk to frogs.

Of course, Rowan likes the Romani Mask, A.K.A. cow mask! If you know Rowan, you know Rowan loves milk, lolz. So that makes perfect sense for her. xD

Ooh! I forgot! Did I say Komaro's Mask is my favorite? FORGET IT! Bunny Hood is my favorite! I just meant my favorite NEW mask. But of all time, the Bunny Mask is the bestest mask EVER. And it's adorable, too! When you give away all your masks at the end of the game, I wonder if I can give away the Goron Mask instead of the Bunny Hood? xD I know. I love it THAT MUCH that I'm willing to trade the Goron form for it... never liked Gorons anyway, though.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Zelda game soon! ...Maybe.

The other night, I babysat some of my family's friends' kids, and I got ten bucks for it. That got me wondering what I would spend ten dollars on. I considered a number of options (including Crowns on Wizard101... I need some for the school house...) and then my mind just so HAPPENED to wander to Zelda games. I am almost done with Majora's Mask, right? I mean, I'm in the Stone Tower now. That's near the end, isn't it? It's the last giant, so it must be.

Then it suddenly occured to me that Majora's Mask... is the last Zelda game I need to complete!

Nooooo!!! If I finish that... what will I do with all my time? It's unlikely that I'm going to try and beat it again... my TP file is boring, because I watched my friend do that part and then he didn't save... I suppose I could do Ocarina of Time for a second time - I mean, I AM suppose to go to Karikaro for the first time on my third file... or I could do Spirit Tracks! I've completed almost all sidequests, so it wouldn't really matter if I deleted it and start over! But, uh, I LOVE the final boss... Phantom Hourglass? Well, actually, I COULD do that without losing much. Both files are on Bellum, so what would it matter if I deleted one?... Ooh! Ooh! Wind Waker! But I've beat that game SO many times, and I highly doubt that, even with four memory cards, I have any free files on there...

Now, back to the point. What about my ten dollars?

Our friend, Sydney JadeHammer, has A Link to the Past for GameBoy. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option for me, for I traded in my DS Lite for a DSi, which doesn't play Gameboy games (my poor Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga game! I can't play it anymore... not that I cared about it much in the first place, lol). Besides, if I were getting a GameBoy Zelda game, I'd rather have Minish Cap.


I CAN buy A Link to the Past on our Wii Shop Channel! YAY! Also, I think that they even made new controls for the Wii controller! That would be SO cool. Plus, on top of it all, it would be my FIRST EVER 2-D ZELDA GAME! O:

If I do decide to spend my $10 on A Link to the Past, I will have something to do! Yay for no boredom! :D

Um, but there's still the option of Crowns... xD

Monday, January 11, 2010

MM Update - I am so frustrated I feel like throwing something at my Wii!

My GOSH! Why can't I be NORMAL! NORMAL people actually SAVE often! And they don't get their progress on Majora's Mask erased FIVE TIMES!

I'm dead serious. It seems to be some sort of thing with me - I just can't save often enough on Zelda games. Like on Phantom Hourglass (READ)... or Wind Waker... or even Spirit Tracks once, recently... surprisingly, never on Twilight Princess, as far as I can remember. And I even posted something about not saving on MM a while back! (read here!)...

However, seriously, I am sick and tired of losing my progress on Majora's Mask. I, like, want to throw something at the screen. I want to totally destroy my Wii, at this point. I'm THAT mad.

Really. From the above post, you can see that I didn't save in Snowhead once, by accident. Also, I witnessed getting the Zora Mask THREE times. And now... I guess I have to get back into Ikana Castle...

It keeps happening specifically to Majora's Mask because it is so easy NOT to save on there. When I do something totally useless on any other Zelda game, or I do something really stupid, I don't save after because I don't need it remembering any of that data, and I had saved earlier, anyway. So... that is one hard habit that I MUST learn to break, because it is the reason I keep having to do everything over. Apparently, on MM, when you save at the owl statues, it doesn't really count as a real save. If you turn it off instead of going back to the first day or saving at another statue, you will go all the way back to the first day, losing ANY progress you have gained. Ugh...

Well, except, the time when I was in Ikana would be actually humorous if I weren't so frustrated right now. It really wasn't my fault this time. I was actually near dying in the palace. I'd come in with two fairies, but because the ReDeads kept catching me, I had used both of them and one had one and a half hearts left. I'm about to die, and have no clue what to do... bad combination, right? Anyway, I bring in my sister to help a bit. Then, I accidentally fall in this hole that lands me directly into the center of a group of four ReDeads. Even though I get away from them, I hurry into the next room, and there are four MORE ReDeads. O.o

And, unfortunately, I got pwned.

Annoyed at myself for being an idiot and falling into that group of ReDeads, I angrily give a sharp tug on the GameCube Controller (cuz' of course I play with that, not the classic controller! Like I'd spend the money on a Classic Controller when I have four GameCube ones lying around!), and sadly (unlike the classic controller xD), GC controllers and WIRED. So, guess what happens when I tug on the remote? The entire Wii comes with it. The Wii tips over, and, fortunately, the TV happened to be there, and that keeps it propped up. Rowan and I let out a sigh of relief... before realizing that the screen isn't coming out of the blackness that always happens after you die. Instead, one sentence shows up on the top of the blackness: "You will need the Classic Controller".

Both of us are like, "WHAT?" Because that's what it says when you are at the title screen.

Then, I press A on my GameCube Controller, and, sure enough, it DOES go to the title screen! As "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" shows up on my screen, I gasp aloud. I hurry over to the Wii to inspect it.

Apparently, the Wii had tipped over into JUST the right position that it hit the "reset" button.


Apparently I can't draw straight lines OR count...


I am doing totally awesome on my Zelda game. I'm so excited - I'm almost to the final boss!

Then I suddenly come across a puzzle. I think, "No problem! I've completed all the other ones before this!" However, even though the answer seems obvious, it isn't. I try the way I think it should be solved, but it doesn't work. Then I go to more abstract ways, using my items in the most creative ways I can imagine. I even attempt crazy ideas, missions that usually end in my... end. Finally, in complete frustration and desperation, I look up a walkthrough - and discover that I had been doing everything right in the first place. I'd just made one, tiny, miniscule mistake that had thrown everything off, making me go insane trying to decode the impossible riddles of the Zelda world.

So... why the HECK does this happen to ME? Do any other Zelda fans run into this?

I mean, really. I can think of two really recent times this happened, and even old ones.

Like in Wind Waker, the first Zelda game I ever played. At that time, I didn't even know what "walkthrough" was, so I couldn't even try it. When I got stuck on the Forsaken Fortress, I was pretty much stuck there for good. I didn't know ANYTHING about Zelda puzzles, so I didn't know what to do. Turns out the answer was obvious - go into that ONE room that I had always been to afraid to go into!

Also, what about on Spirit Tracks just a little while ago? I had been totally stumped with those riddles, which, actually, I didn't even need. I had been doing it right - find all the statues, then draw lines where their gazes are. Easy, right? Wrong. I drew their gazes all wrong, apparently. I couldn't draw straight lines in the right direction, so I never saw where they met.

Then there's another recent one - Majora's Mask. I said there were five in the tank, but I had six... well, I guess not. I hadn't gotten six. I DID get five. Plus, I discovered a way that I can get back to the eel place, retreiving the final Zora Egg. It taught me the song "New Wave Bossa Nova". I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it got into the Great Bay Temple, so I'm good! The only difference with this one is I figured it out myself, eventually. I DIDN'T look at a walkthrough (congrats to me! :D).

So... lesson to everyone: LEARN TO DRAW LINES AND COUNT RIGHT! Oh, and don't be scared to go into rooms to turn off the one searchlight you had always missed. That one is REALLY important. It got me stuck for an entire year...

Friday, January 8, 2010

MM Update - Okay, NOW I understand why this game is the "HARD" Zelda game...

Darn! They weren't kidding! Majora's Mask IS hard! I've already looked up at least four different walkthroughs to try and get through the impossible parts I keep getting stuck on. Now I think I just made a HUGE mistake. I was suppose to collect Zora eggs. But... I'm so confused now. I went into the pirates fortress, and I KNOW I got the egg in the room with my hookshot and fought off THREE pirates to get the other three eggs. Then I went into this eel place to get two more eggs. So that would mean... three from the pirates, one from the hookshot, two from the eels. 3+1+2=6. So... why do I have five in the tank?

Plus, I just discovered I can't go back to the eel place, and I'm worried that there are THREE eggs there. Well, I only have two bottles! I had to leave to go back to drop off the eggs so I could get more! I didn't know you couldn't come back.

I'm going to try the Pirate's Fortress first to see if I left any in there by accident. Sigh...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I beat Spirit Tracks again! And again! ...And again. Again... again......again... again......

So I loved the Spirit Tracks ending SO much that I totally just did the final boss three-zillion times. The first two I did in my engineer clothes by accident. If you get 15 stamps in your stamp book, you get your engineer outfit back! I wasn't really sure how to change back to my old green hero's clothes, so, um... I didn't. But, you know, the whole train thing has kinda grown on me. Remember my post back when I first found out about ST? Rowan and I laughed so hard at Link's train and engineer outfit. Now... I fought the final boss in them! I don't mind them so much anymore. Especially the train. I LOVE my train. xD

After that, I discovered that if you talk to Niko, he'll give you back your green clothes. And in the corner of the room, I found my old shield again, too (if you get 10 stamps I believe, he gives you the shield from PH)! So I did it with that a few times.

Finally, after about, what, thirty times, I got bored of the end and got busy with the sidequests. I found three stations I'd never known about, one in Fire Realm, one in Snow Realm, and one (called Pirate's Fortress) in Ocean Realm! Fire and Snow ones gave me lots of Rupees and treasure, and even one Heart Container when I completed the super hard puzzles in there. The Pirate's Fortress was a lot like the arrow minigame on Phantom Hourglass, so I beat that pretty easily, rescuing some guy and taking him back to Papachia in Ocean Realm. Then, I did the bestest part - I filled up the stamp book, getting all twenty stamps! And guess what I got? SWORDSMAN'S SCROLL! Yay yay yay! That gives you what I like to call the "Hurricane Spin" (that was its title in WW, so it stuck with me) which, after a number of Spin Attacks (three, I believe) you get to spin around like crazy and destroy anything in your path! Sounds perfect to me. XD

Oh, and next I tried out that minigame by Hyrule Castle. It really is amazing. It allows you to fight all the bosses again! I've never seen anything like that in a Zelda game before! The closest was probably the Zant fight in TP, where you go back to all the areas you fought bosses (and two mini-bosses) to fight Zant. However, I cannot seem to beat the third level. I get all the way to the final boss, the Sand Temple one (Skeldritch... you can tell I've fought him a lot because I memorized his name xD), and then died at least four times. I can't get past him! Ugh! I think to myself, how did I EVER beat him the first time! I can't even seem to hit his back with the rocks!

Well... I should probably stop before I waste the entire morning. Besides, I was planning on calling Sydney so we could get together (and I can show her ST's ending... she still doesn't know I completed it!).

Bye bye! ;)