Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 in... Dang it, Five Hours?

So. Uh. E3 starts in 5 hours.

I am... unbearably disappointed this year. Why? Because I grew up. And now I have a stupid job. And that stupid job is requiring me to work every morning on weekdays. And in the evenings as well on Tuesday. I will be working all freaking day... on the day that Zelda Wii U is being unveiled.

Growing older sucks.

So here I am, awake at 4 in the morning when I have to work at seven, mourning my inability for the first time since my watching E3 tradition started in 2010 to watch it live. It's funny how I never once considered that I might not actually be able to watch it live some day? I mean, it's summer, shouldn't I be totally free? ...No, no I am not. Means I don't get to play any Splatoon ever either, dangit...

But yeah. My tradition is screwed. And I'm screwed. One of my favorite parts of E3 was the Skype conversations I would have with my friends online, live as it happened. I have all my Skype conversations from E3 streams in the past saved somewhere on my computer. It's so awesome to look back on them and see my intial reactions. I won't have that this year. Perhaps I can write down my responses live elsewhere? ...But it's no fun when you're not doing it with someone else. :(

Oh well. But yeah. Figured I'd come on here and share my salt with the internet.

...Oh. Oh. Wait. This is my first post of 2016? This is my first post in a YEAR? Seriously???? Holy nyan. Well uh... I'd say I'm sorry, but... I don't really care and I kinda doubt there's anyone out there who does so, yeah. This blog is dead. Might come on here again after Zelda Wii U's reveal if I work up the motivation but otherwise, it's pretty dead. The only thing I could blog about these days are Magic Kaito fanfics! ...Because that's all I do. All day. At least when I'm not playing Splatoon. I could blog about Splatoon, but it'd probably just be me complaining about losing my S rank for the thousandth time.

Well, that's enough of that. じゃあ、また!


  1. This blog is dead?! Where are the fairies?! Quick! We need fairies!

    "I am... unbearably disappointed this year. Why? Because I grew up."
    You see, you're only looking at the outside. Remember, in life, there's an invisible magic circle. If you're looking at the outside, it means you're inside the circle. You need to go outside the circle. Look at the inside. I'm on the outside. But nobody really cares. (Join the out-side. Luke-- I am your-- oh wait. That's the dark side.)

    Seriously though, growing up is all in how you view it. At least, for me, there's always that heart inside that never grows up. That's the part of myself I like the most.

    "And I'm screwed."
    Yeah, well, I'm taking a PE class online so I totally missed all of E3 because I'm an airhead and didn't realize it. I haven't played Splatoon once since summer started-- right before my class started I was studying to take the SAT. Hooray.
    (I hate the SAT. They should just append AN and make it more realistic.)

    "I don't really care and I kinda doubt there's anyone out there who does so, yeah."
    You're really good at ignoring people. Maybe you should make that your job? You'd get the highest paycheck, for sure. Fo. sho. (Have you played Rhythm Heaven Fever?)

    (Empty heart or from the heart? You decide.)

    P.S. Check your email, ya wee cucumber! Yer lookin' more like a seasick clam than a wo-man! --Kapp'n was here

  2. Heh, found this blog recently due to that old Fallen Sage fan game. Shame that you've seem to have moved on from it.

    Usually I'm able to keep my own live reactions to E3 by getting a direct link of the finished broadcast then watching it from the start before getting spoiled anywhere online. Though that's not something you could really coordinate with another person unless you knew ahead that both of you would miss it.

    How about that BotW? Have to admit I was losing my luster for Zelda as well before this, but seeing that game completely reignited my passion for the series. Could easily see this as my #1 game of all time.