Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skyward Sword FTW

The epic Game of the Year 2011 battle is going on right now at!

Obviously, being the super Zelda fan girl I am, I had to vote for Skyward Sword, because after playing it nonstop the past two weeks, I'm completely in love with it. It has done all right in the first four rounds, beating big titles like Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City (and FIFA 12... but I'd never even heard of that :P). Now, it's against the biggest title of them all...

 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Most people thought Skyrim would win hands down - I mean, my gods, anything that can beat Portal 2 at 74% deserves quite a bit of respect. Portal 2 was, after all, the only game that I'd been hoping to win besides Skyward Sword, but Portal was doomed before I even got to vote. So I really, REALLY want Skyward Sword to win now.

I'm not going to lie - I haven't played Skyrim, and I likely never will. It sounds incredible... and quite a bit like my kind of game, too: I love fantasy RPG's! ...But I can't stand blood. It's awesome in books, but in video games or movies, I don't like it. Sorry, Skyrim, but because of your M rating I don't want to play you.

...I know this makes me sound like some stupid ten year old that the Skyrim fans continously claim all of us Zelda fans are, but I'm not. I just prefer Legend of Zelda.

So, I'm here to ask that you vote for Zelda. For me. Or if not for me, just for the most epic Zelda game of all time. Come ON... it's Zelda's 25th anniversary! Wouldn't it be great to have it go down in history as the Game of the Year on its anniversary?

This battle is SO extremely close. Every time I check the page (which I do quite frequently) there's a different winner. The votes are probably just one or two away. Currently it's in Skyward Sword's favor (49%-51%) but that might not last. Though I know I'm not a popular website and probably the only people who will read this are those who've already voted, I will post this anyway.

I'm fully aware of how biased and fangirly I sound, but it's just my opinion. I know I'm doing everything that Skyrim fans criticize us for, but I don't care at this point. At least I'm not lowering myself to their level and bashing them when it's clearly a great game.

Please go HERE to vote. Come on, Skyward Sword! You can do it!