Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OoT Update... but...

Tonight I can't play Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, and PROBABLY not even Wind Waker. Why? Because I got grounded from the Wii. :( Isn't it strange that by taking away just ONE of my gaming systems, you eliminate at least four Zelda games? Geez. Wind Waker will probably not be available either, because my sister will be playing Brawl (it's kinda how I got grounded... I wouldn't let her play Brawl... O.o) and she always uses the Game Cube controller (because of Melee, but I've grown used to the Wii/Nunchuck, so I use that instead). That leaves three others for me to use... but... the TV that our Game Cube is connected to is MUCH bigger than the one for our Wii - and it has better sound quality, picture quality... in fact, the only things I don't like is I can't film stuff on my cell phone on it because it's too high up (it's in some kind of TV case-shelf thing) and that the brightness settings are kind of messed up (it's IMPOSSIBLE to play Twilight Princess with all the dark surroundings... and I was even having trouble seeing when it was night on WW!). So... remember how I said it was high up? That means that I can't use the wired controllers with it. We have four controllers: two wired, two wireless. So I need the wireless ones. Problem? Well, over time, one of our wireless ones has started messing up occasionally - it will randomly start thinking you're pressing left. It happened a LOT when we were playing with Paige and Taryn yesterday to my sister using the controller. Marth kept randomly going to the side. xD It gave White Link (me!) the points though, so I'm happy. :P

...Ummm... yeah...

So, all I can do is Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (and POSSIBLY WW).

Nooow... should I start the update?

Well, on OoT, I was trying to complete the Spirit Temple (again :D). I had JUST gotten the Silver Gauntlets as a kid. Oh, it was funny when the owl saw me. I started screaming at him, mostly to amuse Taryn who was in the room with us, and because I just hate him and have ever since I first saw him on the game (I'm serious. I even declared I hated him when I first met him). The least favorite thing he says is anything about "courage and determination". He would NOT stop emphasizing that in Majora's Mask in Snowpeak... and I had to watch it TWICE because of my failures in saving. I wanted to punch the TV our that time. And I wanted to tear up Sydney's story when Falmea in her story said to her, "You have great courage and determination, Sydney." XD

Anyway, THIS time, he said, "You've really matured into an adult, Link!" And I'm thinking, Um, you're saying this to a little kid... and, btw, I'm wearing the Bunny Hood... very mature... xD

Oh, yeah. I worked on the Mask Shop sidequest. I was planning on finishing it up for the Mask of Truth, but I couldn't figure out where the Bunny Hood goes. And I STILL don't know. I've forgotten. For some reason, I think I recall giving it to some guy in Hyrule Field, but that doesn't make sense. There's no one out there...

Besides, I'm still a bit reluctant to help out the Happy Mask Salesman after what happened in Termina...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LttP Update... update? Oh, and WW Ghost Ship.

I updated my update below. Um, that sounds weird. Anyway, uh... I didn't do any Zelda stuff last night AT ALL. I only got ten minutes of trying to Brawl over Wi-Fi, but I kept getting disconnected. But earlier this week I did play Wind Waker for just a little, and I got four Triforce charts and the Ghost Ship Chart. Ugh, our stupid game disk is SO old, and our GameCube is too (yeah, I played it on the GC instead of Wii 'cuz I felt like it) so it kept bringing up that message saying: "The game disk could not be read. Please refer to the Nintendo Game Cube manual for instructions." All you have to do it open the thing up and close it again, but it was annoying. And Beedle is a curse - it happened EVERY time I left or went inside his shop. Same as the place you get the Ghost Ship Chart - every time I went into a new pot, I had to open and close the Game Cube. O.o

I also got into the Ghost Ship, but my game turned off so it didn't save that. -.- Btw, on the wall above the treasure chest where the Triforce chart is, there's this creepy green picture. From far away it looks like an old man, but the closer you get to it, it looks like a younger man. If you stand far away and slowly zoom in on it with the telescope, you can see the transformation. o.O

You know what was funny? I have my entire sea chart completed except for THREE ISLANDS in the north-eastern corner. Guess what? Out of all those islands, the ghost ship just HAD to appear at one of those three during a full moon. So I talked to the fish before going into the ghost ship there to get one more island mapped out, and the fish tells me, "Don't come here when the moon is full, unless you like extreme terror! That's when IT appears!" And... the Ghost Ship was right behind him... what an idiot. O.o

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LttP Update - O. M. G.


...That was unexpected, huh?

...Why do I always do that?

...I mean, I always put a starting sentence, and then a paragraph, and then continue on with the rest of the post...



Okay! So, yeah, I like, defeated Ganon. Twice. Yeah, only twice. I was 1) too lazy to do it more times 2) too short on money to buy potions for the battle 3) HATE the pits of death around the boss room and 4) Ganon IS ANNOYING. But, hey, I got the Triforce twice. Yipee!

This is probably totally random to most of you but WHAT THE HECK?!?! I just wrote a big long entry here on my DSi and NONE OF IT SAVED! Except that first part, because I wrote that on my computer earler today. UGH! I had been writing for HALF AN HOUR! I was already mad because my DSi's memory wouldn't let me type anymore, but now THIS?!


I guess you'll just have to wait until I edit this tomorrow, because I'm SO not rewriting that tonight. Just wait for the edit, I guess - it will come soon enough! ;)

EDIT: Guess what? It came!

So... I'll try to write from memory what I wrote last time...

Ganon was fun, but HARD. Should I describe the EPIC fight? I'll start from when I got to the top of Ganon's Tower (at least I THINK it was the top... I mean, I don't think I was climbing DOWN...). And for those of you who haven't done this, I'll go into enough detail that most people (even some non-Zelda fans... possibly...) can understand!

I go into the boss room of Ganon's Tower, and guess who I find in there? AGAHNIM! He's the boss I fought in Hyrule Castle earlier. As if he wasn't bad enough ONCE. -.- And you know what's even more GREAT? He's got friends! He makes clones of himself, so now you have to defend against his attacks AND his clones! Worse: I ONLY HAD TWO HEARTS AND A HALF - and no potions or faeries to heal me. I was sure I was doomed.

Then a miracle happened: I somehow defeated him with HALF A HEART LEFT! O:

As he is defeated, he collapses to the ground and out of him comes, to my astonishment, the one and only GANON! He turns into a bat... and I think he flew away. My little ducky buddy comes and he flies me away to the Pyramid of Power, the main area of the Dark World. Now there's an ENORMOUS hole in the top of it. Despite the fact that I'm confused and somewhat stunned that I was suddenly faced with Ganon/batman and whisked out of the tower without warning and half a heart, I had no doubt that if I fell down there I would begin the boss battle... and with half a heart, seal my doom.

So I face the newly formed hole, take a deep breath... and warp to the Light World with the Magic Mirror to get the heck out of there. xD Yeah, there's no way I'm risking it. Even if I managed to miraculously defeat Agahinim again, I wasn't so sure Ganon would be as easy. I needed to prepare.

I use my Flute and duck to fly to the Potion Shop. Using the "free sample" the assistant gives me, I filled up my hearts all the way (phew, don't have to worry about dying every second anymore) and bought two blue potions. Why only two if I have four bottles? Well, one bottle still has some Green Potion in it, and I'm out of rupees. O.o Instead, I replaced the missing potion with a fairy.

Okay. Now I'm ready.

I hurry to Hyrule Castle and go through the gate, which warps me to the Dark World. I climb up the Pyramid, to the very top. This time, I jump into the hole.

I land in a tiled room with a giant Triforce-design in the center. And, of course, Ganon's there. He says some boring speech that basically says I'm awesomer than he thought I was. :P He confidently explains that he's still going to win. AS IF! The battle begins. With my full health, I decided that I could go to the back of the room and start shooting sword-beams at him. Aaannd... nothing happened. They bounced off him! Surprised, I then take out the Magic Boomerang. Same result. Fire Rod does the same. Then, I'm SURE the Silver Arrows will work - aren't they his weakness? But NO! They have the same effect.

So what DO I do if none of my weapons work?

I walk right over to him and pound B like crazy, slashing my sword as much as quickly as I could. Luckily, THAT works. Apparently you have to be right next to him to do any damage. O.o He throws his trident thing (which looks suspiciously like the one on the entrance to the fourth dungeon) at me, which spins around and comes back to him like a boomerang, while he moves around the room, sometimes at really fast speeds so I have to follow him to hurt him.

Eventually, he changes tatics. He spins his trident but doesn't throw it. Instead, fireballs form around him in a circle. Then they shoot out, covering more than half the room. They retract back, and turn into firey bats that fly out at me. The fireballs aren't hard... but the bats are so fast, they're nearly IMPOSSIBLE to avoid.

He again tries something different. A singular fire-bat forms and starts flying in a circle, leaving a trail of fire behind. Then he jumps up and lands with a loud "THUMP" that makes the tiles around the edge of the room fall, making large pits. After all four sides of the room's tiles have fallen, he informs me that he's using his attack of "darkness" or something. Um, okay. The lights suddenly go out, and Ganon disappears while a random fire bat shoots at me from seemingly no where. I light the two torches again with my Fire Rod, and Ganon reappears. I whack him with my sword... and he turns blue. Uh... so I shot him with a Silver Arrow, he gets hurt, and then the lights go out again. I did this about four times... and then guess what? His bat hits me... and I FELL.

I don't know what I was expecting when I fell into the holes surrounding the room. I probably thought I'd lose a heart and appear up on the platform again. But nooo, it has to be HARDER than that. I land in a strange room. At the bottom of a room is a door, leading into ANOTHER room, and ANOTHER door that I go out of. Guess where I am? OUTSIDE OF THE PYRAMID. This means... what?


Worse of all, I already used up a potion in battle! And if you recall... I'm still out of money. I was forced to play the Treasure Chest game and the digging game to get some cash.

Finally, I do it again, and I RAN OUT OF MAGIC. I was forced to throw myself off the side to restart the fight and get magic to light the torches.

Ugh... I'm out of time again. I'll explain what happens after I beat the boss tomorrow. Isn't that great? ;)

EDIT: Ookay!

After many, many, MANY times where I fell (it was nearing 20) I finally shot that last Silver Arrow, AND GANON BLEW UP! xD

A bridge formed across the put of death to the North of the room. I crossed it, and inside I found three glowing triangle - THE TRIFORCE! Omgness! I got them all! Usually I only get Courage but this time I got ALL THREE... WOOT!

Aaand... then the credits go rolling. Hooray. At the end it said how many "games" I had played. I'm not sure what that meant - how many times you entered the dungeon, maybe? Anyway, Skull Dungeon had the most at 24. xD Desert Palace had second most, and Ganon's Tower had third most (big surprise there). Amazingly, Misery Mire had the least at only two. Oh, wait... it was actually Hyrule Castle basement or whatever at one. Lol, only needed to save Zelda once. :P It said I'd played exactly 99 games total. Sweetness. I just needed one more for ONE HUNDRED! 8D

Sooo... that's it! It was awesome, but the pits still made it annoyingly hard. O.o

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Zelda updates of no specific game.

Why? Because I pretty much did nothing on any one game, but did I ton of things on all my Zelda games together.

First, A Link to the Past (LttP) - Well, um, I STILL can't find the Heart Piece. But guess what? I found this super awesome glitch! Two, actually. Well, one isn't a glitch, it's an... easter egg. I think that's what they're called. XD It's the Chris Houlihan trick... anyone know about it? It only works on the SNES version - and the Wii version is exactly that! (TAKE THAT, SYDNEY!) You have to start from the Sanctuary and run as fast as you can to the pathway that you took to visit Zelda. Then you fall into a room with a ton of Rupees and a telepathic plate that tells you it's Chris's room. Lucky guy. He won some Nintendo contest. I want to be in a Zelda game! XDD The second is the "Ghost of Misery Mire" glitch. Ooh. Spooky. :D It's an invisible enemy in the area outside of Misery Mire. I had LOTS of fun with this one. xD

Second, Twilight Princess (TP)! - I DID THE AWESOME MAP GLITCH. It was soooo much fun, besides the fact that all three times I did it, I ended up having to restart my Wii for one reason or another. It's so much fun. All you have to do is get a bottle of water, and press that and your map button (1) at the same time. Link will empty the bottle, and then, at JUST the right moment, you press up to talk to Midna. You warp on the map, and then, if you got the timing right, Midna will talk to you, preventing you from warping. The first two times I did it, it was in Kakariko Village. With this glitch, you can't exit the area unless you warp, so if you get on Epona, you can go on this strange empty whiteness and just keep running. I ran so far out, I couldn't see Kakariko in the background anymore! O: It was scary, so I turned back. XD

Third, Spirit Tracks (ST) - Umm... actually, I did nothing on here. Besides changing my train front back to normal. I missed my old train whistle. O.o

Fourth, Majora's Mask (MM) - I did a lot on here! Like... in the course of the three days, I defeated all the bosses! Including Twinmold - who I hate, remember? I did it without the unlimited Magic Power, too! It wasn't hard though. Fierce Deity helps quite a bit. :P And after that, I did the unthinkable... I FOUGHT MAJORA WITHOUT FEIRCE DEITY MASK. Yeah, I know. I'm crazy. I ran out of arrows, and used three fairies, but I DID IT! :D It was HARD. Especially the whip guy - I never knew it (I killed him fast enough that it never came to this XD) but he sends out these annoying spinning spike thingys at you! They hurt!

Fifth, Ocarina of Time (OoT) - Yeah, so I completed that Forest Temple. And I got my bow. :D YAY! And, by the way, Phantom Ganon is so epic the second time. I couldn't even remember the fight my first time (except for the fact that I kept DYING on it) but this time it was so much fun! Mostly because I knew what to do, lolz.

Uhh... yeah, there's probably more, but I can't remember it. So, that's all for now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't find it anywhere! :(

Well... I suppose I should begin by saying which temple I'm in.

Ganon's Tower. O.o

Now that that's out of the way, I'll explain my angry title. No, I take that back. My FRUSTRATED title.

I just saved Zelda at Turtle Rock by defeating the evil monster Trinexx after an EPIC fight. :D It was lots of fun - I've never really bothered using my Ice Rod before that boss. Anyway, Zelda tells me it's time to head to Ganon's Tower (btw, someone confirm this: do you SERIOUSLY get the Triforce at the end?! O:). First, I want to get more potions/faeries. FYI: I am the WORST LttP player ever. I am saying this literally: I have not completed a single temple without getting a Game Over.

I fail at this game. xD

Adventure of Link? Never tried it, but it can't be that hard! Majora's Mask? Hah! No problem! Ocarina of Time? Might have taken a few walkthroughs, but I made it through without dying all the time. A Link to the Past? ...I don't think so.

Sorry about the ranting! Ummm... where was I...

Right. So, returning to the Light World with the Magic Mirror, I use my awesome ducky buddy (is it just me, or does that "flute" look like an Ocarina?) to fly to the Potion Shop. Then I fly to the Mountain Passage to get heart refills and some faeries in the caves up there.

It is there that it occurs to me: I have to use my good ol' reliable walkthrough to tell me where my last Heart Pieces are! Yeah, that's right. I'll admit it. Not EVERYTHING I've completed on LttP has been because of my awesomness. In between every dungeon, I use a very helpful walkthrough that tells me where all the Heart Pieces are!

I locate them all, ecstatic that I'm about to get all the Heart Pieces. I even went all the way back into the infamous Turtle Rock to get one I had forgotten!

So I reach Heart Piece #24... and realize something's wrong.

Why do I still have a quarter of a heart missing in that final Heart Container?

...Oh dangit...

Yes, folks. I'm missing a Heart Piece. And trust me, that is NOT good - not good AT ALL.

Tell me: why the HECK did it have to be the LAST Heart Piece? Why can't I just randomly not be able to find one halfway through the game? I NEED FULL HEARTS TO FIGHT GANON! It just won't be the same without them! That's why I've been using this stupid walkthrough in the first place!

I scan through the walkthrough, reading all the descriptions on how to get each individual Heart Piece. I'VE DONE ALL OF IT ALREADY!

I was so heartbroken - pun intended :P - that I went ALL the way back to Heart Piece number one. Guess what? I hastily do what it says. Turn on the water in Watergate Light World temple, go outside, and find the Heart Piece. As I expected, it wasn't there. Why? I ALREADY HAD IT. I do the same thing with numbers two and three and four... on and on and on. The only thing I DIDN'T try were the two that you find from the digging game and the Treasure Chest game. Desperate, I hurried to the Village of Outcasts and wasted a whole lot of Rupees in an attempt to find my last Heart Piece.


Without a choice, I braved Ganon's Tower anyway. :(

...On a happier note, I got the Red Mail! I'm Red Link now! And, in honor of Four Swords manga, I took out my Fire Rod and started shooting it everywhere when I got it. :D The weird thing is... my hat's purple. Am I Vio or Red? Huh. Guess I get to use the Bow AND the Fire Rod/Ice Rod! :D

As I was heading through the tower, I landed in a strange room. The floor was covered in ice, and two doors were sealed on either side. I walk around, and the suddenly the Armos fall from the sky! Remember: it's the first boss I fought! Later I ran into Twinmold's cousin - what's his name again? Lanmolas or something? Anyway, I easily kill him with my superly awesome powered up Golden Sword, despite having an annoying fireball-shooting statue after me. Actually, Armos was even easier - I just so happened to have JUST drank a potion (lucky timing on my part, because I had NO idea the boss was down there!) so I had full health. Full health means LAZER SHOOTING SWORD BEAMS! :D ...Bascically, I just stood there pressing the B button. I don't think I even moved once. O.o

I still miss my Heart Piece. :(

Umm... other news!

Well, this isn't Zelda, but HeartGold and SoulSilver came out a little while ago. My sister got it the day it came out because it's her birthday on the 21st. :( NOT FAIR! Really! First of all: when ST came out, I DIDN'T GET IT ON THE FIRST DAY! If anyone read my blog when I was counting down the days to get it, I got all excited because my copy was preordered, AND THEN THEY DIDN'T GET IT UNTILL THE NEXT DAY! Ugh. I wanted SoulSilver, but... I'd have to spend my money on it. I'm actually saving up for Zelda Wii, soo... that's not an option.

OH! RIGHT! I just remembered a few things.

1. I MIGHT buy a GameBoy - I'm desperate for Four Swords and/or Minish Cap!

2. I'm going to get a Zelda T-shirt! It's totally awesome. It says, "Don't make me go Zelda on you!" XD

3. I started over my sister's file, but because of it, she forced me to title the file "Doggy". O.o Usually my second file is called Link, but... well... I had to settle for this less-epic name or she wouldn't let me do it.

4. For no reason whatsoever, I fought Ganondorf again on Twilight Princess and filmed it on my cell phone.

5. For no reason whatsoever, I went into the boss battle on Spirit Tracks, got bored and turned it off.

6. For no reason whatsoever, I am telling you boring stuff that no one cares about.

And that's all! xD (dang, that was a LOOONG post.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My first ever You Tube edit!

It's of Ganondorf screaming while Walking on Sunshine plays. Isn't that great?

Heh heh... you cannot IMAGINE how hard it was for me to make this! At first, Zelda kept randomly appearing in between screens! And then I tried adding effects, and some turned out all wrong. Some you couldn't even notice.

At least it turned out pretty good. I thought it was hilarious. :D

So... it's of Twilight Princess - the ending, just as Link stabs Ganondorf with the Master Sword. Ooh... and there's a random Zant at the end. I threw that in just for fun. ;)

PLEASE watch it! I SO could use the views!

Monday, March 8, 2010

TP Update - Back in Time Glitch!

Yeah, this isn't Twilight Princess, but on Spirit Tracks, I GOT ALL THE HEART CONTAINERS! YAY! I was so so so happy. It is officially my first game I ever got ALL the Heart Containers on. Yes!

Now... Back in Time...

It was AWESOME! And it happened by complete accident!

A little while ago, I tried this glitch on my main file, the first one I completed. However, I could NOT do it on there. I tried so many times, and failed every one of them. So I gave up, deciding that my new, boring "Link" file that was still in Ordon would EVENTUALLY make it there, and I'd do it.

My dream came true!

Link is no longer in Ordon. In fact, he's in the Temple of Time. But I didn't get there until I did Arbiter's Grounds (and Snowpeak), of course! That's where this glitch started.

I began the glitch, doing exactly what you're suppose to do: Run into that annoying little quicksand hole, fall in, and press home menu and reset the game just as Link is going under. Timing is VERY important on this glitch. And I could not get the timing right. O.o Besides, I thought that this might mess up your file. Arbiter's Grounds is pretty far, so I was reluctant to destroy this file (then again, if I started it over, I could make a walkthrough! :D). I pressed on anyway.

It didn't work. -.-

Finally, I gave up, deciding I'd just go through the stage like you're suppose to. I went along, hookshotted that wall, jumped across those platforms, ignored the worm things that jump out of the sand (they're ANNOYING!), and hurried across the quicksand to that cahin-switch.

Here is where it REALLY began. I totally forgot that you're suppose to hookshot the chain to bring it toward you, THEN pull. So I went in the quicksand. I start sinking, but I grab the switch and try to pull, hoping I can make it back to the platform with it. Then, everything gets worse: two of those little mini-Skeleton guys pop out of the sand and start stabbing me! I'm sinking quickly, and I have no choice. I let go of the switch and desperately try to make it back tothe platform. I didn't make it.

Frustrated, I watch as Link starts to go under the quicksand, the Skeleton guys still surrounding me. Grr... I hate those guys...

Partially because of anger, partially because I didn't want to lose a heart, and partially (but a VERY small amount) because I was hoping the glitch might work, I reset the game.

As you can guess, the Back in Time glitch activated.

I was on the bridge of Eldin: no hearts, no items, NOTHING. From what I have read on YouTube and such, you end up here because you restarted the game as your sprite is loading up, so you find yourself in the title screen. Yes!

Stunned, I rushed to find my sister making some weird signature for some person. I bring her into the room and I start filming this entire spectacle. Maybe one day I'll post it on here.

After my sister and I debated on what we should do, I jumped off the edge of the bridge. When I respawned, I found myself on the bridge again. I only had three hearts, like at the beginning of the game, and only one was left. My items were all gone too: I only had my sword remaining.

I jumped off again, receiving a "GAME OVER." :( Then, when I started up again, I was STILL on the Bridge of Eldin, but this time, a cutscene began! It was the King Bulbin cutscene, from when I had to rescue Colin. Epona rode up, but Link was not on her back. It stared at above her for a while, where I'm guessing it was showing Link. Then the cutscene proceeds on, and then, when it ends, I'm back on the bridge still. I try to get out for a little, until a bulbin from across the bridge charges at me. O.o I jump off to escape.

Now when I come back, I'm on Epona! Yay! Now I can pwn King Bulbin! I do so (failing a few times on the Eldin showdown - I've never been good at this, and with only three hearts, it's HARD) and see the epic pose again! YAY!

Then, for some really, really, REALLY strange reason, the cutscene where Colin wakes up begins: AND WE'RE IN THE TWILIGHT REALM.

Umm... okay... weird...

The music kind of sounded funny, too, creepy twilight music overlapping the peaceful song that is SUPPOSE to come with the cutscene.

It ends, and guess what? I'M STILL IN TWILIGHT! And I'm LINK! Not any stupid wolf! Even better: MIDNA'S GONE! YES!

The light spirit isn't there; I checked. I ran off to try and blow up that one house. It was the only place that I could remember some of the Tears of Light were at.

When I arrived, I found, to my dismay, that the house was ALREADY blown up! Aww! Oddly, though, it seemed like there was an invisible wall surrounding the house, so I couldn't get to the tears. I crawled in through the entry that Wolf Link is suppose to go through, ending up in a fully built house. Weird... so I set the thing on fire, the bugs run around, the house starts blowing up - and Midna THEN decides to come back, informing me that she's... leaving me again. To die, this time. Ugh. My partner is SO useless in this game. xD

I start to head out the little Wolf Link hole again, but my sister commands me to go out the door instead. So I listen.

I wish SO much that I hadn't.

My game froze up! I was stuck in this REALLY weird place that was, like, in the sky. I couldn't see Link anywhere. It was all twilight still. I couldn't skip it - I tried MANY times.

So... yeah... that ended our reign of fun. :(


Friday, March 5, 2010


I haven't even gotten three rooms into the Skull Dungeon and I ALREADY DESPISE THEM.

I've hated them AND Floormasters ever since Wind Waker! They stole Medli from me on there, and trapped her in a cage! :( They even pulled ME to the front of the dungeon once or twice! Then they were even WORSE on Ocarina. Wallmasters pwn you on there. I always forget about them, and then, even though their shadow gives me a hint, they STILL manage to grab me. Happened more than once in the Gibdos place on Majora's Mask, when you have to run around giving them stuff they want.

Fortunately, I can't remember any on Twilight Princess... hmm...

Now I find that they're all over the Skull Dungeon on A Link to the Past. Worse, they don't even bother giving you a good hint. They're shadow comes over you RIGHT before they attack. Ugh.

Weeeelllll... I've basically done nothing else on A Link to the Past. Huh. Maybe this should be a Twilight Princess update. I've done SO much more on there, mostly because I actually KNOW what to do. Really. I'm thinking about making a walkthrough of this game - I've almost MEMORIZED the temples! I want to beat this file, then I'm going to start it over and do a walkthrough.


I did the BEST glitch in ALL of Zelda history! ...Maybe. Early Master Sword is pretty great, too, and some amazing OoT glitches...



Well... but this is a Link to the Past update... xD

I'll write it later.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LttP Update - Pwning some monsters, saving some maidens, getting magical capes, and other stuffs. :P

First of all, read my below post. I edited it for more information on Zelda Wii. ;)


I just made a HUGE mistake. I challenged Hunter ThunderShield to a Link to the Past race! Now I have to try and complete the whole game before he does! Worst of all, I was an idiot and challenged him to this when he has already saved the fourth maiden! Just last night, I saved the second... when I challenged him, I HADN'T! I'm way behind him!

Hmm... well... guess that's what walkthroughs are for! :D

No, just kidding. I try to only use walkthroughs when I REALLY need them, lolz... which IS most of the time, but still... xD

Now for the update.

I saved the second maiden! And, in case I didn't mention this, I saved the first one, too! I found out that the boss I couldn't defeat was called "Helmasaur King". I guess I really good at guessing names of these guys or something - remember, I said that he was like the "Helmaroc King"? And then there was that time on Twilight Princess with that spider boss that I said, "That looks like Ghoma!" and its name was "Armoghoma"...

Then I went through the second temple (Watergate), and I eventually made it to the boss. Unlike other games, the bosses of ALttP are actually HARD. I couldn't beat him, even when I went in with full health. So I finally decided to go out of my way, and I caught two fairies in bottles AND made sure I had full health when I went in. THEN I beat him. :P

Then I got the magic cape through this "glitch" that lets you get it before you get the Titan Mitts. Yay! :D

Random: Isn't it strange that my last post said that the bunny wasn't very cute, but I didn't even mention the bunny? Hmm. Wait... did I mention the bunny? I don't think I did... O.o

Now I'm going to that third one. It's called Skull Palace or something, I think. Haha, all I know is that it's where the Master Sword is in the Light World. I wonder if the cute animals are still there... :P

Monday, March 1, 2010


Another new Zelda game is coming out! Okay... I've known this for a while. I just keep forgetting to post. But now I'm doing it! Yay! :D

From what I've heard, there isn't an official name for it yet besides, "Legend of Zelda." We have to wait to hear the real title, I guess. There also isn't anything besides one boring picture, in which Link has no sword and is accompanied by some weird fating girl that many think resembles the Master Sword or the Fairy Queen on Wind Waker.

Um... thats all I can say! I'll edit this later! O.o

EDIT: Sry bout that! But I'm back now. :D

Okay... so, I've heard LOTS of rumors (and got lots of Rick Rolls on YouTube xD), but nothing is confirmed. The only thing I have heard for sure is that it will be played with the Wii MotionPlus.


Yes, you heard me right! WII MOTION PLUS!

For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an attachment to your Wii remote that makes it match your moves EXACTLY. Now, folks, if the Wii remote is accurately going to match your every move, what do you think that means? Link won't have preset moves... and YOU will be the swordfighter!

There, I said it! I've just reported why I'm never going to complete Zelda Wii... because I STINK at swordplay. It's easy in TP - you shake your Wii remote and Nunchuck around a bit, and Link goes wildly crazy pwning those enemies. But in this game? Nooooo. Plus, how are you EVER going to do a Spin attack? xD

Btw... this game will supposedly be ready by the end of the year. As much as I would LOVE to be optimistic, I doubt that. They don't even have a title yet... unless they do, but they just haven't told us... O: