Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Remember my "longest post ever"? The Fallen Sage screenshot post? Uh-huh?

...This post will be nothing like it. XD

First of all, this is on my DSi, and this blog has had baaaaaad experiences with it. :P Second, this won't be a 2010 post for me in seven minutes! O: YEAH! Here it's 11:53! So, uh, ummmm....

Happy new year! We're ever so slightly closer to Skyward Sword now! Yay! XD

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MC Update - Gods. I fail at observation/map reading/solving puzzles. To an extent.

First off, Roy is a total, complete, OVERPOWERED CHARACTER IN SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE!!!! Plus, the game FAVORS HIM! I SWEAR! I would have won every round against my sister if it weren't for LUCK. When we turned off items, I continuously pwned her as Young Link... but WITH items... I failed. Epicly.

*sigh* Oh, and all our pictures on that game are corrupted. ...At least the whole game data isn't. :D And another Wind Waker file was lost. This one was in Tower of the Gods. And I had been working on it too. :( Now the only one left on that memory card is Noob's. ...It's named Linky and in the Forsaken Fortress. XD

So now it's like I haven't even completed one DUNGEON on Wind Waker. >.<


Anyway.... Sorry. That was my Super Smash Bros. Melee rant from earlier tonight, because Rowan kept pwning all the Zelda characters as Roy. It was frustrating me. At least I got my revenge when items were taken out of the equation.

On to the update now? XD

So. Minish Cap. Yeah. Where to begin? Well, probably wherever my last update left off, but I don't even remember where that is.


*looks up* XD

Oh! Power Bracelets! Riiiight.

Anyway, I DID end up asking Sydney, lolz. She's BETTER than a walkthrough, because she can just give me a HINT rather than complete answers. Apparently, there's ANOTHER entrance into Lake Hylia! O: So she led me to that (it was through Lon Lon Ranch) and I took it from there. After that... I met Librari. Who I decided I hated. That tends to happen with me - I meet a video game character and immediately decide whether they are under the title of "HATE," "LIKE," "ANNOYING," or "EPIC." Link is in two categories - like and epic. Zelda too. XD Oh, and Ashei from Twilight Princess. She's just awesome. And maybe Midna, too. MAYBE. But most of my partners are under the "hate" or "annoying" category, simply because you're around them so much that they get frustrating and tiring. Except Navi. She's sooooooo annoying within the first five minutes of the game that she's in a category all her own, BELOW hate. :P Did I ever mention how she told me to go to the Bottom of the Well when I was IN the dang Well? Yeah...

I get off topic too easily. Sheesh. Back to the main post... what was it? Librari. Well, he's "HATE" because he dumped me in a dungeon without letting me prepare! >.< I got flippers at the end though. Yayz.

Okay, okay, then I swam to dropletts temple. Within the first, like, five rooms, however... I found the boss key. And I knew EXACTLY where the boss room was.

So I was freaking out at this point, thinking I'd either cheated the game, done something wrong, or that there would be an extremely unexpected twist coming up. You do NOT have a Zelda dungeon that's five rooms long.

As it turns out, it wasn't any of the above. Not cheating, nothing wrong, and nothing sufficiently unexpected. Just that the second half of the dungeon was behind the boss room doors. :P

I fought the boss: a giant Octorok. It took me FOREVER to figure how to kill him... I thought you'd have to get behind him to whack him or something, but apparently you're supposed to hit the rocks back at him with your sword...


After that, I got the THIRD ELEMENT!!!! It was the WATER ELEMENT! :D So exciting.

Then I had to sneak into the castle to infuse the sword with the new element for my third clone. :P But, geez, those guards... their voices, when they screamed "HEY!" just scared me for some reason. Could be because I was alone at night with everyone else in the house asleep, just sitting on my bed playing the game with headphones on... XD

Then I went to find a king dude in a graveyard! It was fun!

Then I received a GOLDEN KINSTONE! O: He told me to take it to "source of all flow."

Now... here's when my epic fail comes in. Summarizing it, btw, because I gtg...

I was REALLY smart, and thought "source of all flow... WATERFALL!" I felt so proud of myself for figuring that out.

I went there, to Veil Falls... but had no clue what to do.

So I decided "Maybe I'm wrong..." So I randomly picked up the Minish Cap manga and read it. Guess what? At the part with the king, he oh-so-bluntly states, "Take this kinstone to Veil Falls."

I'm in Veil Falls.

*more convinced that I'm right...*

THEN I went to the smith dude's house. He tells me to go to Veil Falls, TOO!!!!

*TOTALLY convinced I'm right...*

...But no idea what to do.

I happened to go to Sydney's house, so I dejectedly and reluctantly asked her where to take the kinstone.

She tells me Veil Falls.


I ask her what to do there.

...She doesn't remember... >.<

FORTUNATELY, her BROTHER, Hunter, remembered! :D ...He showed me a DIFFERENT route into the waterfall that I COMPLETELY missed.

Thus the reason I can't read maps/observe things. To an extent. Because I totally PWNED THAT SOURCE OF FLOW THING! XD

That's all for tonight. I found the wall thingy I'm supposed to fuse the golden kinstone with, so I guess I'm on my way to the wind tribe and the final element. And my eleventh (or tenth... I forget) Zelda game completion. ;)

So goodnight. Again.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is officially. The. Worst. Curse. Ever.

I freaking hate my Wii.

...Nooo... well, I KIND OF do. There have been other instances it let me down (the whole falling-over-and-resetting event with Majora's Mask comes to mind). But more than the Wii, it's the memory card. And I guess it wouldn't even be our Wii... it would be our GAME CUBE.

Remember the Evil Memory Card curse? It returned... hungry for revenge...

It already took away Young Link on Melee. It took NightRings and JewelCat from Pokemon Collosseum. It took my epic Animal Crossing town. It took a cutscene file from Wind Waker. Heck, for good measure, it even took stupid Billy Hatcher files away.

THEN the WII was being stupid. It stole my Twilight Princess file just as I reached the final boss. It made me redo the MM Zora cutscene a thousand times.

But THIS... this is...


My first ever Zelda game file - Wind Waker - was CORRUPTED! And you know what? Since my cutscene file was deleted, I have no other files that have beat the game and started over!

...Except one...

BUT I'M TOO FREAKING MAD ABOUT THIS TO CARE. Besides, TECHNICALLY it's my sister's. I mean, it's HER first one. She didn't mind if I deleted it, though.

But... but.. but... I'm so angry I don't even know what to scream about anymore. Or type in capital letters. Whatever.

Hey, you know what's funny? I feared something like this would happen. Quote from my previous post about corrupted Wind Waker file:

...Fortunately, it wasn't my very first file, my BEST file... the one I've had for five years. Oh my gosh, if I lost that... I don't know WHAT I would do. Probably burst into tears or start screaming and running around wildly. Something like that. XD

...And now it's happened. Hmm. No screaming. No running. There was almost-crying, and screaming at my sister in anger, but nothing more.

I think I'm getting used to replaying through accidentally-deleted Zelda stuff.

On the other hand, I still haven't deleted this one. I'm hoping, by some miracle, it will come back like Melee sometimes does. ...Oh, and I wonder what our other games are like? I was wondering if any others got further corrupted? I was worried about FSA doing that - I've only beat the game once, so it would be BAD to lose that file - but it was fine. Still...


...Ummmmmm... yeah. Huh. All my recent post titles are all in caps or partially all in caps.

I have nothing more to say. Aside from updates. Like MC and my epiclatastical Zelda-boss-marathon-type-thingy. Uh-huh. Btw, anyone has an ideas for my Zelda fan-fic, please give me something. I need inspiration. Last night I got VERY good inspiration (it has to do with Skyward Sword XD) but... still.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

READ THIS EPIC ZELDA NEWS!!!! (epic for me, at least)

Go to that link. Now.

Did you read it?


WELL DO IT. It's better to get information from the source rather than me (I can exaggerate sometimes XD).

NOW did you read it?

Good. :P So... now you know: THEY'RE MAKING A LINK'S AWAKENING DX 3DS!!!!! :D Well, NOW you should know why I'm so excited. ...Maybe. If you know me well enough, lol. Let's list Zelda games I don't have, and maybe you'll see why:

Legend of Zelda
Adventure of Link
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages

Yeah. Look at the one in capital letters. :D

SO I'LL ADD ONE MORE ZELDA GAME TO MY COLLECTION!!!!! That means, as soon as I find the money to buy LoZ and AoL... and pay off the rest of Skyward Sword... I'll have EVERY ZELDA GAME ALMOST! Emphasis on the almost. *sigh* Darn Oracle games. O_o

Ummm... I guess there IS a problem. How the HECK am I going to get the money for a 3DS when I barely have enough money for SS, LoZ, AoL, a GameBoy (guess I don't need it AS much, anymore, but I can't keep Sydney's DS Lite for Minish Cap forever, and I DO need Oracle games), and whatever OTHER games I want for 3DS (such as OoT3DS and Kid Icarus: Uprising)? DOOMED. Unless I trade in my DSi. Sad thing is... I really, REALLY don't want to. I'd lose flipnotes, and my favorites list of fanfictions (lol), and internet settings, and pictures, and a lot of other things. Oh, AND the stickers on my DS. It one of those skin thingies that cover the front of the DS and the inside. They have TP Link on them. :P I bought them on Amazon with my own money, so I don't really want to get rid of them. Honestly, when I play my friend's DS's now, I think, "They look so weird without anything covering the DS!" O_o

Anyway, the point is that it's a lot harder to trade in a DSi than the DS Lite I originally had.

Soooo... Christmas list, anyone? :P But last year I asked for lots of things, and I got nothing on my list. NOTHING. ...Oh, and it was funny looking at my 2008 Christmas list (yeah, I still keep them - I type them up on the computer, after all, so the file's still there). Ocarina of Time was on there. XD Well, I guess that means I haven't had OoT for two years yet... one, but not two.

And did you know Spirit Tracks will have its first birthday in five days? Yep. I still remember the date it came out: December 7th!!! I'll probably remember Skyward Sword's release date forever, too, rofl. I guess Minish Cap manga came out today, too. :D


And yes, I just said goddesses. You can blame reading/writing Zelda fanfics. Expect me to use that often from now on. :P

Anyway, I can't wait for 3DS now. ...Unless waiting somehow miraculously gives me enough money. I will NEVER have enough money for a 3DS, most likely, but you never know. I can't wait as long as I need to for money. I want to get it the DAY IT COMES OUT. ...If it's not that, then I'll be very, very upset. XD

Anyway, I'm out. I had another post in mind - about an addiction to Twilight Princess that I still kind of have - but whatever. I want it tonight... but I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't write more than one post in a day because the first one always gets overshadowed by the second. ...I know I've broken that vow a LOT, but whatever.

'Night people!