Monday, January 31, 2011

I GUESS this is my TP post.

Really, though, I have a LOT better news than my Twilight Princess completion in three days thing. I barely remember it anymore. But just last night, I did something awesome:


Yaaaaayyyy! :D

But let's see here: I just have ONE story to tell about the TP run, okay? And also, a schedual that I came up with forever ago. It's mostly for MY future reference, since you people probably don't care about it (if you care about any of my stuff, lol - but I hope I'm somewhat entertaining, considering that I now have FIFTEEN FOLLOWERS! Thank you!).

So, here... I wrote this down based on the "Wii Play Data" that gives exact times on how long I spent on TP and OoT over the three days, as well as exact dates. Yeah.

It started on Wednesday, 12/22, playing OoT for 7 hours, 4 minutes.

Thursday, 12/23, played OoT for, *sigh*, 17 hours, 6 minutes. (DANG WATER TEMPLE!)

Friday, 12/24, played OoT for 5 hours, 47 minutes. Completed it. Yayz!

Saturday, 12/25 - BREAK DAY! I didn't do anything on my Wii that day! lol.

Sunday, 12/26, played TP for 2 hours, 17 minutes. (and My Pokemon Ranch for one minute :P)

Monday, 12/27, played TP for 6 hours and 32 minutes. But the total Wii play time is 7 hours and 1 minute, because I was watching Nintendo Channel for a while. You know that Majora's Mask isn't on there, but LoZ, AoL, OoT, TP, ST, and PH are? What happened to MM?! O:

Tuesday, 12/28. Oh, geez... *gets out calculator* Okay, so if I subtract the 27 min. of OoT and the 25 min. of MM, then add up the, like, ten times I turned on and off the Wii for TP, I get... 4 hours, 48 minutes? Maybe? >.<

Wednesday, 12/29, played TP for 3 hours, 13 minutes. KIND OF completed TP... read below for more info. XD

Thursday, 12/30. All around Wii day. Played TP for some time over an hour (not checking again), then Sydney came over. She brought Dragon Quest Swords, then we played Brawl, then Nintendo Channel... yeah. Uh-huh. Why did I even post this part? O_o Probably just to prove I don't play ONLY Zelda games. XD


...So I said I "kind of" completed TP. Here's that story.

I finally reached Zant! Yay! Second-to-last boss in the game! Sweetness! However, I didn't save AFTER completing Zant. I do that on most of my Twilight Princess files, since I love him so much... as a boss! I mean, as a boss. Yes. XD So I was considering making this file the one-before-Zant file and finally saving on my first one after it beats Zant. The reason is that my first file has all the Heart Containers - except one. That one is what you get from defeating Zant. >.< Um... so I didn't save. That's all you really needed to know.

After Zant, I hurried back to Hyrule Castle. Just for the record, I skipped every cutscene I possibly could in the game. Yep. That means I literally had no storyline. If I'd been playing this for the first time... I would know NOTHING. I skipped the intro scene. I skipped children getting kidnapped. I skipped turning into a wolf. I skipped meeting Midna, meeting Zelda, saving the light spirits, fighting King Bulbin, saving Colin, creepy cutscene (really, the one after you save Lanayru is scary), finding Ilia, meeting Zant, Midna almost dying and Zelda saving her, meeting the sages, Blizzetta screaming "NOT TAKE MIRROR!" (which is sad, 'cuz I like that part), pwning Zant, meeting Ganondorf, pwning Ganondorf. Yep. :)

The oddest cutscenes I discovered I couldn't skip? ...Well, I only remember two, although there were a TON. But the strangest one was that you can't skip where Ilia gets her memory back. So I had to waste a full minute of my life just watching Ilia and Link stare at each other with stupid smiles on their faces and Epona neighing in the background. Seriously? O_o The second was the Master Sword cutscene. Yeah, that's why it's not listed above. I. COULDN'T. SKIP. IT. ...I can't believe I tried, either. XD So, they'll let you skip Zelda, but not the sword. Weird.

...I was talking about Zant, right?

I went in to Hyrule Castle. Gosh, I know that dungeon SO well. For instance, there's one part where you're supposed to turn into a wolf and use your senses to view these ghost guys that point in the direction to go across a path of blocks. If you run on the wrong block, it will fall. But I've done this so many times, I don't need to turn into a wolf. I just run on through on the exact path. As long as those invisible rats don't get me...

Then it's GANONDORF! O: I skipped everything before him, of course. XD Ganon's Puppet was easy (and fun! I had an obsession with the TP ending for a while, since I love it so much, and that's why I know Hyrule Castle so well), then on to Beast Ganon, then the horse-battle phase, and, finally, sword combat with the evil king!

That's where everything went wrong.

It's the final phase of Ganondorf. I was super excited, especially since it was so late - ten or something at night. Eventually, Link and Ganondorf lock swords, just like they're supposed to. Since I'd hit him a LOT (I have a pretty good strategy - if you're standing too close to him, he can't really hit you! :P) I figured this would be my last time pushing him to the ground. So I shifted the position of my fingers so I could use another finger besides my slow thumb to press the A button, which pushes him back. Then... I pressed a button...

...but it wasn't the A button... it was the POWER button on the controller...

So the Wii turned off.

And there you have it, folks! That's why I technically never completed TP in three... or four... days. Strangely, this didn't make me angry, like not saving normally does - no, I was struggling not to laugh at, like, 10 at night when everyone else was asleep in my house. But I found it so funny. So it's all right. You can laugh at my expense, at my epic fail. Go ahead.

NOW... MINISH CAP! I completed it last night, in some pizza restaurant. Really. It was good! ...The pizza, I mean. It was some kind of garlic chicken thing. XD No, but the ending of MC was good, too. But it caused the OoT ending song to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day - they play a section of it (at least, I'm pretty sure that's what that song was). I had headphones on, in case you were wondering how I could hear the music in a crowded restaurant. I'll have to go into detail later since, remember... this is my TP post! Plus, some fan fics just got updated... one of them is the last chapter... O:

Okay. Hope this entertains my wonderfulistical 15 followers. :)

...Ooh! A new word! DON'T STEAL!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ocarina of Time - Majora's Mask style!


No, not BOTH of them. I mean, each of them. Like, Ocarina of Time took three days, then Twilight Princess took three... well, actually, it was technically FOUR, but the first one didn't really count. We had relatives over when I was trying to do TP, so I couldn't focus on it completely.

I've been contemplating and forming this post in my head ever since I beat them both. I actually tried to post something on here about the Ocarina of Time three-day run while I was on the second day of it, in the Water Temple. That temple was just frustrating me so dang much, I took a break (actually, a LOT of breaks - I'll explain later in this post), and grabbed my DS. At first it was fan fiction catching-up that I did... but eventually I ran out of new chapters to read. So THEN I went on blogger on my DSi... and... of COURSE...

It deleted the post after I finished writing it.

*sigh* When will I learn my lesson?

Anyway, SINCE I've been thinking about this for FOREVER, it will probably be LONG. Just thought I'd warn ya. ;)

So. As I discovered after writing this entire thing, it's LONGER than long. It's GINORMOUS. So Twilight Princess will be on a separate post, 'kay? I ALSO added little dashes in between each dungeon so it's not one big, long wall of text. Now, here's my three-day run of Ocarina of Time!


I hadn't played that game in a long while - I could barely remember most of the cutscenes and so on. I don't know exactly WHY I did it - probably just out of boredom? But one morning during the Winter Break, I decided to delete my third Ocarina of Time file and start a new one. It was a difficult decision - I had all four bottles on that file! And finding those stupid Big Poes for the last bottle is HARD! ...But I did it anyway.

So, I started the game. The first dungeon, Inside the Great Deku Tree, went well... except all my nightmares of Navi started coming back. I really gotta play OoT more often. I'd forgotten how annoying that stupid fairy is. Like, when I was in that dungeon? At one point, there's this spiderweb thingy that you have to jump down on top of to break it, but when I did, it didn't break. Navi says "HEY!" when you approach the thing, so when I landed it, it bounced up and down. So every time it bounced, Navi would scream "HEY!" It ended up something like "Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey!!!" before the thing stopped bouncing...

However, this is where the really epic part comes in - after defeating Ghoma, the first boss, I didn't get the Heart Container! O: So, yeah! I completed this game in three days with three hearts and dying only three times! XD


Then it was to Hyrule Castle! Zelda was fun to mess with. I probably wasted the most time there. After all, it wasn't me trying to hurry through the game until I got through five dungeons in one day, impressing myself. Anyway, she doesn't even turn to look at you when you come in. Like, if Link was an assassin or something, she would be dead. XD I tried slashing at her a few times, lol. Then I shot my slingshot and the windows. One gives you a lecture and a lit bomb. The other (with Mario characters in it) gives you rupees. I think I like rupees better. My sister got annoyed by all this time I was wasting, since she was watching me and all. I talked to her at my sister's urging... but I managed to annoy her more by selecting "no" to everything Zelda said, making her repeat the same thing over and over until you choose "yes."


After that - second dungeon. Dodongo's Cavern. Um, Taryn watched me for part of this... but besides that, I can't remember much of it. It wasn't very exciting.


Third dungeon - Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu! Ummm... wasn't much in here to talk about, either. Oh, well, there was ONE thing, lol. The boss. Um, after I defeated it, I was standing a liiitttllle too close to it... so when the Heart Container appeared, it appeared ON TOP OF me! So I got it. And then I had four hearts, not three... >.<

So I turned off the game and started over. I WANTED THREE HEARTS. I wouldn't even let myself get a Heart Piece - when I did, I'd also turn it off. :P


After that it was... MASTER SWORD TIME! (Da-na-na-naaah!) But fiiiiirrsst... I had to do a few things as a little kid. After all, I wouldn't be able to go back until I beat Forest Temple. So, first I went and got all the bottles I could. I'd forgotten the one in Lon Lon Ranch... so I found that. And then I got Anju's Cucco's or whatever, and that ALSO gets you a bottle. Yay! Three bottles! Perfect for fairies, which are totally useful when you only have three hearts. :D

Then I wasted MORE time by going to the Happy Mask Shop. I sold the Keaton Mask. Then I got the Skull Mask, but... the Skull Kid won't talk to you to buy it unless you play Saria's Song. And I can't do THAT! That gets me a HEART PIECE!

...So that didn't work out either.

Then I watched the cutscene-type-thing where that guard is dying! I'd heard of it before, but every time I played this game, I always forget to see it! You go into the back alleys in Castle Town RIGHT before getting the Master Sword, and you'll see a guard there. Yeah. Did that...

THEN it was Master Sword time.

And the VERY first thing I did when I turned older? Did that glitch at the Temple of Time altar that temporarily ditches Navi. :P You can't do it when you're little.


Next dungeon - Forest Temple! You know that the Poes are named after the girls in the book Little Women? I actually OWN that book... like, permanently... but I've never read it. O_o I got lost in the Forest Temple for a while - I've always had a weakness for that place!


Then on to Fire Temple. This went by pretty quickly. Well, it DID, until I fell down to the first floor while trying to get the Megaton Hammer from a timed-treasure chest. IT FRUSTRATED ME! I wanted to throw something! XD


And that was the end of the first day! As for the second day? That's where it gets interesting. According to my Wii, I spent... about...

17 hours on it?

And you want to know why? The most annoying Zelda dungeon in HISTORY.



In reality, however, it wasn't totally 17 hours. I left the Wii running for a while, because I was so annoyed by it, while the game was paused. Second time I replayed this game, I actually thought the Water Temple wasn't too bad! And first time - I think I used a walkthrough or something. Idk. Why was it so hard THIS TIME? WHHHY?!

...Well, I KNOW why. Because I lost a stupid key. I needed one to get into the room before Dark Link - yeah, I even KNEW what room it was! - but I couldn't find the key. It took me FOREVER and a LOT a wandering to get it. And a lot of Farore's Wind usage.

This was actually the point that I wrote my post that got deleted on my DSi at. When I lost the key and couldn't find the stupid thing. I was musing on that post about Dark Link - I remembered hearing somewhere that his life depending on how many hearts you had? I have only three hearts, so...

He was REALLY easy. Comically easy. XD Even easier than the second time I played this game, and I thought he was easy then.

Well, first off, he WOULDN'T SHOW UP! I didn't know what to do in the room! It's all empty and whatever except the water and tree in the middle, right? So you're supposed to go to the other side of the room, turn around, and he's standing by the tree.


I walked the length of that room like ten times before Dark Link showed up! Srsly! >.<

But from then on, it was Din's Fire, he disappears. Din's Fire, disapppear. Din's Fire, disappear. And he dies. :D Just three times. Thank you, few Heart Containers of mine.

After Dark Link, the Water Temple wasn't as bad anymore. Aside from the putting on and taking off Iron Boots that EVERYONE hates.


THEN it was Shadow Temple. Possibly my favorite Zelda dungeon. ...Or it WAS, until I got stuck in it, and my sister started pointing out how scary it was.

IF OoT HAD TP GRAPHICS, IT WOULD BE RATED T. And it would deserve it more than TP. IT'S SCARY! The walls in parts of the Shadow Temple are made of BONES!! Eeeek! And there's blood on the walls! And that Dead Hand... OMG... I NEVER want to see another one again...

And ReDeads...

Oh dear god, goddess, or whatever deity is up there... I hate them...


The only Zelda enemy to give me nightmares. And they were Wind Waker ReDeads. WIND WAKER!!!! That game that everyone thinks isn't mature enough!

Yeeahh... well... back to Shadow Temple. I got lost in the Bottom of the Well, that mini-dungeon you do when you're younger to get the Lens of Truth. The funny part? Well... I didn't know where to go, right? So I found this one room where there were holes in the ground you couldn't see. You'd need the Lens of Truth to see them. However, I didn't have that yet. I figured that by getting through the room, I'd GET the Lens of Truth. So I kept falling. And falling. And again. Again. Every time into a room with creepy green... something that I don't even WANT to know what it was... and a ReDead.

I HATE REDEADS! THEY DON'T EVEN BLOW UP! I threw, like, twenty bombs at him! And this creepy green blood come out, but he's not hurt. Nooooo. ReDeads are too GOOD to get hurt when blood squirts out.

...Like I said. Should be rated T.

Oh, and that room with the invisible holes? I got through it - WITHOUT the Lens of Truth. I used Bombchus to see if they would fall or not, and when I ran out, my Boomerang. Best I could think of. And when I finally get through it? There's no Lens of Truth. Nooo - that room was supposed to be done AFTER getting the Lens of Truth. Instead, I get... a Skulltula token.

WHAT THE HECK? I DON'T NEED SKULLTULAS! I ALREADY HAD THE GIANT'S WALLET! I don't even KNOW what you get after that... I never bothered trying to get anymore than what I needed for it.

*ahem* So. Enough of that. Shadow Temple went by pretty quickly - I DO love the eerie feeling of it. Just not the ReDeads. Or the Dead Hand. Or the blood. Or the skulls. Or the music. Or the Floormasters and Wallmasters (luckily, no wallmasters got me, but I think a Floormaster killed me once...). Yep. Besides that, though, it's awesome.


...That was the end of day two. Uh-huh. Finished five dungeons in, what, seven hours? And two... in sevenTEEN.

On to day three... and the Spirit Temple!


I think I spent too long in the Gerudo Fortress. I was having too much fun in there. OOH! And I learned where the colors of the Gerudo came from in the fan fiction, The Return! I thought the author made it up! ...Yeah. :P Didn't help, though, when I found the second-to-last captenter dude and saved him, and then accidentally got a Heart Piece. I turned it off and hadn't saved since saving the first dude. Had to find those two again.

So, Spirit Temple... did it as a little kid... umm... the conversation with Nabooru was pretty fun. Just because it gives you options as answers. I found it funny when she asks if you're one of Ganondorf's followers. The only thing is when you say, "What if I am?" (which I always do - I'm just that kind of person XD) she says something like, "No, you're too young to be one of his followers. Just kidding!"

Ugh. Why did she even ASK me in the first place, then? Hmph.

Then I went to fight an Iron Knuckle mini-boss. And guess what?

They hit exactly three hearts out of you if their sword connects...

And I only had three hearts...


Thank the Goddesses for fairies. :D And Young Link's tiny size! I ducked under it by holding the shield button and just started slamming B! Its sword swept right over my head because it was two stupid to try a vertical slice. So I killed it pretty quickly. :P And finally, I headed back to the Temple of Time for the Master Sword so I could complete the REST of the Spirit Temple. And another Iron Knuckle. It killed me three times, so that, with all four bottles, I only had one fairy left. And the boss fight? It's an Iron Knuckle too, or at least part of it is. And that killed me the first time, even with four fairies. >.< I tried again, but this time with my sister's BRILLIANT plan - USE NAYRU'S LOVE! That way, it won't kill me in one hit! :D

After that?



I didn't like the cutscenes though. I wanted to hurry and complete it before the day was over. It was already really, really late at night... so I was going as fast as I could so I could say I completed it in three days. I dispelled the barrier things, and hurried through Ganondorf's Tower (and fought a few more Iron Knuckles), and theeeeennnn...

BOSS! Ganon! Yay! Almost dying... but then, I won! And I didn't die! WOOOOOOOT!

And that's my Ocarina of Time in three days over Winter Break story!


As I said, this wasn't a speed run, and I guarantee I could complete it in ONE day if I tried. I did a lot of unnecessary sidequests - part of the Happy Mask Shop, getting ALL FOUR BOTTLES, getting Biggoron Sword (that one took FOREVER), and all the Fairy Fountains. So I could have been quicker. :P

But that was pretty good, right? ;)

And in case you didn't get the post title, it was three days, so it was the same time as Majora's Mask... yeah... XD

Um, like I mentioned at the top, I really don't have room to describe Twilight Princess. This will be one heck of a long post if I did that. I'll put it in a SEPARATE POST! And since I have nothing better to do right now, I might as well start writing it...

So... yep! That's the new longest post ever on Medli's Messages. And boy, was it fun to write. Even if no one reads it. :) It's the result of boredom on a day off - I was sick at home today. Uh-huh.

Now... I gotta close this up...